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Chic Black Glass 5 Burner Gas Hobs With Minimalist Finish

Updated 16/02/2021:
These modish gas on glass hob 5 burners are ideal if you get tired of the clutter and spills which can be challenging on a conventional black glass gas kitchen hob - a super option to suit your needs. Some burners are attached on top of ceramic glass, leaving the area easy to keep clean.

You will get that precision high temperature and power over a regular gas hob as these big 70cm and 90cm black glass gas hobs can create an elegant look for any gas range cooker in any kitchen space. The streamlined toughened glass is simple to wipe clean together with non-stick burners.

: Millar Stunning Mirror Ice Silver Glass Hob

Mirror Ice Gas On Glass Hob

£199   Millar Mirror Ice Gas On Glass Hob - Get It!  

: COOKPAD Hardened Glass Gas Hob GoldFlame

Hardened Glass Gas Hob In Black

£159   COOKPAD Hardened Glass Gas Hob - Get It!  

: RangeMaster Circular Dial Black Glass Gas Hob

Circular Dial Black Glass Hob

£269   RangeMaster Black Glass Gas Hob - Get It!  

: What's A Gas On Glass Hob?

5 burner glass on glass hobs are sophisticated and stylish, fantastic for new kitchen areas providing an excellent appearance without diminishing on quality. The black glass gas hobs tend to be long-lasting, look remarkable and therefore clean easier compared to regularly polished steel gas hobs.

: Great Style And Heat Circulation

Perhaps you were lately moved to a brand new house or preparing to refurbish your kitchen area. We recommend you to choose the glass top modern gas hob for the cooking as they are elegant, simple to manage with higher heat circulation and more superficial to completely clean.

: The Price Of Cutting-Edge Appearance

In case you are searching for a hob that is straightforward to master and simple to thoroughly clean - and also you do not mind spending a little more to find the best of all possible. An excellent solid 5 burner gas on glass hob with cutting-edge appearance could be the solution you're looking for.

: Ceramic Glass Mix Surface Styles

The latest glass 5 ring gas hob is basically attached to the surface of ceramic glass, and the sleek surface area causes it to be classy and much easier to clean than the elaborate regular gas design. The gas certainly provides a more accessible manageable source of heat compared to electrical hobs.

: Scrapes, Breakage And Cleaning

Considering that the top of the hob consists of a ceramic plus glass blend, it is vulnerable to breakage with particular circumstances. It's usually durable and robust; however, you have to take special care to prevent fractures. The outer may scuff while using separate cooking pans or cleaning fluids.

: Smooth Clean Cooking Equipment

On the subject of the care on your new white glass gas hob, among the best actions you can take is purchase secure cooking equipment. If you pick an inappropriate variety, it may scuff the glass surface leaving behind a worn look. The majority of induction cookware offer a smooth base for any hob.

: A Little Upkeep To Look Spotless

The glass gas cooktop is frequently described as a fascinating choice to upgrade on its streamlined, present-day attraction. Nevertheless, it's got its positives and negatives which needs to be taken into account before deciding. With care and attention, your tempered glass stove hob will look spotless.

: Add Glass Style In Your Kitchen Today

Advantages of using a good solid glass gas hob could they be relatively uncomplicated to maintain as well as thoroughly clean. They bring about a 'meaning of style' for your kitchen area environment. Some popular companies in UK offering gas on glass hobs today are NEFF, SMEG, Millar and SIA.

They could be a wise decision for much better and quicker warm-up periods. The simplicity the job of food preparation is easy because the surface throughout the burners continues cool to touch.

SIA x5 Gas On Glass Hob 5 Years Warranty


  • Flame Fail Safe Device
  • LPG Convert Kit Included


  • None..

70cm Black 5 Burner Glass Hob

£199   SIA Classy 5 Burners Gas On Glass Hob - Get It!  

Every single cooking sector provides you with a good solid rest that is incredibly sturdy. This unique superior, clean black glass burner hob supplies the ideal mixture of form and efficiency with no elaborate costs.

Useful New Glass Hob Features

The stylish, smooth layout tends to make cleaning really easy despite the fact supports present your pots and pans with that supplementary solidity. Other features of these fantastic value gas hobs incorporate auto-ignition, flame failing security concepts and an unbranded style that will correspond to virtually any kitchen.

The remarkable style gas-on-glass approach is becoming ever more popular and its relatively easy to appreciate why. The sleek glass surface area and the curved gas burners present themselves commodious and sharp with an abundance of space to cook on with diverse cookware.

