DIY Battery Screwdrivers For Tightening Fixings And Fittings

Updated 26/01/2022:
The perfect powerful cordless screwdriver tools for your every day tasks. For domestic improvement jobs due to the extended range of bits. Make just about any screw driving project effortless and dispense with the hard work. See our benchtop drill press top 10 tools.

: NoCry Cordless Mini Rechargeable Screwdriver

Take advantage of the manageable electrical power you need due to the 10 Nm motor, flexible torque and adaptable revolving velocity from 0 to 230 RPM. Want to know the best part? The potency of the press regulates so you possess complete control of your work.

This is a typical rechargeable durable 7.2V DC 1500 mAh LI-Ion battery pack. The unique electric screwdriver rechargeable battery includes an excellent lifespan. The NoCry 10 N.m cordless electric screwdriver endures for 1.5 hours of constant functioning.

The battery electrical power signal displays just how much charge you have remaining. Utilise the incorporated battery charger up to 100 percent within 3 to 5 working hours.

Mini Rechargeable Screwdriver
NoCry Cordless Mini Screwdriver

Due to the versatile torque and acceleration, you can operate on fragile consumer electronics tasks. Use it for unique creations - even challenging wood, steel and home furniture jobs.
The magnetic, electric screwdriver chuck and extensions can accommodate virtually any quarter-inch hex equipment through nut drivers, rasps and possibly drywall screw possibilities.

Observe clearly using the integrated torch. The LED lighting towards the end of the handgrip lights up the region where you function. This small battery screwdriver is designed for your house enhancement, electric power, woodwork, household furniture set-up, your car or structural tasks.


  • Precice Working Light
  • Great Price - Dependable


  • None..

The Features:

An excellent gift for yourself or perhaps for the DIY-keen individuals you know. Deal with virtually any project with the 31 screw bit system. Forget the power screwdriver minus the correct screw bits and parts. It includes 6 flatheads, 7 Pozidriv and one versatile add-on operating in remote locations.

With torque as high as 10 Nm, this highly effective screwdriver will manage nearly all of your home undertakings. Simply retain the NoCry cordless screwdriver inside your kitchen area compartment or perhaps your own tool resource. Bring it out when you really need an instant repair.

Specs: LED | 7.2V | 14 x 4 x 20 cm | 576.06 GR | 30 Bits | 1500mAh LI-ION

The amount of battery is outstanding. This cordless screwdriver can last for approximately 90 minutes of regular implementation. Manage more than 300 screws on a separate charge - more than regular cordless screwdrivers. You can change it into a small drill for minimal assignments with the correct connections.

Mini Rechargeable Screwdriver In Red

£39   NoCry 10 N.m Rechargeable Screwdriver - Get It!  

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: TerraTek 18 V Powered Drill Screwdriver

This cordless drill kit comes with a highly effective Li-ion battery pack, resulting in absolutely no memory impact. There is virtually no self-discharge, and it is continually completely ready for proper use. Quickly peaking at 20V from a new charge, the battery power stabilises towards 18 Volt.

The shifting high-pressure trigger can take your wireless drill up to a no-load velocity of 650 revolutions per minute. Forwards and reverse levers permit the Terratek cordless drill to rapidly transition between drilling and pulling out of anchoring screws.

Acquire significantly greater control of your Li-ion cordless screwdriver with sixteen diverse torque configurations accessible to use. You certainly will continually be capable of finding the ideal environment for whatever components, regardless of whether solid wood, plastic material, shiny metal and an assortment of many other materials.

Lithium Powered Screwdriver With Red Grip

The cordless drill kit contains 13 pieces of equipment made up of one magnet case, six drill bits, two Pozi-drive electric screwdriver parts, two Phillips devices, and slotted design contraptions.
The set is simply perfect for both equally newbie DIY and knowledgeable artisans. The group is available in a carry bag for simple safe-keeping.

Whenever you require an electrical power drill that's every bit impressive on equally any job site and inside the household, you require this adaptable cable free cordless impact screwdriver kit.


  • Long Warranty Bundled
  • Incredibly Powerful


  • Not at all

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Brilliant For DIY Tasks
  • Rapid Taking Out Screws

Unique Selling Point:

  • Pozi-Drive Attachments
  • Forward Reverse Switch

This specific drill driver provides a maximum drilling convenience of typical materials like wood at 20 mm and steel at 8 mm. The battery pack and charger are incorporated. Cadmium-free - takes EU batteries plus an instruction 2006/66/EC agreeable.

The cordless drill features equally electrical power and super control using its smooth grip, ergonomic style, 0.8 to 10 mm keyless chuck, plus a weight of exclusively 1.0 Kg. This particular electric powered Terratek cordless screwdriver is more than uncomplicated to work with for long periods.

