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Fashionable Loose Leaf Teapots With Steel Glass Styles

Updated 07/12/2019:
A diverse mix of our best loose leaf teapots, perfect for infusing. Contemporary and chic designs suited for loose leaf or even bag, plus mouth blown glass tea pots created from high calibre Borosilicate. The classical steel and glass tea infuser pots, entirely dish-washer and microwave secure.

Loose tea is a more productive approach of brewing and has been perfected for generations. The glass tea leaf teapot can help you create a fantastic cup without needing to utilise tea strainers etc. It's not necessary to concern yourself with teabags and the related wrapping issues etc.

: Yithings Tea Leaf Teapot With Glass Infuser 250ml

Tea Leaf Teapot With Glass Handle

£11   Yithings Tea Leaf Teapot Glass Infuser - Get It!  

: Cosy-YcY Glass Loose Tea Teapot With Strainer


  • Ideal For Flower Tea
  • Withstand Very High Heat


  • None..

Glass Loose Tea Teapot With Steel Lid

£14   Cosy-YcY Glass Loose Tea Teapot - Get It!  

: AckMond Clear Glass Loose Tea Infuser Teapot


  • Hand Crafted Teapot
  • 2 Years Full Warranty


  • None.

Loose Tea Infuser Teapot With Curved Spout

£12   AckMond Clear Glass Tea Infuser Teapot - Get It!  

: Ehugos Teapot For Loose Leaf Tea Borosilicate Glass


  • Removable Steel Strainer
  • Stove And Dishwasher Safe


  • None..

Teapot Made From Borosilicate Glass

£19   Ehugos Teapot For Loose Leaf Tea - Get It!  

Glass Teapot Blooming Tea

Convenient to use, simple to wash in addition to being rather fashionable and beautiful, glass loose tea infuser teapots go nicely with your kitchen decor. An enjoyable means of exposing an eye-appealing tea is watching the glass teapot with blooming tea preparing within.

Why Glass Teapot For Loose Leaf?

For those who have an attractive flowering or even vibrant Chamomile tea, or even any kind of beautiful looking tea type infusion, you may want to think about a glass teapot for loose leaf tea. Choose one that you can benefit from the appearance along with the flavour of your brew.

Great To Watch And Easy Pouring

If you want more than a fast cup of tea on the move, an excellent teapot will make an exceptional brew, and also the tea-making routine will raise your mood too. For the conventional to technologically advanced, the best-insulated teapots offer great visuals, ease of pouring and heat preservation.

Get The Right Tea Taste Strength

Introducing the suitable quantity of leaves in the teapot for loose leaf tea needed for each person will make sure of the right concentration of the tea taste. An 'excessive amount' will give an intense flavour that can be too overwhelming, particularly in those somewhat sensitive teas.

Why Tea Bags Just Don't Cut It

To guarantee the full flavour of the tea is introduced, select a loose tea infuser teapot which provides more than enough room for the tea to unreservedly circulate with the water. This is not feasible with kitchen kettle water and tea bags, those modest tea infusion balls or infuser containers with a few openings.

Your Tea In All Its Magnificence

Take into account the size of the teapot with strainer that most closely fits your requirements, and which kind of tea you will be deploying. Loose tea teapots are sophisticated to show tea in its full magnificence. The majority of packed tea leaves include recommendations, so it is better to adhere to those.

: Toyo Hofu Big Teapot For Loose Tea Leaves

A big teapot for loose tea leaves with 1.2 Litres total capacity constructed of high borosilicate glass with a high heat impedance. It possesses a fashionable, modern appearance and is dish-washing machine secure.

With an easily removed steel infuser, it's effortless to cleanse and possible to position the cover back on following pulling out the infuser section.

1.2L Teapot For Loose Tea Leaves With Gold Base

Appropriate for virtually all kinds of tea time brewing as well as candle heater and so on.

A clear glass tea pot to flaunt the attractive colour of your afternoon tea as you are able to observe the boiling tea instantly. View the unfolding of artistic tea creation whenever the infuser is dispatched.
[Rating: 9/10]   £23 Get It → Toyo Teapot For Loose Tea Leaves

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: Tealyra Teapot With Infuser Filtering

This ceramic teapot with infuser is made for the afternoon tea devotee, and is just as endearing as it's functional.

Brew your level best pot of tea using this tea pot - as you're in comprehensive control of your completed brew from this first-rate steel filter system. Simply remove it whenever your tea is finished up infusing.

Short Spout Ceramic Teapot With Infuser In Red


  • Pour Without Spilling
  • True Tea Connoisseur


  • None..

The curved bottom is tightly fitting and constitutes this impressive pot great for stacking. It's possible to pour out with confidence acknowledging that the cover will not slide off.

The short spout forestalls trickles and the hand-grip is impeccably counter-balanced to feel comfy in the hand. An ideal teapot for home or work place.
[Rating: 9/10]   £24 Get It → Tealyra Ceramic Teapot With Infuser

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: LeXpress Glass Design Loose Tea Teapot

This fashionable infusion loose tea teapot is just right for practically all fruit types or even your infusion tea.

