Professional Large Wide Ironing Boards With Big Surface

Updated 09/04/2022:
These extra wide ironing boards supply a stable working surface big enough for any clothing item. Designed to enhance the strategy of ironing, the XL larger ironing boards offer many practical steam generator iron options using the broad surface area for ease of use.

Choosing a big light ironing board depends on the kind of clothing you iron and the area you have at home, unless you are happy to quickly iron creases before going out etc.

: Mabel Home Extra-Wide Ironing PRO Board

With one-of-a-kind retracting shoulder wings, this long-lasting cushioned iron board possesses a cover with a 100 percent cotton surface layer - and an extra cover bundled.
The additionally substantial board supplies a more expansive ironing surface with the heatproof holder to accommodate your steamer. Additionally, it incorporates a valuable wire case.

The system is simple to set up, take down, and flexible for consistent safety. A durable powder-layered metallic frame is for additional balance, well suited for equally home and business use. The Mabel Home extra-wide board with shoulder wings is made for satisfaction.

It is a broad ironing board with an exceptional size of 19.4 inches. The board cover comprises natural cotton, giving an excellent, consistent, quick cleaning base for garments to be ironed upon.

: Ironing Board With Several Heights

The steam generator ironing board stand by itself is flexible with six various elevation configurations, rendering it practical for end-users of numerous heights. This extensive ironing board simultaneously offers a small suspending or cable storage space underneath. You can place shirts or dresses, making them simple to grab when ironing.

The 'clothes hanging rack' is yet another characteristic that provides where you put ironed and folded garments perfectly. All without having to continuously shift away from the ironing table to hang them or even place them somewhere else in the short term.

A considerate feature that makes the Mabel ironing board distinctive from the rest will be the wing-like shoulder flaps provided at the board's edge.
Regardless of width, this wing furthermore offers space to the individual making more significant garments items (specifically button shirts) surprisingly easy to iron inside and outside. The light ironing board wings collapse when not being used.

Home Extra-Wide Ironing Pro Board
Mabel Home Extra-Wide Ironing Pro Board

You can find four pre-set elevation modifications up to 35 inches, and the bare minimum is 30 inches. A durable design with four legs provides a heatproof metal tray to keep your iron or machine. This specific folding ironing board possesses a thicker cover.

An additional cover is included inside the package that collapses and fits without difficulty directly into stairway cabinets. A wire holder is an instrument of comfort. We praise the designers for comprehensively contemplating the functional elements using this wide ironing board.

Ensure that every inch of clothing is crease-free. Being a typical inconvenience, the wire becoming stuck simply adds to your own tolerance check. This particular metal ironing board wire holder guarantees a smooth passing of the iron cable.

The Features:

It is frequently observed exactly how high-risk it is to set down a hot iron when ironing. The iron may either burn up the board material or the garments item - or maybe the user.
We are virtually no complete stranger to burning markings. The heat-resistant rack is an independent space explicitly developed to place a scorching iron downward.

These safety features combined with locks might create this Mabel Home extra-wide board with shoulder wing among the finest heavy-duty boards.
Enjoy risk-free ironing with a substantial heat resistant iron rack, a security transport locking mechanism, plus flexible height. It happens to be versatile to 6 diverse pre-set levels.

A protection lock stops the board from unintentionally falling apart while in use. The hassle-free transport lock mechanism maintains the board folded throughout safe-keeping and transferal. Retracting wings are excellent for simpler ironing of clothing shoulders and pillowcases. It is a heavy-duty specialist ironing board.

Wide Iron Board With Shoulder Wing

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: Brabantia Large Iron Board Foldable XL

Large designs are eye-catching and less complicated for ironing. This specific plus size steam ironing board (C) with vapour equipment holder offers you a 124 x 45 cm ironing area. An XL design for ironing a dress shirt without even relocating it.

This refreshing looking board is fantastic for steam devices, and the additional sizeable metallic holder accommodates approximately 40 x 22 cm equipment. The flexible functioning elevation of 75 to 98 cm can make the Brabantia (C) extra large ironing board beneficial for your back.

Uncomplicated to transfer, regardless of the dimension the transfer locking mechanism maintains, the board, when collapsed, renders it easy to shift.
An excellent fitted cover with wire binding and stretch makes this board a real crease destroyer. It is earth-friendly and licensed at the bronze stage with a total 10 years warranty and service plan.

: Ideal For Bumpy Uneven Floors

A premium quality ironing table using a metallic strong steam iron rest is appropriate for left-handed and right-handed users. The tall ironing board rest is ideal for all well-known generator irons. It has heat-proof and non-skid protecting pieces to stop the destruction of the iron.

