Extra Wide Ironing Boards Offering Space For Larger Garments

Extra wide ironing boards provide a sizable working surface area, large enough for all clothing items. Created to streamline the entire process of ironing, they provide several useful steam iron capabilities. The wide top surface reduces time adjusting garments by hand - and adjustable height modifications guarantee convenient ironing.

01: Brabantia Ice Water (Large 124 x 45cm) Iron Board

Using a broad work surface area (124 x 45cm) flexible elevation configurations, along with a selection of security features, this particular board provides equally ironing convenience and user satisfaction. This particular board was created with steam generator irons under consideration, boasting a built-in strong steam iron holder on the board.

Brabantia Ice Water Wide Iron Board With Blue Cover

Brabantia Ice Water Wide Iron Board

The sturdy steel holder can easily carry as much as 7.5Kg in weight and it's extensive work surface area works well for pressing big items of apparel all at once, for example slacks or significant sized T-shirts. It may also help 'reduce time' allocated to re-positioning items on the board, thus accelerating the pressing procedure.
[Rating: 9/10] ( ~ £69 ) Get It Here → Brabantia Ice Water Wide Iron Board

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02: Leifheit 72592 AirSteam Broad Iron Area (130 x 45.5cm) Luxury Ironing Board

The AirSteam high quality LMaxx board offers a luxurious and durable framework, produced from ultra-light components, made to make ironing quick and comfy. Evaluating at only 5.3Kg, it is lighter in weight compared to virtually any equivalent standard pressing board for steam generators.

Leifheit AirSteam Broad Board With Patterned Cover

Leifheit AirSteam Broad Ironing Board

This implies moving, transporting and preparing the board, folding it downwards is much more hassle-free. It includes a robust and sturdy leg structure, which even adjusts to any irregular ground surface area.

It facilitates an ample and additional broad area of 130 x 45.5cm, supplying a sizable space to iron laundry quicker - so clothing will not slide off.
[Rating: 9/10] ( ~ £77 ) Get It Here → Leifheit AirSteam Broad Area Ironing Board

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03: Iron Worx Large Sized Ironing Board With Kids Safety And Vibrant Cotton Cover

This particular Worx light and portable ironing board features a reliable 4 leg framework using a secure work surface. It includes variable levels for comfy functioning and you will find a multi-colour 100 percent natural cotton cover, which provides a pleasant and vibrant appearance. It features an automated fastener for safety.

Iron Worx Large Sized Ironing Board With Striped Surface

Iron Worx Large Sized Ironing Board

The iron board may also 'fold-up for safe-keeping' or perhaps travelling. You can find 4 strong protecting non slip scratch caps on the legs for additional protection - and also to assist in preventing harm to your floor. The Worx selection of ironing boards can be found in numerous dimensions.
[Rating: 8.5/10] ( ~ £22 ) Get It Here → Iron Worx Large Sized Ironing Board

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04: Lelit PA060 Large Work Surface Chromium Ironing Board With Adaptable Elevation

This particular, additionally broad ironing board with aspect stand will service virtually any steam generator iron. The board has additionally been cured with anti corrosion treatment for additional safeguarding. It's also totally variable from somewhere between 75 to 97.5cm so you can work at the correct height.

Lelit PA060 Large Chromium Ironing Board With 4 Metal Legs

Lelit PA060 Large Chromium Ironing Board

There is a supplemental stand connected for ironed garments to be placed. A chromium-plated ironing board with large and impressive galvanised work surface, which facilitates irons with big heating boilers. A large ironing work surface is provided that measures '125 x 47cm', big enough for all garments.
[Rating: 9/10] ( ~ £86 ) Get It Here → Lelit PA060 Large Chromium Ironing Board

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05: Philips GC240/05 Specially Engineered Shoulder Wing Easy 8 Large Iron Board

The Easy8 with broad shoulder wings is intended for steam generators, perfect for less complicated and more secure ironing. The board supplies a sensible alternative for genuinely straightforward ironing. The ShoulderWing technique ironing board offers extra room to make it easier to press large shirts etc.

Philips Shoulder Wing Easy8 Wide Iron Board With Steel Frame

Philips Shoulder Wing Easy8 Wide Iron Board

It consists of eight methods, all resolving numerous ironing headaches. The contour of the board helps make pressing shirts incredibly easy. This technique 'reduces re-arrangement of garments' on the board, helping you save time and energy. The retracting shoulder wing procedure may be closed and opened, with respect to the kind of clothing to be ironed.
[Rating: 9/10] ( ~ £100 ) Get It Here → Philips Shoulder Wing Easy8 Wide Iron Board

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06: Highlands Adjustable Large Wide Ironing Board - 10 Heights And Flexible Rack

A new, fashionably created and light-weight ironing boards which possesses the reliable 4 leg structure with a secure work top. It includes 10 step adaptable heights for more comfortable functioning - and in addition, with a broader iron rack for additional room for 'bigger sized garments'. Includes a multi-colour cotton cover.

Highlands Adjustable Large Wide Ironing Board In Bright Colours

Highlands Adjustable Large Wide Ironing Board

It includes an automated safety feature, intended for kids protection that helps prevent it from collapsing suddenly. The ironing board is basically simple to collapse - and requires a minimal sized location for safe-keeping, plus it's light in weight for transporting. You can find 4 sturdy protecting non slip caps on the legs for additional protection.
[Rating: 9/10] ( ~ £19 ) Get It Here → Highlands Adjustable Large Wide Ironing Board

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07: Dunes Brabantia Extra Wide Ironing Board - Silicon Pad Cloud And Child Lock

The Brabantia unique geometrical style ironing board gains advantage from a selection of good capabilities. Equally durable and lightweight, it's big ironing area helps it be suitable for pressing bigger items of clothing.

The secure and reliable work surface provides a user-friendly shoulder shaped feature for simplicity whenever pressing shirts and tops.

Dunes Brabantia Extra Wide Ironing Boards In Stylish Designs

Dunes Brabantia Extra Wide Ironing Board

The Dunes ironing board is made for individuals who iron bigger items, as it benefits from an extra-large surface area, enabling a quicker and much more relaxed pressing encounter. Using a completely adaptable height of between 61 to 102.5cm - it is possible to place it to your ideal functioning height to assist healthy posture.
[Rating: 9/10] ( ~ £91 ) Get It Here → Dunes Brabantia Extra Wide Ironing Board

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7 Extra Large Ironing Boards, Helping To Make Ironing A Simpler Process..

Extra broad ironing boards with wide working surfaces allow for bigger clothing items. A big work space makes it very easy to press large garments with less time spent re-arranging. The secure and dependable work surface of many boards supply a user-friendly shoulder characteristic for convenient pressing of shirts.

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