Millar Electronic 5 Burners Gas On Glass Hob

Black Glass Hob With Front Settings

£199   Millar 5 Burner Black Glass Gas Hob - Get It!  

Go for a hob that not just provides excellent efficiency, yet likewise gives a visual element of surprise to your kitchen space. Using the present-day gas on glass model, the striking hob will end up the centre of attention in virtually any home, plus they are convenient to use and keep clean.

Easy Clean Black Gas-On-Glass Benefits

Should you be looking to buy a hob that is uncomplicated to master and quick cleaning - and you do not mind spending a lot more, the best black glass 5 burner gas hob could be the correct personal preference for you. A gas-on-glass hob is more straightforward to clean compared to a typically installed hob.

The sleek exterior makes it fashionable, contemporary and quicker to wipe compared to a more elaborate and rather common gas version, even though the gas gives a more natural adjustable high-temperature supply than any electrical ceramic kitchen hob cant.

Some gas on glass hob benefits is they are trendy and structured, uncomplicated to determine the high temperature and decent complete heat circulation. They are simpler to clean compared to a standard gas kitchen hob.

Some Thought And Set-Up Demanded

The negatives are they are higher priced compared to a typical gas kitchen hob, not so quick to warm up in contrast to electric powered ceramic types. They will have to be expertly set-up, but getting any gas on glass kitchen hob set up is just like any UK gas powered kitchen appliance.

You cannot handle the installation yourself so get the expertise of a specialist to put in the glass hob. An outstanding glass top gas hob is a vital part of your open kitchen space, regardless if you happen to be an unwilling cook, or possibly a self-assured kitchen idol.

R.Hobbs Tempered Glass 5 Burners Gas Hob

Tough Black Glass 5 Burner Gas Hob

£159   Russell Hobbs Glass 5 Burner Gas Hob - Get It!  

The most used hobs offer four gas burners termed as zones upon many ceramic as well as induction kitchen hobs - especially on the 60 cm wide, oblong types.

For those who have more work-top environments, inexpensive 70cm and 80 cm hobs are usually on hand with up to 5 burners, or maybe 4 together with an expert wok burner feature.

The most important hob specifications generally obtainable is 90 cm, but that isn't the only the range of burners that matter, however the design as well.

The most typical set-up is one significant burner, with a few moderate and a substantially less potent simmer area ring etc. This mix fits most homes as you are less likely to require all large cookware simultaneously.

One Wok Burner For Stir Fry Included

With the obligatory style for your location and food preparation tendency, you will discover food planning faster and less complicated, so a wok burner which is perfect for stir fry fun and washing is extra controllable.

Cookology 90cm 5 Burner Gas On Glass Hob


  • Hob Sealant Strip
  • Removable Wok Stand


  • None..

Black Kitchen Hob 5 Burner Gas On Glass

£159   Cookology Big 90 cm 5 Burners Gas On Glass Hob - Get It!  

Bigger kitchen hobs with 5 or 6 burners frequently have much the same set-up coupled with yet another wok burner that is suitable for frying or intended for cooking substantial pots of water rather quickly.

Gas may be the typical personal preference, and for many individuals, it is the only food preparation energy in which they may have reliance. The gas on glass hob 60 cm size types are usually widely favoured as they provide an aesthetic supply of instantaneous high temperature that's consistently dispensed.

Gas is progressively more experienced as a substandard relative to the even more power efficient kitchen induction hob; nevertheless the difference is reducing. A few feature a direct flame concept which promises to provide consistent heat circulation throughout the entire surface area of the pot, conserving electric and time.

Gas Ring Burner Flame Safety Aspects

There is no more any requirement to eliminate using a gas hob unless you possess just electric. Various gas ring burner hobs may be transformed into recognising liquid gas. If apprehensive about safe practices, only about all will be equipped with flame fail tools, which quit the gas if the flame is put out.

NJ 70cm 5 Burners Gas On Glass Hob

Large 70cm Gas On Glass Hob

£176   NJ 5 Burner Gas On Glass Hob - Get It!  

Customarily manufactured from steel, gas hobs may be complicated to keep tidy. It may be worthwhile spending more to keep that beautiful appearance and should you be acquiring a steel hob, ensure you purchase a superior quality one or risk shedding that new look sparkle.

Why not reflect on lovely white glass gas hob designs presenting a specialised finish that protects the all-natural shine. You may check out any gas hob using glass installations - a contemporary upgrade to chrome steel.

Even though glass does not have the alternative selling point of steel, it's preferable to clean considering that glass is somewhat more challenging for foodstuff that sticks.

