Clear Glass Kettles That Feature LED Illuminated Display

Updated 17/01/2022:
These glass electric kettles come with everything to create a super mug of tea. With big capacity in a fashionable glass concept, pop cover plus a 360 degrees power base, they're straightforward to deploy and fill-up. Really smart looking fast kettles that light-up in blue to let you recognise it's boiling.

The trendy illuminating glass kettles look solid in any kitchen space or office. The robust cordless glass kettle possesses an ample capacity that will successfully boil sufficient water for different drinks. The engaging style has a blue light, making it exciting to watch from beginning to end.

Classy Steel Glass Kettles
Chic Steel Glass Kettles

: Aigostar Temperature Control Glass Electric Kettle

Experience beautifully made hot beverages with distinct temperature configurations for subtle tea, for white tea, just for green tea, for coffee - for black coloured tea, plus more. You may benefit from the best taste from your refreshments. The five diverse LED colours are for your preset heat functions.

This Aigostar electric glass kettle with variable temperature will keep warm for two hours due to the temperature control system keep warm feature.
The electric-powered glass kettle can keep your preferred temperature of the water at 85 to 100 C in about 120 minutes. It is perpetually ready for the next cup of refreshments devoid of squandering time to re-heat water.

Glass Kettle with Variable Temperature
Blue Lit Up Aigostar Electric Glass Kettle

With a removable tea infuser, the electric kettle is constructed of 'thick high-boron glass' and then 304 steel which is corrosion proof and sturdy. An integrated ultra-fine tea infuser can produce tea when boiling and additionally stop tea grounds. All continuing to keep your drinks the most pleasing flavour.

Furnished with a British OTTER control device, this water tea heating unit may boil 1.7L water or perhaps tea in 4 to 5 minutes. You will find an automatic shut down and boil dry safety strategy.
You never have to consider the pot running if it's dried out. The wire is designed fully kept at the bottom when it isn't being used, making the kitchen worktop organized and uncluttered.


  • Loved For Several Reasons
  • UK OTTER Control System


  • None here

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Keep Water Warm Feature
  • Stunning Stainless Steel

Unique Selling Point:

  • Tea Filter Is Incorporated
  • Multi Temperature Options

If you switch on the kettle simply by hitting the on or off button, it will boil the water at 100 C. You may also select the (+/-) button for different temperatures of 60 up to 90C. Using an extended press, the Aigostar electric glass kettle button will implement keep-warm features.

Specs: 15 x 20 x 18 cm | CRIS 30OSX | 1 Kg | 1.7 L | OTTER | 2200W | 120V

Crafted from 304 stainless steel, the glass container kettle is BPA free. The built-in filter presents consumers with more purified water, making the best from the flavour of drinking water. It is healthy and balanced for all your friends and family. Created from food-grade 304 steel, it's easy to remove to generate different varieties of tea drinks.

Temperature Control Glass Kettle With Black Grip

£33   Aigostar BPA-Free Glass Electric Kettle - Get It!  

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: BonsenKitchen LED Illuminated See Through Kettle

This electric-powered glass kettle with captivating LED signal, smooth blue light beam and unmistakable glass style offers you the precise water capability and intelligent boiling approach. The sophisticated yet splendid looking glass kettle functions like a dream - and provides magnificence to your kitchen space.

Super quick boiling, this large Bonsenkitchen glass electric fast operating kettle boils water within just 2 to 5 minutes, five minutes to boil a complete container 1.7L, and 0.5 Litres in only 2 minutes.
Safely and effectively, it helps you to save a whole lot more energy. The 1.7 L total capacity makes a sufficient amount of water for 6 up to 7 persons, an excellent complement for coffee, tea, etc.

Glass Electric Water Kettle
Bonsenkitchen Glass Fast Boil Kettle

The high-level auto shut down and boil-dry safeguard function guarantees 100 percent safety by implementing outstanding safe practices with the specialist British heat control mechanism.

The stay-cool handgrip will assure that management of the tea kettle is straightforward and very safe. It really helps to protect against burns - safeguarding yourself and your family in every position.


  • Blue Lit Illuminated Base
  • Boil For Up To 7 People


  • None at all

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Safe Use For Your Family
  • Rotating 360 Degrees Base

Unique Selling Point:

  • Strong Sturdy Handle Grip
  • Very Fast Boiling Period

User-friendly and uncomplicated to clean, an extensive mouth suggests you can quickly grasp the kettle's interior throughout its opening. Easily wipe or clean the glass using any cloth or sponge.
Using a separable foundation for practical serving and wire safe-keeping, the Bonsenkitchen glass water kettle revolves 360 degrees for practical pouring and serving.

