Chic Black Glass 5 Burner Gas Hobs With Minimalist Finish

Updated 24/02/2022:
These modish gas on glass hob 5 burners are ideal if you get tired of the clutter and spills which can be challenging on a conventional black glass gas kitchen hob - a super option to suit your needs. Some burners are attached on top of ceramic glass, leaving the area easy to keep clean.

You will get that precision high temperature and power over a regular gas hob as these big 70cm and 90cm black glass gas hobs can create an elegant look for any gas range cooker in any kitchen space. The streamlined toughened glass is simple to wipe clean together with non-stick burners.

: R.Hobbs Midnight Collection Glass Gas Hob

Spruce up your cooking area surface using this trendy toughened glass gas hob, an aspect of the unique Midnight Collection. This quality item benefits from a sleek appearance with black/dark metal highlights. Our favourite, the Midnight black glass 5-burner hob is designed to suit any kitchen area flawlessly.

The Russell Hobbs Midnight Collection 5-burner gas hob platform guarantees the centre point of virtually any modern-day home. You can prepare with style and clean up effortlessly. With adequate room to prepare 5 different foods mutually, you may fry your steak, simmer gravy and steam veg together in unison.

This specific hob is excellent for even the most imaginative cooks. The gas burners provide accurate and robust heat to help you cook meals precisely. The triple burner is for speedy instantaneous heat when you require it. Expanded cast-iron supports fit kitchenware of all sizes and shapes.

Black Glass 5-Burner Gas Hob
Russell Hobbs Glass 5-Burner Hob

Due to the auto-ignition, fire flames stir up super fast. With a short turn of the knobs, you are cooking instantly. Just begin with a primary push and turn of the rotary controls. The reactive dials offer you complete control of the power, providing dependable outcomes anytime.

This hob includes a flame inability protection system for extra reassurance, which instantly cuts the gas source when the flame unintentionally extinguishes. Additionally, it possesses an incredible 3 years warranty upon signing up. If something does not go right, you get complete assistance.

The Features:

This unique superior Russell Hobbs Midnight Collection glass 5-burner gas hob benefits from a modern, elegant appearance. It is specially designed to accommodate faultlessly within your home cooking area, creating a 'declaration'.

Assure your meal is prepared to flawlessness with the specific high-performing benefits of (Sabaf) gas burners. Due to the instant ignition, flames stir up very quickly. With a relatively easy turn of the knobs, you can get yourself preparing food fast.

Tough Black Glass 5 Burner Gas Hob

£189   Russell Hobbs Glass 5 Burner Gas Hob - Get It!  

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: Millar 5 Burner Mirror Ice Silver Glass Hob

We have decided this hob is our second top choice black glass gas hob simply on price, features, construct and ease of use. Quick cleaning and easy to look after, the stove surface is made of glass that will never oxidize and rust - and it is simpler to scrub.

Whenever cleaning, you simply need a modest amount of soap on the glass to allow it to respond. Then clean the Millar 5 burner Mirror Ice silver gas-on-glass hob with a hand towel. This kind of glass is incredibly sturdy, difficult to break and must be adequately maintained throughout use.

Its style primarily consists of an inlay burner, valve, panel and button. There is a furnace foot, underside shell, take-in tube, linking pipe, pulse igniter, and thermocouple.

Furthermore, the gas stove can automated ignition and programmed flameout that is highly safe and simple to use. If you like to cook a small type yet require ample area. This specific alabaster elegance will enchant virtually any heart using its sharp appearance in the kitchen.

Smart Ice Silver Gas on Glass Hob
MILLAR Ice Silver Gas on Glass Hob

This particular 5 burner charmer provides enough space dimensions, and high-class all merged in one. We welcome this perspective for the people seeking to entertain and display their particular beautiful household. You will become the nucleus of jealousy without a doubt.

A single hob for all your desires, this specific stunning however fashionable looking work of genius is small; nevertheless, it provides various burners. Coming from a powerful triple-flame wok burner, it is just the thing for stir-fries or searing meat. There is likewise an auxiliary burner for other tasks.

You may prepare those household dinners any evening inside the kitchen. Straightforward personal grills and detachable knobs help to make cleansing this hob a fairly specific - under 5-minutes situation. It is a hob for each and every special occasion.

The Features:

The gas makes its way in from the intake tube if the stove is functioning. It gets into the burner via adjusting the fuel valve and combines an element of air.

