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Clear Glass Kettles That Feature LED Illuminated Display

Updated 19/06/2020:
These glass electric kettles come with everything to create a super mug of tea. With big capacity in a fashionable glass concept, pop cover plus a 360 degrees power base, they're straightforward to deploy and fill-up. Really smart looking fast kettles that light-up in blue to let you recognise it's boiling.

These trendy illuminating glass kettles look solid in any kitchen space or office. The robust cordless glass kettle possesses an ample capacity that will successfully boil sufficient water for different drinks. The engaging style has a blue light, making it exciting to watch from beginning to end.

: Aigostar Temperature Control Glass Electric Kettle

Temperature Control Glass Kettle With Black Grip

£34   Aigostar Glass Electric Kettle - Get It!  

: BonsenKitchen LED Illuminated See Through Kettle

LED See Through Kettle With Blue Light

£25   BonsenKitchen LED See Through Kettle - Get It!  

: Russell Hobbs Light-Up Glass Kettle 3000 W

Blue Light-Up Glass Kettle With White Handle

£62   Russell Hobbs Light-Up Glass Kettle - Get It!  

: iKich Cordless Electric Glass Kettle LED Lit-Up


  • Clean Humanised Style
  • Cordless 360 Degrees Base


  • None..

Cordless Electric Glass Kettle On Steel Base

£30   iKich Cordless Electric Glass Kettle - Get It!  

: Cooks Pro Cordless Illuminating Glass Kettle


  • Will Auto Switch Off
  • Easy Pour System


  • None.

Cordless Lit-Up Glass Kettle On Kitchen Table

£39   CooksPro Cordless Illuminating Glass Kettle - Get It!  

: NETTA Glass Kettle Blue Illuminating Style


  • Lovely LED Illumination
  • Transparent Colour Match


  • None..

Clear Glass Kettle With Blue Light

£26   NETTA Glass Kettle Blue Lit-Up - Get It!  

: Salter LED Transparent Kettle 360 Degrees

A glass transparent kettle with an attention getting construction of blue light, 1.8 Litres capacity, 1800 Watts cable free design - includes a big water-line indicator viewing window and an easily removed filter system.

The kettle is easy to use and healthful, eco agreeable with glass visual aspect to assure you what is happening internally. With fast boil feature, the electric power glass kettle assumes merely 4 to 6 minutes for boiling point.

Bright Blue LED Transparent Kettle With Black Handle

With 360 degrees revolving connected base, position it as you wish, roll up the lead on the underside making it more comfortable to keep out of sight with the heating system component. The tap water acquires a pleasant blue whenever the kettle starts up.

There is a high calibre controller where the electrical power will break off instantly whenever water is boiled to invalidate dry heating up like the multi temperature kettle products.
[Rating: 9/10]   £36   Get It → Salter Blue Transparent Kettle

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: Deeplee Electric Cord Free Glass Kettle

Fashionable and amusing, this excellent jug illuminating glass kettle allows you to observe the complete boiling functionality lit-up by the blue illumination, rendering it's appearance far more interesting.

Smooth style with steel finish and glass container all intend the kettle will position atop virtually any work surface, as well as establish a chic central point. 2 Litres total capacity enables ample water supply to be boiled.

Electric Illuminating Glass Kettle With Steel Base

Expedient, operable and effortless to utilise using a press cover top, occupying the kettle is leisurely and all that's required is a click of an electric switch to turn on. A 360 degrees rotating base means you position the kettle in the ideal position and attain easy pouring.

It uses dry-boil safety in addition over heating characteristics, however this kettle will instantly turn off whenever it is empty or over heating.
[Rating: 9/10]   £36   Get It → Deeplee Electric Glass Kettle

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: PureMate Compact Glass Electric Kettle

Boost cooking area style with this cable free compact glass electric kettle. A highly recommended chic kettle that extends exceptional construction with it's appealing glass components and undivided blue LED.

The electric tap water kettle is an ideal selection and option to regular water kettles - and for those who favour more style and an advanced design. 1.5 Litres wire free kettle which deploys 2200 Watts power.

Compact Glass Electric Kettle With Blue LED


  • Stay Cool Hand Grip
  • Blue LED On Boiling


  • None..

The useful cool touch hand-grip will never warm up throughout the boiling procedure, and enables a comfy manipulation of the water kettle. Merely one push on the closure option of the safeguard cover opens up instantly.

It possesses one touch shutdown as well as a safeguarding lid. The glass container features a potential of approximately 1.5 Litres and the bottom is fully 360 degrees rotating.
[Rating: 9/10]   £31   Get It → PureMate Glass Electric Kettle

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: Homgeek Glass Kettle With Integral Filter

Steel clear glass kettle with a fashionable design plus higher functionality than others. The tap water kettle's steel glass construction will correspond with virtually every cooking area.