Specs: 22 x 14 x 24 cm | 1.4 Kg | LED | Auto-Off | 1.7L | 2200W | 304 Steel

Providing you with the most dependable and freshest water, this technique is considerably healthier than other types. No plastic materials touch the hot water inside - such as the cover. The electric water boiler incorporates a twelve months guarantee.

LED See-Through Kettle With Blue Light

£23   BonsenKitchen LED See-Through Kettle - Get It!  

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: Russell Hobbs Powersteam Light-Up Glass Kettle

Modern and elegant with clear casing and brushed steel finish, this light-up glass kettle will appear silently exquisite on just about any work surface area in any kitchen. Created using premium glass, it shows blue because it raises the temperature of the water - and of course, you honestly can watch this kettle while it boils. Do make sure the kettles is not over the max point.

Conserve up to 66 percent for economical usage by boiling one particular cup of 235 ml versus 1 Litre. You will find an impeccable element and easily-removed washable filtration system.

Because this Russell Hobbs Powersteam illuminating kettle is a glass, proper care must be considered. It will not generate any destruction by affecting specifically on taps or perhaps various other hard surface areas within the food prep area.

Blue LED Illuminating Glass Kettle
Russell Hobbs Powersteam Glass Kettle

Featuring its sleek steel external surfaces, the kettle wonderfully suits your kitchens' present interior decoration and kitchen appliances. You can save room due to its streamlined style, which arrives including a proper wire wrap technique for effortless safe-keeping.

The kettle features an entirely removable filtration system, obscured heating component, clear water level window, heat-proof plastic material handle, and a wire-free design for uncomplicated serving.

Impact deterioration could cause imperfections or tiny cracks in the glass, which will pass on and thermally broaden whenever boiling water - ultimately causing pointed splits and break areas.


  • Saves Energy When Boiling
  • Lovely Steel Exterior Style


  • Pricey..

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Looks Terrific In The Kitchen
  • Steel And Blue LED Design

Unique Selling Point:

  • Powerful With Over 3000 W
  • Big Enough For The Family

The attributes and exceptional composition of borosilicate glass accomplish nominal thermal extension. For that reason, it gives you the most outstanding level of resistance to thermal distress. Always ensure to keep in mind the cover circumstances just before making use of the kettle.

The Russell Hobbs Powersteam illuminating glass kettle looks wonderful positioned on your kitchen area countertop for regular use. The kettle will make an impression on family and friends when it is presented for entertaining.

Specs: 16 x 23 x 20 cm | 1.7 L | Blue Illuminating | 3100 W | Steel - Glass

Appreciate the handiness and overall performance at its very best with this trustworthy electric powered kettle. Deliver water to a boil in a small fraction of the time while using this electric kettle.
This specific cordless kettle permits you to speedily put together hot refreshments. For example, organic tea, French press gourmet coffee, hot chocolate plus much more.

Blue Light-Up Glass Kettle With White Handle

£80   Russell Hobbs Powersteam Glass Kettle - Get It!  

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: NETTA Glass Kettle Blue Illuminating Style

Deploying adjustable temperatures, this fast boil kettle helps you arrange the heat anywhere from around 50 to 100 degrees - letting you utilise it for many diverse objectives. With ultra-fast boiling, this specific kettle possesses 3000W that allows a full water container to heat-up fast in 5 short minutes.

The NETTA electric glass kettle with complete temperature control offers exclusive lit up style. This 1.7L total capacity electric powered kettle is fantastic for heating water for quick soups, warm drinks and green teas. Forget about speculating the water levels using this kettle that makes water boiling a pleasure.

Glass Kettle With Temperature Control
NETTA Electric Glass Kettle With Temperature Control

When boiling, the soft blue LED lighting will undoubtedly please your own sight and the hassle-free easy litre markings provide for highly accurate calculating.

This cordless jug kettle rests on its bottom part, enabling swivelling through the full 360 degrees, using a rotating base and flip-top cover. Easily convert the handle to the finest location for your needs.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Useful Rotating Base
  • Handy Litre Level Marks

Unique Selling Point:

  • Cable Tidy System Underneath
  • Fully Temperature Managed

The Features:


  • Lovely LED Illumination
  • Transparent Colour Match


  • None whatsoever

100 percent secure and practical, the kettle is included with boil-dry safety, automated shut-off characteristic and hidden heating component. The NETTA electric glass kettle with heat control likewise consists of a push-button cover and spout that makes filling up and serving very straightforward.

