Under Counter Wine Fridges With Soft LED Lit Interior

Our variety of the best small wine coolers with classy glass front styles that allow you to create space in your main family fridge. Choice of top class, modern under counter drinks fridges with 8, 12 and 16 wine bottle capacity, interior lighting, touch display screens, LED temperature display. See our mini fridges.

01: SIA Under Counter Drinks Fridge 15 Wine Bottles

This particular steel under counter drinks fridge with 15 wine bottles capacity in a slender style signifies you will look forward to delightful tasting vino time after time. A fashionable electric refrigerator that intends to supply customers with superior characteristics that keep your wines in impeccable circumstances - and proposing to guarantee a present-day concept is attained simultaneously.

Stock up on your favoured wines using 7 ledges and an upper limit of 15 wine bottles in total, great when you are entertaining family members or acquaintances. This highly recommended wine cooler is trusted to hold your preferred wines in their necessitated and trusted condition.

Black Drinks Fridge With 7 Flat Ledges

The dual styled shiny door establishes the correct temperature is conserved inside the vino cooler to allow energising and exquisitely tasting wine with virtually every glass you drink. Contributing a contemporary touch is the red coloured touch control screen. It enables you to change the wine coolers characteristics with informality, as the illumination produces a warm experience across your cooking area.

Matched with this first-class concept, the 15 Watts LED white internal illumination lights up the insides of your wine chiller, enabling you to choose your sought after bottle with informality, while additionally throwing an ambient illumination through the whole kitchen area.

Maintain your wine chiller at it's trusted and necessitated temperature using the over cooling alert, which signals you when this stainless steel wine cooler reaches an unwanted temperature, enabling you to modify it with comfort. A no ice cooling down arrangement forestalls your bottles from becoming excessively cold.
[Rating: 9/10] - £239 Get It → SIA Under-Counter Drinks Fridge

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02: Husky HUS Internal Illumination Wine Frige

The fashionable large wine capacity fridge is ideal for all households. This small but stylish fridge is a good accessory for any kind of kitchen, where you can forget about battling with regard to space in the refrigerator. It's even better for parties and events.

Internal Illumination Wine Frige In Metallic Silver Finish

Husky HUS-HM39 Internal Illumination Wine Frige

Maintain your preferred bottles of wine perfectly chilled to perfection inside your Husky fridge. This design includes custom designed racks to safely keep approximately 30 wine bottles in place. The under counter wine beverage chiller is the best accompaniment to household BBQ's and also other events.

Stylish Under Surface With 6 Inner Racks

This particular flexible wine chiller functions combined shelves, which means you may keep 'bubbly' wine bottles, bottles of sparkling wine and also soft-drink refreshments and containers to fit your preference.
(Rating: 4.95/5) - £236 Get It Husky HUS HM39 Wine Frige

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03: MyAppliances ART LED Display Tall Wine Fridge

The MyAppliances tall wine fridge in black includes a lovely, brand new style which will look great in almost any cooking area, whether modern day or conventional. White coloured LED internal illumination included.

Trendy Wine Chiller In Smooth Black Finish

MyAppliances Wine Chiller

Stylish black glass finish with refined framework aspects and stainless-steel full-length handle. There is a 7 bottle capability 20 litres, internal stainless steel shelving and strengthened glass. Automated thawing technique with state-of-the-art compressor engineering etc.
(Rating: 4.95/5) - £185 Get It MyAppliances Tall Wine Fridge

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04: CDA Quiet Free Standing Glass Door Wine Cooler

The FW is a free standing below counter 30cm wide wine chiller including ample capacity inside a fashionable exterior. Characteristics incorporate wood slide out ledges with the total capacity to contain 20 bottles.

There is a digital temperature command, a UV secure smoked tempered glass door, a humidifier plus temperature alarm system.

Tempered Glass Wine Fridge In Black Steel Exterior

CDA FWC303SS Tempered Glass Wine Fridge

This electric refrigerator observes the best circumstances for the secure safe keeping of your wine and the ideal addition to virtually any working cooking area construction.

Display screen colour style in red with a touch command. Temperature areas comprise twin/single and temperature store zone with 5 large wooden slide out ledges.
[Rating: 9/10] - £287 Get It → CDA FWC Glass Wine Fridge

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05: Husky Mirror Fronted 16 Bottles Wine Cooler

This particular trendy Husky wine chiller comes with functionality as well as a good looks, rendering it suited to virtually any household. This huge 48 Litres capability wine beverage chiller can easily keep as much as 16 wine bottles, however not taking up too much space.

Mirror Front 16 Bottle Wine Cooler In Gloss Black Finish

Husky Reflections Mirror Front Wine Cooler

Along with advanced touchscreen management, as well as a temperature choice of 8 to 18.5 Degrees C, it is extremely straightforward to make use of the configurations to fit your unique requirements. You will find there's is an electronic digital temperatures display that will not leave you speculating how cool your wine beverages may be chilled.