These types of mixed gas are thrown from the fire openings of the flame divider panel and therefore are ignited to develop a flame. The Millar 5 burner Mirror Ice gas-on-glass hob flame is employed to heat up the cooking equipment positioned on your pan support.

A guidebook can be found in 5 languages, plus the content consists of merchandise explanations and recommendations for proper use. Simply by perusing this manual, you should use this gas hob effortlessly and securely. Flame safety is with each burner, and LPG Conversion set bundled.

Mirror Ice Gas On Glass Hob

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: SIA 90 cm Black Glass Hob 5 Burner

Should you be looking for an unbranded gas hob that will look and appears like a fashionable design, then this equipment is perfect for you. The firm stands provide outstanding pan/pot assistance, plus the trendy black glass will match virtually any kitchen decor design.

This SIA GHG902BL 90 cm black glass 5 burner gas hob incorporates a flame malfunction protection system. (FFD) halts gas circulation if a flame disappears, avoiding gas leakages.
The LPG conversion system is a group of jets. You can transform the hob to employ bottled propane should you not use regular gas connectivity.

SIA provides this black gas on glass hob constructed with beautiful, very safe characteristics. It offers exceptional all-around merchandise. Using 5 gas burners, you are furnished with lots of space to prepare scrumptious treats for you and your loved ones.

Look forward to a streamlined great working hob, perfect for current kitchen areas. Functional and inexpensive, gas food preparation is not only the practical choice - it is the specialists' option. Gas is exceptionally attentive to cook with and lets you create tiny modifications.

LPG GHG902BL Glass 5 Burner Gas Hob
SIA GHG902BL Glass 5 Burner Gas Hob

You will find various colour surface finishes in this series to decide from. Consider the dish-washable enamelled surface or specialist cast iron pan facilities to complete the style.

This hob carries a flame incapacity protection system that stops when a flame fails. The LPG conversion equipment helps you change the hob to work with bottled butane.

The Features:


  • Flame Fail Safe Device
  • LPG Convert Kit Included


  • None..

Along with a dark glass style and 5 burners with coordinating robust cast iron supports, this design contains a genuinely receptive heat suitable for all cooking types. This unit features five cook areas, and the glass style is sensible as food preparation splatters may be easily wiped.

The iron pan supports supply a specialist experience to your hob because they are heavier and more robust than enamel styled supports. These 'supports' assist in propagating high temperature consistently throughout the base of this SIA GHG902BL 90cm black glass 5 burner gas hob so that your food is prepared meticulously.

Flame safety and automatic ignition are installed as standard. This means you will be transformed into making use of bottled gas. This auto-ignition function is outstanding because it means you should not use any kind of tricky ignition switches, just turn the control for the flame.

70cm Black 5 Burner Glass Hob

£199   SIA GHG902BL Gas On Glass Hob - Get It!  

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: Great Style And Heat Circulation

Perhaps you were lately moved to a brand new house or preparing to refurbish your kitchen area. We recommend you to choose the glass top modern gas hob for the cooking as they are elegant, simple to manage with higher heat circulation and more superficial to completely clean.

: The Price Of Cutting-Edge Appearance

In case you are searching for a hob that is straightforward to master and simple to thoroughly clean - and also you do not mind spending a little more to find the best of all possible. An excellent solid 5 burner gas on glass hob with cutting-edge appearance could be the solution you're looking for.

: Ceramic Glass Mix Surface Styles

The latest glass 5 ring gas hob is basically attached to the surface of ceramic glass, and the sleek surface area causes it to be classy and much easier to clean than the elaborate regular gas design. The gas certainly provides a more accessible manageable source of heat compared to electrical hobs.

: Scrapes, Breakage And Cleaning

Considering that the top of the hob consists of a ceramic plus glass blend, it is vulnerable to breakage with particular circumstances. It's usually durable and robust; however, you have to take special care to prevent fractures. The outer may scuff while using separate cooking pans or cleaning fluids.

: Smooth Clean Cooking Equipment

On the subject of the care on your new white glass gas hob, among the best actions you can take is purchase secure cooking equipment. If you pick an inappropriate variety, it may scuff the glass surface leaving behind a worn look. The majority of induction cookware offer a smooth base for any hob.

: A Little Upkeep To Look Spotless

The glass gas cooktop is frequently described as a fascinating choice to upgrade on its streamlined, present-day attraction. Nevertheless, it's got its positives and negatives which needs to be taken into account before deciding. With care and attention, your tempered glass stove hob will look spotless.

