Heavy Duty Tin Openers That Work Via Hand Or Electric

Updated 16/05/2022:
Looking for the best can opener? We help you find one that will require little (if any) effort, hands-free convenience and a lid retaining magnet which stops the cover dropping in the tin. Manual and automatic can openers come with the most practical operation and are ergonomically designed for one-handed use.

: Magnetic Helper Hands-Free Tin Openers

Electric tin openers are identified as power operated cutting systems, specially modified to be handheld. Contemporary electric can openers are super easy to function with the press of one button. A magnet retains the tin in place while it rotates using a razor-sharp cutting tool.

: Tower Electric Tin Opener 60 Watts Motor

This multi-use hands-free electrical tin opener offers an integrated sharpening tool and bottle opener to help make everyday meal setting much more manageable. The magnetic cover holder protects the lid in position without dropping in the can contents before you decide to securely get rid of it.

An integrated knife sharpener assists in keeping your cooking area knives sharp, which means you are never food preparation with blunt cutting blades again. The Tower T19007 3-in-1 electric can opener takes the hard work from your food prep demands for your preferred canned items.

It is simple to take away the can opener cutting blades from the equipment for a basic clean, ready to employ once again very quickly. It comes with concealed wire safe-keeping to maintain kitchen countertops organised.

This specific reliable quality tool incorporates a standard 12 months warranty and a two-year extension. This is governed by-merchandise enrollment on the Internet.

: Make Food Prep Less Complicated

This heavy-duty tin opener instrument quickly opens up can lids of virtually any size simply by pushing the press button and stopping by pushing yet again. A cutting-edge side cutting process eliminates the top of just about any can. It makes a sealable clean edge on the lid. Open up any tin swiftly and without hassle.

Quick cleaning, you basically wipe with a moist cloth to completely clean. You should be aware never to necessarily rinse the battery component. It is transportable, streamlined and lightweight too.

Regarding common meal preparations, this particular fashionable kitchen tin can opener gadget makes cooking less complicated, assisting in keeping cutlery sharp. Its magnet container protects the lid constantly in place - devoid of falling straight into the tin.

Black Electric Tin Opener 60 Watts Motor
Tower Electric Tin Opener 60W Motor

This tool is suited to all canned foodstuff, so it is possible to 'take the exertion away' from your food prep preferences. Simply take away the can opener cutters from the product for easy cleaning. Its efficient style and straightforward cable storage imply you can easily maintain your kitchen countertops neat after preparing food.

Sporting a resilient and robust steel blade, the highly effective battery tin opener features 70 Watts of electric power and is fast and straightforward to implement. Ideal for consumers who find it challenging to open tins by hand, such as seniors and folks with joint disease, this tool provides the best flexibility.

Accelerate all cooking area responsibilities with the electric can opener, which functions as a knife sharpener, tin and bottle opener. Outstanding for the streamlined dwelling and intensely simple to keep aside, this specific multi-functional tin opener is merely 12.8 x 12 x 23 cm in size.

The Features:


  • Powered By 60 Watts Motor
  • Retractable Electric Cord


  • None here

Specially designed, this particular handy cooking area catering tin opener tool features a practical blade discharge for risk-free cleaning and safeguards hands. The electric power can opener is effortless to use and opens cans at the press of a button.

A magnetic lid support protects the lid anticipating safe removal. The undetectable cable storage retains work surfaces clear of trailing cables. This specific multi-use Tower electric can opener is ideal for people with fragile fingers.

Great for opening beverage bottles, tins of broth, fresh fruit, and much more, this tool benefits from a safe releasing cutting tool for easy washing. Fashioned with a resilient steel sharp edge, this can opener will improve your own cooking area projects.

Black Electric Tin Opener With A Curved Base

£20   Tower Electric Tin Opener Hands Free - Get It!  

