Small Lightweight Leaf Blower Electric Power Vacuums

Updated 20/01/2022:
Popular not just in autumn, you'll find numerous electric leaf blower vacuums with several features like adjustable power settings for a high Km/h air-blast switching between blow and vacuuming. From inexpensive and attractive, towards the functional and robust, we help you locate one to suit your garden needs. Perhaps you wish to see our garden water timers page.

Man Blowing Leaves On Pavement In Town
Worker Blowing Leaves On Pavement

: Worx Compact Ergonomic Leaf Blower Vacuum

This Worx leaf blower makes it possible for speedy and powerful leaf removal with little work. The ergonomic one-hand style and the distinctive lightweight form of just 3.2 kg make extraction of leaves a piece of cake - under no circumstances slide on the leaves again.

The operational equipment control helps you command the wind velocity in 3 variants, concerning the exertion demanded - from a light breeze to an entire storm at a high 145 km/ph. With its 3-speed power, it is extra light using a brushless electric motor and comfortable structure.


  • Powerful Light Brushless Motor
  • High Wind Speed 3 Grades


  • None..

Main Features:

What Sets It Apart?

  • Driveway Or Lawn Perfect
  • Positive Technology Blower

Unique Selling Points:

  • PowerShare Battery System
  • Two 20 V Potent Batteries

For increased efficiency and sturdiness, a brushless motor is bundled. A 40 Volt 2 x 20 V battery pack offers the required electric power batteries and other 20 V gadgets due to PowerShare. The Worx leaf blowing apparatus battery ability is 2 Ah, and the weight incorporating battery is 3.2 kg.

Leaf Blower Vacuum With Black Bag

£239   Worx Compact Leaf Blower Vacuum - Get It!  

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: Which Blower Should I Choose?

An excellent start line for contemplating what sort of leaf blower vac you will require is to inquire the size of your back garden. Perhaps you are searching for a style that would be amazing for promptly cleaning up a small terrace, or throwing out leaves from a perimeter. Or even more potent equipment that can transfer heavy leaves through huge expanses.

: Outdoor Blower Vacuum Selections

Several blower vacuums are transformed among blowing and vacuum cleaning using a click of a button, although some must be tweaked, which is not a difficult or mind-boggling task, mainly if you are not specifically technical. Perhaps you intend to make use of leaf blower vacuum in numerous restricted spaces etc.

Should you draw in leaves on the garage driveway or perhaps you are cleaning leaves through your plant boundary, just how much space is it necessary to keep an outdoor blower vacuum? Versions with retractable pipes may go nicely with limited or awkward places.

: Acquire Leaf Blower Or Possibly With Vacuum?

Specialist backyard gardeners usually employ blowers as the leaf blowing vacuums that can frequently decrease the speed of the project. Swapping between blow as well as vacuum function is not generally a challenging course of action.

: Maktia Variable Power Speed Hand Blower

The Makita blower provides you with 3 airflow configurations for high, moderate and low, anti-static power for secure performance and instantaneous launch. Just load a single 18V Li LXT slide design battery (not supplied), and the blowing apparatus is ready for usage.

This leaf blower provides almost zero noise level rendering it appropriate for utilisation in domestic and general public areas. Three air volume environment, in addition to varying speed regulation employing trigger, are supplied. There exists anti-static electricity for comfy process.


  • Nice Low Sound Levels
  • Small And Light In Weight


  • None..

Main Features:

What Sets It Apart?

  • Professional Power Blower Tool
  • Battery Powered Anti-Static Use

Unique Selling Points:

  • Variable Speed Via Trigger
  • Nice Long Leaf Blower Nozzle

An ergonomically engineered handle with a soft rubber grip suits your hand flawlessly to supply optimum control and convenience. The Makita blower 18 Volt cord-free blower possesses a longleaf blowing apparatus nozzle with a flat end that permits comfy use of the equipment standing upright.

