Stainless Steel Recirculating Extractor Fan Hood Styles

Updated 06/01/2022:
What Are Recirculating Cooker Hoods?
The typical 90 or 60cm recirculating cooker hood cleans the air surroundings via filtration and then releases fresh air back in the kitchen space. The recirculating extractor fans are tremendous if you are struggling to set-up ducts in your residence, but are quiet and look exquisite.

For setting up, they could be positioned on virtually any wall in the food prep area - and you may set-up on your own rather quickly. Designer cooker hoods are popular and we love the black and steel style.

: Cookology Recirculating Extractor Hood Glass


  • Integrated Down Light
  • Three Powerful Speeds


  • None

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Very High Extraction Rate
  • Smart And Current Finish

Unique Selling Point:

  • Superior Fan Performance
  • Beautifully Curved Glass

Extractor Hood With Chic Curved Glass

£89   Cookology Extractor Hood Curved Glass - Get It!  

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: CIARRA Glass Steel Chimney Recirculating Hood

Glass Style Chimney Hood
Glass Style CIARRA Chimney Hood


  • Low-Noise Extraction
  • Ducting Extractor Fan


  • Not at all

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Carbon Filter Integration
  • Very Powerful Air Product

Unique Selling Point:

  • With Fashionable Curvy Glass
  • Magnificent Suction Power
Glass And Steel Recirculating Hood

£149   CIARRA Steel Chimney Hood Recirculating - Get It!  

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: Cookology Cooker Hood In Steel Halogen Lights

Close Up Of Hood Halogen Lights
Cookology Cooker Hood In Steel

The Features:


  • Powerful Extraction
  • 4 Halogen Lights


  • Not here..

Rounded Cooker Hood In Steel

£219   Cookology Tube Style Steel Cooker Hood - Get It!  

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: Eliminate All Kitchen Smells

The fans need a grease filter associated plus a carbon filtration system to deal with any fumes and smells, but this might be bought independently. Most 90 and 60 cm cooker hoods will be appliances to eliminate smells created by food prep and look fab with that new gas range cooker appliance.

Regardless of what design you want, you will have the ability to select from an extracting hood, including a re-circulation hood - nevertheless, most of the decision will depend on your kitchen space and integrated extractor hood distance to an exterior wall etc.

: Smells And Fat Particles Exterminated

The hood simply by necessity must be at minimum 65 cm from the kitchen hob if it's electric powered and around 75 cm for any gas hob type. Extraction hoods are undoubtedly the most well-liked strategy to many since any smells or fat created are taken out of the kitchen and aimed outdoors via a duct in the wall.

: If The Cooker Is Near The Wall..

Not every kitchen enables for this form of the hood if they are possibly lacking open area, or just cannot have ducting set-up.

The cookers that do not have entry to another wall will not manage to implement an extraction hood; nevertheless, you have a good possibility of getting one set-up if your cooker is nearby the wall.

With regards to costs, you need to possess preliminary outlay for ducting as well as unit installation; however you do not have to substitute filter systems frequently - that will help you save cash ultimately.

: Kitchen Extractor Hoods For Your Style

The freestanding kitchen extractor hood can be the least expensive design in existence and matches instantly to the wall structure. It is the least robust of hood these days and therefore is merely appropriate for use having a four-burner kitchen hob space.

If space is limited or maybe you would prefer to disguise the hood aside whenever it isn't being used, you might want to check out the built-in hood made to fit in virtually any kitchen model or cupboard of proper proportions.

Built-in hoods are usually provided by telescopic castors, which generally permit much easier access as the hood just rolls in free from its casing with simple effort/work.

: CIARRA Extract Recirculation Cooker Hood

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Energy-Saving Lights
  • Elegant Kitchen Hood

Unique Selling Point:

  • Lower Sound Output 67 dB
  • Adjustable Chimney Hood

The Features:


  • Eliminate Smoke And Smells
  • Powerful Suction Ability


  • None whatsoever
Black Chimney Cooker Hood

£150   CIARRA Chic Chimney Cooker Hood - Get It!  

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: SIA Recirculating Curving Glass Black Hood

Recirculating Curving Glass Hood
SIA Recirculating Glass Black Hood

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Features Charcoal Filter
  • Long 5 Years Warranty

Unique Selling Point:

  • Single Electric Fan Motor
  • Great Price For This Hood

The Features:


  • Telescopic Chimney Sections
  • Ducted Or Re-Circulating


  • No

Curve Style In Glass Black Hood

£164   SIA Recirculating Glass Cooker Hood - Get It!  

