Stylish Mini Drink Cooler Fridges - Ideal For Bedrooms

Updated 27/01/2022:
Our selected best mini drinks fridges with humble dimensions take up little space on your kitchen countertop. Utilise a small beer fridge inside any area like the bedroom, for small-sized flats and then student rooms. These little fridges are compact, portable and quiet.

Why Buy A Mini Drinks Fridge?
A silent mini fridge is an incredibly unique item of utility which is helpful for various requirements. Persons generally choose a mini fridge for ease of mobility and manageable size.

Fridge Beer Ready To Drink
Fridge Beer Ready To Drink

: Sub Super50 Glass Front Mini Fridge LED

A superior performance luxury mini fridge with elaborate compressor chilling technology, all integrated with a temperature array of 3 up to 18 degrees Celsius. With a variable rate thermostat, it's appropriate for wine bottles, beverage cans, fizzy drinks, dairy, treats, plus more.

An excellent build structure very dense foam injection cabinet moulding with top quality dual glazed protection glass door. The Subcold Super50 mini refrigerator is low energy and almost zero noise unit applying cost-effective energy use of only 66 kWh py, rendering it the lowest around.


  • Low Sound And Energy Efficient
  • Three Durable Chrome Ledges


  • None at all

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Ample Space For Up To 55 Tins
  • Hardened Stylish Glass Door

Unique Selling Point:

  • Lockable Cooler With 2 Keys
  • Ideal For Bedroom Or Kitchen

With tremendous low sound productivity of under 42 dB, it is suitable for utilisation in most areas in the household bar, living space or the workplace. Far more fantastic by style with extra chiller features and benefits, incorporating 3 solid detachable chromium wire racks and an inner LED light fixture.

Specs: 230V | 42 dB | 44 x 50 x 52.5 cm | 50L | 19.5 Kg

There exists a security locking mechanism with 2 keys offered to hold the contents of your table-top family fridge noticeable and safe - even if you are not about.
The Subcold Super50 mini-fridge matches even more locations with the stylish reversible toughened glass door. You get a 1-year complete guarantee, and the fridge is examined to substantial UK specs.

Glass Front Mini Fridge With Orange Drink Cans

£159   Sub Super50 Glass Front Mini Fridge - Get It!  

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: LIVIVO Small Mini Fridge Silent Function

A spacious 10 L mini refrigerator that is light, portable and simple to transport. The black fridge is perfect for refreshments, treats or even carrying your lunch break - and continuing to keep it chilled when you arrive. Due to dual power 12V and 240 V, this renders it very flexible everywhere.

Utilise a desktop or countertop at home or business office, 'beside the couch' in the living room, or perhaps a vehicle or truck. With a noiseless process, it's fashionable and functional while staying audibly gentle. The LIVIVO mini cooler is suitable for any bedroom, dormitory or superb kids' space.

With a comfortable profile should you be viewing Television or operating in your notebook, the modestly-sized family fridge can keep drinks close and at the perfect temperature. Uncover the streamlined style and quiet usage - ideal for the home bar and silent for the sleeping room.


  • Low Sound For The Bedroom
  • Use 12V DC Or 240V AC Power


  • None..

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Looks Great - Keeps Lunch Fresh
  • Use At Home Or The Work Office

Unique Selling Point:

  • Great For A Shared Flat
  • Comes In Black Or White

This unique refrigerator is incredibly convenient in the dining area, storage area or workplace. Fashionable and exceptionally functional, the LIVIVO mini cooler is preferable as simple to access the settee side beverage refrigerator, or just as an item for installing in a kids room, etc.

Specs: 12V And 240V | 42.5 x 35 x 29 cm | 4.4 Kilos | 10L

Should you be desperate for space from stocked full tins in your family fridge, should you be frustrated by consistent stealing your treats and refreshments? Perhaps you want to reconstruct the extravagance of a lodge bar in your house, then it is the perfect time to buy a little fridge.

Small Mini Fridge With White Interior

£64   LIVIVO Silent Small Mini Fridge - Get It!  

