Best Small Kitchen Wine Cooler Fridges All Freestanding

Updated 28/01/2022:
We help you find the best wine cooler fridge with stylish glass front models where you can generate space in the main family refrigerator. A range of contemporary under counter or freestanding wine coolers with 8, 12 and 18 bottles, even dual-zone with inner LED light and touch screen.

Before buying the ideal freestanding wine fridge, it is essential to comprehend how wine is kept and the basics of wine refrigeration - distinct from alternative types of drink cooling.

: Subcold Viva20 Premium Wine Fridge Cooler

Within this Subcold Viva20 wine bottle chiller with conditioning specific zones, it will be possible to maintain approximately 6 wine bottles. This model features two chilling locations with an environment variable of 7 up to 18 C - and then 10 to around 18 degrees C.

There exists space for 6 bottles inside the cold sector of the cabinet. The rack in the lower sector can hold your bottles of Burgandy or merlot wine. Influence the temperature conveniently with the back-lit LCD information screen.

LED Table-Top Fridge In Black
Subcold Viva20 LED Wine Fridge


  • Shelves Lit By Stunning White Light
  • Suitable Built-In Or Freestanding


  • None..

Key Features:

You will be able to maintain approximately 6 bottles. This unique version has a single cooling sector with a temperature array of 8 up to 18 C. Your wine cooler includes a glass entry door with a dual protected UV-protection window. Influence the temperature very quickly with the settings.

The bottles are put on the retractable shelving, lit up by a gorgeous white light. You have an excellent little Subcold Viva20 wine chiller that fits pretty much any place: in the motorboat, the caravan, your bungalow or any house with a modest-sized open area.

What To Look For:

  • Glass Door Insulated UV-Protected
  • Low Energy Consumption 109 Kwh Year

Why We Love It:

  • Serves At Best Temperature
  • Danish Styled Wine Fridge

Black Tall Wine Fridge Glass Door

£179   Subcold Viva20 Wine Fridge Cooler - Get It!  

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: R.Hobbs Freestanding/In-Built Wine Cooler

The Russell Hobbs wine bottle chiller provides a streamlined structure. It is typically freestanding or integrated - rendering it a genuinely versatile kitchen appliance.
The steel appears contemporary and stylish, although the invertible legs and flexible door confirm this wine chiller will suit flawlessly in your own home despite the design or format.

This wine cooler possesses a 22 litres potential, letting you keep up to 7 wine bottles. The 6 chromium racks store a single bottle upon every shelf, keeping your bottles secure. This unique black wine bottle chiller has a B grade energy performance score and LED to reduce your power bills.


  • Chic Black Style Wine Cooler
  • Ideal For Anywhere In The House


  • None At All

Key Features:

This excellent multi-purpose wine cooler incorporates a low 39 dB A sound formation. Therefore it fits in virtually any area of your household. Dimensions in (cm) are - H 87 x W 52.5 x D 15 cm.
The temperature regulation inside the RH wine cooler can make it amazingly simple to adapt so the temperature properly fit your needs - continuing to keep your wines fantastic.

What To Look For:

  • Reversible Feet And Flexi Door
  • Keeps Perfect Temperature Range

Why We Love It:

  • Beautiful Chrome Shelves
  • Low 39 dB (A) Sound Output

Tall Under Counter Wine Cooler In Black

£180   R.Hobbs Tall Under Counter Wine Cooler - Get It!  

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: Baridi Wine Cooler Under-Counter With Lock

This highest regarded 80-litre capability black bar fridge with invertible glass door is appropriate for wine bottles, carbonated drinks, beer cans, dairy, water bottles and snack foods.
The integrated thermostat is to influence temperature to customer's personal preference. It offers a temperature spectrum of 3 up to 10 degrees C for flawlessly cooled beverages.

An automated defrost characteristic installed to make employing this system as effortless and effortless as is feasible. Style highlights two solid removable wire stand racks, inner LED light and integrated protection lock to keep drink safe and sound.

What To Look For:

  • Class A+ Rating Very Economical
  • For Beer, Cans, Milk And Bottles

Why We Love It:

  • Automatic Defrost Incorporated
  • Low Sound For Bar And Bedroom

Key Features:

Low energy utilization is standard due to Class A+ ranking, rendering it inexpensive and peaceful to operate at only 42 dB. The dimensions of W x D x H mm 474 x 440 x 840 mm makes this Baridi beer refrigerator exquisite for under counters with the food prep or any area inside your home.


