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Classy Small Table Top Freezers For Kitchen Work Surfaces

Updated 13/10/2019:
The small table top freezer is a super easy storage choice for your frozen food goods. An ideal compact counter top home appliance, sufficiently small enough to be positioned virtually anyplace. Fashionable as well as space-saving kitchen appliances offer economical refrigeration cooling with A+ ranking.

These countertop freezers keep your food frozen and also maintain all very fresh. Search for versions with unique fast freeze options to keep frozen goods longer. They will work by quickly decreasing the temperature to benefit the added foodstuff.

IceKing Countertop Freezer 40 Litres Capacity

Countertop Freezer With White Exterior

£84   IceKing Countertop Freezer 40 Litres - Get It!  

Klarstein Small Table Top Freezer Energy Efficient


  • Ideal Small Homes
  • 65 Watts Of Power


  • None.

Small Table Top Freezer In Black

£149   Klarstein Small Table Top Freezer - Get It!  

SIA Cheap Mini Freezer Power Efficient 38L


  • Elegant Freezer Finish
  • Fully Reversible Door


  • None..

Black Mini Freezer 2 Compartments

£89   SIA Cheap Mini Freezer 38 Litres - Get It!  

The Freezer Storage Space You Need

Everything from your regular supermarket will stay excellent and fresh. A frost-free worktop freezer takes the challenging defrosting jobs from you as it stops ice from accumulating. Whenever ice increases, it takes up storage space making the food tricky to separate and squanders electric.

Beneficial Deep Freezer Features

Various beneficial features to review in appliances for the home have an approach to air-flow that keeps your meals fresher longer. Glass racks are superior to wire racks specifically for cleaning. LED lights, illuminate your small table-top freezer space to observe what you possess within.

Ledges And Compartments

Bottle shelves are well suited for those considerable containers of dairy products etc. New zero degree sections are areas in fridge freezers which usually keeps foodstuff 'nearly' freezing. Just the thing for meats where it will stay chilled for approximately 1 week longer.

Link Your Freezer To Smartphone

You can connect the kitchen countertop freezer appliance to your mobile phone through an application and enable it to inform you if you have left the door wide open - or perhaps gain access to a camera system to see what's within from the shop.

Sufficient Small Freezer Capacity

Freezer total capacity is assessed in litres, and for small to medium-sized homes, individuals and their families, and freezers with up to and including 150 litres capability will do perfectly. They will provide you with sufficient space to maintain ample shopping carriers worth of groceries.

Approximately 300 litres is terrific for a medium-sized home, supporting several big bags of food items - anything at all over this is ideal for bigger homes. Should you possess an even bigger house, it may be worth looking at a chest freezer as they are much more significant.

Dometic Small Freezer For Sale Hybrid Portable Style

Small Freezer With Black Lid

£292   Dometic Small Freezer Hybrid - Get It!  

Garfield Worktop Freezer With 35 Litres And 65 Watts


  • Noise Level 41 dB
  • Racks On 2 Levels


  • None

Worktop Freezer With White Finish

£129   Garfield Worktop Freezer 35 Litres - Get It!  

Before You Buy A Small Freezer

The proportions of any big or small freezer for sale will likely be estimated in Litres, this is actually the real magnitude of space you may have, nevertheless remember that there are a total gross capacity and a net volume.

Defrosting Freezer Home Appliances

Suitable frost-free freezers are developed to avoid ice from accumulating inside the freezer cooler compartment. You will under no circumstances encounter the unpleasant or labour intensive undertaking of having to defrost any cheap mini freezer appliance.

Gross And Net Internal Capacity

The net potential is the functional space and the main one to consider, nevertheless, make sure if you are evaluating any worktop freezer merchandise - you are contrasting net sizes.

: Russell Hobbs Small Table Top Freezer 32L

Don't be lacking cooling space ever again, since the great quality white coloured mini table top deep freezer is the ideal alternative. This small product measures H49 x W47.1 x D45cm, however can provide an impressive freezer capability of 32 Litres, which is around 1.14 cubic feet.

Table Top Freezer In Black Finish

A contemporary, attractive and space-saving equipment offering productive cooling with an A+ energy score as well as an impressive 4 star deep freeze ranking. The power usage stands at just 153 kW/h each year.

It's streamlined enough to be used throughout your household from the kitchen area, family room, bed room to your place of work.
[Rating: 9/10]   £94 - Get It → Russell Hobbs Table Top Freezer

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: Igenix 4 Star Counter Freezer Thermostat

This 4 star counter-top deep freezer could be the appropriate choice for homes, college students lodging, as well as business office surroundings where space is lacking.

Using it's modern day stainless-steel impact finish, you can use it in several diverse areas - it possesses a reversible door for adaptability.

Counter Top Freezer With Grey Casing


  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • 2 Balcony Shelves


  • None..

