10 Best Rotary Washing Lines - Free Standing For Big Loads

Free standing rotary clothes airer drying has never been so simple and enjoyable. Discover our variety and relish the advantage of air dried laundry. Straightforward to set-up, the outdoor washing lines are the excellent summer season alternative to indoor clothes horses and other types of popular open-air dryers etc.

01: Brabantia Lift O Matic Rotary Airer Clothes Drying Line

The Lift o Matic rotary clothes dryer is a higher capability washing line that may be altered to your favoured height. The dryer arms rotate very easily, even when well packed with damp washing, thus you don't have to navigate around the line transporting your washing basket.

Rotary Airer Clothes Line In Black Finish

Lift O Matic Rotary Airer Clothes Line

It is possible to establish the line on your garden and remove it once the line is not being utilised. It also has an effortless elevate system that enables you to change the height of the line.

For your perfect elevation - this is ranging from 129cm and 186cm. This technique additionally makes certain that the lines constantly stay firm.
[Rating: 9/10] - £72 Get It → Brabantia Lift O Matic Rotary Clothes Line

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02: Vileda Supadry 60m Variable Hoist Rotary Airer

The Supadry is a long lasting, heavy duty rotary airer well suited for a sizable household. It is completely painted metallic framework is galvanised to safeguard against corrosion inside and out, whilst the arms are rectangle shaped for additional sturdiness.

Supadry Hoist Rotary Airer Front View

Supadry Hoist Rotary Airer

The 60 metres PVC covered line offers adequate hanging space for approximately 5 wash loads, and the outside lines are of sufficient length to fit a big double duvet. Separate line tensioning means that virtually all lines may be kept straight and tight. This exclusive turning system elevates the washing up to 208cm.
[Rating: 9/10] - £100 Get It → Vileda Supadry Hoist Rotary Airer

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03: Minky 60Kg Circular Rotary Airer - (Stay-Taut)

Appropriate for more substantial home gardens and households, the Rotalift holds as much as 60 metres of wet laundry washing. The free standing rotary airer lines constantly remain firm because of multi-position line tensioning - and the separately strung areas guarantee the lines stay tangle free.

Lift 60Kg Circular Rotary Airer In Upright Position

Rota Lift 60Kg Circular Rotary Airer

Rotalift plus continues to be created to be more durable, as the arms have equally zinc and graphite weather resistant surface finishes and the high standard aluminium main post won't corrode. It's four supplemental strength arms possess a much deeper profile to compliment up to and including 60Kg weight of laundry.
[Rating: 8.5/10] - £59 Get It → Minky Rota Lift 60Kg Rotary Airer

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04: Leifheit Line Linomatic Tangle-Free Rotary Dryer

The 400 provides the next-gen of outdoor turning clothes line models with easy-pull cord opening, push option to shut and thoroughly clean. Tangle-free lines are present because of the Leifheit collection retraction device with effortless opening.

Linomatic Rotary Clothes Dryer In White Exterior

Linomatic Rotary Clothes Dryer

Opening the turning clothes line is designed pretty simple using the uncomplicated elevation procedure. Basically, pull the red toggle on the last part of the lifting line, then stroll in reverse. The arms open-up and also the lines expand. Whenever completely up and tensioned, the arms instantly secure in this location.
[Rating: 9/10] - £137 Get It → Leifheit Linomatic Rotary Clothes Dryer

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05: Metaltex 30m Outdoor Rotary Clothes Line

The Alderney large outdoor rotary airer is a functional and hassle-free treatment for drying out your laundry outside the house. The airer features a weather resistant aluminium framework, composed of 3 arms - plus a total of 30 metres drying area, consisting of a good quality, tight laundering line.

Outdoor Rotary Clothes Airer With Blue Sky

Outdoor Rotary Clothes Airer

Suitable for drying big laundry loads and larger items, for example bed linens and area rugs which may be challenging to dry out in the house. The converting screw fastener can be used via straightforward opening and closing. There is also a divided middle post for simplicity of safe-keeping and disassembly when not being used.
[Rating: 9/10] - £30 Get It → Metaltex Outdoor Rotary Clothes Airer

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06: Homegear Large Multi Rotary 4 Arm Washing Line

Discovering space to dry out all your laundry washing can be challenging. This is why you'll want to take in to account the impressive outdoor alternative provided by this particular 4 arm rotary washing line from Homegear. Equipped with a PVC coated 50 metres line, you'll be able to hang up to 4 loads of washing.

