Self Propelling Wheelchairs That Fold For Transportation

Updated 30/10/2020:
Our best lightweight self propelled wheelchairs with a range of useful characteristics and reasonable prices. Impressive dependable service with cushioned arm-rests, swing detachable foot perches, wheels with deflate proof tyres and arm rests eligible for any desk. See our powered wheelchairs.

What Is A Self-Propelled Wheelchair?
A self-propelled wheelchair offers the win-win situation for anyone in search of more freedom. Big back wheels are installed with sizable hand rims for confident handling, yet ergonomic hand grips are supplied if perhaps an attendant propelled collapsible wheelchair trip is necessary.

: Elite Taxi Accessible Wheelchair Self-Propelled

Taxi Accessible Wheelchair With Blue Seat

£199   Elite Taxi Accessible Wheelchair - Get It!  

: MobiQuip Self-Propelled Manual Wheelchair

Manual Wheelchair In Red Black Frame

£285   MobiQuip Manual Wheelchair - Get It!  

: DaysEscape Heavy-Duty Self Propelled Wheelchair

Self Propelled Wheelchair With Foot Rests

£155   DaysEscape Heavy-Duty Wheelchair - Get It!  

: Which Size Self Propelled Wheels Used?

Whenever buying any manual wheelchair, you might want to try yourself wheel using a sturdy self-propel wheelchair. These kinds of 'mobility wheelchairs' have more robust wheels; nevertheless, virtually all have grips as needed. The attendant propelling wheelchairs include smaller rear end wheels.

: Any Suspension For Bumpy Ground?

Outdoors journeying will demand a little extra functionality to find the best encounter. High-performance self propelled manual wheelchairs are frequently fixed with spring suspension to reduce the vibration of rough and bumpy ground. Surplus cushion in the seat plus armrests are pleasant for any trip.

: Solid Or Air Inflated Chair Tyres?

Consider curved backrests for added pressure alleviation in your ergonomic chair. The pressurised air tyre treads instead of solid tyres tend to be suitable for outside heavy-duty self propelled wheelchairs venturing over extended ranges. Perfect for passing the time in the wheelchair or if you plan a trip in the open air.

: Going Through Narrow Passages

Be on the lookout for useful features for employing your wheelchair inside, quick discharge back wheels can assist you through narrow entrances, and flip armrests allow you get nearer to table furniture, specifically beneficial if you want a fold-up wheelchair intended for working.

: Inside And Outdoor Wheelchair Use

All self-propelled wheelchairs suit any person who is literally in a position to 'press along'. Perfect for both inside and usage outdoors, your back wheels are equipped with propel rims for moving and large rims make self-propelled movable wheelchairs ideal for more extended and routine journeys.

: Short Or Long Distance Wheelchair?

Manual types of chairs frequently have grips on the rear to ensure that somebody can help with moving where required. Yes, they are desirable for brief ranges and great distances for individual use.
Convenient to travel in, lightweight aluminium folding self propelled wheelchairs offer more straightforward manoeuvrability on access ramps, over high kerbs or barriers.

: Will Your Carer Self Propel The Chair?

Travel and leisure wheelchairs are created to move over smaller ranges with grips installed on the rear for any worker or carer to adopt control of moving the chair. Light in weight folding support frames make transportation styled portable wheelchairs simple to keep and carry too.

: Armrests And Reliable Brake Mechanism

Due to marginally more significant wheels when compared to typical travel wheelchairs, transit types like the UK NHS wheelchair make the perfect strategy to an attendant propelled trip inside and in the garden. Cushioned armrests and wire brake systems are bundled with these kinds of manual chairs.

: Excel G-Explorer Manual Mobility Wheelchair

Mobility Wheelchair With Cable Brake

£285   Excel G-Explorer Mobility Wheelchair - Get It!  

: CareCo Self-Propelled Manual Wheelchair

Self-Propelled Manual Wheelchair In Red And Black

£399   CC Self-Propelled Manual Wheelchair - Get It!  

: Swift Fold Self Propelling Wheelchair

Using an extremely light aluminium framework that effortlessly disassembles with no instruments, this easily folding self propelling wheelchair is inclined for casual or frequent deployment. Contrived for daytimes in or perhaps out doors, it's great for bringing on jaunts, homes, or perhaps even safe keeping in a cupboard.

Self Propelling Wheelchair With 2 Big Wheels

The small sized concept of this chair makes it super simple to deploy inside, constituting it easy in rather constricting areas. Whenever folded up, it assumes not much space with a combining of comfort in addition practicality.