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: VVC Electric Smooth Edge Can Opener

Uncomplicated to implement and efficient, this tin opener for the elderly faultlessly opens cans of virtually any dimension simply by pushing the press button and halts by pushing again.

Exquisite for elderly people and individuals with rheumatoid arthritis, this eating place can opener is created straightforward for adults or kids of various age groups. It demands simply no hard work.

Using a progressive style, there is absolutely no edge whenever opening up. The sides are smooth, and there isn't any risk of personal injury. You do not even have to support the electric container opener when working. The VVC electric smooth edge can opener revolves instantly, and it is strong enough for brand new sealed jars or tins.

Ingenious, secure and robust, simply wipe it using a wet cloth to freshen it up. You should be aware that you definitely do not rinse the battery section. The electric can opener conveniently opens screw-top containers. It is straightforward to use. It is smaller than average and fits effortlessly in the cabinet.

: Sharpening Tool And Bottle Opener

Battery power managed, it is straightforward to use, transport and function. It faultlessly opens cans of virtually any dimension by pressing the button and stops by pressing them again. It is practical and small to accommodate quickly in any compartment.

This specific small device is the easiest can opener to use and a beautiful present for anybody (specifically left-handed), but additionally a superb gift for ageing adults.
It is excellent for those with afflictions or joint disease. Accelerate those cooking area responsibilities using the electric can opener, which functions as a sharpening tool, tin 'and bottle opener' tool.

Pleasant for consumers who find it hard to open up tins physically, for example, older folk and individuals with osteoporosis, this instrument provides exceptional benefits.
Created with the end-user at heart, this specific practical kitchen automatic can opener possesses an effortless cutting tool release for harmless washing up and guarding fingertips.

Electric Smooth Edge Automatic Can Opener
VVC Electric Smooth Edge Auto Can Opener

This unique electric can opener will immediately open up your can in mere seconds. Featuring its resilient and robust steel cutting tool with only one touch. The can opener is undoubtedly a vital cooking area tool for each household. A dependable electric can opener will perform an excellent job for you every time.

Electric powered can openers are totally different in style from regular can openers. Open up the container cap by simply the inner pressure. Intelligent and secure, this opener helps ensure that the lid and container are undamaged and the leftover storage containers are kept appropriately.

The Features:


  • Tool Opens Most Tin Shapes
  • Includes Knife Sharpener


  • Not here..

A suitable gift for your partner, you can also give it to any associate as a present and many others. It is possible to take the lid from the tin and revel in your food immediately.
The VVC electric smooth edge can opener structure is resilient and robust for virtually any scenario where opening the container cap is complicated and genuinely releasing both hands.

Put the bottle over a flat working surface. You can place the can opener atop the cap and push the press button for approximately fifteen to twenty seconds until all four prongs grasp the bottle perfectly.
The tin cutter will turn instantly for around 15 to 20 seconds. Whenever all 4 come back to their initial placements, eliminate the can opener. Open up the vessel, and you are now finished.

Smooth Edged Can Opener In White

£21   VVC Electric Smooth Edge Tin Opener - Get It!  

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: Culinare One Touch Electronic Tin Opener

The structured style of the smart touch automatic can opener presents you with the efficiency of any digital tin opener in a small, straightforward to store structure for simple, easy usage.

Presenting integrated magnets, this system raises the lid for fast removal. The razor-sharp steel cutting blades offer smooth cutting. This specific can opener guarantees effortless cover removing upon can tops of 5.2 centimetres and bigger.

To implement, just place the Culinare C50600 one-touch electronic tin opener and set it over the lid, push the button for just one second and discharge to start slicing. Whenever the cutting comes to a standstill, press the button and wait for the electric motor to quit.

Just open up your cans safely and securely for essential cooking area utensils, minus clutter and hassle. When the can have completed rotating, the integrated magnet will take the lid away without spilling for straightforward and reliable cover removal.

