Electric Orbital Sander Machines For A Competent Finish

Updated 29/01/2022:
Random orbital sander machines that may be utilised for ultra smooth sanding detail. The erratic revolution action appropriates the sander capable of leaving a smooth conclusion without scrapes. The orbital handheld sanders with varied speed provides superior control. See our mini circular saws.

: VonHaus Orbital Hand Sander Speed Control

Suitable for the DIY fan and property owner, this innovative sander fuses the swivelling motion of an orbital sander with the revolving of a disc sander to acquire a perfect finish. Pick from six shifting speeds up to 13000 RPM that will modify to fit your task and surface.

This VonHaus 350W random orbit sander tool will come with 5 sanding sheets, two items of 80 grit, plus a couple of pieces of 120 and 240 grit. The small-sized style is perfect for restricted areas. A rubber-type palm hold is for increased user comfort and management - 2 years guarantee is bundled.

Offering overall industrial performance for the proficient house owner. This sophisticated random orbital sander is all you require for both layer elimination and extremely smooth texturing.

Random Orbital Hand Sander Kit
VonHaus Orbital Hand Sander

A multi-functional tool for any sanding task, the random orbital activity is accomplished by the sander vibrating in small sectors and rotating concurrently. Influenced with a 350 Watts electric motor, the sander provides regular operation even via various pressure ranges.

The short speed switch with six configurations of around 13000 RPM can be regulated to suit your particular task. With sanding sheets incorporated, you are furnished with all you need to get going immediately.


  • Small But Powerful
  • Reasonable Price


  • None here

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Speeds To Suit The Job
  • Two Years Full Guarantee

Unique Selling Point:

  • Very Secure Palm Grip
  • Cost Free Pads Included

Constructed with the user at heart, this VonHaus 350W random orbit sander is intentionally tiny to really succeed to get around little areas. Additionally, it comes with a rubber grip to enhance control and convenience throughout extended durations.

Specs: x5 Grit Pads | 26 x 18 x 14 cm | 1.8 Kg | 13000 RPM | 350 W

The dust particle removal technique and extraction container stop clouds of dust impeding your eyesight - besides making the clean-up procedure less time-consuming. Just detach the 'gathering' container and get rid of the material every time.

Orbital Handheld Sander With Black Handle

£34   VonHaus Orbital Handheld Sander - Get It!  

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: Einhell Orbital Wood Sanding Machine 400W

This 400 Watts random orbital sander for each dedicated renovator is known as a specifically effective sanding system that makes smoothing and perfecting wood, plastics, and steel a simple task. The disc enables higher elimination and exact layering results.

The Einhell TE-RS 40 E random orbital sander is a reliably potent instrument that tackles texturing tasks. Sand natural wood, plastic material and metals to a higher than average standard. Due to the electric-powered speed management.

The apparatus provides you with a micro-hook and cycle attachment enabling effortless changing of sandpaper. The ergonomic handgrip and the extra handle offer a good position throughout sanding. It ensures comfy managing even throughout lengthy work periods.

Red Orbital Wood Sanding Machine
Einhell Orbital Sander Machine

For a thoroughly clean reduced dust procedure, the tool consists of an active dirt extraction and filter container. This specific component features a functional storage case for security and easy transportation. It includes the benefit of a dual-action rotator and high finishing efficiency.

You will find the velocity control electronics for materials are agreeably functional. A simple switch of sanding papers via the hook is the best method. There is reduced vibration because of solid aluminium controls in the casing. Incorporated is full dust-extraction for a thoroughly clean space.


  • Clean Dust Extracting
  • Equipment Bag Bundled


  • Not at all

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Particularly Powerful Sanding
  • Efficient Oscillating Speed

Unique Selling Point:

  • Simple To Change Pads
  • Great Grip On Handle

The Einhell TE-RS 40 E random orbital sander equilibrium weight guarantees straightforward operating and optimum management for extended functioning. The precise digital speed regulation lets any individual modify the speed towards the materials being used.

Specs: 400W | 35 x 13 x 18 cm | Corded 230 V | 2.1 Kg | Dust Extracting

Implement the secure loop fitting for the easy and quick transforming of sanding papers. The plastic housing comes with an exclusive smooth grasp component in each gripping portion and on the extra easily-removed grip.

Orbital Wood Sanding Machine In Red

£54   Einhell Orbital Wood Sander Machine - Get It!  

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: Bosch PEX Random Orbital Sander

A small sized construct random orbital sander with low item weight, superior manipulation and best end user comfort for managed sanding and smoothening. An electric sander with incomparable combining of rotary plus orbital activities.