Red Leaf Blower And Vacuum On Big Lawn

£102   Makita Leaf Blower Vacuum Multi-Speed - Get It!  

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Using This Handheld Power Tool

Vacuums frequently get clogged or destroyed by drawing up pebbles and other particles, and then extraction bags may be moist and unpleasant to place near you as you get the job done.

Utilising a blower does require collecting the leaves; nevertheless, the best approach to cope with this is to blow the leaves directly on to heaps, after which employ boards or maybe leaf pickers to accumulate them. In the event bending may be an issue for you personally, make an effort applying an extended handle leaf tool.

Cordless Battery Or Wired Garden Leaf Sucker?

What sort of leaf blower vacuum must you make a firm decision? The rechargeable battery-driven leaf blower tool, petrol or wired? When you can dedicate a bit more than the typical price, there are several cordless battery high powered leaf blowers coming from famous brand name names, which include Ryobi, Bosch, Flymo and Stihl.

: THEV Powerful 3000W Small Leaf Blower

This diverse velocity THEV garden blower/vac incorporates an ultra powerful 3000 Watts electric motor and compacts leaves conveniently and successfully. You can find an outstanding and extremely powerful motor with adjustable rate configurations - and a 45 litres accumulation carrier.

There exists 10 metres of cable connection built in and a shoulder band, plus nozzle support rim for unproblematic usage on very difficult surface types. The weight of this particular THEV electric powered leaf blower/vacuum machine is merely 4.9 kg.


  • Powerful Blower Vacuum Tool
  • Stunning 3000 Watts Motor


  • None here

Main Features:

What Sets It Apart?

  • Adjustable Speed Garden Blower
  • Big 45 Litre Collecting Bag

Unique Selling Points:

  • Easy Use On Any Surface Type
  • THEV Blower Weight Only 4.9kg

Woman With Small Leaf Blower In Hand

£54   THEV High Power Small Leaf Blower - Get It!  

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: Size Of Garden And Blower Motor

In most cases, vacuum leaf suckers are extremely simple to operate. The smaller products are fantastic for liberating modest patios where you have to 'blow out several leaves' away from surrounding baskets and are excellent for boundaries as they refuse to damage your vegetation with resilient blasts of air power.

: Lightweight Leaf Blowers For Moderate Size Gardens

Bigger cordless, lightweight leaf blowers are invariably a costly choice, nevertheless are very practical and straightforward to implement. A superb selection of units which have plenty of electric power or battery life to clean a moderate sized garden or long driveway.

: How To Select A Leaf Blower Infographic

Leaf Blower Infographic In Green
How To Select A Leaf Blower

: Not Just For Leaves!

Even though cordless leaf blowers may be more pricey when compared to wired electric powered vacuum apparatus, in the event you will discover a style that shares precisely the same kind of battery pack with your various other cordless electrical power equipment, it may help you save the cost of purchasing batteries and chargers in the long run.

: Battery Power Leaf Blowers For Awkward Spots

Cable-free battery blowers will appropriate personal preferences for more specific or sensitive projects. Some advantages are the leaf blowers are incredibly easy to run and straightforward to put away. They are exceptional if you've got an elaborate garden with many different inlets to thoroughly clean.

: Ryobi 3Kw High AirFlow Leaf Blower Vac

The Ryobi 3000 Watts electric power blower vacuum presents three functions in one. You can use it as a blower exclusively, vacuum just or equally simultaneously with two pipes on the tool.
It helps you to save considerable time and energy. A fast change lever permits simple changes among blowing and then vacuum modalities.

The multi-speed dial supplies comprehensive control of all applications. It highlights telescopic pipes with dual safety transitioning, simple storage and transportation. There exists ultra-high airspeed, airflow and mulching proportions at lower electric power usage.


  • Very High AirFlow Speeds
  • Long Wire Plus One Bag


  • None

Main Features:

What Sets It Apart?