: A Useful Gift For Left-Handed Persons

Using a one-touch function, put the utensil over the tin, push the button and monitor while it rotates. It is perfect for use whether or not you are right or left-handed, ideal if you have a problem with your bones or even muscles. It will take all the effort from opening can lids.

The automated efficiency of this battery tin opener is terrific for those with restricted hand flexibility, older people or individuals with rheumatoid arthritis.
It instantly cuts through jar lids at the contact of a press button. This neat can opener with steel blades and a big blue press button is ideal for one-handed usage.

A good tin opener is created for optimum accuracy, but the device needs two x AA batteries. Intended for convenience and productivity, the 1 touch can opener demands virtually no exertion and is painless on the fingers for individuals with a constrained range of motion.

White One Touch Electronic Tin Opener
Culinare C50600 Electronic Tin Opener

This specific automatic and electric power tin opener is more efficient than previously. The hands-free can opener provides single-touch activity for the hands-free solution to eliminate cumbersome tin lids. Simply no pressuring, no razor-sharp sides and no worries.

As a hands-free can opener, this will make opening up any can fast, simple and straightforward regardless of whether it's circular or rectangular. It is one touch functioning, secure and hygienic.

This tool cuts so accurately and simply leaves no sharp ends. Forget about struggling with ring pulls. Hassle-free and classy, the hands-free safe cut can opener is a fantastic addition to any kitchen area.

The Features:

If you find it challenging to open up cans of foodstuff, you definitely require the automated can opener. You can easily use it to open the cans swiftly and securely.
You can now open up just about any tin with a solitary touch. For that reason, it is convenient to use. Merely put the automatic can opener over the can and push on the one button.

This particular Culinare C50600 one-touch electronic tin opener device effortlessly opens devoid of causing sharpened edges. When the cutting is finished, merely raise the can opener - the integrated magnet will easily 'lift up the lid' for you personally.

A single touch can opener offers you the efficiency of an electric can opener is small and straightforward to keep the structure. This is a simple and bother free approach to open containers of virtually any measurement. Just put it on top of a can and push the press button to begin cutting.

When the lid has become thoroughly cut, just push the button again and wait around 3 seconds to cease cutting. The smooth edge can opener steel cutting rim opens cans from the edges to counteract those razor-sharp sides.

White Electronic Can Opener Machine

£20   Culinare One Touch Electronic Tin Opener - Get It!  

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: Manual Or Can Electric Opener?

Much like manual can openers, the powered battery can opener one touch versions may be split up into groups of top cutters as well as side cutters. For electric power can openers, you will discover versions that may be put on a kitchen counter or attached within a cupboard.

: Bag Cutter And Bottle Opener Extras

All those designs have to be connected to an electrical wall socket to work. A few 'free standing' and beneath cabinet installed electric can opener types are multi functional; generally, just a mixture of electric can operator, bag cutter and so bottle opener etc.

: Automatic Tin Openers For Disabled

The current market is condensed with portable electric openers that are battery pack managed. To be able to use an automated battery can opener perhaps for disabled folk, you have to put it on top of the tin, press a button and wait for the cover to be eliminated with no sharpened edges.

: Can Openers With Handy Accessories

Various electric tin openers possess accessories which come apart to allow them to be cleaned inside the dishwasher. You must never position the mechanised section of the opener inside the dishwasher or perhaps immerse it whatsoever and hope you recycle using one of our tin can crusher tools.

: Get A Nice Colour For Kitchen Decor

Counter-top home appliances are certainly not generally substantial and do not take up an excessive amount of space in your kitchen. With regards to the tin openers that work correctly, you can purchase several colours to enhance your kitchen design.

A good handheld electric can opener could be corded or perhaps cord-free. The wireless types have ease of mobility and comfort with regards to proportion; nevertheless, it also provides the ease of the electric powered tin opener.

: For People With Hand Joint Pain

Electric power can openers never consider much exertion at all to control and are delightful for those with joint pain or hand challenges. The good tin openers can be rather fast in opening up cans very quickly, which makes them just the thing for occupied chefs.