Red 18 Volt Powered Screwdriver
TerraTek Screwdriver In Black Case

Specs: x16 Torque | 24 x 24 x 8 cm | 1.68 Kg | 18V | x13 Set | 650 RPM

60 minutes fast battery for speedy charging and the most convenient in it's family due to this lithium-ion strategy. It incorporates a keyless chuck, LED illumination for dimmed light and in addition a level bubble for effortless crosswise function.

The torque selector switch enables for high powered or difficult boring and contained screw forcing. Slender construction with soft hand grip and fast change up.
[Rating: 9/10]   £34   Get It → TerraTek Cordless Drill Powered Screwdriver  

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: Black And Decker Battery Screwdriver

Extensive life lithium small battery screwdriver that carries it's charge longer compared to regular interpretations, in addition to longer functioning times plus less demand for reloading.

The mini sized screw driver features an ion battery that not just renders it light and effortless to manage, it guarantees that the instrument continues charged-up and set-up to deploy for as much as 18 months.

Small Battery Screwdriver In Red And Black
Black And Decker Screwdriver


  • Perfect Hand Size Grip
  • Angle Feature In-Built


  • No

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Ideal For Home Shelving
  • Bright LED Working Light

Unique Selling Point:

  • Over Moulded Hand Grip
  • Perfect For Awkward Spots

Black And Decker Battery Screwdriver
Black And Decker Battery Screwdriver

Power as well as flexibility with 7.7N metres of torque that constitute this excellent high powered driver just right for virtually all domestic undertakings, although the addition of an LED lit workplace illumination affords bettered profiles and precision.

Works immaculately even when operating in dimly lit locations, for example underneath sinks, cooking area cupboards or perhaps inside the vehicle.
[Rating: 9/10]   £29   Get It → Black Decker Battery Screwdriver  

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: Bosch PSR Cord Free Screwdriver 3.6 V

The incomparable cord free screwdriver is pocket-sized, light weight and incorporates 12 diverse bits for the most regular screws, which renders it the most easy to operate driver for practically all elementary undertakings around the household.

End users do not need to concern, since the device is smart to deploy, in addition enables the quickest bit changes.

Cord Free Screwdriver In Green Finish
PSR Cord Free Screwdriver


  • High Speed Performance
  • Bag And Micro Charger


  • Not at all..

The Features:

Mixes 12 pre-designated bits inside the mobile bundle, incorporating a '3.6V Lithium-Ion' battery for as much as 90 screws using one completely charged-up battery. 4.5 Nm torque plus the idle velocity of 210 revolutions per minute, enough rate for diverse uses around the household.
[Rating: 9/10]   £45   Get It → Bosch PSR Cordfree Screwdriver  

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: Ryobi CSD Cordless Screwdriver Set

This first-class cordless screwdriver set with LED light is a small and light 4 volt lithium-ion driver that is just right for cupboard construction or light screw forcing uses. There's a quick alter chuck accommodated for effortless drill or perhaps bit exchanges, even with 1 hand.

This impressive high powered tool with an upper limit torque of 5.3 Nm operated by a 4 volt 1.5 Ah battery is perfect for kitchen fitting and so on.

Cordless Screwdriver Set With Green Handle

The Features:

It features a versatile 12 placement torque configuration dial that can give the end user an incessant torque/pressure upon fragile bore, therefore will not impair your work composition.

It delivers equipped with forward plus reverse gear case, so the elimination of screws is just as effortless as whenever enforcing screws. The LED light is equipped beneath the driver, perfect for functioning in dimly illuminated spaces.
[Rating: 9/10]   £44   Get It → Ryobi Cordless Screwdriver  

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: Worx WX Cheap Cordless Screwdriver

A rather cheap cordless screwdriver that possesses a long shaft, offering effortless entry in to locations any regular driver or drill just could not extend. Sitting on an automatic locking mechanism track, just slip the switch advancing until you have sufficient reach for the task in question.

A high powered LED light instantly beams up your work expanse, ideal for entering the back of closets or perhaps underneath ledges and much more.

WX Cheap Cordless Screwdriver

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Drive In Much Faster
  • Two Speeds Included

Unique Selling Point:

  • Quick Rotational Power
  • Perfect For Garage DIY

Black WX Cheap Cordless Screwdriver
Worx WX Cheap Cordless Screwdriver

It delivers set-up to manage any daily project, while should you discover yourself with a problem that demands a particular bit, this first-class XTD is congenial with just about any hex bit.