: Cookology 90cm 5 Burner Gas On Glass Hob

Featuring its stunning black glass surface finish and quality cast-iron pan supports, the 5 ring gas hob can be a unique centre point inside your cooking area. It will leave you extremely well geared up to accomplish virtually any food prep task.

Generally, 86 cm ensures that the Cookology GGH905BK built-in gas-on-glass hob is best suited to the 90 cm kitchen appliance group.

5 Burner Gas-on-Glass Hob
Cookology 5 Burner Gas-on-Glass Hob

Obtaining 5 burners that distribute over the easy-clean glass area will give every one of your pans a lucrative quantity of space. It ensures that they're not necessarily struggling for space.

The 5 burners are available in four sizes: a 1 kW simmer burner, two moderate 1.75 kW burners, and the latest 3 kW speedy burner. Lastly, the outstanding triple crown 3.3 kW wok burning feature is created, so the flames distribute right over the cookware.

Additionally, you obtain a cast-iron wok stand that you position above the Wok burner to safely support any circular bottomed wok pots and pans.

This specific hob advantages from auto ignition, therefore all you need to do is turn and press on a single front side knob. However, it may also be ignited with a simple match.

The Features:


  • Hob Sealant Strip
  • Removable Wok Stand


  • None..

Every burner consists of a flame malfunction apparatus that turns off the gas resource towards the burner if no flame is recognised. Not just a life-preserving system, but obligatory in some constructing rules.

This Cookology GGH905BK built-in gas-on-glass hob includes LPG jets so that your gas fitter can transform it to operate from bottled gas.

This specific hob can be lit up employing a match - as an illustration during a power cut. Flare failing gadgets are installed on each burner, which prevents the gas from running if the flare fades.

Black Kitchen Hob 5 Burner Gas On Glass

£169   Cookology Big 5 Burners Gas On Glass Hob - Get It!  

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: Willow 5 Burner Gas-on-Glass Black Hob

This excellent constructed in 5 burner gas-on-glass black colour hob with handy wok burner and cast-iron pan supports is definitely both fashionable and inexpensive. It has four burners and 3 totally different electric power ranges for optimum overall flexibility.

Altering your high-temperature configurations is straightforward with the front side facing management knobs. Basically, press and twist for intelligent ignition.
Since you will not need to position your hands on the Willow WGH70BGU 70 cm built-in 5 burner gas-on-glass black hob burners or pans, you may prevent spills and mishaps.

Preserving the hob clean is easy since the smooth glass surface finish lets you clean aside debris and spills with a moist towel. There is no need to scrub or expensive cleansers to save hard work, and it will look great and be 'up to' virtually any kitchen task conceivable.

5 Burner Gas-on-Glass Black Hob
Willow 5 Burner Gas-on-Glass Black Hob

You may eliminate the durable cast iron pan supports to access those problematic locations around the gas burners, letting you quickly take out debris. The flame failing safety unit instantly cuts the gas source if a flame inadvertently extinguishes, which will remove the chance of gas loss.

The hob is liquefied oil gas transformable for maximal freedom and incorporates LPG conversion equipment. Concerning ideal reassurance, this specific appliance includes a two-year guarantee.

The Features:

In case you are searching for a top-quality gas hob that is equally elegant and cost-effective, then this Willow WGH70BGU built-in 5 burner gas-on-glass black hob may be the one to suit your needs.

With heavy-duty cast iron supports and a brushed steel finish. You can be optimistic it will look great and be up to just about any food preparation task possible. This system features a flame failing protection device that prevents gas flow if a flame disappears.

Circular Dial Black Glass Hob

£149   Willow Auto Ignition Black Glass Gas Hob - Get It!  

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: Belling 75 cm Five Burner Gas-on-Glass Hob

Blending present-day style with old fashioned capabilities, this exceptional gas hob from Belling will indeed look astounding inside your kitchen. Using 5 burners to pick from, you will possess lots of room for all your cooking equipment, so it is simple to steam, simmer and fry together.

With the Belling 75cm gas on glass 5 burner gas hob, available also is an impressive wok burner. It provides you with the intensive high temperature you must put together with authentic Asian food.

This designs' strong cast iron pan supports will keep your entire cooking pots steady. At the same time, the specific rotary settings imply it's easy to modify the dimensions of the flame - if you want.