Robust protecting feet caps stop the stand from sliding on rigid flooring surfaces. The ironing bench can be adjusted and has a kids' lock to prevent the table from falling apart. A transfer locking instrument will maintain the table collapsed for safekeeping.

This specific professional ironing board is perfect for speedy and comfy ironing, which helps you save time and effort and enhances your encounter. It is ideal for all steam iron brands or models, a pleasant collaboration with your preferred generator iron.

Ironing Board C Extra Large Style

Brabantia Ironing Board C Extra Large

The work surface is likewise steady, and the elevation can be fine-tuned to your own operating level. A locking apparatus characteristic also ensures your protection.
It works by ensuring that it will not retract unintentionally. Additionally, the XL ironing board contains a travel lock to retain it collapsed so that you can store it without difficulty.

Equipped with shielding non-slip caps, the cover is wholly created from organic cotton. With easy safekeeping, it features a solid lock to keep it collapsed and permit storing. There exists another lock to stop random collapsing.

Appropriate for all iron models or versions and simultaneously left/right-hand individuals, it provides a hassle-free XL style for ironing shirts devoid of shifting. Just the thing for heavy steam equipment, there is an extra natural cotton cover with a tough coating.

The Features:


  • Ample Iron Board Surface
  • Four Legs Full Stability


  • None..

This unique size (C) ironing board possesses a particular wide surface area for enjoyment and task swiftness. It benefits from seven adjustable functioning levels and a steam unit container. This is ideal for all regular irons with the greatest extent of 39 x 29 centimetres.

Prestigious non-slip caps around the tubular legs assist in preventing flooring deterioration. The lock inadvertently inhibits the ironing board from falling apart, even though the transport fastener retains it tightly folded away for storing.

The Brabantia (C) extra large ironing board possesses a great genuine cover with long-lasting foam underneath. The stable steam unit support is sufficiently strong to support large-sized steam irons.

Caps on each board's legs guard the floor while the transfer lock keeps the board flattened for safekeeping. The cover guarantees the surface remains tight for less complicated ironing.

Foldable XL Ironing Board With Cream Cover

£105   Brabantia (C) Extra Large Ironing Board - Get It!  

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: Leifheit Air Board Express (L) Solid Maxx

The ironing board is supplied with a secure safekeeping stand for steam generator iron models. Regular steam irons may also remain securely in the formed iron rest. Including a permeable cotton cover for successful vapour and heat transmission, it is exclusively designed for big and small-scale generator irons.

Lightweight and sizeable, this ironing board provides a surface area evaluating just 5.8 Kg, lighter in weight when compared to most boards. The additional plus size helps you to save precious time.

You will find an intelligent shoulder-fit formed end for less complicated and easier ironing associated with shirts and dresses. The Leifheit Air Board Express Maxx deluxe ironing table will make a considerate housewarming present.

This ironing board is available in different measurements to suit personal demands - and all are exclusively functional. It generates the perfect ironing outcomes due to its precisely permeated steam protector.

: Just How Big Is This Board?

Its specific cover permits vapour to flow throughout instead of saturating and leaving behind wet washing from your generator iron. The board possesses a formidable fixed holder, appropriate to stand virtually any steam iron generator upon. This lets you iron anywhere at home, not really limited to keeping the generator on a surrounding work surface area.

When being forced to use a regular iron, the fold-up ironing board rack also offers a hollowed location to safely and securely safeguard any established iron.
This is actually the lengthiest and broadest board of the Express collection. Its vast ironing expanse provides higher simplicity to iron more oversized loads.

Created from exceptional ultra-lightweight components, it weighs in lower than most and lighter than equivalent boards, making raising, transporting and opening and shutting effortless. A replacement unit cover for this ironing board may be requested independently.

Smart Broad Board With A Patterned Cover
Leifheit Air Board Maxx Deluxe Ironing Board

Relocating and carrying the board is effortless. It provides a sturdy and tough leg framework, modifying virtually any irregular floor surface. It provides a sufficient area with substantial space to iron faster - therefore, garments will never slip off.

This superior quality heavy duty ironing board comes with an opulent and sturdy construction, created from ultra-light parts, designed to make ironing fast and relaxing. Considering only 5.3 Kg, it is much lighter when compared to almost any comparable regular board.

Pleasantly lift and take the board with additional simplicity. Underneath the unique 3 mm cushioned cover, the board surface area is constructed of a specific perforated plastic material. Additionally, it indicates no more metallic mesh indentations upon the laundry.

The Features:

The iron can be retained easily near the board and can reside securely between ironing within the iron holder. Furthermore, attached is the wire holder, which gives you access and can be folded down for safekeeping. This keeps the iron cable free from interfering when ironing garments.

