Tin Can Crushers To Recycle Beer And Pop Tins

Updated 05/04/2022:
The humble tin can crusher is a simple, however efficient kitchen recycling tool. Position your empty tin can on the crusher ledge and pull the grip handle to decrease your cans to around 20 percent of their original dimensions. Several come with a useful integral bottle opener and screws for wall mounting.

A crusher is ideal for those who wish to reuse. Because cans will take up a lot of space in the recycling container, you must crush them. Using this can compactor for beverage tins, you can help save space whenever recycling and begin positively for the surroundings.

With the effortless action of a lever arm, the typical can press will feature a plastic-grip handle to squash the tins. Just one hand is necessary to collapse the cans. Even children will find it very fulfilling. It's also a smart way to expose the recycling practice to the entire family.

: Kitchen Craft Foot Style Can Crusher

Enjoyable, efficient and an exciting method to crush cans and conserve space, this specific foot can crusher compacts a substantial amount. The 'foot-driven style' makes light work of mashing hard metal drink cans, plastic containers, and even pet food tins.

For virtually any can, anywhere, the integrated spear-like screw and assist bar accomplish all the challenging work - just stomp on it. It is simple to keep with a flip-style folding fastening style for easy safe-keeping. The KitchenCraft foot operated can crusher is available in a presentation package with a guide and 1-year warranty.

Simply perfect for reducing waste combined with easy recycling, this particular foot-controlled can crusher is very simple to function on similarly metal and more rigid steel cans. It operates with the pressing of the foot zone being drawn straight down. It furthermore features an infiltrating screw to help crunch more challenging tins.

The sturdy heavy-duty can crusher structure incorporates a magnet to distinguish lightweight aluminium cans from the more difficult steel tins, helping the recycling procedure. A can crusher consumer guide is also enclosed.

This foot-influenced floor tin can crusher is a unique approach to reusing metallic or stainless steel cans. The crusher is uncomplicated and presents you with a support bar that is contrived to stop cans from being 'out of place' through the crusher.

Foot Operated Can Crusher In Black
Kitchen Craft Foot Style Can Crusher

Recycling where possible is never a laborious task with this particular foot-controlled can crusher. This hassle-free but super-potent piece of heavy-duty tin crusher equipment makes crushing cans and tins completely effortless.

Coming from Coca-Cola cans to plastic material drink containers and even canine food tins, this specific can crusher tackles all of them, compacting your own recycling by a significant amount.

Using an integrated screw, this cheap can crusher transforms a delicate stepping activity directly into piles of mashing force. And furthermore, it is transportable. Therefore you don't need to drill down and hammer into the wall surface to appropriate it in position. Put it in the cooking area or outside the house alongside your recycling trash. Can mashing is now so entertaining.

Perhaps you have tried mashing a can with your hands, and it is much better to squash it below your boots. This specific home can crusher uses the all-natural squishing strength of your feet, besides making the procedure quicker and incredibly easy. This can crusher for recycling is well suited for crushing all the way through for significant amounts of recycling.

The Features:

How To Crush A Can
Open with a tin opener and empty the contents. Put the tin crusher onto an even surface and lay the can straight down width-wise over the six high nodes around the foundation plate. Making use of your feet, cautiously push the footplate down on the surface of the tin.

Drive the footplate downward with your feet as far as it will proceed until you hear the can crush. At this point, meticulously raise the foot-operated can crusher plate returning to the available position. Then take away the mashed can.

Several can squashers can simply take care of aluminium tins. Nonetheless, this specific heavy-duty design can handle alloy cans, plastic containers and even full stainless steel tins. This KitchenCraft foot operated can crusher provides a variable screw to destroy the hardest tins. Even pet food containers are no match for this.

Using a lock resource on either side, this can crusher retracts flat and fastens in position. When it isn't being used, it can be kept effortlessly aside. Maintain it within any utility cabinet or on the side of your automatic washer. It will continually be ready and patiently waiting to smash several tins.