This particular small deep freezer is built to function in temperature ranges involving 16 and 32 degrees Celsius, incorporates a temperature selection of as much as -18 degrees Celsius - and has a comprehensive storage space capability of 34 Litres. It is extremely cost-effective to operate using an A+ energy ranking.
[Rating: 9/10]   £99 - Get It → Igenix Counter Top Freezer

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: LEC Free Standing 32L Tabletop Freezer

The free standing table-top deep freezer in white is designed for modest kitchen areas, apartments, college student housing as well as small studios. Additionally, it is a most wonderful choice should you be looking for a second freezer.

Tabletop FreezerIn White Exterior

This particularly 'compact deep freezer' possesses an A+ energy ranking and is only 49cm high, 47.2cm wide x 45cm deep. You can decrease CO2 by 147kg/ per year versus comparable 12 year old deep freezer. 4 star freezing - maximum degree of freezing overall performance.
[Rating: 9/10]   £104 - Get It → LEC Free Standing Tabletop Freezer

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Mini Table Top Freezers For Frozen Food Storage Solutions

The gross capability is the quantity of space you will have if the appliance was vacant of all the equipment inside, which include compartments, racks and shelves. This, in perspective, is an unnecessary technique of quoting countertop freezer proportions as you will not utilise the product this way.

: Von Chef Counter Top Appliance Freezer

A very good functional small deep freezer coming from Igenix supplying the following capabilities, A+ electrical power ranking, 4 star freezer score, incorporated wire ledge and useful reversible door, flexible thermostat plus lockable door.

Counter Top Freezer With 1 Ledge


  • 2 Years Warranty Included
  • Space Saving Freezer


  • None..

The freezer offers a net total capacity of 40 litres or around 1.4 cubic feet with a power usage of only 153kWh for every year. CFC HFC free appliance with refrigerant R600a and temperatures spectrum >-18 degrees Celsius. Dimensions h48.5 x w44 x d48.6cm.
[Rating: 9/10]   £104 - Get It → Compact Counter Top Freezer

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: Cookology Small Table Designed Mini Freezer

This table top deep freezer in white is great if you're forever running down of ice. Ideal if you have nowhere to keep your icy delicacies. Perfect if you have friends arriving and would like to establish their stay better.

A first-class but modest sized desk top deep freezer is the ideal resolution, just right for your work place, home base or perhaps student lodgings.

Small Design Mini Freezer In All White


  • Best Selling Freezer
  • Very Quiet Operation


  • None..

This highly recommended small-scale unit is your new partner in the household, at university or perhaps in your holiday place. Like a freezer it's fantastic using it's A+ electricity grading, in addition quite noiseless at only 42 dB's.

You even acquire an versatile thermo-regulator, however the freezer possesses flexible elevation, versatile ledge, glass ledge, two-sided door - including ranking of 4 star, HCFC free using a climate grade ST.
[Rating: 9/10]   £89 Get It → Cookology Small Design Mini Freezer

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: Igenix A+ Counter Top Small Freezer 35L Lock

The 4 star small kitchen counter deep freezer is the better method for home owners, pupils, hotels - as well as business settings where room is scarce. You can use it in various distinctive areas, and it contains a reversible door for freedom.

Counter Top Small Freezer In White Front View


  • Table Top 35 Litres
  • Reversible Lock Door


  • None.

This specific counter-top small freezer was made to be successful in conditions between 16 and 32 degrees Celsius, it carries a temperature array of as much as minus 18 Celsius, and has a standard storage space potential of 35 Litres. It is especially affordable to own having an A+ energy status.
[Rating: 9/10]   £99 - Get It → Igenix Counter Top Small Freezer

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: VChef Compact 35 Litres Small Freezer

An impressive compact merchandise bragging a refrigerator total capacity of approximately 46 Litres. It is simply not merely a fashionable and space conserving home appliance, however additionally electricity competent using the A+ electricity grading - as well as one-year electricity usage of merely 107 Kw ph.

Begin saving cash on electricity expenses while assisting the surroundings. Genuine power usage will certainly hinge on how the home appliance is expended as well as where it is situated.

Fridge With Small Freezer With Grey Exterior

The mini electric refrigerator freezer bestows elegance directly in to virtually any space with it's refined white external and slick modern conception. The two-sided door plus flexible feet afford this compact item intense flexibility. See our tall freezers.

Perfect for the work place, home base, it is light-weight so you will be able to intelligently arrange the merchandise in a diversity of emplacements, which includes where all cool refreshments are sought after.
[Rating: 9/10]   £104 Get It → VChef Small Freezer

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Cheap mini table top freezer dimensions ensure they are not going to occupy an excessive amount of space, excellent in the event you only need a little more freezer capability.

In addition, this compact freezer may be easily positioned in almost any space of your home, including the family room, or home office for the optimum flexibility.