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: Mini Fridge Features To Recognise

Several small fridges offer personal advantages for almost everyone, but the most significant benefit of possessing a coke mini fridge is it's more compact. That means it's a lot easier to store in the majority of homes or particular areas.

: Types Of Fridge For Your Lifestyle

Contrary to a regular refrigerator which should be cautiously dealt with, a mini cooler fridge may be maintained incredibly easily. The units take up less space - plus many are those well-known fridges with locks to keep the children away from the beer.

: Great Styles For User Portability

The glass front mini fridges here are the ideal choice for busy locations and more compact bedrooms, office buildings, and homes where space is reasonably limited. Small refrigerators are simpler to move and can be positioned virtually anywhere without much effort or hard work.

: A Handy Addition For Extra Cooling

It's actually a misuse to possess lots of space that you don't require, and have to pay extra for all the increased electric which it utilises. Acquiring a little mini fridge covers that issue by making sure you have just as much as you require and not extra, making the area more streamlined.

: Kopparberg Husky Mini Fridge Removable Shelf

At last, a small fridge drinks chiller that is undoubtedly streamlined, light and portable, nevertheless consistently in a position to keep approximately 40 x 440 ml cans. This makes it the perfect associate for entertaining friends in your own household.

Take advantage of the incredible taste of the summer season with a flawlessly perfectly chilled beverage dished up out of this Husky Kopparberg drinks cooler.
The modern-day black case highlights aspect imprinted branding of 3 preferred tastes, even though the dual glazed door displays the emblem, offering an attractive presence to the contents within.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Unique Smart Reversible Door
  • Perfect For All Home Events

Unique Selling Point:

  • Fashionable Black Cabinet
  • Tough Double Glazed Door

Top Features:


  • Chill Via Thermostat
  • Big 48 Litres Capacity


  • Pricey..

The portable tabletop dimensions are flexible for use at home. They are exquisite for celebrations or standard usage, liberating up space in the primary home refrigerator. The remarkable 46 litres capacity equates to the storage space of several drink tins, all properly cooled via the variable thermostat.

Specs: Max 40 dB | 46 x 43 x 51 cm | 16.8 Kilos | 48 L

Having a dual rugged glazed entry door, this Husky Kopparberg drinks fridge highlights the unique and the best strategy to choose your preferred refreshments. All coming from a range of fashionable, licensed models incorporating Pepsi, limited from Husky.

Mini Beer Fridge With Black Shelf

£179   Kopparberg Husky Mini Beer Fridge - Get It!  

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: Cookology Mini Fridge Beverage Cooler

This chic freestanding refreshment chiller in black incorporates a reversible rugged glass door. It is a refrigerator that bags a massive 46 litres of air cooling into a modest unit, ideal for kitchens and flats. It is an A+ energy graded fridge due to the twin gazed door and top-quality insulating.

It is made with a twelve-month warranty with an audibly delicate, quiet functionality and durable door seals. The Cookology tabletop drink cooler is a superb approach to deliver just a little elegance and lots of chilling power to your household.

In streamlined black with a substantial glass window, the compartment is an excellent looking refreshments cooler, with space for nearly 40 regular 330 ml tins when combined with the associated wire rack.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • A Fully Insulated Appliance
  • Includes Toughened Glazed Door

Unique Selling Point:

  • Easy To Move Or Relocate Racks
  • Quiet Enough For The Bedroom

Top Features:


  • Eco Energy Efficient
  • Whisper Quiet Fridge


  • None at all here

The rack is extractable, so if you wish to implement it for more substantial containers, you have found the possibility. This 46 litres version is just the thing underneath any countertop, within any recess, or perhaps on your job surface area.

Any drinks refrigerator is a superb means to release space inside your daily family fridge. It ensures that there is always a cold glass of drink after an extended day of work. This Cookology beverage refrigerator equipment possesses an A+ energy performance rank, rendering it inexpensive 365 days a year.

Specs: 44 x 48 x 49.2 cm | 43L | 21.6 Kg | Energy Rating A+

The glass front side refreshment cooler is scored at only 41 dB, so it's simply perfect for kitchen areas, bedrooms and flats, where noiseless functionality is essential.

Black Mini Fridge In Square Shape

£114   Cookology Black Mini Fridge - Get It!  

