Garden Shredder Chipper Machines For Easy Waste Removal

Our 10 best electric garden shredder UK machines are effortless to deploy and derive in a number of configurations and dimensions. They save you cash and several jaunts to the local recycling bay, however the electric garden shredder is besides ideal for cutting down bundles of routine waste directly in to small chips. See our garden irrigation timer devices.

01: Draper Electric Garden Shredder 2400 Watts Power

A highly recommended high performance electric garden shredder equipment that has been fashioned with ease of use and protection in judgement. The 2400 Watts motor is high powered enough to tear up twigs adequate to 40 mm in size.

The shredding machine is effortless to use and also bundled with handy characteristics, construction is solid, is transportable and it's provided with castors plus a relocation hand grip.

Powerful Electric Garden Shredder In Green

Draper Electric Garden Shredder

The shredding machine includes a dual correctable blade chopping mechanism for amended cutting operation, plus an integrated emergency closure braking system and resuming security for protection.

It additionally features a fast release case interlocking for the elimination of stoppages etc. This high powered equipment delivers with a full-width pushing stick as well as a handy collection carrier including castors.
[Rating: 9/10] - £157 Get It → Draper Electric Garden Shredder

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02: Bosch AXT Quiet Fast Garden Waste Shredder

A flexible and useful garden waste shredder machine with auto feed in and reduced volume levels for expedient ripping up - all using a chopping total capacity adequate to 45 mm for those sturdier do it yourself project clearances.

The applicable collecting container feature 53 Litres potential for more comfortable assemblage of chopped material, plus an easily removed hopper for simple filling up.

Garden Waste Shredder With Thick Branches

Bosch AXT Garden Waste Shredder

A protected chopping device encourages end user protection and the (turbine-cut) arrangement heightened cutting strategy signifies high power is reaped from the electric motor at 2500 Watts. In addition to a mighty throughput speed, the turbine chopping scheme possesses as much as 45 mm cutting potential.

Best for equally compact and big ripping undertakings, perfect for timber and greenery minus the demand to break up tough back garden scrap.
[Rating: 9/10] - £359 Get It → Bosch AXT Garden Waste Shredder

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03: Titan Pro Garden Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher

The Titan 15 HP petrol wood chipper shredder features accolade acquiring characteristics, an extremely robust equipment that's backed up with an undivided British guarantee and spares servicing. For household deployment exclusively, it's provided with a solid bar and hitch, so it's possible for tow trailing behind you.

15 HP Garden Wood Chipper Mulcher In Red Finish

Titan Garden Wood Chipper Mulcher

Sporting a Key start including built-in 12 sealed off cell battery within it's own steel casing, it delivers complete with battery charger. The aspect chute is fashioned for denser branches as much as 75 mm in diameter, causing this machine to leap out from any challenger.

An impressive back garden mulcher that is genuinely efficient using a significant sized brush container as well as safeguard cover projected for leaves as well as small branches.
[Rating: 9/10] - £777 Get It → Titan Garden Wood Chipper Mulcher

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04: Makita 2500 Watts Electric Garden Shredder Chipper

An electric powered garden shredder chipper machine with comfy functioning handgrip and easy to operate control board includes a unique 'cut and crush' strategy to understate chopped waste bulk. Effortless to use instrument panel with automated opposing block off technology, as well as frontward rearward interchanging.

Electric Garden Shredder Chipper With 2 Wheels

Makita Electric Garden Shredder Chipper

You will find hand holders on both positions that enable steady hold when occupied, in addition to simple transferral functionality. Leisurely transit including big, rubber style castors with hopper fill level easy view via cut-outs. A rather contemporary in addition slender construction chipper shredder.
[Rating: 9/10] - £237 Get It → Makita Garden Shredder Chipper

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05: BMC Electric 2.5 kW Branch Shredder And Mulcher

Accommodated with a high powered 2500 Watts electric motor, this first-class light weight, easy to displace, easy to function garden branch shredder equipment will 'rip up' branches equal to 40 mm size fleetly and easily employing the dual changeable bladed rotary tearing strategy.

The built-in command allows it to be rolled on it's big 'all terrain' castors directly in to position in your back garden, all set-up for deployment.

Branch Shredder And Mulcher With Black Container

BMC Branch Shredder And Mulcher

It's equipped with an elementary toggle rocker electric switch, an inter linking protection casing to forestall inadvertent starting up whenever the case is opened up for cleansing, and a protection electric motor overload readjust option.

Issued complete including branch plus twig plunger - in addition a big 50 litre potential chip accumulating bag for competent collection. It is easy to maintain your back garden clean and respectable throughout utilisation after you have used your lawn mower machine.
[Rating: 8/10] - £78 Get It → BMC Branch Shredder And Mulcher

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06: Dirty Pro Tools Garden Portable Chipper Shredder

A garden portable chipper shredder machine using 40 mm chopping breadth with electric powered 2500 Watts plus 4050 revolutions per minute blade.