Foot Style Can Crusher

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: Trading Innovation Beer Can Crusher

The can recycler will crush several aluminium or stainless steel beverage cans. It will crush to increase your recycling container space. Use this can compactor system to crush beer cans, soft drinks cans, fruit juice cans and even tiny bottles that have a capability as high as 500 ml. Then put them inside the trash can to save room.

This press is made from superior components to remain long-lasting throughout manual usage. The Trading Innovation beer can crusher will endure everyday deterioration whilst getting the job completed. The durable design offers severe strength to mash thicker metallic cans successfully.

With an effortless grip, the high leverage type of this heavy-duty crushing equipment tends to make recycling straightforward. The tin can crusher features a hassle-free grip handle to provide comprehensive control when compressing tins. The padded rubber-grip handle guarantees comfort and ease when pushing down in one individual move.

: Beer Can Crusher And Bottle Opener

The pull-down bottle compressor will not only help destroy used cans and tins for recycling. Additionally, it incorporates a bottle opener on the underside. The crusher with a bottle opener is drilled for easy installation on the wall structure. This makes it possible for quick and easy usage of the bottle opener when necessary, all ready for use on your wall.

This specific beer can crusher contains a powder-coated surface finish. You can use it to 'collapse cans' with up to 500 ml. The metallic crushing instrument is constructed with high-grade, durable components to guarantee extensive sturdiness.

Withstanding depreciation, it continues to be intact when compressing the most challenging of metallic cans. The sixteen-gauge rugged structure of the soda container crusher provides comprehensive robustness. With its high leverage model, it makes recycling, where possible, always accessible.

16oz Beer Can Crusher
Trading Innovation 16oz Beer Can Crusher

The extra padded rubber grip handle guarantees complete control and convenience while compressing containers, cans and bottles. This wall-mounted can crusher is furnished with a practical bottle opener at the end for further efficiency.

Guaranteeing total efficiency, this soda can press was created to shrink beer cans, soft drinks cans and fruit juice tins to increase recycling space. Put the equipment on the kitchen area, pantry, eating hall or cellar wall to maintain it handy when needed.

Easy and secure with a soft-grip pull-down instrument, this crusher works for large and small cans. It will save a considerable amount of space in the rubbish area, reducing the quantity of waste delivered to the landfill. The solid, durable metal enables repetitive use and high-quality performance.

The Features:

The can crusher will drastically reduce the quantity of space any lightweight aluminium can occupies inside your recycling bin. It is fabricated to destroy several aluminium and steel beverage cans. Take advantage of this Trading Innovation beer can crusher device to mash used beverage cans, soda pop cans, juice cans and small bottles.

With a robust structure and multi-functional use, this can crusher likewise doubles as a convenient bottle opener. An extremely convenient feature for celebrations, get-togethers, or just experiencing your preferred drinks every day. Additionally, it makes for an extraordinary gift idea.

Wall Mounted Can Crusher In Grey And Black

£11   Trading Innovation 16oz Can Crusher - Get It!  

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: Almineez Heavy Duty Tin Can Crusher

This specific metal can crusher is not just helpful in straightening tin cans. Still, additionally, it is a tool to open any beer bottle effortlessly and swiftly. Tough with high sturdiness, this crusher is made of durable steel. It is long-lasting with high-strength components, reliable and wear-proof.

User-friendly and hassle-free, this Almineez heavy duty 16oz can crusher kitchen tool supplies a space-saving option for your empty container cans. Following crushing, the refreshment can will end up more compact and never take up much space inside your cooking area. The grip with this can opener can make it even more comfortable to deploy.

: Space-Saving Can Compactor Usage

A substantial successful leverage style makes this can smasher relatively trouble-free and straightforward to implement. It will never increase exhaustion and discomfort to your palm. Uncomplicated to set up, you may mount this can compactor machine on your own wall surface with 3 openings on its rear. This can contribute to more steadiness whenever crushing cans.