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: Size And Styles Of The Fridge You Need

An excellent fridge generally offers thermostat regulation used to modify the heat inside of the refrigerator motor. The better the settings and the more extensive the selection, the more desirable the fridge is. The whole point of a mini bar fridge is size, but small is not always a better idea.

: Contemplate The Table-Top Fridge

Any smaller sized space for fridge storing can make it harder to maintain more drinks inside. Choose a specification which matches your requirements, but contemplating what you need the tabletop drinks fridge for will genuinely assist - however, must not be too heavy.

: Storage Racks For Beer And Cans

Although space is immediately proportionate to the scale the refrigerator, you will find likewise measured fridges that have distinct storage areas due to the way they are constructed. Generally speaking, bigger safe-keeping translates to a much better experience.

: Inner Components Temperature Safety

An excellent drinks cooler fridge must be insulated, allowing it to conserve the temperatures of the components better. The environmental temperature has more of an impact on the chilling properties of the fridge, so 'good heat insulation' likewise brings extra weight.

: Subcold Ultra Kids Mini Bedroom Fridge

Worthy of your interest is this compact and manageable small fridge with 10L capability to deal with 10 x 330 ml drinks. The appliance is ideal for bedrooms, office spaces, tenting, angling, open-air fun, travelling, all-natural beauty, car travelling, on the run, plus more.

It provides an AC mains 230V electric power lead with innumerable power selections, including a DC 12V electric power wire to connect with any vehicle cigarette socket.
This is for taking the little refrigerator to a lot more locations than in the past. The Subcold mini refrigerator cooler provides the capacity to accomplish more tranquilly and to outlast many others.

The modern-day thermoelectric structure may cool approximately 20C under the environmental temperature or warm up to 65 degrees Celsius. All continuing to keep your refreshments chilly or maybe foodstuff warm with just one click of a button.


  • Drinks Cooler Snack Warmer
  • Very Quiet Functionality


  • None..

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Ideal For Motorhome Journeys
  • Brilliant For Tenting Trips

Unique Selling Point:

  • Power Selections To Suit You
  • High Quality Brushless Motor

It is actually thoroughly automatic, functional and flexible to your necessities with the thermoelectric features. The Subcold mini fridge works exceptionally well as a smaller drinks chiller and warmer. Additionally, you should use it for snack foods and beers.

Specs: 24 x 29 x 34 cm | 3.8 Kilos | 10 Litres | 230V 50W

The smaller sized mini cooler and food heater are constructed from premium quality ABS with a glass completed superior entrance door. The included easy grab grip suggests that it is ready if you are. With a tremendously quiet process, it contains a brushless fan motor within.

Mini Fridge For Bedrooms In White

£64   Subcold Kids Mini Fridge For Bedrooms - Get It!  

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: COMFEE Small SOLO Mini Drinks Fridge

Preserve food items cool whenever space is limited using this first-class smart small mini drinks fridge, great for mobile homes, work places, gyms, studio apartments or compact cooking spaces.

The streamlined, lightweight COMFEE refrigerator with an ice container system compliments most traditional under countertop configurations. It is simply perfect for setting up in virtually any kitchen space.
It is simple to accommodate this unit for a college student living arrangements, or perhaps caravans, bedrooms and then motorhomes.

This drinks cooler is incredibly cost-effective with its contemporary structure. The fridge freezer comes with an A+ energy evaluation for less complicated and even more productive performance. It offers reduced power usage and operating expenditure.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Handy Small Freezer Space
  • Lower Power Less Expenses

Unique Selling Point:

  • Smart Looking Surface Finish
  • Useful Door Area For Bottles

Small Mini Drinks Fridge With Black Casing

Top Features:


  • Adjustable Temperature
  • Big 75L Chill Space


  • No

It is intended to fit underneath the countertop with surprisingly easy unit installation and incorporates adjustable legs for increased efficiency. Additionally, there is a good amount of interior space with an ice container, in addition to the water holder.

Specs: Energy Class A+ | 50 x 48 x 62 cm | 75 Litres

The 2 main racks and plenty of in-door storage compartment the two bottle stands. It is fantastic for stocking most food and refreshments you will need inside this excellent COMFEE fridge box. A suppliers two years guarantee is available.