Including a selection of attendant prompted plus self-propelling adaptations using 2 seat breadths for every edition and cushioned furnishings as standard, it offers virtually all the primary comfort requirements you need.
[Rating: 9/10]   £153   Get It → Swift Self Propelling Wheelchair  

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: Elite Care Fast Portable Wheelchair

A first-class modern light weight portable wheelchair that proposes better comfort with memory cushion seating and back-rest bolsters that are entirely both easily removed and wash-and-wear.

This chair possesses flip-up plus easily removed arm-rests, swing-in as well as swing-out versatile foot plates, half fold up back, and additionally an attendant brake system which constitutes pushing the wheelchair a great deal more facile.

Collapsing Portable Wheelchair With Red Metal Frame

Upper limit end user body weight 18 stone with flip out upright and easily removed arm rests for ease of placement, transportation as well as to assist the user get closer to a desk whenever eating and so forth.

Easily removed swing aside elevation flexible leg perches, it is light and folds effortlessly. Canvas back-rest and seating, richly finished in metal red layer - 8 inch sized extremely broad front line sturdy wheels.
[Rating: 9/10]   £159   Get It → Elite Care Portable Wheelchair  

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: Manual Or Electric Power Chairs?

A few hand-operated modest sized wheelchairs and motorised wheelchairs are heavy, therefore its vital that you consider where you are very likely to keep the machine in your home. Conceivably with you transferring a chair in a vehicle, get one that fits various safe-keeping and transfer demands.

: Foldable Wheelchair To Fit In Car Boot

Numerous manual wheelchairs and many electric power chairs will be inflexible, suggesting they cannot collapse. A foldable chair is simpler to fit into the boot of any vehicle. In the event you would require the very best of both choices, a self-propelled taxi accessible wheelchair is the smarter decision.

: Sufficient Body Strength Propel

Just a self-propelled wheelchair will let you tour without the guide of a carer or perhaps wheelchair personnel. Even the lightest folding wheelchair with big back wheels and rims permit you to push reasonably quickly, however, you may want to reflect if you have got sufficient body strength to achieve this.

: Rotating Seat And Flexible Armrests

Should you battle with core durability or dexterity, you should reflect on investing in a red cross wheelchair type with a supporting seat horizontal assistance. A seat with a rotating spot and flexible armrests may be useful, but this may not be true if you traverse much longer ranges on your own.

: Travel Wheelchair Or Motorised System

Maybe you are not necessarily sufficiently strong enough to push yourself, you need to be taking a look at transit or travelling wheelchairs, or perhaps an electric-driven system. Regardless of a transit, travelling or self-propelled disabled wheelchair, ease of access is a somewhat crucial deliberation.

: Swing Aside Footrest Features

Flip styled or simply detachable armrests and swing aside footrests are significant product features for secure transfers off and on the manual wheelchair with a carer or not. Like the typical rollator walker, virtually all manual chairs collapse for simple storage, The leg rests dismantle incredibly well, rendering the wheelchair lighter plus more portable.

: Approach A Table With Confidence

Regarding the arms, you may sometimes select desk-sized arms or complete arms. Decide upon the table arms if the end-user desires to quickly wheel the chair to the desk. Short arms provide the ability to get nearer as well as your feet residing in a relaxed manner below.

: Extras And Wheelchair Luxuries

Various equipment may be combined with travel wheelchair rests as stated earlier, so it will be possible to incorporate a cover intended for the seat cushion. Almost certainly any multi-practical carrier to install to the back of a wheelchair, a flip holder for eating, seat strap or lower leg rest area.

: Drive Medical Self Propelled Wheelchair

Ultra light self propelled wheelchair in aluminium modernised to incorporate virtually all the functions of the previous collection with an extra centre on solid construction with ash grey metal framework including individual cross bracing.

Grey 2 tone furnishings with back area and sweep fast discharge foot rests, elevation modification half folding up rear mechanics, plus desk style arm-rests with textile aspect panels as well as pouch.

Self Propelled Wheelchair With Cushion Arm-Rests

2 stepper pipes fast release 24 inches strong grey tyres, metal flanges and hand brims. PVC front end forks including 8 by 1 inch grey coloured tyres. Self impel example extended reach brake system. Spoked back castors and push hand-grips for modest folding up.
[Rating: 8.9/10]   £179   Get It → Drive.M Self Propelled Wheelchair  

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: Patterson Comfy Heavy Duty Wheelchair

An industrial standard broad arrangement foot/arm rests-rests comfy heavy duty foldable wheelchair that is constructed from denser gauge metal tube compared to regular wheelchairs.