  • Live Tool User Signals
  • Use Blower Vac Together

Unique Selling Points:

  • Double Safe Switch Options
  • 3kW Motor Electric Power

A live application signal glows light blue when connected to an electrical power resource. The GripZone backside handle and adaptable front grip are for consumer convenience. You can find adjustable speed possibilities within the Ryobi leaf blower vacuum for other user influence.

Lightweight Leaf Blower With Green Band

£93   Ryobi 3Kw Leaf Blower Vacuum - Get It!  

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The blowers are just the thing for eradicating dust or twigs, cleaning up after using the electric chainsaw, clearing out garden storage sheds as well. The disadvantages of cordless battery run leaf blowers are they continue to be more expensive.

: Why You Should Get A Garden Leaf Blower:

Small, lightweight versions usually are incredibly useful, therefore if you have many weighty, damp leaves to clear away, they will undertake the task correctly. Wired electric powered leaf blowers and leaf blower vacuums are likely to be the most affordable choice, and presently there are numerous different types to select from with useful characteristics.

Altering Outdoor Hoover Blow And Vacuum Functions

The most affordable versions have parallel blow as well as vacuum pipes, and you may transform together with a click of a button. They will be efficient, certainly not least since it involves you can clear out a few obstructions by merely evolving from vacuum to blow function.

: Flymo Powerful Blower Vacuum Combi Tool


  • Converts Blower To Vacuum
  • Garden Dirt 45 Litres Bag


  • None at all

Main Features:

What Sets It Apart?

  • Empty The Bag Less Frequently
  • Ergonomic And Easy To Use

Unique Selling Points:

  • Power 3000W - Wire Size 10m
  • 2 Years Upon Registration

Black And Red Blower Vacuum On Grass

£85   Flymo PowerVac Leaf Blower Vacuum - Get It!  

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Nonetheless, there are a few disadvantages to these units. In our assessments we have identified they will drop power as you swap from blow to vacuum environment. They're significantly less user-friendly in blow function, as your twin pipes cause them to become somewhat cumbersome and weighty.

If you enjoy a 'mature' garden where leaves get discovered about containers and inlets, they could be a trouble to implement. Even more costly leaf blowing vacuums must be reconfigured to alter among blowing and vacuuming configurations.

Electric Leaf Blowers For Moist Weighty Leaves

The electric leaf blower is often reasonably priced and will not drop power between settings. An excellent wired power blower is peaceful and convenient to work with using a powered jet that continues to manage leaves in check.

Positives are the least expensive alternative but come with diverse features accessible to match your horticulture demands. Drawbacks are several versions may be hard to work with or cumbersome to manipulate. Utilising a good leaf blowing vacuum will make rapid work of coping with fall months leaves; nevertheless, an inferior version will battle to clear any of them.

Integral Settings For Blow Speed

The following highlights could make a significant difference, like a small nozzle for throwing out - but just about all machines find a way to blow the leaves straight to heaps. It is the designs that perform promptly and successfully with minimal exertion from you. Locate a piece of equipment with a modest nozzle to guide the air blast, and the capacity to influence the blow speed.

: Bosch Lightweight Electric Garden Blower

While using this Bosch cordless leaf blower, you can clear away anywhere you choose. The impressive 18-volt battery operates unrelenting for approximately 10 minutes every charge.
It is well suited for almost all applications; the cord-free leaf blower dependably frees all entry areas, sidewalks, pavements and grass lawn.

Pleasingly ergonomic and light in weight, the cordless ALB supplies the flexibility to work everywhere without exhausting the forearms - the battery pack and power adaptor is not provided. This device includes a 2-year warranty. To increase the guarantee from two to three years, you should sign-up.


  • Power AirFlow Speed 210 Km/ph
  • Removable Blower Air Pipe


  • None..

Main Features:

Due to a weight of merely 1.8 Kilos, this leaf blowing apparatus is exceptionally light. It exempts your strength and energy when functioning. The safe-keeping is also pleasant; however, the blowing tube can be taken off for safekeeping and can be positioned near the unit after that.