Prepare delightful meals for the entire family together with this glass gas hob. With 5 gas burners of differing measurements, you can perform many techniques from boiling water concerning rice - to simmering that tasty curry simultaneously.

Showcasing enamel pan supports on a glass surface area, the hob looks sophisticated and is straightforward to wipe clean when you've completed preparing food. All helping you save time and effort.

Gas on Glass 5 Burner Gas Hob
Belling Gas on Glass 5 Burner Hob

If the flame unintentionally fades, the hob will immediately cut off the gas delivery to help keep your house and loved ones safe. A gas hotplate with different size burners offers you the highest cooking control.

High-temperature transformation is instant and accurate to help you simmer lightly and boil. An additional significant sized burner provides the main advantage of extensive heat too.

Pan supports are constructed to achieve the same steadiness and sturdiness of cast iron, nevertheless with a less heavy structure for extra versatility in the cooking area.
The Belling 75cm gas on glass gas hob ignites instantly once you press and turn the command control, so it is unnecessary to press a different button.

The classy glass surface can make cleaning effortless. With five burners in a few dimensions, it provides a 3.6 kW high electrical power wok burner. The cast enamel pan represents lightness and sturdiness.
Use the auto-ignition to get started without goofing about with a combustion switch. The rotary controls are at the front side for immediate access.

75 cm Gas-on-Glass Hob In Black

£299   Belling 5 Burner Gas-on-Glass Hob - Get It!  

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: What's A Gas On Glass Hob?

5 burner glass on glass hobs are sophisticated and stylish, fantastic for new kitchen areas providing an excellent appearance without diminishing on quality. The black glass gas hobs tend to be long-lasting, look remarkable and therefore clean easier compared to regularly polished steel gas hobs.

: Add Glass Style In Your Kitchen Today

Advantages of using a good solid glass gas hob could they be relatively uncomplicated to maintain as well as thoroughly clean. They bring about a 'meaning of style' for your kitchen area environment. Some popular companies in UK offering gas on glass hobs today are NEFF, SMEG, Millar and SIA.

They could be a wise decision for much better and quicker warm-up periods. The simplicity the job of food preparation is easy because the surface throughout the burners continues cool to touch.

Every single cooking sector provides you with a good solid rest that is incredibly sturdy. This unique superior, clean black glass burner hob supplies the ideal mixture of form and efficiency with no elaborate costs.

: Useful New Glass Hob Features

The stylish, smooth layout tends to make cleaning really easy despite the fact supports present your pots and pans with that supplementary solidity. Other features of these fantastic value gas hobs incorporate auto-ignition, flame failing security concepts and an unbranded style that will correspond to virtually any kitchen.

: One Wok Burner For Stir Fry Included

With the obligatory style for your location and food preparation tendency, you will discover food planning faster and less complicated, so a wok burner which is perfect for stir fry fun and washing is extra controllable.

Bigger kitchen hobs with 5 or 6 burners frequently have much the same set-up coupled with yet another wok burner that is suitable for frying or intended for cooking substantial pots of water rather quickly.

Gas may be the typical personal preference, and for many individuals, it is the only food preparation energy in which they may have reliance. The gas on glass hob 60 cm size types are usually widely favoured as they provide an aesthetic supply of instantaneous high temperature that's consistently dispensed.

Gas is progressively more experienced as a substandard relative to the even more power efficient kitchen induction hob; nevertheless the difference is reducing. A few feature a direct flame concept which promises to provide consistent heat circulation throughout the entire surface area of the pot, conserving electric and time.

: Gas Ring Burner Flame Safety Aspects

There is no more any requirement to eliminate using a gas hob unless you possess just electric. Various gas ring burner hobs may be transformed into recognising liquid gas. If apprehensive about safe practices, only about all will be equipped with flame fail tools, which quit the gas if the flame is put out.

: Bosch Electronic 4 Burner Gas Glass Hob

The Features:

Black 5 Burner Gas Hob 700 mm Wide

£699   Bosch 4 Burner Gas Hob Glass - Get It!  

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The remarkable style gas-on-glass approach is becoming ever more popular and its relatively easy to appreciate why. The sleek glass surface area and the curved gas burners present themselves commodious and sharp with an abundance of space to cook on with diverse cookware.

Go for a hob that not just provides excellent efficiency, yet likewise gives a visual element of surprise to your kitchen space. Using the present-day gas on glass model, the striking hob will end up the centre of attention in virtually any home, plus they are convenient to use and keep clean.

