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Folding Step Ramps Made With Very Strong Aluminium

Updated 21/02/2020:
We help you find the best door step ramps that assure a smooth and secure passage across steps or room access. They're made from rust proof aluminium and long-lasting, however light with tread for grip safety in wet circumstances. Perfect mobility and safe keeping with accessible carry grip.

: TRP Folding Portable Wheelchair Ramp For Steps

Folding Steel Ramp For Stairs

£162   TRP Portable Ramp For Steps - Get It!  

: Elite Care Suitcase Folding Step Ramp

This impressive durable suitcase styled 4 foot (6 foot also available) folding disabled access step ramp is just right for supplying access to homes and vehicles for wheelchairs, mobility scooters, walkers and even big wheeled rollators.

The access ramp is provided in 2 parts, which can be effortlessly slotted collectively and fastened with the provided pin. Manufactured from solid, corrode resistant metal with secure carry hand-grips connected, it renders the unit transportable and accessible to stack away.

Disabled Access Ramp With Surface Tread Grip

An adjustable access ramp that features a safety pin on it's higher end to secure to a step or perhaps back of a motorcar. You might require to drill a hole on your own footstep for attaching it.

This equivalent pin may additionally be expended with different holes to accommodate them shut whenever closed down for safe keeping or relocation. Upper limit load of approximately 270 Kg or around 42 stone whenever adopting both ramps linked collectively.
[Rating: 9/10]   £119 Get It → Elite Disabled Access Ramp

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: Homcom Folding Motorised Wheelchair Ramp

Highly popular 6ft folding style motorised wheelchair ramp that supplies an expedient means to relocate across entrance-ways or perhaps inside the back of a vehicle. It may be utilised by individuals on wheelchairs or maybe even deployed for trailers etc.

It's an impressive comprehensive system and can be expended for numerous applications. Constructed from metal, it comes with an 'anti-skid surface area' in order for all weather conditions. The ramp will assume up to 270 Kg, resisting the majority of user weights.

Motorised Wheelchair Ramp On 3 Entrance Stairs

This modern ramp is an impressive resolution with an assortment of applications. Constructed with attached hand grip for accessible carrying inside the suitcase design, it's general proportions are 183 length x 72 cm width - and necessitates just elementary set-up. Aluminium metal colouring, net item weight only 15 kg.
[Rating: 9/10]   £115 Get It → Homcom Motorised Wheelchair Ramp

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: Aidapt 6 Ft Size Step Ramps For Scooters

These modest, lightweight and indestructible collapsible 6 foot channel ramps for scooters are just right for supplying entry to households, in addition vehicles for wheelchairs, mobility scooters, walkers and all types of rollator.

Every 2 section expanding access ramp is manufactured from light, corrode resistant metal and they're equipped with a straightforward carrying bag, rendering the ramps exceedingly transportable and accessible to stack away.

6 Foot Channel Ramps For Scooters With Steel Safety Edges

The access ramps additionally feature top as well as base brims plus a non skid black colour gritted surface area for safeguarding purposes, including a load total capacity of approximately 270 Kilogrammes, 43 stone on both lines. Adjustable ramps that possess a security system locking chamber to clamp.
[Rating: 9/10]   £92 Get It → Aidapt Channel Ramps For Scooters

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: Supportec Folding Mobility Ramp Over Steps

Solid, light weight aluminium folding mobility ramp over steps that's fit for most open-air access necessities. It possess a high setting traction non-skid surface as well as ice running out expansion slot, also desirable for equally wheelchair plus scooter usage.

The bordered sides shorten the danger of individuals going off the access ramp and accommodating pins are incorporated if perpetual adjustment is compelled.

Mobility Ramp Over Steps In Aluminium Finish

Be sure to guarantee corresponding the ramp is contracted by an appropriately specified and competent trades person, or perhaps knowledgeable technician. The access ramp is effortlessly folded up and accompanies a hand grip for informality of transporting.

There is a locking system push button for secure transit. Upper limit operator body weight point of accumulation is 42 Stone, or 272 Kg. Grants entry to constructions with steps in a wheelchair or for heavy motorised scooter.
[Rating: 9/10]   £79 Get It → Supportec Mobility Ramp

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: Rollaramp Suitcase Portable Step Ramp

A portable ramp for elderly folk and desirable for an upper limit ascending of 8 inches. For attending to wheelchair deployment, the 4 foot folding up access ramp is flexible, lightweight as well as effortless to utilise.

The collapsible ramp features an easy to operate carrying command at the centre, rendering it completely transportable, in addition raised borders are present to forestall wheels from falling away at the inclines.

It's folding up construction makes safe keeping simple, and it's indestructible design renders it just right to endorse wheelchairs and all kinds of bulky mobility scooters.

Carry Suitcase Ramp For The Elderly With 2 Channels

The ramp is configured to afford straightforward wheelchair and mobility scooter entry, however it can additionally be utilised for extra access circumstances. Light weight and mobile, the flexible folding ramp is effortless to sit, relocate, and for for safe keeping.