Specs: Blue LED | 26 x 24 x 19 cm | Fast Boil | 1.46 Kg | 1.7 L | 3000 Watts

Serving on the dining room table is no trouble as the kettle elevates right off the 360-degrees spinning base devoid of the wire. The cable wrap is underneath the base for space-saving and safe-keeping when not being used. The 365-days guarantee is incorporated with this particular merchandise.

Clear Glass Kettle With Blue Light

£29   NETTA Glass Kettle Blue Lit-Up - Get It!  

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: Salter LED Transparent Kettle 360 Degrees

Incorporating daily usability with a current and colourful texture, this smart-looking glass kettle is a superb add-on to any household. Including a fashionable explode of colour towards the cooking area, the kettle provides twin coloured LED lighting, which converts from blue to red while it boils.

Sporting a significant 1.7 litres capacity and an integrated limescale filtration system. This Salter iridescent glass kettle comes with an auto shut-off feature and boil-dry sensor.

The kettle guarantees reassurance offering excellent essential safety. Simply perfect for left and right-handed customers, the kettle incorporates a rotating bottom part, which is well suited for the whole family to implement.

Bright Blue LED Kettle With Black Handle

Intended for your simplicity, the kettle comes with a flip-top cover which can just be closed down and opened to replenish the kettle - devoid of annoyance. Along with an uncomplicated boil button established at the surface of the handle, simply appreciate a variety of teas within minutes.

This colourful glass kettle is set up with combined LED's that create dazzling blue-to-red light throughout the boiling course of action. Provided with a 3-years warranty, the colour modifying kettle comes with a 360 degrees swivel foundation and flip lid for trouble-free functioning.


  • A Tremendous Value Kettle
  • Many Safety Characteristics


  • None here

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Reliable UK Brand Name
  • Easy Swivel Base Feature

Unique Selling Point:

  • Smart STRIX Control System
  • Flip Styled Cover On Top

Classy Glass Kettle Black Handle
Salter Iridescent Effect Glass Kettle

A STRIX manipulated device provides you with an anti-limescale filtration system, auto-shutoff technique and boil dry defence for optimum basic safety.
The Salter iridescent effect glass kettle kitchen appliance has contemporary steel accents and a non-visual heating component, which play a role in a fashionable, plain and simple finish.

Specs: Auto Shut | 360 Base | Iridescent | 22 x 16 x 22 cm | 1.4 Kg | 2200W

There is a high calibre control where the electrical power will break-off instantly whenever water is boiled to invalidate dry heating up, just like the multi temperature kettle products.
[Rating: 8/10]   £31   Get It → Salter Blue Transparent Glass Kettle  

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: PureMate Compact Glass Electric Kettle

Boost cooking area style with this cable free compact glass electric kettle. A highly recommended chic kettle that extends exceptional construction with it's appealing glass components and undivided blue LED.

The electric tap water kettle is an ideal selection and option to regular water kettles - and for those who favour more style and an advanced design. Get the lovely 1.7 Litres wire free PureMate cordless electric glass kettle which deploys 3000 Watts power.

Compact Glass Electric Kettle With Blue LED

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Useful LED Signal Lights
  • Classy Steel And Glass

Unique Selling Point:

  • Versatile Cable Dimensions
  • Handy 360 Styled Rotary Base

The Features:


  • Stay Cool Hand Grip
  • Blue LED On Boiling


  • No..

Cordless Electric Glass Kettle
PureMate Cordless Electric Glass Kettle

The useful cool touch hand-grip will never warm up throughout the boiling procedure, and enables a comfy manipulation of the water kettle. Merely one push on the closure option of the safeguard cover opens up instantly.

Specs: 16 x 20 x 24 cm | 1.4Kg | 1.7L | 3000W | 240V | Glass/Steel | Blue LED

This PureMate cordless electric glass kettle possesses one touch shutdown as well as a safeguarding lid. The glass container features a potential of approximately 1.7 Litres and the bottom is fully 360 degrees rotating.
[Rating: 9/10]   £34   Get It → PureMate Strix Control Swivel Glass Kettle  

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Top 10 Glass Kettle Reviews - All With 360 Degree Rotary Base

: Bertelin Cordless LED Glass Lit-Up Kettle

Boost your cooking area looks with this highly popular exclusive edition glass lit-up kettle. A functional and fashionable kettle that proposes exceptional style with the unaltered components of glass and blue LED lights.