Impressive against leaves and trash employing an air velocity as high as 210 Kilometres per hour. One particular battery for everybody, the emblem on the presentation determines this Bosch leaf blower as a part of the Power4All battery pack series.

What Sets It Apart?

  • Lightweight Blower Is Cordless
  • Charge 60 - Running Time 17 Min

Unique Selling Points:

  • Frees Your Lawn Of Leaves
  • No Strain On Hands Or Arms

Electric Blower Vacuum With Black Hand Grip

£76   Bosch Electric Garden Leaf Blower - Get It!  

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Blower Vacuum Dirt And Stones Obstructions

Working plenty of wet, weighty leaves is utterly not pleasurable, therefore having the ability to vacuum up damp leaves may be an enormous bonus. We all know blower vacuums can potentially block up to verify you can get to the blades in the garden blower and vacuum to clear those obstructions conveniently.

Correctly choose a piece of equipment that has metallic, instead of clear plastic blades as they are much less prone to chipping or perhaps snapping if you unintentionally draw in a bit of rock etc.

Preferably, you would exclusively accumulate leaves whenever they are dry, plus some leaf blower vacuums state this expressly in the guide. Nevertheless, the UK autumn weather conditions are seldom that helpful; therefore you have to locate a leaf blower vacuum with a water-resistant collecting carrier.

Petrol And Back Pack Blower Vacuum Options

These types of potent petrol equipment cost a little more, but until you possess a substantial garden that needs cleaning more often than once or twice every 12 months, they are not necessarily worthy of the trouble of preserving the engine unit.

The hand-held designs are much less costly compared to the back-pack blower designs; nevertheless back-pack versions set significantly less stress on the arms and are more straightforward to manage. If you are utilising your leaf blowing apparatus for virtually any period, it might be well worth forking out on a single of those.

: Einhell Power X-Change Kit Leaf Blower

The Einhell cordless leaf blower machine is a unique and trustworthy system that permits the rapid and user-friendly sweeping of expansive open environments.
With the innovative Power X-change battery pack system, the cordless blower possesses an 18 V battery pack 2.0 Ah for extended work periods.

This Einhell cordless leaf blowing apparatus system incorporates a battery charge phase signal with 3 LEDs to instantly examine the present charge rate. It offers a superior and essential capacity to eradicate even moist or gooey leaves.


  • Lightweight Ergonomic Design
  • Digital Fast Speed Controls


  • None here..

Main Features:

What Sets It Apart?

  • Precisely Monitored Speed
  • Quick Charger Device Included

Unique Selling Points:

  • Includes 1 Battery And Charger
  • Powerful Einhell Blower Equipment

Blower Vacuum In Blue Finish

£77   Einhell X-Change Cordless Blower - Get It!  

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Benefits - are ideal for cleaning huge spaces and dealing with wet leaves. Because they have no electric power wire - they are perfect for navigating around huge hurdles, including trees, shrubs or fish ponds. Some downsides include large, and several are exceedingly loud. You must service the petrol-based blower to work reliably.

: The Leaf Blower Hoover Volume And Storage Options

Some of us have identified that collection pouches frequently trickle. Comfy grips and shoulder bands may have to sustain the equipment and the collecting carrier when using it, but the weight, simplicity of use, and the convenience of the strap are significant.

: Sound Level dB And Neighbour Politeness

Anyone with an earlier rising or backyard addicted neighbour may agree, an operating leaf blowing apparatus could get genuinely high in volume. Merchandise brands list sound levels in dB to help you evaluate noise variants as you purchase.

: Black And Decker Lithium Leaf Blower Vacuum

This high-performance blower vacuum from Black and Decker is a utility application to help keep the house nice looking. Using a powerful 36V Lithium-ion battery and electric power select characteristic, eliminating and gathering garden trash is made unproblematic.