Present-day design glass tea pot including a classy steel physique and effortless to accommodate grip. The interior, removable steel infuser enables loose leaf to brew by nature, affording a genuine maximum flavour.

Borosilicate Glass Loose Tea Teapot With Curved Handle

With a total capacity of 900 ml enough for around 4 cupfuls, it is a hand-wash exclusive tea pot. It's additionally accessible in 1.3 Litres as well as 550 ml dimensions and delivers with a 10 years full warranty. This classy look teapot is styled for table top deployment in any home.
[Rating: 9/10]   £22 Get It → LeXpress Glass Loose Tea Teapot

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: Flowering Mouth Blown Glass Tea Pot Set

A particularly incomparable glass tea pot set that's nicely exhibited in a pressed blossom gift container and most beneficial presented to acquaintances or invitations etc.

The arrangement incorporates a 'mouth-blown tough glass' tea pot with an easily removed glass filter system. It includes a taste-tester tin of 5 diverse flowering afternoon teas.

Large 600 ml Classy Glass Tea Pot Set With Present Box


  • Hand Made Gift Box
  • Mouth Blown Glass


  • None..

Upper limit tea pot potential of 600 ml whenever occupied to the top and is impeccably sized to process 2 regular dimension cups or perhaps several small sized cups.

Just contribute a tea bloom to this glass tea pot as a consequence, then observe the tea within the hot body of water. The entire procedure assumes approximately 2 to 3 minutes.
[Rating: 9/10]   £27 Get It → Flowering Classy Glass Tea Pot Set

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The Best Loose Leaf Teapots For Flawless Home Beverages

: Peak Ceramic Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Mug

This excellent good-looking ceramic loose leaf tea infuser mug is impenetrable as well as dense, so your particular afternoon tea will maintain at the accurate heat for more lengthy periods.

The infuser is effortless to load up and cleanse. This mug delivers with an extra convenient cover to optimise tea your brewing.

Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Mug In Aqua Blue

The extremely fine tea infuser can additionally be employed with different tea cups, your hot water dispenser or preferred pot. The teatime cup is implausibly functional, rendering virtually every cupful of tea easy to brew and savour.
[Rating: 9/10]   £15 Get It → Peak Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Mug

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: ForLife Bell Glass Teapot Infuser Basket

A rather impressive glass teapot with infuser basket, which is functional and nicely fashioned for observing of tea leaves as they 'unroll'.

Great for brewing lovely loose leaf tea or maybe regular type tea bags. The tea pot delivers with a steel container infuser including grip, as well as a press cover that enables you to eliminate at the best time.

Bell Glass Teapot With Infuser Basket And Green Lid


  • Handle And Push Lid
  • Fine Holes Circulate Tea


  • None..

The container and infuser in steel are all dish washing machine secure, BPA free and heat proof adequate to 120 degrees Celsius.

Concentrated fine gaps are present to distribute the tea leaves expeditiously. There is effortless access to manage infusing and you can secure the twin surround infuser when engaged.
[Rating: 9/10]   £33 Get It → ForLife Teapot With Infuser Basket

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: HaoHan Borosilicate Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Teapot

This impressive loose leaf tea infuser teapot is constructed of food grade secure components, it's safe, balanced and rust proof glass is constructed of high borosilicate, precisely the substance of science.

The filter system is established of steel with a polished surface area. Preserve your afternoon tea fuss-free with a cover which will never fall away whenever over-turning to pour out the tea.

304 Graded Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Pot With Long Spout

Big total capacity tea pot 800 ml using a large steel strainer which enables tea leaves to amplify completely, pulling out more flavours. Essential for making tea and simmering tea, practical for microwave, electric powered burner, gas range, electric powered ceramic cooker in addition the burner styled kitchen stove.

To invalidate being bumped about or getting jolted - even impaired inside the dish washing machine, we suggest mildly rinsing off following deployment with a little soapy tap water to continue it just like brand-new. Deploy the container in a microwave, the metallic components have to be removed, which includes the cover, the infuser as well as the conductive component.
[Rating: 9/10]   £26 Get It → HaoHan Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Pot

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: Xian Glass Herbal Tea Pot With Infuser

The highly recommended mouth blown glass herbal tea pot, which has been specifically projected for loose leaf cups of tea. It uses the highest degree of heat energy proof borosilicate glass to establish this arresting style.

Rounded Glass Herbal Tea Pot With Steel Lid


  • Glass Teapot With Infuser
  • Heat Resistant Safe Glass


  • None..

Maximal tea pot total capacity is 1000 ml whenever occupied up to the brim, therefore it's nicely sized to dish out as much as 4 big measure cupfuls.

This tea pot comes securely as well as beautifully boxed in a bright presentation bundle. The glass work is all mouth blown from professional glass blowers employing the highest calibre glass.
[Rating: 9/10]   £28 Get It → Xian Glass Herbal Tea Pot

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Exquisite loose leaf teapots with quality heat resistive glass and steel finish for flower, tea leaf as well as regular bags.

Attractive teapots constructed with Borosilicate glass are the consummate instrument for delighting in loose tea. The spacious, easily removed filter enables tea leaves to amplify and render full 'extract' of the leaves.