It include feature fluent borders and is completed with a non-skid layer for protection. Adequate to an upper limit body weight of 272 Kg (42 stones). A carry hand-grip is situated in the middle and aggregate open breadth is 70 cm 27.5 inches, item exclusively weighs 10 Kg.
[Rating: 9/10]   £85 Get It → Rollaramp Suitcase Ramp For Elderly

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: The Ramp People Aluminium Wheelchair Ramp

A solid fold-up aluminium wheelchair ramp access that enables for effortless transport and utilisation. Constructed from top quality and long-lasting metal components, it is straightforward to stack away and light weight, rendering it more leisurely to relocate as needed.

The ramp boasts lipped borders on both edges to assist forestall the rollers from departing the access and inducing chance events etc.

Fold-Up Aluminium Wheelchair Ramp With Ridge Surface

For informality of transport, the ramp additionally features an integrated command rendering it simple to direct as soon as folded up. Accessible in 5 foot dimensions, the folding access ramp comes with high weight tolerance.
[Rating: 9/10]   £138 Get It → The Ramp People Wheelchair Ramp

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Disabled Step Ramps For Safe Motorised Wheelchair Access

: Elite Wheelchair Step Ramp For Home Use

Folding up channel wheelchair ramp for home use configured to afford effortless wheelchair and mobility scooter entry directly in to cars, however may additionally be utilised for additional home circumstances.

Light weight and transportable, this fibreglass adjustable folding up ramp is painless to set-up, relocate and collapse in half for safe keeping.

Wheelchair Ramp For Home With Black Tread Surface

It possess fluent borders to invalidate impairment to the inside of any motorcar and is completed with non skid layers for protection. Offers effortless wheelchair and portable mobility scooter access directly in to virtually any motorcar.
[Rating: 9/10]   £159 Get It → Elite Wheelchair Step Ramp

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: PD Care Mobility Scooter Ramp For Cars

Lightweight and durable collapsible channel access mobility scooter ramp for cars, perfect for supplying access to homes and motorcars for wheelchairs, mobility scooters, walkers as well as all sorts of rollators.

Every dual section, expanding ramp is manufactured from light, corrosion free metal and they're furnished with a simple carrying bag, but the ramps are exceedingly mobile and expedient to stack away.

Ramp For Cars With Black Grit Safety Surface

The ramps additionally possess top plus base lips as well as a non-skid, black colour gritted surface area for safeguarding, all using a load total capacity of 180 Kg, around 28 stone on both of the metal ramps.

This variety of flexible ramps possess a security lock chamber to clamp the units. The collapsible channel style access ramps are accessible in 3 sizes, appropriate for wheelchairs and heavy duty mobility scooters plus.
[Rating: 9/10]   £112 Get It → PD Care 6 Foot Ramp For Cars

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: WORHAN Wheelchair Ramp For Steep Stairs

This impressive wheelchair ramp for steep stairs is made from strengthened metal with anti slip surface. With the flexible high access ramp, you can choose your necessitated step elevation as 6 ramps are accessible.

They can additionally be constructed in additional dimensions to specialised order, however the strengthened access ramps can assume some earnest weight.

Ramp For Steep Stairs With 2 Men On Top

The aggregated body weight of 2 adult males stood upon the 'stairs access ramp' is in excess of 25 stone, but still not a problem. This highly recommended ramp is lightweight and effortless to stack away away whenever not necessitated.

It saves impairment whenever wheeling trolleys up any stair. Constructed from metal extrusion and anti skid plate components, it is desirable for all external deployment and will never corrode.
[Rating: 8/10]   £199 Get It → WORHAN Ramp For Steep Stairs

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: HOM Portable Mobility Scooter Ramp

The benefits of this portable mobility scooter ramp with it's individual fold conception offers an expedient and accessible resolution for wheelchairs as well as mobility scooters for entry over steps, in to cars or elevated landing places with informality.

This extremely secure access ramp offers the protection and intensity demanded, however persisting lightweight and mobile. The access ramp may be unconnected, rendering it even more leisurely to deploy, carry and stack away.

Suitcase Style Grey Mobility Scooter Ramp In 2 Parts

By just eliminating two hinge pegs, this suitcase access ramp rapidly separates directly in to 2 light weight parts, each containing their own carry hand-grip. Constructed of welded aircraft class metal, it extends to 735 mm or 29 inches in broad format.

The ramp possesses high calibre, slip proof tape using yellow protection strips as well as a self-correcting base transition plate for straightforward transition from access ramp to ground.
[Rating: 9/10]   £84 Get It → HOM Mobility Scooter Step Ramp

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These top quality aluminium folding motorised scooter ramps are exceedingly hard-wearing and propose a broad non-skid surface, appropriate for use with heavy wheelchairs and disabled scooters.

They can be placed for utmost protection and support using a slanted brim at the top of the access ramp for appended safety. You will find borders present on every placement of the ramp to forestall circumstantially 'rolling off', and the ramps possess carry hand grips.