It includes far more functionality compared to a beer refrigerator inside any students sleeping room, although the electric refrigerator operates just like a life-sized interpretation.

It provides a competent resolution wherever room is tight and there is even a small sized ice establishing area if you prefer to 'extremely chill' your beverages.
[Rating: 8/10]   £129 Get It → COMFEE SOLO Retro Drinks Fridge  

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: Husky Budweiser Glass Door Mini Fridge

A functional small glass door 45L cool mini fridge delivers with a vast inner potential with a clear threshold to exhibitionist the objects of your refrigerator.

The mini refrigerator beverage cooler is versatile but still able to keep cool close to 40 x 440 ml cans. This makes it the perfect accomplice for entertaining inside your household. Serve cooled Budweiser to your good friends with this Husky Budweiser refreshments chiller.

Presenting the established Budweiser advertising, this chills more than a few cans of beer, manipulating the temperatures with the aid of a variable five environment temperature control system. The silver case and condensed size involve it'll look solid any place in your home.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Stunning Dual Glazed Door
  • Accommodates 40 Big Cans

Unique Selling Point:

  • 5 Thermostat Configurations
  • Silver Cabinet Looks Superb

Cool Mini Fridge With Blue Text Logo

Top Features:


  • Compact And Portable
  • A+ Energy Efficiency


  • None at all here

An easy task to clean, the chiller includes an A+ energy evaluation for energy performance, supplies compressor established technology and is excellent for effective cooling down capabilities.
The portable tabletop dimensions are functional for use at home. It is an excellent choice for get-togethers or intended for typical use, releasing space in the number 1 home fridge.

Specs: 40 dB | 46 x 43 x 51 cm | 19.1 Kg | 220V | 48 Litres

Sporting a twin glazed door, this first-rate Husky drinks cooler features the drinks company symbol. It offers an attractive presence to the chilled contents within. Just the thing for revealing your complete refreshments chiller, and equipped to celebrate.

Liberating room inside your primary fridge to prepare for the majority of grocery store goods, it offers functional and effortless to command temperatures thanks to it's 5 environment thermo-regulator.
[Rating: 9/10]   £209   Get It → Husky Budweiser 48L Mini Fridge  

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: Buying A Mains Power Mini Fridge?

Your new fantastic little fridge must also be easily transportable, although weight performs a significant factor through this. It is additionally ruled by elements incorporating shape, proportions and the capability of mains power to use of the refrigerator.

: Keep Vino In A Proper Wine Cooler

Distinct mini fridges are suitable for diverse requirements, so it is wise to choose a drinks fridge if all you need is to maintain beer cold. Wine beverages are best kept in a proper wine cooler - any cube-style or travel portable mini fridge is ideal for ease of mobility.

: Eco-Friendly Glass Door Fridges

A superb fridge will need to dedicate less energy on chilling more proficiently. This implies less electric power usage and also requires less power that you should utilise. An excellent glass front mini fridge generates as few greenhouse emissions as is possible in its process.

: How To Find The Right Mini Fridge

Exclusive technologies utilised have different issues on the typical fridge, the power usage as well as the natural environment. You will find presently quite a few solutions in existence like thermoelectric chilling, compressor assisted, and absorption structured cooling systems.

: Low Noise And Less Heat Build-Up

Sound and heat are typical of fridge operation, but an excellent mini cooler fridge will need to make much less noise preferably. It really should have the ability to pass more heat as an indication that it cools considerably better, but eliminating heat from within the refrigerator.

: Compact And Light Weight Cooler

For its proportions, a small fridge will use up additional electric power when compared to the magnitude of space they may be chilling. This is mainly due to systems used to produce these refrigerators more compact and lighter in weight.

: R.Hobbs Small Fridge Reversible Door

The black small kitchen countertop fridge is among the best alternatives to solve lack of chilling space. This specific elegant as well as space-saving home appliance supplies successful cooling using an A+ electrical power ranking.