Maybe you are sick and tired of filling up your recycling containers too rapidly. With this particular straightforward to use can crusher, you can increase the room inside your bin. This is accomplished by decreasing the dimensions of drinks containers of their initial proportions. It means you can accommodate even more cans within your trash can.

Heavy Duty Tin Can Crusher
Almineez Heavy Duty Tin Can Crusher

Conveniently crush cans that are approximately 500 ml. The can crusher is made of layered steel rendering it hard-wearing. The high leverage structure makes recycling straightforward, speedy and safe. The pop can smasher possesses a grip handle protected for safe use each time.

This specific can crusher is thoroughly wall-mountable, and anchoring screws for wall installation are incorporated. This particular crusher is easily accessible whenever attached to the wall and can conveniently crush your individual cans with ease.

It is not hard to use with a straightforward high, leverage design. This cheap tin crusher incorporates a soft grasp handle for additional comfort. The can crusher also incorporates a convenient bottle opener on the bottom. It is created to be positioned on a wall structure; thus, it is easily obtainable.

The Features:

Supplying the most significant control whenever crushing, the Almineez heavy duty 16oz can crusher incorporates a practical bottle opener on the lower part. Increase the space in the recycling bin with this particularly easy to use can crusher.

The can crusher is made from layered steel, which makes it long-wearing. The substantial leverage model makes recycling painless, fast and very safe. It features a simple grip handle that is cushion plastic covered for comfy usage each time - and it supplies the most incredible control when crunching.

Aluminum Can Crusher On Wall

£11   Almineez Heavy Duty Recycling Can Crusher - Get It!  

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: OSSIAN Wall Mounted Can Crusher Tool

This specialised instrument crushes vacant aluminium cans to 20 percent of their initial dimension. A rubber-grip handle will guarantee swift comfy use each and every time. This tool is created to crush cans of around 500 ml gracefully in robust steel.

You can happily forget about the outdated substantial boot-stomping technique. The OSSIAN wall-mounted can crusher easily and quickly installs to virtually any wall with the provided fixtures. When your recycling container is chock full to bursting point and perhaps collecting day is a good way off, then get mashing.

Supply your cooking area with this wall attached can crusher. You can destroy cans and plastic containers using an uncomplicated lever motion. The rotary can crusher is a beautiful way to make this particular monotonous job quicker and more pleasurable.

Wall Mounted 2 In 1 Can Crusher
OSSIAN Wall Mounted 2 In 1 Can Crusher

Your recycling container will get a little bit of breathing space as well. This squasher decreases the dimensions of your aluminium cans and plastic-type beverages containers by as much as 80 percent. It enables you to release some necessary space within your recycling load.

A terrific tool to possess in just about any cooking area, the wall attached can crusher is speedy, straightforward and safe to use. Plus, it features a convenient bottle opener at the bottom.

This specific strong drinks tin crusher is made from lined steel, making it resilient and sturdy. It incorporates an extended soft grip to assure quick securing and safe usage anytime. The can crusher is efficiently installed to any wall in your house firmly with the presented fixtures.

The Features:

The wall structured can crusher basically crushes aluminium cans, so it is perfect for drinking cans, such as Cola or any soft drink in. The more critical measurement ensures that it may also handle the majority of large beer cans without difficulty.

Basically, position your empty can over the crusher rack and pull throughout the soft grasp handle, and the work is accomplished. This particular OSSIAN wall mounted can crusher tool can help you quickly recycle without excessive space.

Cans for recycling, where feasible, take up merely a fraction of the space they usually would. This 'decreases in size' the cans more compact compared to their initial specifications.

Can Crusher Tool With Blue Tin

£12   OSSIAN Wall Mounted 500ml Can Crusher - Get It!  