Dual crossbar for additional durability plus strengthened double thick furnishings and easily removed arm-rests. Detachable swing aside foot rests that collapse for effortless safe keeping and transportation. Cushy formed arm-rests for additional convenience.

Sturdy Foldable Wheelchair With Leg Rests

More features include versatile leg perches, coated steel framework, steel skirt defenders and wipe clean seating textile. Folding up back accessible which establishes this excellent chair even more consolidated. Non-compulsory raising leg perches, table arm rests and flexible rod.
[Rating: 9/10]   £120   Get It → Patterson Foldable Wheelchair  

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: NRS Transit-Lite Self Propel Wheelchair

Heavy duty designed strong self propel wheelchair for bigger users with a 25 Stone user body weight limitation - a strengthened high load wheelchair using tough metal gusset plates at weight assuming places for upper limit durability.

This effective folding up self-propelling wheelchair may be expended by large people. It features a robust dense gauge, improved furnishings plus cushioned arm-rests for utmost comfort.

Big Self Propel Wheelchair With Black Wheels

It additionally includes a back-rest with carry area as well as complex magnesium metal castors. Accurate sealed off bearings to front end and back wheels guarantee dependability.

The user can position correctly against any desk and there are easily removed swing aside metal foot plates that are extended for simple transport. The XXL wheelchair additionally features a locking mechanism brake system and strengthened aspect frame.
[Rating: 9/10]   £139  Get It → NRS Self Propel Wheelchair  

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: Mobi Self Propel Fold Up Wheelchair

This cushioned self propel fold up wheelchair using excellent suspension features a painted metal frame using dual cross bracing, fashioned for equally mobility and equilibrium. The seating as well as back-rest have been constructed of fire resistant and water resistant plastic.

The arm-rests are entirely elevation adaptable and easily removed, but also accompany PU rest bolsters. The foot rests are additionally easily removed and versatile. Front end castors are constructed from 7 x 1.25 inches PU, while the rear tyres possess bigger sizes.

Self Propel Fold Up Wheelchair With Side Panels

The chair delivers with a bolstered seating pad for more comfort. It uses front end wheel suspension system, maximum back wheelchair suspension strategy plus opulent anti-tipper function.

Replete front plus back suspension where it may be corrected for diverse ground types or even diverse users. User locking system brake system and compact handy pocket on the rear of the chair. Dual cross bracing underneath the seating is in order to add strength and constancy.
[Rating: 9/10]   £139   Get It → Mobi Self Propel Fold Wheelchair  

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Lightweight Folding Manual Wheelchairs For Elderly

: BWUK Fold Steel Lightweight Wheelchair

Effortless to accommodate inside the vehicle boot and stack away lightweight aluminium wheelchair using a closing down back-rest. Easily fits in automobile boots rendering it painless to relocate as demanded.

Small Lightweight Aluminium Wheelchair With Canvas Seat

This modern chair features a maximum user body weight of approximately 120 Kg and delivers with cost free lap strap. Fashioned to make it straightforward to deploy with organised arm-rests and easily removed flexible foot perches.

The arm-rests are projected to allow the user to position at desks. The foot rests are flexible and easily removed to accommodate personal necessities.
[Rating: 9/10]   £89   Get It → BWUK Light Aluminium Wheelchair  

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: ECL Reliable Light Folding Wheelchair

This reliable lightweight folding wheelchair is the most dependable professional product in the marketplace now at a very fair price including night long dispatch.

It's guaranteed to grant you long term service including full 12 months guarantee. Other features include really light metal, swing aside arms, cushy bolstered wash-and-wear furnishings.

Padded Lightweight Folding Wheelchair With Grey Wheels

Fast discharge easily removed swing off foot perches with elevation modifications, PU sturdy tyres, easily removed castors and locking system brake on every wheel, easily removed arms plus folding up backward.

Tidily collapses possibly for storehouse or perhaps to enclose in any automobile boot. Storage bag on rear rest and seating breadth is 18 inches.
[Rating: 9/10]   £169   Get It → ECL Light Folding Wheelchair  

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Enhance your independence with our solid lightweight aluminium wheelchairs helping you to recover your sense of individuality, however additionally corresponding to your particular way of life impeccably.

This variety of self-propelling wheelchairs accommodate nicely with their high calibre construct, abundance of useful characteristics and a hint of expressive style perhaps.