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10 Electric Built Under Double Ovens - The Perfect Kitchen!

Updated 17/06/2020:
At this time electric built under double ovens are created to squeeze into the area between two cabinet sections. Sometimes fan assisted and integrated via mounting brackets, they are under counter and set-up in a black or white casing, presenting a substantial capacity when compared to the equivalents.

You may need extra space but possess either a compact grill oven or more sizable oven openings, rendering them well suited for individuals who don't own a dual fuel cooker but love preparing big.

: Indesit White Built Under Double Oven Electric

White Built Under Double Oven In Kitchen

£289   Indesit White Built Under Double Oven - Get It!  

: Beko Electric Built Under Fan Assisted Double Oven

Electric Built Under Double Oven Steel Finish

£399   Beko Fan Assisted Double Oven - Get It!  

Russell Hobbs Built Under Electric Double Oven


  • Easy Clean Interior
  • Handy LED Timer


  • None..

Black Built Under Double Oven With 4 Controls

£339   R.Hobbs Double Oven - Get It!  

Integrated double electric ovens are outstanding for whenever there are many appetites to provide for, enabling you to prepare several dishes concurrently. Should you be searching for a double which can be built 'into the kitchen cabinet' posts, the 90 centimetres elevation version is advisable.

Oven Batch Cooking Several Foods

If you are an established household cook, a 90cm electric range cooker may be suitable. High temperature originates from the top as well as bottom level heating system components, functioning with no fan to flow the warmth. This gives a regular model of preparing food with heated air soaring to the inner oven top.

Perhaps you carry out loads of batch cooking or frequently end up cooking several foods with the exact same heat range, so a fan oven may suit your needs. A high temperature is allocated uniformly through the oven due to a fan - or perhaps in some instances, several fans positioned near to the high-temperature origin.

Indesit Programmable Built-Under Double Oven


  • 59/37 L Capacities
  • AA Energy Class Oven


  • None..

Built-Under Style Oven With Steel Finish

£289   Indesit Built-Under Double Oven - Get It!  

For a home chief cook who likes to test out several cooking strategies, a multi-purpose oven is designed for your family. By grilling, to thawing, remembering fan food preparation plus more, a multi-functional built in oven and hob package enables you to cook just about any food.

Concerning the appearance of the kitchen space, deciding on the best colour for the oven can undoubtedly help raise your kitchen's style. Varieties of integrated ovens are available in steel, white and black, even incorporating chic steel surface finishes.

Electric Double Under Oven LED Touch Screen

It is convenient to monitor the cooking time period of your meals along with the ability to set an ideal food preparation environment time frame. The majority of the built-in ovens include touchscreen displays, providing different kinds to suit your family needs.

The entirely programmable LED screen is perfect for when you happen to be preparing the food beforehand, you may arrange the straightforward touch LED screen to start making food at any given time. The computer-animated LED screen permits you to understand implementing icon settings.

Cookology Electric Under Counter Double Oven


  • Anti-Fingerprint Steel
  • Retracting Controls


  • None

Built Under Double Oven With LED

£319   Cookology Under Counter Oven - Get It!  

The display will reveal the chosen cooking food action plus the ideal tray placement to find the best cooking outcomes. Intended for increased regulation, you may use the knobs to create the effect you happen to be pursuing combined with the specific heat for roasting etc.

There are numerous considerations to include an oven into the kitchen space - and regardless if you're able to apply gas or perhaps electric power, the main concern must be what you can easily set-up a double under oven inside the space you have in existence.

It is easy to possibly set-up your oven in-column or perhaps 'built underneath'. Just about all cooks choose the column option as it provides you with an eye height perspective of precisely what is preparing - then it is straightforward for controlling hot and weighty food.

Electric Under The Counter Double Oven Benefits

The built under cooker is advantageous for releasing considerably more work-top environment and eye height cabinet space - and may even be the individual personal preference in some kitchen areas.

Belling Built Under Double Electric Oven

Built Under Electric Oven In Black

£449   Belling Built Under Electric Oven - Get It!  

It may be equally worthwhile observing that a microwave can be hugely successful and a valuable acquaintance to conventional food preparation techniques. Most UK households already have one in their kitchen with the accessibility to free-standing or combination microwaves, grills or perhaps combo oven styles.

It is essential to determine the construction of your dual oven as many are in fact two full-size ovens, plus some are a more compact fifty percent style oven over a total sized unit. Reflect on just how much space you have got in your kitchen space, and what you can use the secondary oven for.

Hotpoint Under Counter Double Oven Electric


  • Triple Glazed Door
  • Slow Cook And Defrost


  • None..

White Double Oven Electric Powered

£329   Hotpoint 74L Double Oven - Get It!  

Enough Space In A Half Size Electric Oven?

3 or maybe more trays may be convenient, especially if you want to prepare many dishes concurrently. Examine the half-oven if it provides ample shelf placement for your needs. Just about all half size ovens come with only a single ledge - and one grill rack or cooking stand.

Ensure the capabilities inside the oven meet your requirements since they have a tendency to be reserved intended for top and bottom level components - convector and grill space. Just some possess fan obligated support or various other surplus capabilities.

Ledges must have protection stops to prevent them from becoming picked up unintentionally, and should not lean whenever plucked out using any weight.

The component needs to be sunken in the surface of the oven and have a safeguard so that it isn't uncovered - and cannot be inadvertently handled. This is especially essential if you possess the oven underneath the counter.

A chrome steel external surface needs to be finger-print resilient since it helps to save maintenance time. The latest 'Pyro ovens' desire a high temperature of 490 degrees plus Centigrade and the liners are able to be removed.