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: DIVCHI Store Heavy Duty Can Crusher

Offering substantial quality, this specific heavy 16 gauge sturdy all-steel physique structure continues through a duration of mashing without splitting or deforming. Just put the can into its position and pull down the tin compactor grip - which quickly compresses the alloy.

This DIVCHI Store can crusher with an industrial lever will press 12 oz and 16 oz aluminium cans for simple recycling. This is successful singe handed recycling and decreasing the size of tall aluminium cans. Use soft drink tins, draught beer tins, water cans, and pop and plastic containers.

It is simple and straightforward; the grip pulls straight down to compress the aluminium to somewhere around twenty percent of its original size, preserving valuable storage space. An added bonus bottle opener is situated at the bottom part of the instrument for simple, easy access.

The hand-operated tin crusher sets up on wall studs with integrated anchoring screws. It offers successful 'one-handed use' for recycling and rubbish crushing applications. The tool decreases the dimensions of taller aluminium soft drinks, beverage and pop containers.

Store Heavy Duty Can Crusher
DIVCHI Store Heavy Duty Can Crusher

Entertaining for the whole household, you will find that crushing a can is a remarkably fascinating and fulfilling way to protect the environment. It is a terrific way to expose kids to resource efficiency. It fits all regular and enormous 16 oz cans 3 inches broad and 7 inches in height.

A soft cushion grip makes the crushing procedure effortless, functioning for left and right-hand persons. Employing a drill/screwdriver plus the incorporated four anchoring screws, attach this tin crusher for recycling to virtually any solid surface area like walls or furniture.

The opener is constructed with top-tier 16-gauge metal all the way through to confirm optimum overall performance. It will serve you for a long time without damage and simply no deforming.

The Features:

Very simple to use when installed on a wall. All you need to accomplish is spot your empty can on the slot. Then just pull the handle to reduce your can to just 20 percent of its initial dimensions. The DIVCHI Store can crusher with an industrial lever is designed for equally right and left-handed folks.

Multifunctional, the package can also double as a convenient fool-proof bottle opener. A handy feature for celebrations, get-togethers, or just experiencing your preferred refreshments regularly. Additionally, it makes for a remarkable present idea for someone.

With a successful setup using a drill or perhaps a screwdriver, the four bundled screws are all you have to mount for this can squeezer. You may install the can compactor 'top to bottom' on any kind of solid surface area - or anyplace which will effortlessly match your needs.

Beer Can Crusher In Black

£12   DIVCHI Heavy Duty Beer Can Crusher - Get It!  

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: FTVogue Tin Can Crusher For Beer/Pop

The sturdy FTVogue beer and tin can crusher for recycling, in addition to bottle opener on the bottom is the ideal device for increasing space in your refuse containers.

It is rather impressive for after celebration clean up's, creating extra space in the kitchen, tough tin cans, cat or perhaps dog food tins etc. It's fashioned to crunch larger cans very easily.

Tin Can Crusher Plus Bottle Opener

The Features:

Dense substantial heavy calibre metal alloy is utilised in the construction of this FTVogue tin can crusher along with a sufficiently big cushioned handle and useful bottle opener constructed in to the frame-work.

Alternatively you can mount it up as 4 screws are supplied. Effortless and in addition secure to function, Environment friendly mechanism which children plus adults enjoy to utilise.
[Rating: 9/10]   £16   Get It → FTVogue Tin Can Crusher Wall Mounted  

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: D-Zine Heavy Duty Beer Can Crusher

This sturdy beer can crusher plus handy bottle opener reprocessing instrument is industrial quality and wall structure mountable, built from plate aluminium - rendering it durable and indestructible.

The D-Zine heavy duty can crusher is fast, elementary and dependable to function, plus it delivers with a soft hand-grip and ready to hand bottle opener connected to the underside.

A robust aluminium can crusher which is wall structure mounted, and in addition can crush drink cans as much as 500ml, plus cans adequate to 440 ml and even tough pet-food plus soup tins etc.