It guarantees ideal and scratch-free calibre sanding using top quality polishing execution. The sand grit upon the Velcro style sanding discs conform to an intense spiral path about the surface area you're smoothing.

Light PEX Random Orbital Sander In Green

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • In-Built Dust Extracting
  • Lower Vibrating Of Tool

Unique Selling Point:

  • Sand Flat And Curved Surfaces
  • 24000 Motions Per Minute

Bosch PEX 300 AE Random Orbit Sander
Bosch PEX 300 AE Random Orbit Sander

This first-class orbit sander is as much as five times fleeter in eliminating substances compared to others, but is particularly detectable toward the border of the mat where the formula is extra active.

It's additionally a more flexible sander, functioning nicely upon both level as well as curving regions thanks to it's versatile rounded back pad with a conclusion accomplished that is astonishing.
[Rating: 9/10]   £69   Get It → Bosch Random PEX Orbital Sander  

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: Ryobi ONE+ Electric Orbital Sander

This highly recommended electric dual action orbital sander is a high powered device that expends a twin activity electric motor to render a scratch liberated conclusion. Just right for fine completing, however whenever matched with the right pad, it renders competent functionality.

The ONE+ cable free instrument intends that it's possible to deploy the equivalent range of power Lithium+ batteries via virtually all of your additional devices.

Dual Action Orbital Sander On Wooden Table
Ryobi ONE+ Electric Sander


  • Longer Battery Run Time
  • Swirl Free Smooth Finish


  • No

The Features:

The integral dust extraction accumulates directly in to a dust case and the merchandise may additionally be associated to a vacuum for especially fine dust particle extraction ranging from gypsum board or even hardwoods.

Ten thousand vibrations for every 60 seconds enable this sander to perform the majority of the tough jobs for you. It not exclusively assists eliminate components, but additionally loosens dust via the sanding mats enabling lengthier utilisation.
[Rating: 9/10]   £64   Get It → Ryobi ONE+ Dual Orbital Sander  

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: Silverline Multi Speed Orbital Sander

Multi speed orbit sander that possesses a circular bottom that whirls the connected disc, however simultaneously revolving it about in an eclipsed organisation. It allows for an efficacious resolution to eliminating layer and seal, in addition to smoothing out and organising hard-woods as well as plastics.

It accompanies a 430 Watts electric motor to develop a systematically clean finish, unhampered sand papering marks or markers. This excellent functioning is assisted by the inclusion of a dust particle removal slot and connected case, which incessantly attracts dust and junk away from your sand paper sheet and functioning expanse.

Power 430W Silverstorm Orbit Sander In Blue

The Features:

Sporting an adaptable acceleration command dial, it's possible to perpetually screen and correct the speed of extraction to accomplish your sought after conclusion. The entire device is weighing merely 2 Kilogrammes, presenting the demanded amount of pressure upon the work piece with not much operator endeavour.

A supplementary hand-grip at the front end of the tool is completely flexible through it's own locking system clip, enabling a broad collection of working perspectives.

This top rated orbital sander is congenial with practically all 125 mm hooks plus loop sand-papering discs, which includes the changeable 'hook and loop' selection.
[Rating: 9/10]   £26   Get It → Silverline Orbital Sander  

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: Makita Cordless Random Orbit Mini Sander

The orbit mini sander tool has been formulated as the first cable free random orbit sander operated through 18V Li-ion batteries. It possesses a small sized construction with short elevation and more depleted centre of gravity for amended mobility.

The effortless to engage digital push button exchange includes 3 speed configurations and connecting dust separator.

Li-Ion Cordless Mini Sander Tool With Dust Bag

The Features:

The ergonomic and most accomplished clench conception is in order for comfy manipulation. Superior functioning as the high powered AC edition affords high productivity. Modest style with short elevation as well hook loop paper securing. The bundle comprises of a dust case, 120 grit sanding sheet plus a guide brochure.
[Rating: 9/10]   £90   Get It → Makita Cordless Mini Sander  

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: Black Decker Orbital Hand Held Sander

An orbit hand held sander with 260 Watts random function that is just right for sanding as well as smoothening timber, metal, plastic, gypsum board as well as paint on equally level plus curved surface areas.

This first-class electric sander contributes a high calibre finish as well as impressive job gratification since the gesture of the sander enables you to securely sand crosswise the grain of the hard wood without leaving behind cuts, or perhaps 'swirl' markings on your end result.

260W Orbit Hand Held Sander In Black And Orange

The Features:

The hand sander possesses a quick sanding acceleration as well as prompt dust elimination. It features several gripping locations like palm clench, back handgrip, plus body grip for additional command over the equipment, as well as expanded comfort and management whenever sanding.