The cleaning surface types may be caught to the oven wall space, therefore when the range is heated up to 250 Celsius for 60 minutes, it will melt away the burnt food - demanding just a wipe later.

CDA Built Under Enamel Interior Electric Double Oven


  • Front LED Timer
  • Energy Class A Oven


  • None.

Black Steel Built Under Double Oven

£599   CDA Digital Built-Under Oven - Get It!  

Fan Assisted Ovens And Slow Cooking

The keep warm feature preserves any fan assisted double oven heat in the vicinity of 55 up to 88 Celsius to hold food toasty without carrying on to prepare your food.

The slow cooking function takes advantage of heat through the top as well as bottom level components with a reduced temperature of generally about 65 - 115.5 Centigrade. Utilise this action for slow food preparation of seared meats in ovenware with no cover.

Divider panel shelves distinguish an additional and significant open space into two independent areas that can be managed concurrently. The entire top sector functions as a grill, while the lowest position section may be established fan influenced.

Set-up elevation is significant, therefore go for one based on the smallest height. If the half oven could get just about the most usage, select one that is found under the first oven and set it up at the correct level.

The typical GB oven casing dimensions are 60 cm wide; nevertheless, shoppers devoid of space have a choice of a 90 cm solitary or even dual oven. When you have room, the double oven can supply more significant overall flexibility - helping you to cook employing both of those sections simultaneously at different temperatures.

Zanussi Built-Under Fan Assisted Double Oven

Black Built-Under Fan Electric Double Oven

£499   Zanussi Built-Under Double Oven - Get It!  

Built Under Kitchen Appliance Decisions

The oven can theoretically be integrated to virtually any region of the kitchen work surface area or maybe cabinets, but once you choose to buy an electric built under double oven, you've still got the decision of a single or dual space oven home appliance.

Cooking food may be less complicated with the oven at vision height since it is readily available when compared to one beneath the work exterior. With digital screens to kid's locking mechanisms, there are several distinctive components provided with present-day ovens - and it is beneficial to look at the types to meet your needs.

A well-known characteristic in advanced ovens is self-cleaning, of which is supplied in both single and double ovens. Just like a cooktop, you will find two sorts of fuel intended for range cookers, every with different rewards. The main one for you is determined by your financial allowance, what works best to cook and exactly how you love to prepare food.

Cookology Built Under Electric Double Oven Timer


  • Open Door Grill Top
  • 3 Shelf Positions


  • None.

Electric Double Oven With Steel Handles

£319   Cookology Double Oven - Get It!  

Cooking Moisture Content Issues

Gas oven cooking supports increased moisture content in the air as opposed to electric ovens, considerably better for roast dinners, cupcakes and stew. Generally more costly to acquire and put in, but electric is more affordable to operate when compared.

It may be pricey to install in case your kitchen does not currently have a gas attachment. Don't prepare food consistently if there is a fan since the flame reaches the rear. Will not brown or perhaps crisp as effectively as an electric oven if there is a grill towards the top.

Just like a gas cooktop, a gas oven provides you with prompt flame and heat mastery. You will find less gas select models available as with electric ovens.

Electric ovens make meals with more dry air as opposed to a gas oven but are considerably better for cooking loaves of bread. A much more preferred personal preference as opposed to gas ovens - less costly to acquire and deploy than gas cookers.

Hotpoint Built Under Double Oven With Fan


  • New Circulaire Fan
  • Delivers Multi heat


  • None..

Stylish Steel Under Counter Double Oven

£299   Hotpoint Built Under Electric Oven - Get It!  

Yes, electric is higher priced to operate and requires pre-heating; nevertheless most of today's versions preheat rapidly. They raise the temperature more consistently than gas, particularly with the help of a powerful fan.

They possess many different food preparation settings to acquire the perfect outcomes. A few have an advanced vapour concept, which mostly produces moist air flow for the ideal meats etc.

Space And Layout Electric Powered Double Oven Issues

Equally gas and then electric powered ovens may be a standard type or merely a convector fan-aided. After the high temperature gets into the oven, it commences distributing, however not uniformly, therefore if the foodstuff is not revolving in a distinct placement - it prepares a meal inconsistently.

Small electric built in double ovens are useful for sometimes more compact living areas, or perhaps together with a set-up together with or even over an individual oven - and also for space intended for an additional unit like the heating compartment beneath.

Hoover 84L Electric Built Under Double Oven


  • Second Oven In Bottom
  • Glazed View Windows


  • None

Black Built Under Oven With Back Light

£359   Hoover Electric Built Under Oven - Get It!  

Suppliers, in general, estimate the entire inner amount of their oven as an overview of specifications. But since food is not are available in large boxes, that isn't specifically beneficial. You can't merely employ all of that inner space to prepare food, plus the layout and placement of racks likewise make a massive difference.

Integrated Double Oven Hot And Cold Zones

It will be possible for an oven with more significant proportions to acquire less environment readily available for food preparation than a smaller sized type. Regular ovens offer high temperature from a few heating system components - one near the top of the oven as well as the various other nearby the bottom part.

This concept may bring about hot and cold areas, and then food positioned closer to the top is likely to cook faster than at the lower part. Old fashioned cooking can occasionally have the advantage over applying an oven with fan assistance.

Just about all electric ovens today feature a fan that helps 'spread the heat' efficiently, plus some gas ovens may also be fan served. Authentic fan ovens enjoy a single heat element throughout the fan, although a fan-aided electric built under double oven is basically an established oven using a fan placed in the rear of that space.