Large Rotary 4 Arm Washing Line With Blue Towels

Large Rotary 4 Arm Washing Line

This is a significant power saving in comparison to any tumble clothes dryer. The powder coated metallic instruction will guarantee this turning laundering line will stay formidable, whilst subjected to all weather conditions. A metallic ground socket and protective cover will accompany the line bundle.
[Rating: 8.5/10] - £37 Get It → Homegear Large Rotary Washing Line

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07: 30 Metres Rotary Small Sized Washing Line

Here is the small rotary laundry line creation - and it's perfect for individuals with constrained back garden space and/or a smaller household. It's sold as a comprehensive bundle and arrives with a free metallic ground spike, plus a totally free water-resistant, zipped turning laundering line cover.

Rotary Small Sized Washing Line In White And Blue

Rotary Small Sized Washing Line

The rotary laundry line itself is produced utilising an all steel, durable framework and centre post. The actual split pole model guarantees you can easily transport and clean, plus it functions 3 arms. There's 30 metres of 3mm PVC covered polyester line - therefore simply no inexpensive items will split immediately after a few months.
[Rating: 8/10] - £29 Get It → Rotary Small Sized Washing Line

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08: KingMakers Water Resistant Outdoor Rotary Dryer

Rotary drying frames are projected to open using an umbrella system. The comprehensive mechanism is an elementary press-up until it interlocks directly in to position. Nevertheless, this isn't great if you've a bad spine or shoulder joint.

Whenever it's completely opened up, the clothes line had better be tight, so just make certain the clothes lines can be pulled up a little.

40 Metres Outdoor Rotary Dryer On Grass

Clothes lines that are excessively tight can induce too much stress causing it to fatigue out quicker and break down. These washing lines that are entirely ultra-violet proof will safeguard your lines from impairment and guarantee they endure years.

Whenever the rotary laundry line is folded, the lines are frequently entrusted dangling loose.
[Rating: 9/10] - £32 Get It → KingMakers Outdoor Rotary Dryer

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09: Addis 40 Metres 4 Arm Rotary Washing Line

Set-up this 4 arm rotary washing line straight in to the ground, then fit the ground spike located in an upright position, preserving this situation continually.

We firmly suggest implementing a flat wedge of solid wood to hammer the spike right in to the surface with a hard mallet. This important action will safeguard the spike as well as keep it's structure integrity.

Burrow a hole in the region of 50 cm in depth and 20 cm rectangle. Fill up a portion of the opening with your concrete floor combination and set the ground spike top to bottom in the middle.

Persist to dump the remaining of the concrete straight to the pit, guaranteeing the spike is organised in a vertical posture. Enable this to establish for roughly 48 hours prior to implementation.

Steel 4 Arm Rotary Washing Line In Green Layer

As soon your spike is in place and all set to use, install the base rod right in the outlet - then continue to insert the airer on the upper side of the lower pole.

Cautiously open-up the arms to discharge the cable and increase the outdoor rotary airer by carefully pressing the central hand grip in a higher strategy, protecting the hand holder in place and corresponding to the sought after elevation and pressure.
[Rating: 9/10] - £37 Get It → Addis 4 Arm Rotary Washing Line

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10: Hills Australia Super 6 Arm Rotary Clothes Airer

Strong, long lasting and pleasantly satisfying, this superb 6 arm rotary clothes airer is stable, reputable and convenient to implement. Furthermore, it will not merely enhance your back garden, but guarantee that your clothing looks considerably better for a longer time.

The rotary dryer line will additionally help to decrease your electric bills as line drying out is gentler to the natural environment. Additional product features of the rotary 6 incorporate a socket association and guidelines on concreting the socket right in to position.

The primary stem which accommodates in to the ground socket processes 57 mm in dimensions, however demands merely 4 metres long spinning circle environment with 2.9 metres head size. It is convenient to bring up the arms coming from the flat for drying and clicks in place with ease.

6 Arm Rotary Clothes Airer With Dense Pole

The outdoor washing line winds-up faultlessly and converts control from the load situation to the optimal and most successful drying out placement. Simply no tool necessity for line strain and beneficial tension following the initial 20 to 30 complete loads to bring the initial stretching of the lines.

After that just once in a while as and when demanded. The lifter is galvanised by zinc for a comprehensive cover from poor weather conditions. The high grade poly-core line offers 22 filaments throughout, which in turn are wrapped collectively and sheathed in ultra-violet stable plastic for safeguarding.

There is an extended life 1 Year warranty on the line. The self applied retracting line retainer wraps about the arms whenever flattened to maintain lines tidy and organised, all set for it's next usage. Manufactured using a high class steel and processed for corrosion and rust counteraction.
[Rating: 9/10] - £197 Get It → Hills 6 Arm Rotary Clothes Airer

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UK 10 Best Outdoor Rotary Airer Lines For The Best Drying

With our best free standing rotary clothes lines, you will discover it gratifying to peg your clothes when it's sunny, breezy and 'fresh' outdoors as and the delicate air flow contributes soft qualities to each and every garment. Once the sun is out, why don't you take advantage of the day by hanging your washing on an outside circular rotary washing line.