This first-class smoother is furnished with a dust case for a clean, well-preserved and secure work region.
[Rating: 9/10]   £30   Get It → B.Decker Orbital Handheld Sander  

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: Flex Quiet Electric Orbital Sander

A decent electric orbital sander that's a modest, convenient and light equipment using a peaceful running electric motor. It possesses an ergonomic configured, non skid, soft-grip command for secure and comfy functioning.

The hook as well as loop back pad enables effortless abrasive fastening. The electric sander features a dust resistant toggle switch and incorporated dust extraction including a filter system.

240V Quiet Electric Orbital Sander With Discs

The Features:

It may be plugged in to an exterior dust extractor utilising the provided adapter. Equipped with 125 mm hook and loop sanding 8 perforations, dust particles carrier as well as adapter for dust separator. Spec input electrical power 230 Watts, speed 12000 minimum, rotating size 1.6 mm plus item weight only 1.35 Kg.
[Rating: 9/10]   £45   Get It → Flex Electric Orbital Sander  

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Hand Held Orbital Sanders For A Range Of Wood Jobs

: Metabo 240V VarioSpeed Palm Sander

This excellent 220 Watts 80 mm random orbital sander is extremely appropriate for sanding internal and external arches, a lightweight and convenient equipment for easy to operate one-hand functioning.

The revolving and rotating motion of the back pad renders the best finish and comes with 'Vario Speed' device thumb wheel for selection of velocity. No scrapes when positioning the functioning equipment on the material for a clean sanding final result.

The Palm Sander In All Black

The Features:

It extends a first-class result even for smoothening more compact areas and the low casing is particularly noiseless throughout electro dynamic fine equilibrium. Best electrical power transmission system via contracted crown wheel gear system.

Extended service life-span throughout the spindle including dust resistant triple ball bearing conception. Velcro presented back pad plus exterior dust particle extraction release.
[Rating: 9/10]   £43   Get It → Metabo Vario Palm Sander  

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: 240V Makita Hand-Held Orbital Sander

A highly rated 5 inches hand-held random orbit sander that comes complete with textile dust particle carrier, hook and in addition loop discs - the perfect device for deployment in confined areas. Characteristics include an adaptable speed and Velcro closure for effortless modification of sandpaper with sturdy, big ball bearings.

Hand-Held Orbital Sander With Black Dust Bag

The Features:

The ergonomic shaped casing includes non-slip surface area for optimum manipulation. There is a dust resistant switch braking system ring for prompt block of the grind plate on stopping, plus high setting suction throughout the bottom plate and exterior dust connecting.
[Rating: 9/10]   £91   Get It → Makita Handheld Orbital Sander  

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: ROS Ryobi 300W Palm Grip Sander

A powerful random orbit palm sander and exceedingly adaptable hand held electrical power wood smoother including a big 2.4 mm bottom. It might be expended for big stock elimination to delicately sand paper several particulars.

The random rotary action enables the sander competent to entrust a seamless finish, minus those markings which other hand electric sanders result in.

High Power Orbit Palm Grip Sander On Wooden Chair

The Features:

The small sized handgrip in addition over-mould electrical power switch affords you imparted comfort and the cyclonic motion dust container enables efficient dust aggregation as well as lower limit chaos. This highly popular machine is exclusively flexible and high powered, as well as effortless to deploy.
[Rating: 9/10]   £56   Get It → ROS Ryobi Palm Grip Sander  

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: GEX Bosch 240V Random Orbital Machine

An excellent random orbit sander machine is equipped with a powerful electric motor which possesses a graded power input from 400 Watts. The orbital stroke speed is in between 11000 and 24000 OPM contingent on the velocity.

An incorporated digital command and velocity option makes it conceivable for expert trades persons to tailor-make the strategy to best accommodate the components they're acting upon on. This is a benefit when working on multi-coloured or perhaps varnished woods etc.

GEX Random Orbit Sander Machine In Dark Blue

The Features:

It additionally features a friction braking system that allows the device to be turned off promptly. This effective feature successively optimises functioning and efficiency, particularly whenever requiring to change over oftentimes between diverse scenarios, or perhaps working compositions.

It is highly adjustable, notwithstanding its 400 Watts electrical power to accommodate 150 mm size sanding pads, but the device weighs merely 2.4 Kg, rendering it appropriate for functioning across extended periods minus exhausting etc.
[Rating: 9/10]   £99   Get It → GEX Random Orbital Sander  

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A small electric orbital sander is fashioned for operating in difficult and arduous to reach positions. The light weight and ergonomic palm handgrip is an immense advantage, proposing the user maximal comfort. Get the perfect small sander for functioning on metallic as well, the useful tools for all do it yourself projects.