Ceramic hobs display heating system components beneath the glass surface area that heat-up and reassign high temperature to the determined region. They are somewhat sluggish to warm up and cool off when compared to induction kitchen hobs, much less easy to master and less power efficient.

SIA Steel 70 cm 5 Burners Gas-On-Glass Hob


  • Flame Safe On Each Burner
  • Handy Electronic Ignition


  • None..

Exterior 5 Burners Gas Glass Hob

£129   SIA 5 Burner Gas Glass Hob - Get It!  

Hobs Complementing Kitchen Design

As opposed to induction hobs, the ceramic types do not require specialist cookware and are eye-catching as well to complement your kitchen style. The area does not have pan supports; therefore it's more streamlined and much easier to clean when compared to other versions.

Higher priced as opposed to ceramic, induction hobs incorporate magnetic coils that respond with suitable cookware to produce energy and high temperatures. This results in only the bottom of the pot heated up and not the entire area, therefore there is merely no squandered electric.

Kitchen Technology With Gas Hobs

Induction hobs present specific and legitimate temperatures whenever you prepare food. It is worth observing that if you choose to buy induction, you might want to invest in a brand-new set of pots and pans. Just magnetic established components can be used on an induction hob.

With repeated implementation, the kitchen hob is a vital part of kitchen technology, and you'll have to invest some time taking into consideration the most appropriate destination to fit it - but certainly not over an oven. Exactly where you wish to place your hob might decide which kind you purchase.

Bosch Electronic 5 Burner Gas On Glass Hob

Black 5 Burner Gas Hob 700 mm Wide

£399   Bosch 5 Burner Gas Hob Glass - Get It!  

Should you prefer a gas kitchen hob, the most used form of hob available, you will need to ensure you possess a gas resource where you want the kitchen hob. If you plan to sit down on a central kitchen island, shifting the gas source might be costly, and an increasing number of new UK homes have no gas association whatsoever.

Integrated Gas Hob Kitchen Set-Up

In the UK, don't assume all buildings have accessibility to gas, but once you do, you will not have the ability to set-up the gas kitchen hob yourself - be sure that a professional person performs the task concerning the job expected.

MILLAR 70cm 5 Burners White Gas On Glass Hob

5 Burners White Style Gas On Glass Hob

£219   MILLAR Safe White Gas On Glass Hob - Get It!  

One particular wonderful feature of a gas on glass hob 4 burner is they are incredibly uncomplicated to control. The flame can be viewed and is more manageable, offering instantaneous high temperatures that may be perfectly allocated throughout the cooking equipment.

Gas is less expensive to operate as opposed to electric; thus you will surely spot the financial impact. A few hobs can be very challenging to clean; therefore it will probably be worth looking at smooth gas on glass hobs that will compiment any new stylish cooker hood in black or stainless steel.

The burners and iron supports are established on a sheet of ceramic glass containing significantly lesser recesses and frequently only require a speedy clean. Should you be unable to gain access to a gas source, then do not be concerned.

Millar Gas Tempered White Glass Hob Wok Burner

5 Burner White Finish Gas On Glass Hob

£199   Millar Stylish 5 Burner White Gas Glass Hob - Get It!  

Electric power solid plate kitchen hobs seem to have been the least expensive hob alternatives out there to acquire and will be combined with virtually any cooking equipment you select. You have got the choice of electrical ceramic kitchen hobs which always look amazingly stylish.

Choosing The Ideal Gas On Glass Hob With 5 Burners

It needs to be said that gas continues to be the favourite personal preference with household cooks who choose the very fact high temperature can be viewed, uncomplicated to keep control of, it's efficient, reactive and will be used in combination with all kinds of cookware.

Just about all gas hobs possess a powered instead of button system ignition, several ignite whenever you convert the control, removing the requirement to force and hold the ignition press button as you change over.

: Belling 75 cm Five Burner Gas-on-Glass Hob

75 cm Gas-on-Glass Hob In Black

£269   Belling 5 Burner Gas-on-Glass Hob - Get It!  

Virtually all gas hobs may be disassembled for less complicated domestic cleaning; nevertheless they can still end up being labour intensive to stay appearing their finest. You can even choose a seven burner gas hob with a selection of evaluations that will match several types of food preparation if you dare.

Kitchen hobs are integrated appliances which usually position themselves over the kitchen work surface area and permit you to utilise some food preparation methods, but some can easily accomplish all kinds of delicacies.

The spectacular black gas on glass hob 5 burners are precisely the same as standard gas designs; nevertheless the burners are attached on a smooth surface rather than the metallic option. This makes them an even more fashionable and effortless to clean choice, while nonetheless keeping the best of gas performance.