48L Wine Chiller Cooling 16 Wine Bottles

With an internal illumination rendering it easy to understand exactly how complete, or bare your wine cooler is. Simple to use touchscreen technology management with electronic temperature monitor.
(Rating: 4.94/5) - £116 Get It Husky Front Wine Cooler

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06: Kalamera Wine Cooler Fridge Glass 12 Bottles

This wine cooler fridge with glass front includes 3 pieces easily removed steel wine ledges that may be utilised for customised safe keeping, and they slip out easily for simple wine choosing.

The thermo electrical cooling feature boasts noiseless functioning and vibration free safe keeping for 'well rested' vino. The industrial glass threshold is insulated to assist conserve excellent internal temperatures.

Free Standing Wine Cooler Fridge With Black Glass Door

Kalamera Wine Cooler Fridge Glass Door

Free standing construction is ideal for compact areas and constitutes emplacement in your household effortless.

The electronic temperature display screen is straightforward to interpret and guarantees precise temperature command. Internal LED illumination lights up your particular collection, and in addition appropriates for best observing.
[Rating: 9/10] - £99 Get It → Kalamera Wine Cooler Fridge Glass Door

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07: Husky 12 Bottles Slim Upright Designer Wine Cooler

This slim wine bottle chiller is ideal for stocking your much loved red or white wine. No matter the type of wine, the 'variable thermostat' enables you to manage the temperatures involving 8 to 18 degrees Celsius, so you are able to cool your wine beverages to you requirements.

12 Bottles Slim Designer Wine Cooler In Black With Glass Front

Husky 12 Bottles Slim Wine Cooler

Even though becoming functional because of it's slimline style, this particular wine bottle chiller can hold around 12 bottles of wine whenever you want. Total capacity is around 35 Litres or 12 bottles of wine.
(Rating: 4.95/5) - £122 Get It - Husky Designer Wine Cooler

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08: Inventor 49L Glass Door Small Wine Refrigerator

A small wine refrigerator that establishes celebrating a drink effortless and favourable in just about any space. Compact in dimensions, however big in safe keeping space adequate to 49 Litres.

It includes a top ledge for 5 vino bottles as well as a pull out container for associated bottles plus tins. A modern concept with an ultra-violet glass doorway for solar power radiation safety.

135 Kwh Small Wine Refrigerator In All Black

Inventor 49L Small Wine Refrigerator

This black stainless steel wine cooler possesses 1 shelf for 5 wine bottles, as well as a container for bottles and tin cans etc. It economises room in your principal fridge by securely preserving all of your favoured vino.

An innovative conception including two-sided glass doorway, and using automatic temperature commands ranging from 5 up to 18 degrees Celsius.
[Rating: 9/10] - £109 Get It → Inventor Small Wine Refrigerator

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09: Sterling Pro 274 Bottle Digital Beverage Cooler

The Sterling Pro bottle chiller provide the most cost-effective design. The thoroughly tested style comes with a good record for overall performance, as well as dependability - so you are able to chill with confidence. The triple door cabinets possess a capacity sufficient for 274 bottles of wine.

3 Way Door 274 Bottle Capacity Beverage Cooler In Black Finish

Sterling Pro 274 Bottle Beverage Cooler

It also features self-closing doors for simplicity of use. This cooler offers a three-way door bottle chiller that is efficient, long lasting and cost-effective. Unquestionably this wine bottle refrigerator is tough, dependable and straightforward to utilise.

Comes With 6 Flexible Wine Cooling Racks

The Sterling Professional provides good durability, and because of useful functions such as self-closing doors and crystal clear LCD display screens, it is really simple to run. It makes sense - a long-lasting and efficient bottle chiller that really does exactly what it must.
(Rating: 4.95/5) - £738 Get It - Sterling Pro Beverage Cooler

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10: Russell Hobbs 8 Bottle Wine Chiller LED Screen

This RH wine bottle fridge holds and cools around 8 wine bottles, even though producing extra room inside your primary fridge. The shaped racks contain the bottles of wine in position, even though making certain they are arranged and straightforward to get to.

8 Bottle Wine Chiller In Black With Wine Glasses

Russell Hobbs 8 Bottle Wine Chiller

The interior illumination lights up your refreshments choice and the switch managed temperatures are shown on the simple to read LED display screen. The machine also offers variable height feet to make certain the chiller is secure. This fashionable, horizontal 8 bottle wine bottle chiller will look excellent in almost any kitchen area.

8 Wine Bottles Chiller Is Small And Fashionable

It is functional and practical, helping you save room inside your primary family fridge. Positioned 27.6cm tall, and measuring 41.5cm broad by 52.7cm deep, the wine chiller is small enough to be located easily in many kitchens.
(Rating: 4.94/5) - £84 Get It - Russell Hobbs Small Wine Fridge

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10 Wine And Beer Fridges Rated - Modern Bottle Chillers For Drinks

Regardless of whether referred to as under counter wine coolers, wine fridges or simply wine bottle refrigerators, you can expect functional styles to suit your way of living, such as chillers which are perfect underneath the counter top.

Easy to comprehend tall cooler LED displays and temperature management are a few other capabilities supplied with our glass front fridges.

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