: Easy Clean Black Gas-On-Glass Benefits

Should you be looking to buy a hob that is uncomplicated to master and quick cleaning - and you do not mind spending a lot more, the best black glass 5 burner gas hob could be the correct personal preference for you. A gas-on-glass hob is more straightforward to clean compared to a typically installed hob.

The sleek exterior makes it fashionable, contemporary and quicker to wipe compared to a more elaborate and rather common gas version, even though the gas gives a more natural adjustable high-temperature supply than any electrical ceramic kitchen hob cant.

Some gas on glass hob benefits is they are trendy and structured, uncomplicated to determine the high temperature and decent complete heat circulation. They are simpler to clean compared to a standard gas kitchen hob.

Why not reflect on lovely white glass gas hob designs presenting a specialised finish that protects the all-natural shine. You may check out any gas hob using glass installations - a contemporary upgrade to chrome steel.

Even though glass does not have the alternative selling point of steel, it's preferable to clean considering that glass is somewhat more challenging for foodstuff that sticks.

: Hobs Complementing Kitchen Design

As opposed to induction hobs, the ceramic types do not require specialist cookware and are eye-catching as well to complement your kitchen style. The area does not have pan supports; therefore it's more streamlined and much easier to clean when compared to other versions.

: Kitchen Technology With Gas Hobs

Induction hobs present specific and legitimate temperatures whenever you prepare food. It is worth observing that if you choose to buy induction, you might want to invest in a brand-new set of pots and pans. Just magnetic established components can be used on an induction hob.

With repeated implementation, the kitchen hob is a vital part of kitchen technology, and you'll have to invest some time taking into consideration the most appropriate destination to fit it - but certainly not over an oven. Exactly where you wish to place your hob might decide which kind you purchase.

Should you prefer a gas kitchen hob, the most used form of hob available, you will need to ensure you possess a gas resource where you want the kitchen hob. If you plan to sit down on a central kitchen island, shifting the gas source might be costly, and an increasing number of new UK homes have no gas association whatsoever.

: Integrated Gas Hob Kitchen Set-Up

In the UK, don't assume all buildings have accessibility to gas, but once you do, you will not have the ability to set-up the gas kitchen hob yourself - be sure that a professional person performs the task concerning the job expected.

5 Burners White Style Gas On Glass Hob
Sparkling White Gas On Glass Hob

: Choosing The Ideal Gas On Glass Hob With 5 Burners

One particular wonderful feature of a gas on glass hob 4 burner is they are incredibly uncomplicated to control. The flame can be viewed and is more manageable, offering instantaneous high temperatures that may be perfectly allocated throughout the cooking equipment.

Gas is less expensive to operate as opposed to electric; thus you will surely spot the financial impact. A few hobs can be very challenging to clean; therefore it will probably be worth looking at smooth gas on glass hobs that will compiment any new stylish cooker hood in black or stainless steel.

The burners and iron supports are established on a sheet of ceramic glass containing significantly lesser recesses and frequently only require a speedy clean. Should you be unable to gain access to a gas source, then do not be concerned.

Electric power solid plate kitchen hobs seem to have been the least expensive hob alternatives out there to acquire and will be combined with virtually any cooking equipment you select. You have got the choice of electrical ceramic kitchen hobs which always look amazingly stylish.

Just about all gas hobs possess a powered instead of button system ignition, several ignite whenever you convert the control, removing the requirement to force and hold the ignition press button as you change over.

: Some Thought And Set-Up Demanded

For those who have more work-top environments, inexpensive 70cm and 80 cm hobs are usually on hand with up to 5 burners, or maybe 4 together with an expert wok burner feature. The most important hob specifications generally obtainable is 90 cm, but that isn't the only the range of burners that matter, however the design as well.

The most typical set-up is one significant burner, with a few moderate and a substantially less potent simmer area ring etc. This mix fits most homes as you are less likely to require all large cookware simultaneously.

Kitchen hobs are integrated appliances which usually position themselves over the kitchen work surface area and permit you to utilise some food preparation methods, but some can easily accomplish all kinds of delicacies.

The spectacular black gas on glass hob 5 burners are precisely the same as standard gas designs; nevertheless the burners are attached on a smooth surface rather than the metallic option. This makes them an even more fashionable and effortless to clean choice, while nonetheless keeping the best of gas performance.