Sporting a high powered Lithium battery, the driver delivers advanced high-powered functioning minus memory impact or self-discharge when holding charge for adequate to 1 year.
[Rating: 9/10]   £89   Get It → Worx WX Cordless Impact Screwdriver  

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: Hi-Spec Cordless Drill Screwdriver Kit

This cordless drill screwdriver kit is fashioned with high power functioning and versatility, and is impressive for suspension of pictures, arranging ledges, boring cavities in timber, and tightening up or slackening the screws discovered in metallic elements, wood and PVC.

Without any clumsy electric cords to snarl, this drill includes best portability and manipulation for DIY domestic reparations.

Rechargeable Screwdriver With Accessories

The Features:

A cable free screwdriver that features a powerful 16 Nm of frontward plus rearward switching torque for boring holes. The recharging NiCad battery charges up in 3 to as much as 5 hours.

It is competent of a multitude of boosting and discharging rounds - rendering this excellent tool a functional time economising addition to virtually any home base.
[Rating: 9/10]   £62   Get It → Hi-Spec Screwdriver Drill  

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Cordless Screwdriver Sets - Ideal For Jobs Around The House

: VonHaus DIY Battery Screwdriver Bundle

A modern DIY battery screwdriver plus 13 composition accessory bundle to constitute your very own 'Do It Yourself' projects jobs more comfortably. Effortless to use and small sized, high powered and wire free. It is ideal if you are functioning in any difficult spot.

Perfect in any placement which does not have accessible entry to a mains powered electrical resource - regardless if you are setting up decking, arranging shelves or household upkeep.

LED Function DIY Battery Screwdriver Kit

The Features:

A 13 mm keyless chuck grants fast, tool conversion of driver as well as drilling bit that clicks directly in to position for a dependable match. The back on-off switch switch enables 1 touch directing alteration, so it's possible to intelligently drive in or maybe draw out screws.

The recharging 18 volt NiCD battery bundle offers a high-energy production level and allows a significant amount of charging up and discharging rounds.
[Rating: 9/10]   £29   Get It → VonHaus Battery Screwdriver Kit  

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: Einhell 12V Professional Cordless Drill

This wire free professional cordless drill is a potent and superior 12V tool configured and formulated in Germany. An impact drill that advantages via it's 1 hour charge up lithium batteries that include power system.

It is less demanding in weight in comparison to regular batteries, and with more advanced functioning for every charge for a better boost.

Professional Cordess Drill With Red Exterior

The Features:

The soft grasp hand-grip guarantees this equipment may be utilised across lengthy time periods with greater comfort - therefore users can execute awkward undertakings with informality and bestowed comfort.

18 torque configurations, automated spindle locking mechanism plus LED lights, guaranteeing that even the hardest boring projects may be finished with self-assurance, plus 2 years guarantee.
[Rating: 9/10]   £62   Get It → Einhell 12V Pro Cordess Drill  

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: Wolf Drill Screwdriver Fast Charge

Impressive light to deploy wire free screwdriver using a 10 mm keyless chuck is an extremely high powered unit and an impressive asset to any person's tool bundle.

Equipped with a powerful 1.3A Lithium battery plus high-velocity 1 hour battery charger, it possesses a dual speed gear case, a keyless chuck, is accommodated with advancing and rearward commands.

Lithium Wire Free Screwdriver With Black Trigger

The Features:

It features 17 flexible torque configurations in addition to boring location signal to command all do it yourself projects and light commercial diligences.

Allowing convenience in any illumination circumstances, the drill screwdriver is equipped with an LED lamp that instantly functions whenever the trigger is compressed to light-up the situation.
[Rating: 9/10]   £69   Get It → Wolf LED Drill Screwdriver  

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: Panasonic LED Compact Battery Screwdriver

A highly popular 3.6 Li-ion compact battery screwdriver with small sized dimensions and lightweight build with automatic close off clutch, high powered 4.4 Nm at reduced velocity, 21 step clutch in addition to drill.

Includes 2 velocity gear plus locking mechanism for hand-operated tightening up, 1/4 inch HEX speedy link up chuck and LED illumination for assistance.

Small Compact Battery Driver In Black And White

The Features:

The driver is a modest and effortless to utilise power driver that expands battery operated and clutch life-span through immediately blocking off rotary motion as soon as the decided torque environment is achieved.

Including the LED illumination for dim locations, securing screws in the dark may be intelligibly realised. Modest dimensions and light-weight with automatic blocking.
[Rating: 8.5/10]   £150   Get It → Panasonic Compact Battery Driver  

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The highly recommended and useful cordless drill screwdriver is virtually every thing you require to manage small undertakings. Incorporating an extensive range of accessories and some with a container for safe keeping, the built-in battery is effortlessly charged up for a consolidated and accessible screw forcing solution.