10 Best Small Table Top Fridge Counter-Top Options Reviewed

Our hand picked best mini drinks fridges with modest proportions take up minimal space on your kitchen area counter top. Use inside any work-place, dining-room - for moderate size flats and student digs. The small counter top fridges offer a wire rack and reversible door, enabling you to improvise. See our mini locking fridges.

01: Caldura Small Noiseless Black Mini Fridge With Light

Caldura refrigeration goods are specialist equipment, created mainly for use in perhaps visitor spaces. Built to meet the requirements of space constrained surroundings, the Caldura 17 litres big small in size mini fridge measures under 14 inches in height.

17 Litres Small Black Mini Fridge Showing 3 Sizes

The sleek and stylish small black refrigerator utilises specific electronics to reduce the power usage and substantially decrease the pace of the air conditioning fans when the appropriate working temperature has been attained. The consequence of this is to slow up the sound released to hardly a sound when operating.
[Rating: 9/10] - £84 Get It → Caldura Small Black Mini Fridge

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02: R.Hobbs Low Noise Small Black Counter Top Fridge

This particular black counter top refrigerator is ideal if you are looking for additional refrigerator space. Featuring it's compact size and simple style, this mini chiller may fit perfectly upon any kind of kitchen area top without looking out of place. See our new cheap chest freezers to match this.

Small Black Counter Top Fridge With Cans Inside

This specific mini cooler incorporates a 17 Litres potential, therefore it is suitable for keeping those supplemental basics, or just liberating room in your primary fridge. It's perfect for cooking areas, living spaces, or perhaps bedrooms. It comes detailed with 1 detachable wire ledge and versatile legs to support your preferences.
[Rating: 9/10] - £65 Get It → R.Hobbs Small Black Counter Top Fridge

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03: Prem Small Quiet Table-Top Mini Fridge For Sale

A small sized mini table beer electric refrigerator containing a 48 Litres gross total capacity.

This highly popular cutting-edge and space economising home appliance allows competent refrigeration using an A+ electricity evaluation. It possesses a reversible door and it's possible to individualise this modern fridge to best accommodate you.

48L Small Quiet Table Mini Fridge In White

With ledge incorporated and noiseless functioning, this first-class compact fridge entails that it will not assume too much space, great if your simply demand a small-scale extra refrigerator.

However, this particular small drinks fridge can be effortlessly positioned in just about any space of the household, for example the sleeping room or perhaps study for maximum flexibility.
[Rating: 9/10] - £64 Get It → Prem Small Quiet Table Mini Fridge

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04: Ice Appliance LED Soft Light Black Bottle Fridge

A small black 23 Litres capability design that utilises thermo-electric systems to chill your refreshments effectively and swiftly. The SuperChill is the only product in it's category that actually will cool right down to 7 degrees, rendering it 'well suited for cans of beer' - as well as sparkling wine beverages etc.

LED Super Chill Black Bottle Fridge With Glass Door

The refrigerator weighs below 10.2kg, which makes it genuinely transportable to be used outside the house, in a conservatory, on a motorboat for example. The small size impact indicates it requires little space on your cooking area table top, within any work-place, dining area or for modest flats and university student digs.
[Rating: 8.5/10] - £129 Get It → Ice Appliance Black Bottle Fridge

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05: VonShef Small 47 Litres Eco Mini Drinks Fridge

Preserve your food items cool whenever space is limited using this first-class smart small mini drinks fridge, great for mobile homes, work places, gyms, studio apartments or compact cooking spaces. Fashionable in black colour with a silk conclusion, this mini refrigerator will comfortably organise with all your additional kitchen home appliances.

Exactly like a life-size refrigerator, it cools down snacks and drink just a couple of hours - in addition using it's A+ electricity grading, it is an energy competent and efficient purchase. Using 41 Litres of cooling environment, it's possible to intelligently accommodate in refreshments, fruits, bites, sweets as well as extras.

Small Mini Drinks Fridge With Black Casing

You will find a 5 Litres ice constructing area perfect for creating ice or perhaps keeping your favoured lollipops and ice creams at low temperature. A makers 2 years guarantee is incorporated. This small refrigerator might be compact in height, however it's 41 L total capacity can effortlessly chill your food items and beverages expeditiously and quickly.

It includes far more functionality compared to a beer refrigerator inside any students sleeping room, although the electric refrigerator operates just like a life-sized interpretation. It provides a competent resolution wherever room is tight and there is even a small sized ice establishing area if you prefer to 'extremely chill' your beverages. Plus, A+ electricity usage preserves functioning expenses low.
[Rating: 9/10] - £89 Get It → VonShef Small Mini Drinks Fridge

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06: Kalamera 12 Bottle Small Beer Fridge Touch Screen

This highly recommended small beer fridge with touch screen delivers with 3 pieces easily removed steel wine ledges, which can be expended for customised safe keeping - they slip out easily for simple wine choosing etc.

A thermo-electrical cooling system feature possesses hushed performance and vibration liberated storage for your vino. Industrial glass door is insulated to assist preserve first-rate internal temperature values.