An industrial can crusher with 'welded platforms' constructed to accommodate cans easier. Lips block the tin cans from skidding out, and it features a bottle opener on the underside.

Heavy Duty Beer Can Crusher With Handle

The Features:

This can crusher is great for households, office stores, school time, storage warehouses or mobile canteens - in fact virtually any space that beverages are consumed.

Position it adjacent to the refreshments maker or perhaps in the garage. Fasten the tin can crusher to a strong wall structure or maybe strong wooden door.

This particular D-Zine heavy duty can crusher is completely wall structure mountable and in addition screws for wall fixing are incorporated. This is an impressive instrument to assist you smoothly recycle, minus assuming too much space.

Tin cans for recycling inhabit exclusively only a fraction of the space they might when accumulated over time.
[Rating: 8/10]   £9   Get It → D-Zine Sturdy Can Crusher Wall Fit Kit  

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: Hand Operated Can Compactors With Wall Mounted Option

: SAB High Leverage Beer Tin Crusher

This muscular tin crusher effortlessly crushes cans adequate to 500ml so that you'll be able to commit extra cans in to your bin than previously. The crusher is manufactured from tough steel, rendering it long-lasting and robust.

The high set 'leveraging construction' makes reusing effortless, fast and secure. The ASAB beer tin crusher features a soft and effortless hand-grip for comfy usage each time.

Perform your small routine to assist the environment and alleviate some strain concurrently using this particularly 'powerful drinks can crusher' that can fix to virtually any wall structure.

Wall mount entails no impairment or even marks on your flooring, and is perfect in just about any household cooking area. Additionally, upon the underside of the gadget is a useful bottle opener.

Large Beer Tin Crusher With Hand

The Features:

Set it to the wall structure by the diligence of 4 screws, rendering it effortless and simple to support. It easily crushes tin cans as much as 500ml, for instance a tall beer tin.

This ASAB beer tin crusher intends you economise a great deal of space in your refuse container, particularly whenever you have had your friends round for the big live TV game. Total length of the merchandise is around 13 inches.

Renders elemental control whenever crushing, and additionally includes a convenient bottle opener upon the under surface. This particular tin can crusher is entirely wall mounted and in addition screws for wall fixing are incorporated.

Whenever mounted, this crusher is promptly accessible and can smoothly crush your toughest tin cans. Make the difficult job of recycling a great deal more comfortable.

[Rating: 9/10]   £9   Get It → ASAB High Leverage Beer Tin Crusher  

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: ROYALTEC Pull Can Crushing Machine

This particular can crushing machine is a modern design steel tin crusher that is possibly the most leisurely one to function of all. The ROYALTEC can crusher is fashioned for upper limit ease of use.

Anybody can enjoy the effortless method this instrument operates. The leveraging constitutes the first stroke approximately 6 times less demanding compared to others.

Can Crushing Machine In Red

The Features:

The crushing platforms are somewhat canted, so that the tin can is harboured in position while crushing. The can will not charge out in any manner and features a revolving hand-grip making effortless down strokes. It features an integral stop at the under-side to spare you or your kids from getting nipped..
[Rating: 9/10]   £10   Get It → ROYALTEC Can Crushing Machine  

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User-friendly, uncomplicated and straightforward to set up. The drinks can crusher equipment may be attached to virtually any wall structure or flat surface using a screwdriver. A practical apparatus to open bottles are positioned towards the instrument's bottom.

You will no longer need to rummage inside your cooking area compartments for a bottle opener. Two functions for just one single gadget. Straightforward to use with the ideal hand management. The aluminium can crusher height leveraging style can make recycling easy, quick and secure.

Heavy duty tin can crushers are perfect for cutting down waste, in addition effortless recycling. They are exceedingly easy to function on equally aluminium plus tough steel cans.

The durable construction is very easy to utilise, additionally assisting the recycling action. An impressive strategy to recycle any size beer or fizzy drink can - and they are super easy to utilise, especially the foot operated can crushers.