  • Very Low Noise Output
  • Adjustable Shelves


  • None..

Black Wine Cooler With 3 Racks

£199   Baridi Black Wine Cooler - Get It!  

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: Inventor Kitchen Wine Cooler Freestanding

The Inventor wine and beer cooler is for experiencing that well-deserved, chilly beer, a relaxing glass of wine, or a non-alcoholic drink of your determination. Appropriate for office spaces and dormitories determines just at H 64.2 x W 48 x D 44 cm. There exists a humidity holder for unique varieties of wine refreshments.


  • Stunning Blue LED Inner Light
  • Low Noise Chilling Function


  • No

Key Features:

The fridge is substantial in its safe-keeping features, with about 66 Litres, offering four racks of 5 wine bottles of regular proportions per ledge. It includes a container for numerous wine bottles and tins. A modern structured appliance with an ultra-violet glass door to prevent solar rays, an electronic screen panel, and blue led light exists for that unique atmospheric feel.

This progressed style beautiful wine refrigerator saves space within your primary family fridge by securely continuing to reserve your preferred wines and craft ales. Presenting 4 racks for 5 ordinary-sized wine bottles on every shelf, including containers for various bottles and beers.

What To Look For:

  • External Digital Cooling Control
  • Unique Atmospheric Settings Panel

Why We Love It:

  • Fits 5 Wine Bottles Per Shelf
  • A Energy Class Low Energy Use

Kitchen Wine Cooler With Glass Door

£159   Inventor Wine Cooler 24 Bottles - Get It!  

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Which Type Of Wine Cooler Fridge?

These fantastic kitchen wine cooler mini fridges are created to steadily lower the temperature and keep ideal moisture levels favourable for the safe-keeping of wines. Maintain a constant temperature for wine - removing the chance of odour infiltrating the flavour.

Wines Demand Correct Temperature

Any freestanding wine fridge must be made to drop temperature ranges and exude moisture quickly. They will function at temperatures without decreased humidity that may risk drying of corks and upsetting wines. Air compressors may cause vibration, which stops the ageing procedure.

The Features To Watch Out For

Specialist electric wine coolers must be first place on the wish list for all homes that consider their particular wine rather earnestly. Being aware of what to watch out for can promise that you make a smart fridge purchase to obtain what you require.

Space At Home For An Upright Wine Cooler

The area available to you will determine the 'kind of wine refrigerator cabinet' you can maintain. With the upright slim wine cooler and beneath counter products obtainable, you will see something for each area. The number of bottles you have to store will specify the capability you need.

: Infographic Showing How To Chill Different Wines

Vino storage and chill wine infographic showing how to store different types of wine at different temperatures.
Infographic Chill Different Wines

How Many Wine Bottles Or Bubbly?

Having a full range of capabilities in a position to hold several bottles, you will discover chic slimline wine cooler merchandise competent to manage all requirements. Bear in mind that bubbly and red wine bottles will undoubtedly be more significant and enjoy even more space.

Eco-Friendly Cooler To Keep Bills Low

Sufficient heat insulation does not just make sure that temperatures stay constant, and satisfaction is increased; nevertheless, the warmer surrounding air will not impact the safe-keeping circumstances. Insulation of the under counter wine cooler will help performance and keep bills low.

Wine Refrigerator Doors And Sizes

The number of doors will undoubtedly correspond with the dimensions of any 300 mm wine cooler appliance, or bigger. With solitary and dual possibilities, you can select whatever wine refrigerator is more suited to your requirements and specific kitchen design.

: Candy Wine Fridge Extremely Quiet

Key Features:

Freestanding Wine Fridge In All Black

£199   Candy Freestanding Wine Fridge - Get It!  

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: Cookology Under-Counter Wine Cooler 12 Bottles

Key Features:

Slim Under-Counter Wine Cooler With Glass Door

£299   Cookology Wine Cooler - Get It!  

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: Buy The Right Freestanding Wine Fridge

An excellent dual temperature tall wine fridge supplies superior storage for the two white and red wine beverages attaining best serving temperatures in a single solution. Instead of buying two individual items, it really is often more useful to incorporate the two and conserve space.

: Tabletop, Freestanding Or Under Counter

Every one of the perhaps two tabletop wine cooler partitions may be established in distinct temperatures setting up a mixed display. This does not bargain on the sincerity of the wine irrespective of colour. The temperature ranges you need depends on your wine that is to be kept.