: DoubleWhale Ergonomic Tin Opener For Elderly

This selected tin opener and jar/bottle opener will assist you in opening difficult bottle caps and faultlessly fracture through the restricted plastic seals on containers. It is particularly ideal for seniors or perhaps those with joint diseased fingers.

Enjoy speedy opening when you put the metallic tooth within the lip of the can. Begin rotating the DoubleWhale Store stainless steel tin opener handgrip when it fits firmly. Operate your path around the edge of the can while moving the handgrip.

In food-grade steel, the sharpened cutting disc is constructed of food-grade components. The metallic tooth consists of stainless steel, which is secure for contact with food. It is anti-rusting and inflexible, quite difficult to bend.

Secure and hassle-free for safe-keeping, the smooth and anti-slip grips are easy to hold and incredibly convenient for older persons. It is possible to store the 'hands-free tin opener' inside a compartment or simply just suspend it over a hook within your cooking area.

Black Ergonomic Tin Opener
DoubleWhale Ergonomic Tin Opener

This opener is designed for ageing adults or perhaps left-handed folks. Secure and significant, the padded handles offer you added strength to touch the can. It is ideal for making opening up cans unconstrained on your fingers.

Straightforward for older folk, basically put the tin opener for arthritic hands metallic part on the lips of the can. Commence turning the handle precisely and firmly. Subsequently, work your way throughout the rim of the can while you convert the handle.

This style comes with a substantial opening at the end, which you may suspend. The small and clever design is an excellent fit for your cooking area storage and cupboard.
Can openers could possibly get reasonably grubby as time passes, which can be unhealthy but additionally stops the opener from functioning at its finest.

The Features:


  • For Elderly Or Left Handed
  • Top Quality Can Opener


  • Not at all.

Some motorised battery/electric driven hands free devices tend not to cut consistently and may be tricky to clean. Still, this DoubleWhale Store stainless steel tin opener is perfect.

Battery operated variations are sometimes bothersome when there are simply no extra batteries. Not necessarily your best option for outside because of a lack of electric resources. Cordless types can be expensive. Nonetheless, steel is for the long term and helps prevent corrosion.

Ergonomic Tin Opener In Polished Steel

£7   DoubleWhale Ergonomic Good Tin Opener - Get It!  

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: Geepas Hands Free Electric Tin Opener

Open up your can lids and bottles securely and swiftly. A hands-free cutting procedure removes the issues of using a manually operated can opener. Perfect for time savers and people with difficulties functioning a manual can opener. You will discover a cord safe-keeping style, and it is non-slip.

The modest, sleek Geepas hands-free electric tin opener offers an integrated cord storage space. It will remain flawlessly on virtually any work surface area.

In the same way, it will be effortlessly kept aside in any cabinet. At the same time, the non-slip feet guarantee the opener will remain steady if opening up more substantial cans.

Offering a plastic-type material physique, the unit comes with steel for decor. Basically, position a can under the cutting system, push down the handle, and the opener will instantly turn and support the can when opening up. A 'lid-retaining magnet' prevents the cover from dropping into the can.

Black Hands Free Electric Tin Opener
Geepas Hands Free Electric Tin Opener

The left-handed tin opener comes with an automated multi-opening application to open bottle lids. In many cases, hard clam covered plastic material product packaging. There is a two-year manufacturer's guarantee to mull over within a delightful style.

This particular tin opener contains a little body furnished with an electric motor, a cutting knife system, a tin opener, an electric-powered knife sharpener, and a bottle opener.
The necessary actions are as follows. The tin is preset by a specifically supplied magnetic case. Then a slicing system is commenced, which opens up the can.

Just after opening the tin can lid, just remember to remove it from the locking mechanism of the can opener. This strong tin opener features a plastic physique with stainless steel for beautification.
Set a can beneath the cutting system, and push down the lever. Therefore, the opener will instantly turn and support the can when opening.