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: CDA Quiet Curved Glass Cooker Hood Extractor

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Three Speed Power Control
  • External Aluminium Filter

Unique Selling Point:

  • Looks Great In Any Kitchen
  • Stunning Steel Glass Style

The Features:


  • Curved Glass Hood
  • x2 Halogen Lamps


  • None..

Curving Hood Extractor In Steel Exterior

£199   CDA Glass Steel Structure Cooker Hood - Get It!  

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: Considering The Hood Weight Plus

The island style hood is the most extensive and most impressive kind presented - it hooks-up to the ceiling over a mid fixed system. It will be noticed from almost all perspectives and is fabricated to match.

Considering that island hoods are suited to the ceiling, it is vital that you make sure the fitting is sufficiently strong to complement the entire weight on the hood, which could occasionally undertake 35 Kg or over.

Canopy And Chimney Cooker Hoods

The chimney hood arranged up against the wall structure is necessarily the most pleasing. Every single one will possess a cover to capture the vapour and odours - and a chimney installed with a fan to draw air out, along with a significant number of variations geared to the majority of cooking spaces.

: Extraction Hood Ducting Info

Intended for something significantly less obtrusive, it's worthwhile examining a down design extractor fan. They are fixed within the work-top over the rear border of the kitchen hob and expand a few inches over the surface area as it's needed.

With the extraction hood, you will require ducting to really guide the removed air outdoors. Ducting is usually plastic tubes that can have an enormous effect on crucial elements of your kitchen space.

Almost all ducting caters to hoods which back on exterior wall space, although even if this is not the circumstance, you may still select an extractor hood considering that equally flat or perhaps round rigid ducts can guide the stream throughout the surface of the kitchen cabinetry in an undetectable way.

: Speed Of Air Removal In Ducts

By way of variable ducting, it is crucial to ensure that the bends inside the tubes are reduced, which is just as tight as is feasible. Virtually any twist or perhaps interruption to the ventilation will result in pull - which not merely enhances the sound of the hood, nevertheless influences the removal velocity.

It may be the less costly preference, but do not be convinced of all 4-inch sizes - certainly acquire the suggested measured tubes of 5 inches - as yet again this will likely impact sound and functionality.

You will discover two sorts of filter systems in regular grease screens and charcoal style which are ideal for dual fuel cookers. The standard choices are accessible on virtually any integrated extractor fan hood and are generally made of alloy or steel. They may be of a plastic material, nevertheless are far scarcer.

The filters do not have to be changed often and need washing every few months - they might be washed inside the dishwasher machine. The quantity of these filter systems that require replacing or washing will count on just how frequently you really cook, and the different kinds of food you prepare.

: Charcoal Filters In Cooker Extractor Fans

Now that you have decided upon which kind of hood you are able to use in the kitchen area, you must reflect on various other elements that may impact the efficiency and user-friendliness of the extractor hood product.

To assist you to watch what you are cooking, you will see that just about all, if not all cooker hoods arrive outfitted will a few halogen or incandescent lamps, nevertheless make sure they are readily accessible.

: Klarstein Extractor Recirculating Glass Hood

Extractor Glass Hood In Black
Klarstein Extracting Glass Hood

Why Should I Buy It?

  • High Extraction In-Built
  • Get Rid Of Smells Quickly

Unique Selling Point:

  • Three Diverse Power Levels
  • Black Glass Lit Up Design

The Features:


  • Switchable Lighting
  • Top Exhaust Vent


  • None whatsoever

Smooth Curving Steel Recirculating Hood

£214   Klarstein Recirculating Hood Steel Flue - Get It!  

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: R.Hobbs Recirculation Cooker Hood Glass/Steel

Steel Recirculation Hood With LED
R.Hobbs Recirculation Cooker Hood

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Ventilation And Recirculation
  • 5 Clear Function Push Buttons

Unique Selling Point:

  • No More Horrid Smells
  • Excellent Ventilation

The Features:


  • Light Efficient Rating A
  • Classy Wall Mount Design


  • No

Cooker Hood In Glass And Steel

£129   Russell Hobbs Glass Steel Cooker Hood - Get It!  

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: Recirculating Cooker Hood Air Flow Rate

Examine where the settings are, around the bottom or within the cooker hood, as they may be challenging to gain access to. Virtually all hoods arrive ready furnished with up to 3 rates to help you control the hood's speed function in the event your cooking is not generating a lot of vapour or smells.

Elimination speed functions on how many alterations of airflow each hour the cooker hood can run. You will require at minimum 8 to 10 changes each hour; nevertheless 11 is strongly suggested. It is advisable to determine the number of cubic metres within the kitchen space.