The compact Russell Hobbs kitchen counter cooler is the best option for home chiller requirements. Whether or not for snack foods, beverages or that extra bunch of sandwiches, you cannot squash into your regular family fridge. This small system is simple but can brag an upper limit of 17 Litres.

This is an excellent mini chiller for office buildings, bedrooms or utility areas. This specific modern-day, trendy and space-saving machine gives you successful refrigeration due to an A+ energy score and silent chilling performance. All signifying bills and sounds are maintained down.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Low Noise Big Capacity
  • Door Area For Bottles

Unique Selling Point:

  • Ideal Secondary Fridge
  • Perfect For Any Bedroom

Small Fridge With White Interior

Top Features:


  • Suitable For Any Room
  • Big 17 Litres Capacity


  • None..

The fridge is elegant enough for secondary use in your household kitchen space, living room space, sleeping zone or even business office. This accommodating solution has a detachable wire rack and flexible feet, letting you personalise the area, plus a range of 5 up to 15 degrees.

Specs: 7.3Kg | 38 dB | 38 x 42 x 34 cm | 17L | 84 Kw/Py

It is a terrific fit for any household, living space or office at home with perfect energy standing that helps maintain costs down. If you are close by it through the night, the silent chilling results will not keep you up.

This Russell Hobbs countertop refrigerator likewise includes a 1-year warranty, which can be triggered by signing up the merchandise on the Internet site.

The fridge is sleek and stylish enough to be used throughout your house - kitchen area, family room, bed room or place of work. The merchandise incorporates an easily-removed wire ledge, along with a reversible door, permitting you to personalise to suit your needs.
[Rating: 8/10]   £109 Get It → R.Hobbs Small Black Fridge  

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: Igenix Countertop Small Table Top Fridge

This highly popular and fashionable steel 47 Litres countertop style small table top fridge is ideal for small sized cooking spaces or flats using it's two-sided lock door.
It is additionally an impressive selection as a standby refrigerator and has been configured to function with temperatures in between 16 to 38 degrees Centigrade.


  • Ample 4L Freezer Zone
  • Locking Door Mechanism


  • None..

Table Top Fridge On Kitchen Counter

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Keep Drinks And Snacks Cool
  • Very Useful Reversible Door

Unique Selling Point:

  • Low Noise Level Max 41dB
  • Freezer Ideal For Ice Cubes

Appropriate for individuals who share lodgings and prefer to continue food particulars separated and secure, including 2 door keys so it's possible to possess shared entry.

Specs: 15 Kg | 47 x 44 x 51 cm | 47L | Freezer 4L

It is an estimable facility for people with young family members who want to maintain particular food items away from their kids.
[Rating: 9/10]   £129 Get It → Igenix Small Table Top Fridge  

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Recommended Mini Drinks Fridges For Bedrooms Or Kitchens

So long as your fridge has appropriate efficiency, intense sunlight and various climatic elements shouldn't influence it. The silent mini fridge will still use 'less electric' than bigger noisy fridges, but the extensive modifications are not excessively apparent.

: Under-Counter And Countertop Sizes

A scaled-down jazzy coke mini fridge comes in several shapes suitable to a selection of users. Medium-sized and under-counter refrigerators are the bigger variety and intended to accommodate beneath any kitchen countertop as opposed to the tall fridge freezer appliances etc.

The fridge may be maintained anywhere; however, you will discover travel and small beer fridges which are intended to be taken on brief journeys and picnics. This includes snack food items or refreshments to cool you down.

: Travel, Drinks And Wine Fridges

There are numerous small bedroom fridges unavailable in full-size variations and only in small models, just like travelling refrigerators, drinks and wine bottle fridges. Investing in what you want and never acquiring what you will not save time and cash for many individuals.

: Refreshments And Snacks

Look into the technological know-how being employed, the dimensions, the power performance, the sound, the 'carbon impact' and many other elements. Ensure that you review all the best mini drinks fridges here before purchasing a cool box.

View our small mini bar fridges to help keep beverages and snack foods within a dormitory, office environment or gaming location. The stylish cool mini fridges are rated alternatives for their functional sizes and reliable efficiency - all through the cheap to higher priced best mini drinks fridges here.