LED Lit Small Beer Fridge With Wine Bottles

It is a completely free standing construction, great for compact areas and renders positioning inside your household effortless. Electronic temperature display screen is easy to interpret and guarantees precise temperature control conditions. Internal LED illumination lights up your accumulation and appropriates for best observing.
[Rating: 9/10] - £99 Get It → Kalamera Small Beer Fridge

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07: R.H Space-Saving Small Black Fridge Reversible Door

The black small kitchen countertop fridge is among the best alternatives to solve lack of chilling space. This specific elegant as well as space-saving home appliance supplies successful cooling using an A+ electrical power ranking. The energy usage stands at just 110 kW/h each year.

Small Black Fridge With White Interior

The fridge is sleek and stylish enough to be used throughout your house - kitchen area, family room, bed room or place of work. The merchandise incorporates an easily-removed wire ledge, along with a reversible door, permitting you to personalise to suit your needs. The door bottle shelving lets you maintain a selection of refreshments.
[Rating: 9/10] - £65 Get It → R.Hobbs Small Black Fridge

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08: Igenix Countertop Style Small Table Top Fridge

This highly popular and fashionable steel 47 Litres countertop style small table top fridge is ideal for small sized cooking spaces or flats using it's two-sided lock door. It is additionally an impressive selection as a standby refrigerator and has been configured to function with temperatures in between 16 to 38 degrees Centigrade.

An excellent 4 star graded electric refrigerator that's extremely economic to function using an A+ electricity ranking that exclusively uses up 110 kWh of power per annum.

Table Top Fridge On Kitchen Counter

Ample safe keeping total capacity of 47L with functional ledge inside for safe keeping milk or refreshments. 2 wide ledges will keep snacks, for example dairy items plus an ice container to keep more small-scale flash-frozen particulars, which includes ice dices, (popsicles) and ice cream tubs etc.

Space can occasionally become restricted, therefore the characteristics allow you to alternate the method the door opens up, intending that it's possible to be adjustable for wherever your counter top refrigerator is kept, enabling you to increase your living environment.

Appropriate for individuals who share lodgings and prefer to continue food particulars separated and secure, including 2 door keys so it's possible to possess shared entry. It is an estimable facility for people with young family members who want to maintain particular food items away from their kids. The door additionally intends it can be generally used in school houses etc.
[Rating: 9/10] - £89 Get It → Igenix Small Table Top Fridge

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09: Husky Budweiser Glass Door 45L Cool Mini Fridge

A functional small glass door 45L cool mini fridge delivers with a vast inner potential with a clear threshold to exhibitionist the objects of your refrigerator. This chiller is in an ash grey colour using the authorised Budweiser marking on equally the door as well as aspect of the merchandise.

Including an electricity efficiency evaluation of A+, this highly popular mini refrigerator can additionally accommodate adequate to 40 x 330 and 440 ml tins of refreshments while still 'economising' on your electricity bills. Thanks it's dimensions, this small unit is appropriate for virtually any space in your household.

Cool Mini Fridge With Blue Text Logo

It may be expended like an extra safe keeping space perfect for the cooking area, or can simply provide superior ease of use in the living or even dining area whenever friends are visiting. A first-class example that is just right for displacing practically all drinks to the modern small electric refrigerator.

Liberating room inside your primary fridge to prepare for the majority of grocery store goods, it offers functional and effortless to command temperatures thanks to it's 5 environment thermo-regulator. It's a perfect buy when you prefer to keep your beverages chilled and liberate room in your principal fridge.
[Rating: 9/10] - £122 Get It → Husky 45 Litres Cool Mini Fridge

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10: iceQ 15L Fashionable Quiet Mini Bar Fridge

This impressive 15 Litres cherry-red luxurious and fashionable quiet mini bar fridge with viewing window is a substantially constructed moderately sized box. The high inner potential allows the safe keeping of several particulars, however it is great for cooling down beverages and can effortlessly accommodate adequate to 15 regular 330 ml drinks tins or perhaps bigger bottles.

A highly recommended mini refrigerator that is just right for sleeping rooms, work place tables in addition to expanses of restricted environments. It possesses an integrated window, easily removed ledge, matte red construction and a built-in 'carry hand grip' for effortless relocation.

Mini Bar Fridge In Bright Red Finish

Furnished for both a GB mains powered connector as well as a 12 Volt vehicle cigar lighter outlet, it's possible to deploy this small refrigerator in your home base or even inside the motorcar. The refrigerator adopts a thermo electrical facility and cools down to as much as an upper limit of approximately 20 degrees Centigrade.

The merchandise additionally possess a power heating strategy perfect for maintaining food items hot. Be sure to note that this small fridge is simply not completely soundless, but offers a full 1 year guarantee.
[Rating: 9/10] - £64 Get It → iceQ Fashionable Mini Bar Fridge

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Best Portable Mini Fridges For Sale - Saving Valuable Space

Browse our small drinks fridges for keeping refreshments and snacks inside your dormitory, business office or game-play space.

The sleek and stylish cool mini fridge are leading solutions for their practical dimensions and dependable overall performance - from the inexpensive to the costly.

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