: Dual Zone Wine Fridge Temperature Control

Generally speaking, the lighter your wine, the colder the serving temperatures so search for a simple to operate dual zone wine cooler control panel including an exact temperature control system. Monitoring and complete control of circumstances without using a fridge thermometer device.

: The Ideal Wine Cooler Shelving

The bigger the system, the more racks you will have. Shelves can generally be adaptable to supply complete versatility when personalising or arranging. Almost all stainless steel wine cooler shelves must be made of solid materials to provide extra security for expensive wine bottles.

: Wine Coolers With Reinforced Glass Door

In case you prefer glass to a sturdy door to exhibit your wine beverages, make sure you decide upon a slimline wine cooler with 'reinforced glass' for protection and multiple panes for energy efficiency. This will likely keep the wine cool, although assisting your system operating successfully.

: Keeping Wine Bottles On Their Sides

Not all refreshment coolers are prepared for bottles so select a wine cooler fridge with smooth shifting, solid wood racks made to keep wines on their sides. This will make it much easier to observe every bottle of wine and makes sure that corks stay hydrated during safe-keeping.

There is undoubtedly no more stylish appearance for kitchen areas and household bars than a freestanding wine fridge in steel, therefore avoid settling for less if you desire a 'sophisticated visual appeal' in your own home.

: Amica Under Counter Drinks Fridge For Wine

This particular steel under counter drinks fridge with 15 wine bottles capacity in a slender style signifies you will look forward to delightful tasting vino time after time.
A fashionable electric refrigerator that intends to supply customers with superior characteristics that keep your wines in impeccable circumstances.

Black Drinks Fridge With 7 Flat Ledges

Key Features:

Maintain your wine chiller at it's trusted and necessitated temperature using the over cooling alert, which signals you when this stainless steel wine cooler reaches an unwanted temperature, enabling you to modify it with comfort.
[Rating: 9/10]   £239   Get It → Amica Under-Counter Drinks Fridge  

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: Husky HUS Internal Illumination Wine Frige

The fashionable large wine capacity fridge is ideal for all households. This small but stylish fridge is a good accessory for any kind of kitchen, where you can forget about battling with regard to space in the refrigerator. It's even better for parties and events.

The slender drinks wine bottle chiller contains the capability to maintain 4 bottles the right way up. This may be well suited for keeping opened wine bottles perfectly chilled.

The refined interior light and the blue-lit digital screen contributes atmosphere to the area. A thermoelectric concept makes sure of successful and economical chilling.
Having a fashionable curved mirror impact entry door, the slimline refreshments refrigerator is electronically manipulated using a touch-screen display.

What To Look For:

  • Chic Curved Mirror Door
  • Unique Chrome Plated Shelving

Why We Love It:

  • Functioning Via Touch Screen
  • Blue Lit-Up Digital Interior

Wine Frige In Metallic Silver Finish

Key Features:

This excellent classy, 32 litres total capacity chiller is terrific for small settings. The thermoelectric concept may be electronically tweaked to maintain your beverages.

It keeps the best functioning temperature somewhere between 8 to 18 C, rendering it comprehensively exquisite for experiencing your refreshments at the perfect temperature.

Additionally, there is no vibrations functioning, signifying bottle deposits is not disrupted. It saves 12 regular 75 cl wine bottles at a perfect temperature with chrome finished scalloped shelves structure.


  • Stylish Under Counter
  • 6 Interior Steel Racks


  • None..

This particular flexible wine chiller functions combined shelves, which means you may keep 'bubbly' wine bottles, bottles of sparkling wine and also soft-drink refreshments and containers to fit your preference.
(Rating: 9/10)   £146   Get It   Husky HUS Wine Cooler Fridge  

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: UV Filter On Wine Cooler Glass Doors

It is strongly recommended to buy under-counter wine coolers which include ultra-violet filter systems on the glass. Intense sunshine on bottles of wine can harm the merchandise and decrease the level of quality.

: Wine Fridge Interior Lighting

Various wine cabinetry is operated with interior lighting, presenting wine bottles in the most engaging methods. Determine if the mini wine fridge would take advantage of a protected locking mechanism. This kind of fridge with lock principle can offer safety for your priceless wine bottles.

: Styles For Your Home Interior Decor

Having a selection of external colours obtainable, you can design the entire unit as outlined by your own style and interior decoration. By way of perhaps a black wine cooler or chrome, dark coloured, grey or steel to select from, there exists a product to fit all firms or householders.