Iron with certainty on a sturdy frame with the capability to intelligently adapt and secure on uneven flooring, up to and including variations of ten millimetres.
Whenever established, the board's surface area may be pushed straight down, and the under-frame will conform to the floor, guaranteeing it is secure.

With this exceptionally light Leifheit Air Board Express Maxx deluxe ironing board, it is possible to collapse the ironing board and keep it in smaller, thinner places. For instance, a closet, at the rear of a door or perhaps in a wardrobe.

Whenever ironing, conveniently suspend wonderfully pressed clothes on the 'stop' of the board. A solitary bar is positioned over the tray that will hold several garment hangers. Your ironed outfits can 'air' devoid of creasing, pretty much within reach.

Air Board Express L Solid Maxx Deluxe

[Rating: 9/10]   £94 - Get It → Air Board Express (L) Solid Maxx  

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: Why A Wide Ironing Board?

No matter what your needs are, shopping for large steam ironing board may be tricky. The current market is overfilled with diverse selections in various cuts and sizes, it will be challenging to limit the possibilities.

: Width And Length Equally Important

Ironing boards emerge in dimension to assist a variety of garments. If you need to press trousers, an even more 'expanded board' could possibly be appealing over a shorter board. According to what you need to press, the size of the foldable ironing board is a feature to reflect on before investing.

: Ironing Large Sized Garments

For separate ironing boards, small table-top iron boards and others could be as slim as 14 inches while some 22 inches. The more comprehensive the iron table board, the more beneficial to iron larger garments. A short ironing surface is around 44 inches - while some go to 56 inches plus.

: Bigger Board For Steam Generator Irons?

For those who have space for an XL extra wide ironing board, select the biggest you can locate for less challenging and considerably more practical ironing. Perhaps a wider ironing board for steam generator irons that's undoubtedly at minimum 4 feet long and 11 to 20 inches broad.

: Specialist Big And Tall Iron Boards

Maximum size iron boards will be the most popular call and provide just about the most possibilities. This type of ironing board may range in proportions from 15 x 56 inches to 18 x 66 inches; nevertheless, a few specialist tall ironing boards tend to be even bigger.

Good ironing boards possess a light frame for straightforward flexibility, and some feature a significant metal edge which keeps them stable, but many offers full cushioning and a cover, plus a few are expecting you to get the cushioning and covers separately.

: Minky Ergo Supreme Wide Ironing Board

Appreciate by natural means comfortable ironing for equally right and left-handed users. The Prozone cover using heavy felt underlay is entirely made of cotton with a heat reflecting metal layer. The sizeable broad ironing board flex guide stops the iron wire from catching. Unlimited functions are placed precisely at your perfect operating level.

The biggest board in the Ergo collection provides each of the advantages of the Ergo Plus plus much more. The Minky Ergo ironing board's extra-broad ironing surface area measuring 122 x 43 cm, is perfect for ironing more substantial clothing.

The distinctive low-level steam generator rest guarantees maximum protection and balance with a hook leg style. It ensures the complete capability of the board is used every time.

A chrome decor surface finish provides a superior appearance. The general elevation system makes the Ergo Supreme board possible to be situated at your functional level.

The wide steam ironing board cover possesses a high temperature reflecting layer focused at the end of the iron board for faster crease removal. The additional solid felt underlay provides a consistent ironing surface area.

: Is It Easy To Manoeuvre And Store?

The electric-powered extension outlet is exclusive to the Ergo Supreme board for additional versatility, plus the rubber casters for easy placement. The flex guide stops the iron wire from tangle-up. It can be conveniently trimmed directly to your selected station.

This Minky ironing board is created and produced using the best quality components and fabrics. With a 5-year warranty, it's an excellent value UK-made ironing board with a practical height realignment characteristic - and room to place your iron down securely.

The first thing you observe concerning this good quality ironing board is that it is incredibly light to transport. At 160 cm high, when collapsed flat, it fits in the closet under the towel rail. The other thing you will likely discover is that it is adequately shrink packaged too.

When unwrapped, the silver metal cover is designed to reflect high temperature returning to the clothing becoming ironed. The folding ironing board in a dark and green colour system is fashionably contemporary and notably unisex in style.

You will find a portable grip to maintain the iron wire away from your work area. The curved iron rest is convenient, even though it is not necessarily large enough for oversized steam generator irons.

HH40201108M Ergo Ironing Board
Minky HH40201108M Ergo Ironing Board

The Ergo board is filled with several characteristics to help make the approach of ironing much less exhausting - and a lot less challenging. The cover is created from natural cotton with a heat refractive layer.
This simply means you receive the most warmth sent back throughout your clothing, devoid of burning alongside it with the ironing plate.