Including the electrical power of 2.2 Kilowatts, you've a fast hot water supply. The Bertelin cordless electric kettle glass container possesses a total capacity of approximately 1.7 Litres and it's base is 360 degrees rotating style.

LED Glass Lit-Up Kettle With Curved Grip

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Great Price Sturdy Kettle
  • Evergreen Style And Build

Unique Selling Point:

  • UK Plug And English Guide
  • Ergonomic Style Grip Handle

The Features:


  • Lockable Hinged Cover
  • High Capacity Included


  • None..

Specs: 20 x 15 x 23 cm | 1.52 Kg | 1.7 L | 360 Base | UK AC Plug | 2.2 Kw

The Bertelin cordless electric glass kettle possesses an illuminated user interface which converts blue when water supply boils. The glass electric powered kettle supplies a high calibre steel underside with out of sight heating system component, water line signal, boil dry plus over heating safety.
[Rating: 9/10]   £26   Get It → Bertelin LED Glass Lit-Up Kettle  

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: Sage Motorised LED Glass Tea Maker Kettle

Using this glass tea maker kettle, it's possible to command the intensity of the tea ranging from moderate to strong. As soon as the water supply has attained the best temperature, the steel tea container mutely reduces by itself directly in to the water for automatic seep.

The auto elevating and lowering of the container enables the teatime leaves to disperse for upper limit extraction. As soon as accomplished, the Sage glass tea maker kettle chime noises allowing you to acknowledge your tea is prepared.

Smart Glass Tea Maker Kettle With Controls On Base Area

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Create Diverse Tea Drinks
  • Heating Up Or Boil Water

Unique Selling Point:

  • Programmed Drink Functions
  • Water Boil Timer Feature

The Features:


  • Inner Keep Warm Feature
  • Five Pre Drink Settings


  • Expensive!

Sage Glass Tea Maker Motorised Tea Basket
Sage Glass Tea Maker Motorised Tea Basket

This impressive superior kettle features a mechanised container which instantly reduces tea leaves outside of the water at exactly the correct time period and possesses 15 pre-programmed configurations.

Specs: 26 x 15 x 28 cm | 3.1 Kg | 1.5 L | 2000 W | 240 V | Auto Timer

In addition to completely adaptable heat as well as customised commands, this Sage glass tea kettle features a controlled start facility, therefore your tea will be set-up for you whenever you awaken.
[Rating: 9/10]   £209   Get It → Sage Motorised Glass Tea Maker Kettle  

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: ANSIO Glass Kettle Bright Blue Light

Using this first-class fashionable addition glass kettle with blue lighting, you will be able to in reality observe it function. Illuminating an incredible neon blue when it boils, it is just right for producing the impressive element inside your cooking area. Constructed from high intensity borosilicate glass, this ANSIO cordless glass electric kettle includes a rather chic steel conclusion.

360 Degrees Glass Kettle Lit-Up In Blue


  • Water Control Thermostat
  • Easily Take The Filter Out


  • None

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Boil Dry Safety Features
  • Effortlessly Make 7 Cups

Unique Selling Point:

  • Bright Blue Light Ring LED
  • Powerful 2200 Watts Motor

Cordless Glass Electric Kettle
ANSIO Cordless Glass Electric Kettle

The ANSIO cordless glass electric kettle features a flip-top cover therefore is effortless to replete, and including a water-line meter, it's possible to observe precisely how much you necessitate to boil. Includes hidden component in addition to easily removed, wash-and-wear filter system.

Specs: 22 x 16 x 24 cm | 2200W | Boil Dry | Auto Shut | LED | STRIX | 1.2Kg

See-through glass kettle illuminates blue once heated up. Straightforward to make full with flip-top cover. Buried element plus washable filter, 360 degrees base 1.7 litres and 2.2 Kw.
[Rating: 9/10]   £24   Get It → ANSIO Glass Kettle With Blue LED  

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High class and robust illuminating glass kettles with visually attractive aesthetics. They come with a concealed heater component, and will bring tap water to boiling point extremely quickly. For your reassurance, the hot water dispenser kettles are kitted with auto close off, boil dry security, wire safe keeping plus cool hand-grip.