The Features:


  • Automatically Rotates
  • Very Stylish In Black


  • Never.

This specific power offered is sufficient for home utilisation of this equipment. The electric tin opener features an automated function and a multi-opening instrument to open up bottle tops.
It opens ring pulls, covers and perhaps packaging. It is appropriate if you have trouble with dexterity situations or just want to make daily opening responsibilities less complicated.

Cans are opened up rapidly with no effort from the end-user. Furthermore, it is worth observing an exclusive compartment for keeping an electric powered wire. We recognise this Geepas hands-free electric tin opener is convenient in the kitchen.

This specific one touch can opener is constructed of high-strength plastic, and the cutting tool is made of sharp steel. The ends of the automatic tin opener are smooth all over too. A mixture of black plastic and steel will address the preferences of virtually any household. An extremely crucial aspect of this design is the occurrence of handy grip legs.

Electric Can Opener In Upright Style

£27   Geepas Hands Free Electric Can Opener - Get It!  

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: Morphy Richards Twist Multi Can Opener

The multi objective opener from Morphy Richards features an automated can opener, along with a jar opener and other multi-opening device to open wine bottles, corks, covers, lids, metal ring pulls as well as difficult clam plastic-type product packaging.

The Morphy Richards Twist can opener incorporates a useful blade sharpener and uses a magnetic lid holder for secure removal. It consists of a bottle opener and completely automated can opener. Swan supplies a peace of mind two year guarantee.

The multi-purpose electric powered can opener with blade sharpener and bottle opener will open up just about all typical sizes and heights of tins as much as 1.15Kg in weight. Automated close function as soon as can is thoroughly cut.

Can Opener In Black Finish

The Features:

Easy and dependable, just one press, hands-free operated can opening. Cover preserving magnet prevents the cover from plummeting in to the can. Space-saving, lightweight style with integrated blade sharpener as well as container opener.

This brand have extended it's good results through the years and have become symbolic of strong UK production, top quality and kitchen tools advancement. Perhaps there should be a Morphy Richards can opener in just about any household.

Twist Multi Can Opener
Morphy Richards Twist Multi Can Opener

Basically place a can beneath the cutting device, push on the handle and the opener will immediately swivel and contain the can whilst opening. Struggling to open up a jar can be annoying, however with this non-slip jar opening gadget, you just wrap it round the lid and turn.
[Rating: 9/10]   £30   Get It - Morphy Richards Automatic Can Opener  

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: Re-Charging Or Battery Tin Openers

A few automatic can openers do need re-charging while several include batteries. Ensure that you end up receiving a unique instrument, your brand-new can opener should certainly satisfy a certain amount of user expectations.

: Tools Necessary For The Kitchen

Picking out the characteristics depends on your own personal inclinations and spending budget. The selection of preferences list individuals specific requirements. It takes into account extras like a wine bottle opener plus other visual criteria and tools necessary for some individuals.

: Buying The Right One For Your Needs

A fabulous electric tin opener needs to be easy to put in place and function with no sophisticated techniques associated. In order never to purchase a new can opener annually, it is best to discover a tool made by a company that gives an excellent guarantee.

: Strong Grasp For Weight Of The Can

You will require your tin opener to be well-crafted, so they must not have an uneasy feeling. In case the opener is portable and handheld - it must be comfy to hold. When it is freestanding electric powered - it may not tip over through the weight of the tin, and you must be able to grasp it firmly.

: Rust Proofing On Steel Versions

Corrosion resistance is most significant in the event the cutting system is constructed of steel. You never want to end up getting any rust contaminants inside your meals.

Simple to preserve, virtually a dishwasher secure manual can opener or an easily-removed cutting device for an electric powered one creates smooth, safe sides after trimming, which means you will 'not harm yourself' on the razor-sharp border of the tin or can cover.