This high powered back garden shredding machine is perfect for beginner individuals and expert gardeners. It can rip up dense twigs or branches, plus it includes a big 50 litres merged accumulation container.

50L Portable Chipper Shredder In Black

Dirty Pro Portable Chipper Shredder

The equipment is modest to keep comfortably inside the garden shed, solid with significant sized castors for effortless mobility and safety units renders this highly recommended machine an essential for practically all garden lovers. Simple to clean, effortless perspective of container whenever full, including protection cut off switching.
[Rating: 8.9/10] - £74 Get It → Dirty Pro Portable Chipper Shredder

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07: Scheppach 50L Industrial Wood Chipper Shredder

High powered 2500 Watts electric motor with protection overload electric switch and 4050 revolutions per minute blade chopping velocity. Peaceful, secure as well as effortless to function with a big 40 mm branch total capacity, plus 50 Litres collection container. Appropriate for contracting all your gardening waste.

Industrial Wood Chipper Shredder In Black And Red

Schep Industrial Wood Chipper Shredder

An industrial wood chipper shredder with dual sided blade and protection overload safety electrical switch. It's effortlessly mobile with an electric lead sized 1.5 metres and noise emphasis of 107 dB.

It includes a thermal overburden security, 230 volts, item weight around 16 kg. Merchandise includes waste accumulation container, castors and guide book, guaranteed for 2 years.
[Rating: 9/10] - £220 Get It → Schep Industrial Wood Chipper Shredder

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08: Grizzly 2400 Watts Electric Powered Leaf Shredder

Electric powered 2400 Watts wood chipper leaf shredder for the garden with cost free delivery. Perhaps you would like to maintain your back garden orchestrated with an inexpensive machine, so you will adore this power gardening shredding machine.

The solid modest sized shredder accommodates overburden security, and there is simply no chance of becoming in collision with flighty rubble. Equilibrium is a fundamental characteristic of this electric back garden shredder and the balanced physique plus funnel impart to the light construction - in addition the 2 rollers render it straightforward to manage.

60L Electric Power Shredder In Black And Red

An accumulation carrier is incorporated with the gardening shredder which operates on a magnificent 2.4 Kw turbo power electric motor, utilising an upper limit chopping intensity of around 40 mm in total. The protection screw connector upon the casing intends you'll advantage from best security, as well as robust ripping up. This garden shredders for sale delivers with cost free delivery up to 7 work days.
[Rating: 9/10] - £119 Get It → Grizzly 2400W Electric Power Shredder

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09: Einhell 2000W Electric Garden Shredding Machine

An electric garden shredding machine that's dependable, efficient and just right for deployment to cut back your wastage down to administrable dimensions.

The 2400 Watts electric motor creates cutting accelerations to 4500 revolutions per minute as well as sufficient ripping up power to shred through the hardest gardening waste. Manage tough branches to foliage and other garden junk due to it's high calibre stainless steel leaf blade.

Garden Shredding Machine Bright Red Exterior

Einhell Garden Shredding Machine

This is a must-have for expeditiously clearing up and stripping through any overgrown back garden. The shredding machine delivers complete with stopper for secure procedure, plus a garden case to transport waste product. Pleasingly, extended spare blades and add-on's are promptly accessible.
[Rating: 8/10] - £124 Get It → Einhell Garden Shredding Machine

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10: Callow Speedy Powerful Garden Thick Branch Shredder

The fast-paced thick branch shredder is a superior and high powered equipment for practically all serious home gardeners who demand a fast functioning, robustly fabricated, dual bladed chipping shredding machine with a big 50 litres total capacity and integrated collection container.

It delivers with accommodated protection electric motor overload cut-off safety, volume potential 50 Litres plus 240V electric motor power 2500 Watts.

Powerful Thick Branch Shredder With White Storage

Speedy Thick Branch Shredder

A wheel fixed equipment that may be effortlessly relocated to wherever bushes are to be chopped, as well as rolled back directly in to any shed or perhaps storage following deployment.

Accommodated with a high powered dual 500 Watts electric motor so ripping up is quick and simple using this highly recommended shredder. This is an impressive performing equipment with a reasonable price tag.
[Rating: 8/10] - £129 Get It → Callow Speedy Thick Branch Shredder

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Portable Chipper Shredders For Gardeners Of All Expertise

The majority of garden wood chipper shredders are operated by electricity, therefore you will need to possess a power resource near to connect, or perhaps suitable extension lead. See our strimmers and get the garden in shape.

Several possess castors, rendering it more comfortable to push throughout your back garden. Decent calibre branch shredders likewise accompany big collecting areas, rendering it even less demanding to discard of garden waste.