The Black and Decker blower compatible nozzles permit an easy transformation from blowing apparatus to vacuuming - guaranteeing full back garden coverage immediately.
The eliminating blades break up the most difficult of trash. The practical bag add-on offers the user a competent means of removal.


  • ECO And TURBO Settings
  • High Blow Speed 218 Km


  • None..

Main Features:

What Sets It Apart?

  • Power Select Flexible Tool
  • Blowing Vacuum Versatility

Unique Selling Points:

  • 36v Battery And Fast Charger
  • Features Ergonomic Hand Grip

Leaf Blower Vacuum With Black And Red Collecting Bag

£193   Black n Decker Light Blower Vacuum - Get It!  

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Blower Vacuum Volume Testing

Look at your town's rules or visit the noise pollution website to find a directory of recommendations. It's possible to examine 50 feet disturbance ratings on leaf blowing apparatus evaluations.

Garden Blower Vacuum UK Available Brands:

Designs that obtained an excellent rating will need to satisfy the most challenging restraints, and the ones that accomplished good or very good will probably meet most constraints. Nevertheless, bear in mind, blowers which can be comparatively silent far away will show to be shrieking nearby.

Put on seeing and hearing safety items, particularly with designs rating good, or perhaps reduced sound assessments of hearing capacity. Put on eye protection and a dust face mask.

Wired Electric Power Blower Vacuum

Wired versions frequently consider 8 pounds or maybe less - and they are suitable for single-handed implementation. Hassle-free push press-button setting and absolutely no exhaust system emissions as the power that draws will come from portable petrol run blowers.

Garden Blowers And Vacuums For Bigger Spaces

Petrol operated versions could go just about anywhere, and they under no circumstances demand a charge, but you do have to pull a pull wire to crank up the engine motor - most petrol machines call for periodic maintenance. Just about all versions are manageable, though they are less noisy compared to years ago.

: Makita Twin LXT Brushless Leaf Blower


  • Buttons On Side Of Handle
  • Consistent Speed Controls


  • None.
Woman In Garden With Blower And Protection Eyeglasses

£164   Makita Garden Leaf Blower Vacuum - Get It!  

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The machines continue to be high in volume, and the user must always put on hearing safeguards. Almost all have two-stroke machines, which need combining fuel, but four-stroke machines permit you to neglect that consideration and they function better. See our petrol strimmer selections.

Petrol Run Back Pack Blower Machines

Wheel blower vacuums require 'plenty of power' to expediently clear a substantial region and may suit your purposes for huge backyards. Nevertheless, this kind delivers a couple of negatives in that these blowers cannot vacuum or perhaps shred - and then need approximately 8 feet of space for storage.

Electric Advantages Over Petrol:

The blowers may be cumbersome, plus more challenging to move around and push, specifically up any hill. They are in most cases loud and costly, though a couple of versions are amazingly silent and should satisfy even the most demanding noise restraints. Substantial four-stroke engines need merely no blending of petrol and engine oil.

Leaf Blower Hoovers With Big Collection Carriers

For those who have a bigger back garden or region to keep, then petrol leaf blowers could well be the best choice for you personally because they offer more power when compared to their electric power handheld equivalent. Backpack versions position the majority of the weight on your rear with a broad cushioned band.

For more sizeable spaces still, you're able to reap the benefits of the wheel or push blower vacuums. The wheeled leaf vacuum blowers can make light work of large areas, including big collection carriers to the extent of 100 gallons volume.

: Typical Portable Electric Leaf Sucker Vacuums

Leaf blowers in their most straightforward variety are electric powered mobile models which clear out spaces employing a reasonable power jet air flow. Leaves may be blown straight to heaps, from where they may be placed inside compost containers or discarded.

For those who have a compact back garden, then the lightweight portable electric or cordless blower vacuum will undoubtedly suit your preferences perfectly. Look into the size of the wire before investing. You require your project region to be inside touching range of an electric power resource, or decide on a wire-free electric leaf blower version.