The blue internal LED illumination is an authentic eye captivating feature offering a surpassing visible style. Thanks to it's glass physique, this excellent water kettle is a genuine option to the dull regular water boilers.

Glass Kettle With Filter And Chrome Base

The water kettle possesses a total capacity of roughly 1.7 litres occupying volume, plus an electrical power of approximately 2200 Watts, therefore 1 litre of water is going to boil in under 4 minutes.

The convenient 'cool touch' hand grip does not warm-up throughout the boiling functionality - and enables a comfy manipulation. Operated by a useful 1 touch closure option, you expend very little pressure level upon it.
[Rating: 9/10]   £39   Get It → Homgeek Glass Kettle

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Top 10 Glass Kettle Reviews - All With 360 Degree Rotary Base

: Bertelin Cordless LED Glass Lit-Up Kettle

Boost your cooking area looks with this highly popular exclusive edition glass lit-up kettle. A functional and fashionable kettle that proposes exceptional style with the unaltered components of glass and selective blue LED lights.

Including the electrical power of 2.2 Kilowatts, you've a fast hot water supply. The glass container possesses a total capacity of approximately 1.7 Litres and it's base is 360 degrees rotating style.

LED Glass Lit-Up Kettle With Curved Grip


  • Lockable Hinged Lid
  • UK AC Plug Included


  • None..

It possesses an illuminated user interface which converts blue when water supply boils. The glass electric powered kettle supplies a high calibre steel underside with out of sight heating system component, water line signal, boil dry plus over heating safety.
[Rating: 9/10]   £24   Get It → Bertelin LED Glass Lit-Up Kettle

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: Sage Blumenthal LED Glass Tea Maker Kettle

Using this glass tea maker kettle, it's possible to command the intensity of the tea ranging from moderate to strong. As soon as the water supply has attained the best temperature, the steel tea container mutely reduces by itself directly in to the water for automatic seep.

The auto elevating and lowering of the container enables the teatime leaves to disperse for upper limit extraction. As soon as accomplished, the chime noises allowing you to acknowledge your tea is prepared.

Smart Glass Tea Maker Kettle With Controls On Base Area


  • Keep Warm Feature
  • Five Pre Drink Settings


  • Expensive..

This impressive superior kettle features a mechanised container which instantly reduces tea leaves outside of the water at exactly the correct time period and possesses 15 pre-programmed configurations.

In addition to completely adaptable heat as well as customised commands, it features a controlled start facility, therefore your tea will be set-up for you whenever you awaken.
[Rating: 9/10]   £199   Get It → Sage Glass Tea Maker Kettle

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: ANSIO Glass Kettle Bright Blue Light

Using this first-class fashionable addition glass kettle with blue lighting, you will be able to in reality observe it function. Illuminating an incredible neon blue when it boils, it is just right for producing the impressive element inside your cooking area. Constructed from high intensity borosilicate glass including chic steel conclusion.

360 Degrees Glass Kettle Lit-Up In Blue

It features a flip-top cover therefore is effortless to replete, and including a water-line meter, it's possible to observe precisely how much you necessitate to boil. Includes hidden component in addition to easily removed, wash-and-wear filter system.

See-through glass kettle illuminates blue once heated up. Straightforward to make full with flip-top cover. Buried element plus washable filter, 360 degrees base 1.7 litres and 2.2 Kw.
[Rating: 9/10]   £24   Get It → ANSIO Glass Kettle Lit-Up

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: Morphy Richards Redefine Schott Glass Kettle

A current style tough glass kettle using a dramatic, stripped-down styling to compliment virtually any cooking area. This Redefine kettle is fashioned to be the central stage of just about any kitchen with it's glass lit physique and open managed fashionable style.

The easily removed cover with integral filter system enables you to replenish the kettle minus being forced to elevate the cover. The wire safe keeping intends your kitchen will certainly seem muddle free.

Steel Redefine Kettle With Top Ring Grip


  • Limescale Filter System
  • Schott Illuminated Glass


  • None.

Schott glass and lit-up structure, so it's possible to keep an eye on your kettle reaching boiling point. The construction of this glass framework enables you to intelligibly examine the water mass internally.

The cover features an incorporated spout appropriate for pouring out, plus a lime-scale filter system which catches virtually any scale - plus guarantees your hot refreshment tasty.
[Rating: 9/10]   £69   Get It → Morphy Richards Redefine Kettle

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High class and robust illuminating glass kettles with visually attractive aesthetics. They come with a concealed heater component, and will bring tap water to boiling point extremely quickly. For your reassurance, the hot water dispenser kettles are kitted with auto close off, boil dry security, wire safe keeping plus cool hand-grip.