Together with the kitchen appliance, you will hardly ever acquire technical statistics scored in recirculation applications. The information is assessed continuously in elimination function exclusively - and then routine service expenses are substantial.

A recirculation cover just filters the environment through a filtration system and a type of charcoal cover without additional vent required. That filter will undoubtedly catch much of the fat, though the leftovers may remain inside your kitchen space.

The carbon filtration will moderately take away aromas for a limited time, but will actually after that have to be washed or may be substituted. Virtually any hood that merely recirculates the air struggles to manage the humid air produced by oily food preparation.

The Quietest Functioning Cooker Hoods

The sound of the hood may be relatively intrusive whenever on large setting or perhaps top speed, although an excellent suggestion is, mainly if you are eating within the food prep area is to transition the cooker hood on a couple of minutes before you begin preparing food to get air-flow going beforehand.

After that, you can switch it off or maybe to the minimum environment as you take a seat to eat food, but it will evidently succeed in doing its best activity. Removal may be one of the most long-lasting and successful choices, but an excellent cooker hood to be utilised in a recirculation function may be noisier.

For needs of conserving electric power, cooker hoods can nowadays remove no higher than 675 m3/ph at full capacity. This can be the available max capacity, but companies might include a more efficient booster action. It might be triggered for a couple of minutes where it removes extra 80 m3 air flow.

: CIARRA LED Recirculating Chimney Cooker Hood

Recirculating Cooker Hood 4 Speeds
CIARRA LED Chimney Cooker Hood

The Features:


  • 3 Speed Touch Controls
  • Steel And Glass Hood


  • None.

Chrome Steel Chimney Hood

£179   CIARRA Recirculating Extractor Hood - Get It!  

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Bear in mind the size and entire tubes, plus the number of angles about which the air flow must move is essential for circumstances that impact elimination performance. So make use of 15 cm size tubes and stay as brief and direct as is feasible.

Get Optimal Air Elimination

To acquire a substantial sound level evaluation for 2 cooker hoods, you need to make sure both possess approximately an equivalent minimum amount - and optimal air elimination volumes. For the design technique utilised, a boost of 3 up to 6.5 decibels will increase the recognised sound level.

By simply elevating the length in metres through the sound supply, you will decrease the observed sound level. It is terrific to recognise whenever determining where to spot the furniture.

Sound degrees of hoods are often scored at a position over 1 metre from the middle of the cooker hood. The lately modified requirements determine this specifically - and all suppliers employ this approach.

The hood must be more significant as opposed to the stove; however, we do propose a hood is up to two times the breadth of the cooking area. An excellent free suspending hood 'above an island' must be two times as extensive as the kitchen hob.

Fat must not accumulate, equally within and outside of the cooker hood. Brushed steel is desirable; nevertheless, oily hand markings do surface quite a bit easier. In the same manner, dust particles are far more noticeable on a glass cover when compared to any opaque example.

A delay press button with a computerised stop action is advantageous, although the filtration system alert is hugely alluring. Both significant hood groups are obviously noticeable compared to the integrated extractor hoods intended to be somewhat undetectable.

Recirculating Chimney Cooker Hoods With Built-In Extractor

Most ceiling cooker hoods and counter-top hoods symbolise the variety of both groups, nevertheless do steer clear of these unless of course style is your superior consideration at the expense of functionality.

The recirculating chimney cooker hood design or maybe (T) styled hoods are exceptional capturing air in an all-natural manner. The wall structure attached ducting is frequently straightforward, making air flow elimination less complicated. They are available in a myriad of resources and built into any nook.

This kind of built-in extractor is undetectable when not utilised since it is concealed in the counter area. This undoubtedly compromises cooker hood efficiency. The downdraft extraction is perfect for individuals who cook by using an island, nevertheless, want a built-in and minimal appearance.

Many recirculation chimney cooker hoods are in all probability significantly less preferred when compared to extraction, yet can still become an efficient technique of sanitising the air located in your kitchen space.

The advantage of the hoods is they set-up pretty much any place and don't require ducting, which in turn decreases primary instalment expenses.

This recirculation approach functions nicely by drawing airflow throughout a system that gets rid of odours and fumes from your surroundings, before delivering clean air back in your kitchen. If the filtration system is hugely successful, some high temperature and moisture content may be re-circulated with all the air.

Air movement speed is mostly diminished as the charcoal filtration system position rests before the electric motor. The filtration will generally require updating occasionally but can enhance operating expenses somewhat over time.