The mesh style of the sturdy ironing board exterior enables steam moisture content to pass by instead of combining on the cover, therefore making it saturated. A felt underlay involving the outside and the mesh helps make for a reasonably smooth surface area.

Over carpeting, we observed the board was pretty stable, although it was slightly bumpy on a linoleum cooking area floor. This has been generally solved by revolving the directed plastic end cap within the leg involved. You can effortlessly move the cap properly away.

We discovered this to be a fantastic board that has an outstanding 'elevation realignment' spectrum. This extra-large ironing board is quite stable on carpeting at any rate - and relatively decent value for money for what you receive.

Intended for convenience, speed and overall performance, the rest benefits from an iron docking zone that is obviously comfy for left and right-handed individuals. It will significantly decrease hand or even arm tension.

The Features:


  • Infinite Height Versatility
  • Full 5 Years Guarantee


  • None

Furthermore, there are professional ironing board block rests, loop iron board legs for better equilibrium, and an electrical extension outlet with two metres of flex. This lets you place your ironing station within the preferred area.

Its impressive design will take the stress and tension from ironing, offering an increasingly effortlessly secure placement. The rest is uniquely shaped to adhere to an all-natural arm motion and prevent unwanted arm/shoulder pressure when appropriate.

Specifically for comfort, swiftness and effectiveness, this exceptionally stable Minky Ergo ironing board incorporates a secure ironing rest location and includes a heat reflecting prozone protector.

The cotton cover has a heat-responsive finish that generates quicker crease elimination and accelerates the ironing course of action. The flex guide will be able to install to your selected placement around the iron board.

Wide Foldable Ironing Board On Frame

£50   Minky Wide Foldable Ironing Board - Get It!  

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: Russell Hobbs Geo Folding Iron Board

Conserve time and energy as you press garments with this ironing board. Built with sturdiness at heart, the board effortlessly features multiple height modifications for all sizes and heights users.

The iron benefits from an ample rest with suspended openings and soft-touch plastic pads for protected and straightforward utilisation. This board offers enhanced vapour penetration for better ironing by using a 250 GSM felt mat, a 130 GSM cover, and a metallic mesh style.

The Russell Hobbs Geo folding ironing board is constructed with plastic feet, maintaining stability on all floors. Intended for virtually any contemporary home, iron in comfort and elegance using this board constructed with light, portable, and solid aluminium. It comes with a cotton-padded cover in a streamlined and effortless structure.

With seven flexible height adjustments, this expert extra wide ironing board easily collapses aside for uncomplicated safe-keeping, ideal for a hectic family home.

Convenient to use, the iron board incorporates an ample iron rest with slots and soft-touch silicon parts for protected and elementary usage. This board is additionally created with non-slip vinyl feet and a safeguarded iron rest for safety each day.

Big Wide Iron Board With Steel Frame
Russell Hobbs Geo Folding Ironing Board

Crafted from formidable sturdy lightweight alloy, this extensive ironing board is perfect for all home items, for example, garments, drapes and mattress/sofa spreads. This is a space-saving alternative with versatile elevation options. The specific durable boards ideally fold aside for easy safe-keeping.

Specially designed promising a stylish and modern-day cover manufactured from natural cotton, this specific ironing board will appear fantastic in just about any household. User friendly with versatile heights, you basically pick the level you discover enjoyable.

The Features:


  • Geo Fold-Up Ironing Board
  • Flexible Height Options


  • Not here..

This iron board comes with practical hooks to secure your garment hangers. This ironing table permits you to iron effortlessly and in style. Constructed with you under consideration, the Russell Hobbs Geo folding ironing board is created using non-slip feet and a protected iron rest for safe use.

The board possesses a metallic fine mesh structure for more stable ironing, felt pads, and purely natural organic cotton protective covers. It supplies improved vapour penetration for 'less complicated' ironing. Iron in magnificence and style using this ironing board constructed with light and sturdy aluminium and a striking felt cushioned cover.

Jumbo Geo Folding Ironing Board

[Rating: 9/10]   £45 - Get It → Russell Hobbs Geo Folding Iron Board  

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: Lelit Transpiring Large Iron Board

This particular, additionally broad ironing board with aspect stand will service virtually any steam generator iron. The board has additionally been cured with anti corrosion treatment for additional safeguarding.

Chromium Ironing Board With 4 Metal Legs

The Features:


  • Wide Ironing Board
  • Lovely Smooth Cover


  • Not here..

