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Free Floating Electric Hover Mowers - Light And Easy

Updated 26/02/2020:
As another rotary style, the small hover mower is different from the conventional bigger mower in functionality. The electric machine is manoeuvred more efficiently because it creates a cushion of air between the grass and the lawnmower - ideal for small lawns with uneven ground.

There are hover mowers powered by electricity and those powered by fuel, although the electric versions are common. When working, the blade of the mower rotates continuously, creating a 'downdraft' that causes an upward push of the mower.

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This downdraft makes the mower float on a cushion of air, and the conclusive result of this is effortless manoeuvrability, thus making the hover mower the best for gardens of varying shapes. A small mower will also come handy in areas where the regular mower cannot reach like around the garden fire pit etc.

If you are looking to get extreme inclines completed or wet ground steep slopes and banks, the compact electric hover mower is the best option. Hover mowers are also above par for long coarse grass. The electrical version is perfect for a city garden considering its small size and, so it's easy to store.

Electric Lawn Mowers And Uneven Ground

Specific good mower models operate at a 45 degrees angle and as such are ideal for banked gardens and other forms of uneven ground. In some small electric lawn mower models, however, you may have to rake the lawn after mowing due to the absence of a built-in collector.

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There could be instances where the cutting blade doesn't work, and the resulting absence of the downdraft to lift the mower off the grass surface may make the transfer of the mower from storage to lawn quite complicated. This problem is solved by attaching back wheels, but only in the larger versions that use fuel.

If you have a small garden, the small, agile hover mower is the best for you as they are time honoured models and easy to use, offer a good cut and can be stored easily.

On the other hand, the larger petrol mowers are made for semi-professional uses, especially gardens with uneven and steep surfaces, e.g. mini golf courses or landscapes that are close to ponds. The absence of wheels makes it possible for them to float over the waterline edges easily.

Rotary And Hover Machine Benefits

In the UK, hover mowers are quite popular and widely-used, although they have a couple of downsides. Having distinguished between the rotary lawnmower and the hover, let us discuss some crucial points to consider when in the market for a new machine.

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If your lawn is irregularly shaped, you are better off with a hover due to their ability to float on a cushion of air and seamless movement in all directions and sides. Thus, with a hover mower, you can perform a decent cut in no time.

Cutting an irregularly shaped lawn with a rotary lawnmower will require you to make a couple of short movements to work on the areas that are not smoothly assessable, and you end up spending more time on the grass cut.

Another factor to consider is weight because mowers can be easily controlled towards any direction. However, it may be too heavy to handle for some older people, especially when swinging around sideways. Thus, such older folk prefer a wheeled rotary lawnmower.

Wheeled Rotary Mower Ideal For You?

Although with a wheeled rotary mower, the user can only cut the grass in the forward and backward direction, it takes less time and is easier to use. You should also consider the ground layout in your lawn before getting either of a hover or a rotary lawnmower.

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When there is a slope, the hover mower is the better choice because they can be easily pulled up or pushed down the hills, considering their light weight caused by the cushion of air they float on while running. Note, unlike rotary, hover mowers are always ready to use out of the box. In the case of a mower, you will need to do some extra tasks before it is available for use.

No one can conclude that rotary lawnmowers are better than hover mowers or vice-versa, it all depends on the type of garden to be cut and the personal preference of the user. The size and shape of your lawn should also be considered before buying a lawnmower.

Qualcast or Flymo Mower Thoughts

If you are looking to add stripes to your lawn, the rotary type is the right option for you. A wheeled rotary lawnmower has a rear roller as seen in the Qualcast or Flymo range.

It is suitable for adding stripes to your lawn. The rear roller flattens the grass as you cut by serving as an extra weight on the back of the lawnmower, this, in turn, adds stripes to your lawn.

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The hovers, on the other hand, aren't built to have rollers because the additional weight will prevent them from hovering on the cushioned air generated and needed to cut the grass. Grass that is meant for strips must be slightly longer so when the mower is working, it bends and flattens the grass creating the stripes, the somewhat darker patches.