The rack finish may be chosen to fit with exterior components offering a comprehensive uniform overall look that may be great looking. If you need a different style of slim wine cooler impact, this can be organised with a range of finishes like wood and steel etc.

: Haier Free Standing Glass Door Wine Cooler

This is a stunning 30cm wide wine chiller including ample capacity inside a fashionable exterior. Characteristics incorporate wood slide out ledges with the total capacity to contain 20 bottles.

Maintain your refreshments refreshingly refrigerated with this unique wine bottle chiller from Haier. It can accommodate up to 53 wine bottles simultaneously and is the quintessential prerequisite for all those friends and family get-togethers.


  • Ideal For Family Gatherings
  • Damping Anti-Vibration Model


  • No! OK The Price..

Tempered Glass Wine Fridge In Black Steel Exterior

Key Features:

Because of the dual-zone environment, two independent specific zones enable you to keep the white and red wine beverages alongside one another at the most suitable temperature ranges.

Ultraviolet rays are the adversaries of wine beverages. Due to the glass entry door with anti-UV filtration systems, the wines are safeguarded against unnecessary radiation. The wine bottle chiller possesses a substantial damping anti-vibration structure.

What To Look For:

  • Ambient Temperature Environments
  • Advanced Thermoelectric Technology

Why We Love It:

  • Temperatures For Red Or White
  • Easily Holds Up To 53 Bottles

The compressor inside the wine bottles store incorporates a model that wipes out dangerous micro-vibrations to your wine beverage combined with any disturbances.

This electric refrigerator observes the best circumstances for the secure safe keeping of your wine and the ideal addition to virtually any working cooking area construction.

Display screen colour style in red with a touch command. Temperature areas comprise twin/single and temperature store zone with 5 large wooden slide out ledges.
[Rating: 9/10]   £799   Get It → Haier Thermoelectric Glass Wine Fridge  

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: Freestanding Wine Cooler Fridges In Steel And Black

Irrespective of whether termed as under counter wine coolers, wine refrigerators or just stainless steel wine cooler fridges, you may expect practical styles to match your lifestyle, such as chillers that are ideal beneath the counter.

: Husky 12 Bottles Slim Designer Wine Cooler

This slim wine bottle chiller is ideal for stocking your much loved red or white wine. No matter the type of wine, the 'variable thermostat' enables you to manage the temperatures involving 8 to 18 degrees Celsius, so you are able to cool your wine beverages to you requirements.


  • The Mirrored Door Is Exceptional
  • Ideal For Drinks Entertainment Area


  • None..

The Husky Reflections kitchen counter refreshments cooler is designed for individuals who desire to drink at the appropriate temperature in the comfort of their own household. A touchscreen display makes it possible for rather a simple temperature administration.

Due to an 8 to 18 C temperature spectrum, it's well suited for the safe-keeping of refreshments. The streamlined black reflecting surface area oozes elegance, and its advanced style touchscreen technology performance makes it simple to implement.

12 Bottles Slim Designer Wine Cooler In Black With Glass Front

Even though becoming functional because of it's slimline style, this particular wine bottle chiller can hold around 12 bottles of wine whenever you want. Total capacity is around 35 Litres or 12 bottles of wine.

The beverages wine bottle chiller incorporates a 16 bottle total capacity, just the thing for Saturday or Sunday garden celebrations - or extended summertime evening fun.

What To Look For:

  • Always The Correct Temperature
  • Silent Function And Big Enough

Why We Love It:

  • Lovely Black Reflective Surface
  • Weekend Evening Garden Parties?

Pleasingly, the portable tabletop dimensions are adaptable to be used all over your home and are simply perfect for celebrations. Use it for typical implementation, clearing up breathing space in the primary home family fridge. It can keep up to 16 x 75 cl wine bottles upon four bottle racks.

A silent performance makes it perfect for utilisation in any celebration location in your house. The temperature range is exhibited on the fashionable Reflections mirrored entry door.

(Rating: 9/10)   £147   Get It - Husky Designer 16 Bottle Wine Cooler  

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You might have a favoured company and wish to stay with whatever you know already. If it is the first kitchen wine cooler you have bought, be sure to find out what each manufacturer can provide. You might find that by spending more, in the beginning, it could save you cash over time.

Uncomplicated to understand tall cooler LED screens and temperatures administration are some additional features provided with our glass door wine cooler fridges on this page. Good luck!