There is a supplemental stand connected for ironed garments to be placed. A chromium-plated ironing board with large and impressive galvanised work surface, which facilitates irons with big heating boilers. A large ironing work surface is provided that measures '125 x 47cm', big enough for all garments.
[Rating: 9/10]   £59 - Get It → Lelit Transpiring Large Ironing Board  

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: Large Ironing Board Features You Need

The space-saving ironing board extra padding usually is somewhere between 3 and 8 millimetres, and ironing table covers can be bought in a range of designs. Pick a surface like cotton protected with silicone to prevent garments from adhering - and safety from the heat of the iron base.

: Board Cover Padding And Heat Safety

A large ironing board cover with superb cushioning is fundamental to finding excellent final results. Just about all boards feature a cover involved in the purchase; having said that, you might prefer to upgrade.

: Stop Clothes From Adhering To Surface

Several covers focus on non-stick or sophisticated protected surface types. The non-stick characteristics maintain clothing from adhering to the surface, and several surfaces switch heat through the garments that make the experience less complicated.

: Layers Protecting Your Garments

Covers really need to be seamless and favourable to heat and vapour. The Teflon protected cotton covers will not stick to your garments and make it easy to tidy away virtually any progress starch. The very best folding ironing board cushioning is one covered with considerable felt to keep its structure.

: Iron Boards With Ample Width

Regarding ironing boards, width presumes a more substantial component in the simplicity of use when compared to the length of the board. Even so, both features are essential to the typical operation of virtually any cheaper ironing board in itself.

: Finish Your Ironing Load Faster

Considerably bigger boards let you attain even more ironing for every scenario. The length does not have a substantial amount of an impact, but if you press often, length and width allow you to finish the ironing faster unless you have a hand clothes steamer on hand to finish off the tricky bits.

: Extra Large Wide Board And Height

You can purchase an XL wide ironing board with adjustable elevation, especially if you have multiple users inside your home. Most them might have this feature and generally vary from 26 to 38 inches in accommodating elevation - the array of height included into the iron board.

: HOMION Light Iron Board Beautiful Design

The Features:

Big Ironing Board With Blue Cover

£29   HOMION Light Big Ironing Board - Get It!  

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: Vileda Tall Ironing Board Large Surface

The Features:


  • Premium Wide Iron Board
  • Suitable For Large Clothes


  • Not at all.

Tall Ironing Board With Steel Legs

£42   Vileda Tall Ironing Board Large - Get It!  

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: Tower Large Iron Board Cloud Design

Using a broad work surface area (124 x 45cm) flexible elevation configurations, along with a selection of security features, this particular board provides equally ironing convenience and user satisfaction.

Wide Ironing Board With Blue Cover

The Features:


  • Right Or Left Hand Use
  • Steam Unit Holder


  • Not at all..

The sturdy steel holder can easily carry as much as 7.5Kg in weight and it's extensive work surface area works well for pressing big items of apparel all at once, for example slacks or significant sized T-shirts. It may also help 'reduce time' allocated to re-positioning items on the board.
[Rating: 9/10]   £99 - Get It → Tower Large Mesh Wide Iron Board  

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: Extra Iron Board Buying Tips

For those with two persons performing ironing in the home and perhaps they are of impressive or diverse height, it is ideal to acquire an iron table using a more useful selection of customisable elevation. In case the modification is restricted, the board might become a good fit.

: Waist Level For Stand Up Pressing

For those who have a functional 'foldable' ironing board, it must be arranged at waist level for the person who performs just about the most ironing. That waist level is most beneficial if you iron upright, but intended for those who switch among standing and sitting down whenever ironing.

: Buy The Ideal Light Sturdy Iron Board

The extra large top ironing board will work correctly to suit your needs. Recommended for considerable implementation, the significant gauge metal utilised to make the lightweight ironing board enclosure, for example, will not bend or move as time passes.

: Buy Heavy Duty Extra Large And Wide XL Ironing Boards

Designed to make ironing less complicated directly from your clothes dryer line, the large steam ironing boards are the most effective type that everybody must look into purchasing. Their big tops help make ironing less cumbersome and decrease time modifying clothing manually.

Extra wide ironing boards with ample work surface types enable larger clothing pieces. A large work area renders it super easy to press substantial clothing in a fraction of the time invested in re-arranging.

While a lightweight ironing board is appealing, it needs to have a robust enclosure that will not fall or topple over just as you do the ironing. A stable large ironing board will make pressing significantly less strenuous and can deal with accidents like the board slipping etc.

The protected and reliable work surface area of many significant wide ironing boards source an easy to use shoulder or wing feature for easy ironing of shirts and trousers.