Collection boxes are not found in hover mowers because it contributes to extra weight. When the box packs the grass clippings, the mower finds it challenging for a decent cut because the cushion of air generated will reduce making the mower hover slightly closer to the field.

An electric hover mower creates fewer grass clippings, and since they are not much, most lawn owners do not bother raking them. This removes the stress that comes with emptying the grass box while creating an avenue for the soil to take in the nutrients from the grass clippings and make a healthful lawn.

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What's The Best Mower For Small Gardens?

You can have your smaller lawn cut fast with a hover lawnmower, although you might not get the best quality compared to what the other types of lawnmower offer. For instance, a hand lawnmower is also suitable for a smaller lawn and doesn't need fuel or the use of a cable.

The modern hand push lawn mowers are even simpler and more effective than the versions obtainable in the past. They are not only almost silent but also require very simple or no maintenance - you just need to service them.

A modern cordless mower for small gardens is good for a smaller lawn because it offers longer running times and can be recharged faster compared to the old versions that have no advanced technology. An electric lawnmower is lightweight and can be moved around quite quickly.

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If you have a large lawn to cut, electric is the ideal option but also requires less maintenance compared to a petrol lawnmower. However, you must consider how long you expect the lead to stretch when going for an electric lawn mower. You can be assured of a good quality cut with a powerful electric mower.

Choosing Electric Or A Petrol Mower?

A petrol lawn mower is suitable for a medium sized lawn, it offers extra power that can cut longer grass without problems. Contrary to your fears of high maintenance, a petrol lawnmower can now be easily maintained. The recent versions use petrol directly from the pump, thus eliminating the need for mixing.

The most significant benefit that comes with a petrol lawnmower is the absence of a power cable, thus making it suitable for use anywhere.

If your lawn is big and you are worried about how expensive it would be to maintain a petrol lawn mower, you may settle for an electric lawn mower - there are some good deals adding a leaf blower to the price bundle.

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Make sure you check the cutting width of the model you are buying, a bigger cutting width will get the job done faster and better. Consider the length of the built-in electric cable, you will need the most extended wire length so that it can conveniently reach every area of your lawn.

A ride-on lawn mower is made for large areas of grass or a vast lawn. With a ride-on lawnmower, you will be able to maintain a large garden seamlessly. You only get to sit and drive the mower while it handles all the dirty and hard work under your seat.

Powerful Electric Driven Small Hover Mowers Buyers Tips

Trimming height establishes the height your garden is cut to. In early phases, you need to utilise the greatest cutting elevation of the small hover mower and then little by little reduce it as the growing time of year advances. The size of the cable means check out the range from the power point to the 'farthest' grass verge.

In case the wire is not lengthy enough, reflect on employing an applicable outdoor expansion wire or purchasing a cordless or petrol-based lawnmower. Unwanted weight will figure out how unproblematic or troublesome the lawn mower is to push and move about - unless of course, the mower is self-powered.

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Frequently mowers which have the mulching choice likewise feature a side release solution, which is the place that the grass clippings are merely left to one part of the mower as you work. This could be ideal for large regions of lawn that do not have to be maintained or organised.

The self-powered lawn mower launches acquiring the strain off the mower motor, establishing less difficult work of trimming the lawn. Think of this for those who have lumbar concerns or a substantial garden to cut. Most propelled mowers feature a set velocity that is approximately comparable to a typical walk speed.

Upon a few petrol-based mowers, you will find the accessibility of a key-start, undoubtedly useful if you do not want to make use of the pull cable technique of setting up. It is imperative that frequently battery managed machines will have to be recharged. A few keys are revived during utilisation of the mower.

Most small hover mowers float above the grass on a blanket of air flow, which elevates it up from the grass. Just like a rotary lawnmower, it is lateral cutting that then shapes the grass to the sought after length.

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