: BangRui 1 Touch Battery Tin Can Opener

The functioning modality means it's possible to effortlessly position the tin opener on the can and push the option to switch it on using the automatic pivot and individual button construction.

Just right for seniors or perhaps anybody enduring RSI or perhaps arthritis. It demands simply no hand operated labour or arduous constricting.

This particular free-standing electric powered can opener opens up all configurations of tin cans as much as 1.2kg or '2.5 lb' and demands marginal hand pressure level to control.

The BangRui battery can opener is just right for individuals with contracted hand functionality, or perhaps imperfect grasp to open tin cans more effortlessly.

Light Battery Tin Can Opener In Blue And White

The Features:


  • Solid ABS And Steel
  • Left And Right-Handed


  • None..

Comprising of a magnet which clutches and maintains the cover safely, using a soft contact rubber hand-grip, the can opener is comfy and effortless to function.

This BangRui battery can opener additionally includes an integral bottle opener, efficient knife sharpener, easily removed blade for leisurely cleansing, non-skid legs to guarantee stability plus electric cord safe keeping.

Instantly contracts about the aspect of the tin to eradicate acute and severe borders, producing an effortlessly functional cover for the seal including a fluent blade. Substantial electric motor is operated by 4 AA batteries. Open up the can extremely fast using this ergonomic concept.
[Rating: 9/10]   £36   Get It → BangRui Battery Tin Can Opener  

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: JML Ergonomic Hands-Free Can Opener

The fastest and most dependable can opener available. JML has always been connected with innovative products and solutions, although the hands-free can opener isn't just any exclusion. Basically affix the JML can opener to your can, push the button and observe it start working, very easily opening up the can within seconds.

Hands-Free Easy Can Opener In All White

The Features:

If you discover opening cans complicated, or else you would just like a tidier and much more effortless strategy to open cans, this intelligent compact JML can opener manages to do just about all, with no sharpened sides.
[Rating: 9/10]   £15   Get It - JML Magnet Safe Ergonomic Can Opener  

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: The Easiest Manual And Automatic Battery Can Openers

These best tin openers are exceptional, mainly if you have restricted hand ability or flexibility, but electric powered can openers might be the 'least complicated' choice. They will perform the job hands-free beginning and closing instantly once you lock the tin in place.

: Tin Openening And Cutting Safety

The cutting wheel should never contact the food to remove cross contamination chances. You may grasp this objective since it cuts throughout the side in the can. The metallic wheel moves beneath the lid's outer lip; therefore, the whole top of the can lifts all the way up and off.

: Useful Lid Lift Magnetic Action

If you wish to stay with a conventional can opener for disabled people which separates the can on top via the cover, it really is fantastic to choose a device with cover lifting magnetic functionality. The magnet may pick the cover from the surface of the can devoid of making a muddle.

: Zyliss Tin Opener Lock 5 Years Guarantee

The Features:


  • Magnet Lift Release Lid
  • Superb And Secure Grip


  • No..

Tin Opener With Lock In Grey And White

£18   Zyliss Tin Opener With Lock And Lift - Get It!  

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: When Opening Up Those Oddly Shaped Tins

In case the opener contains a release switch, you do not have to touch the cover manually and may send out directly to the rubbish box. Additionally, you may want the battery can opener to open up extraordinarily formed containers like those square styled meat tins.

About tenting and journeying or for a crisis survival package, the main requirement of any jar lid opener or can operator is to be practical, lightweight and modest sized for professional use. This will likely need a durable tool that can manage a large amount of tall bigger tins.

: Can Openers With Handy Integrated Magnet

Some individuals require a good tin opener of a particular colour to synchronise with the various other home appliances. You can display on the kitchen counter, attached under a cupboard or on a wall.

The automatic can opener integrated magnet helps prevent the lid from dropping in the food container once opened. We come to an end now and hope you find the best can opener here.