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Updated 24/02/2020:
A pillar drilling machine is a tad different from your usual drill bench since it's well-devised for stationary use. Unlike, the standard industrial version you move around quickly, the pedestal drill is rooted to the spot, and you have to carry the work/object you want to the drill press tool.

The new 2019 bench pillar drill is powered by electricity and consist of a motor drive system that gives it power, a vertical column with a sliding table plus unfaltering base. In its design, the drill is divided into two parts - the top end of the column and the bottom.

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Top end consists of the drive system, motor and chuck, while the base is made up of heavy metals like cast iron, and it is usually fixed to a surface with bolts. The base acts as a robust, heavy piece of metal, preferably cast iron with a horizontal surface that serves as a support for large workpieces.

On the other area, the table which can be adjusted to fit 'a larger workpiece' comes with diagonal slots and grooves for fixing to an engineer's vice. The vice is often an addition in most machines, so some manufacturers include it and others that don't.

Tilting Table Pillar Drill Usage

An important feature present in most pillar drills is the inclusion of a tilting table which provides an outlet for drilling solid pieces. The tilt table enables drilling to perform at angles other than standard 90 degrees.

There is a hydraulic system within the column that allows for the movement of the table to reconcile different sizes of workpieces. The new and improved models of drill come with grooves or trenches around the edge to help drain or remove coolant.

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The motor and drive system form an essential part of the bench pillar drill. The motor and drive system is responsible for the power, the drilling speed, and spinning the chuck of the entire system. Older models of pillar drills are designed with a drive belt while newer models come with a system of gears.

A motor also operates the chuck, a rotating shaft power defined by the ability of the motor. Professional and industrial units come with a minimum wattage of 700W while that of hobby tools or DIY drills offer a wattage range of 300W and 750W etc.

Drill Bits And Cutting Accessories

The chuck on most pillar drills in the market today are built with compatibility and versatility so they can accommodate an extensive range of drill bits and other cutting accessories. This gives you a lot of options, most especially if you want to use the pillar drill for other tasks apart from drilling.

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Apparently, the column is another vital part of the drill usually made of steel giving it rigidity, an important detail that cannot be overlooked when it comes to drilling as it helps to define the precision of the work and also reduce the level of vibrations.

A standard drill requires a human operator to turn it on and off when needed. Because of the nature of work involved in drilling and how easy it is for most tools to build up the heat, they usually come with a safety mechanism that halts rapidly should it experience overheating - or in cases of power surge fluctuations.

What Can Drills Effectively Cut Through

One would think that a bench pillar drill can cut through fundamentally anything, but such a thought process is often flawed. What a bench pillar drill can and cannot cut through is determined by the machine size, its power and compatible accessories, but have a look at the circular saws available here for wood etc

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Several light duty units in the market can utilise drill bits ranging from 1.5 and 13.5 mm, and that means depending on the material, they can cut holes up to 40 mm.

Most DIY bench pillar drill can cut through different types of woods like softwood and hardwood, and at the same time cut through plastics. Depending on the unit one has, it may be compatible with specific accessories like circular saws that make it easy to cut through some extremely tough materials.

Pillar Drilling Machine Performance

There are specific limitations on how a pillar drilling machine can execute and depend on the accessories installed, it can drill through various hard components. However, when it comes to tough metals like iron, it becomes a difficult task for several drills.

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Ensure you are using the right drill bits when working as it will make work more comfortable for you. A safety tip when using a bench pillar drill is to inspect the cord and socket before powering on your drill. This helps you to comprehend if any faults exist, and it also helps to reduce the plausibility of electrocution etc.

Ensure you put on the appropriate safety equipment and apparel before you commence any drilling work. Protect your eyes with goggles and your hands with safety type gloves. Ensure you use compatible drill bits for all your drilling operations to help minimise injuries at work.

Some Basic Drilling Advice

When drilling, do not hold the workpiece in your hands, but fix it on a vice to minimise the likelihood of injuries. Make sure the spindle/chuck is well secured before turning on the device and do not touch the drill bit while it is still spinning.

Draper Pillar Drill Pulley Electric Motor

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Avoid touching material residues when drilling as these materials might be hot. Only utilise the recommended drill speed as a higher speed could ruin your workpiece - low speed could damage the motor. Make use of earmuffs when drilling and ensure your work area is well ventilated.

Tighten the clamp appropriately and as a loose clamp may lead to injury. Use a 'floor standing' drill for tall workpieces, but you can make use of a pillar drill or a bench mounted drill for much smaller jobs.

A motor and drive belt system forms the essential part of all drilling devices. It comprises an induction motor positioned behind the column with the chuck sitting above. Chuck speed varies according to release of tension on the drive belt when the interlocked cover is raised.

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Chuck speed is an essential part that plays a role whenever different materials are to be drilled. Different materials will require different drilling speeds, but the chuck is stationed within the headstock in any precision machine.

Industrial Pillar Drill Electric Motor

The industrial pillar drill is simple in its design and comes with a steel column that houses the drive belt system, motor, and chuck at one end with sufficient storage room at the base made of cast iron.

The base usually consists of a heavy metal, preferably cast iron that acts as support. The table can be adjusted to accommodate much taller workpieces on the bottom. The column is fixed rigidly on the base and is usually fastened on the floor or a bench top.

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Having a bench pillar drill in the workshop is a 'no-brainer' as it is versatile and can be useful for different tasks. You can install lots of accessories and utilise them for many purposes. Above all, it also can bore perfect holes and cutouts.

There are different types of drilling machine that share the same functions as pillar drills. The radial drilling machine and magnetic drilling machine come to mind.

Types Of Bench Drilling Machine

The difference between the radial bench drilling machine and that of the bench pillar drill is the fact that the radial drill comes with a horizontal adjustment that helps to adjust the distance between the column and chuck. The primary use of the radial drill is to drill the edges of a workpiece.

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On the other hand, magnetic drill allows for flexible drilling in the workshop. It functions via the aid of electromagnet, and it is suitable for milling and drilling.

A common bench drill term is the drill stand, and nevertheless it affects accuracy, the stand is a viable solution for anyone having a good drill. The drilling bracket offers a good substitute for infrequent use, in cases where the drilling accuracy isn't feasible with a portable drill alone.

Spindle To Chuck Range

For the height of chuck, the width of the workpiece determines the suitable height of this chuck. A tall workpiece and a flat one won't require the same length of the column. With a high column, you gain the flexibility to work on a variety of pieces.

Spindle to chuck distance means the higher the length, the more flexibility you enjoy. The distance of the drill usually determines the spindle to chuck overall range.

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Vertical Pillar Drilling Machine UK Buyers Tips And Bits

Power required: This depends on the model of pillar drilling machine you have. Hobby drills will work on home outlets while industrial and professional drills will need a higher power output. The required power output is specified on the actual machine.

The capacity of chuck defines the diameter of the accessories you can utilise on your pillar drill. You can use a tapered shank to accommodate large widths of accessories. The effort required defines the progression of the drill through the workpiece.

The longer the handle, the more precision and accuracy you will get. For soft materials, a flywheel is the recommended option. A good tip for using a bench pillar drill is that lighting is a crucial requirement whenever you are drilling - it ensures the precision of work as well as your safety.

Use safety goggles and gloves at all times, do not touch the drill bit during drilling. Ensure your tools are sharpened and they are well secured before use. When buying a pillar drilling machine, ensure you get one that allows you to make adjustments quickly.

Avoid systems that are rigid and often require you to tighten the key. This doesn't only increase your work time, it also leads to inaccuracy of work. The combination of a large column and well-covered guide enhances the vertical accuracy.