Soup Maker Machines With Smooth Or Chunky Consistency

Updated 11/04/2022:
Our electric soup makers are versatile equipment that cook, heat and blend ingredients for your favourite self-made soup. A variety of professional soup mixers with smooth or chunky consistency and even blend smoothies with auto self-clean machine.

There are choices of soup maker machine, so it's crucial to confirm the features best for your food preparation demands - particularly essential if you need to use the soup blender regularly.

: Morphy Richards Saute And Soup Maker

Create fresh homemade, balanced broth within twenty minutes. Produce smooth, chunky, juicy mixtures, ensuring consistency with your personal preference. Just add onions or even spices in the container for optimum flavour before adding the veg.

Include seasoning throughout the food preparation cycle simply by eliminating the cover. Typically, the cooking food routine will carry on as soon as it is substituted. The Morphy Richards saute and soup maker 1.6 litres operating total capacity is for serving as many as four hungry individuals.

A hassle-free solution to generate tasty soup in the way you prefer it. You can be seated with a bowl of healthy, self-made nourishing broth in about twenty minutes. Unlike shop-purchased soup, this specific broth will be created to your individual taste and uniformity.

: Gain That Precise Broth Consistency

For the healthy soup maker saute function, you merely add onions, sausage, garlic, turmeric or spices or herbs into the container for the highest possible flavour before incorporating the stock.

You have the choice to add flavouring through the cooking period. Still, once the lid is on, the food preparation period will keep going. 4 options include smooth soup, chunky broth in 28 mins, juices in 2 minutes and a blend feature to assure consistency to your individual selection.

This specific blender and soup maker machine is fast and straightforward to use in precise measures. Merely get ready to chop your own ingredients directly into small bits. Put them in the broth maker and possibly choose the smooth or chunky option.

Cut your pieces to permit faster food preparation and better mixing for optimum outcomes. The straightforward interface benefits an LED countdown screen that displays precisely how long your own soup has left to prepare. You just settle back and allow your broth machine to undertake the time and effort for you personally.

Soup Maker With Black And Red Handle
Morphy Richards Saute And Soup Maker

This specific soup mixer works fine in any cooking area and with a top-down style that permits a big 1.6 L container. You can create great soup for four portions simultaneously.

After appreciating your dinner, just give the container a fast wash beneath the tap. Wipe it with a soapy cloth or sponge, and your machine is looking forward to the next occasion. The device likewise benefits from an easy to clean non-stick layer - making clean-up easy.

For most satisfactory outcomes, put in half a cup of water or even stock in the soup machine before using any solid ingredients.

Arrange the vegetable soup maker lid using the jug to guarantee that it recesses within the product appropriately. If it's not lined up accurately, the soup creator will not accomplish well.
After you have set the plan you would like to use, ensure you never raise the cover to determine your broth before the period is completed.

The Features:


  • Non Stick Inner Coating
  • Serves Up To Six People


  • Not at all..

The smooth process blends and lightly cooks broth in just 21 minutes. The chunky system cooks healthy soup with a heavier uniformity in only 28 minutes. If the soup turns out too chunky for your preference, simply push the blend switch until the consistency of the broth is to your own discretion.

Furthermore, this Morphy Richards saute soup maker machine incorporates a pause feature that lets you take away the cover in the middle of the food preparation period.

You can then include natural herbs, spices, herbs or seasoning before re-applying the cover. The system will keep in mind the remaining amount of time and complete the food preparation period.

This particular cheap soup maker even possesses an additional juice feature so that you can generate tasty, wholesome smoothies and fruit juice refreshments as well. The programme will cut out and re-set, returning to the start should you lift the cover.

Steel Saute And Soup Maker

[Rating: 9/10]   £89 - Get It → M.Richards Saute And Soup Machine  

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: Cuisinart Soup Maker Plus Saute Cook

Undertaking scrumptious wholesome soup is now never less complicated. Boil, simmer, mix and combine all in the thermal glass vessel. This is a broth machine, but it also produces exciting smoothies, aromatic curries, spectacular gravies, ice crushing, and more.

A vital heating component with 3 temperature ranges warms rapidly and effectively, producing soups in ten minutes. When finished, the cooking dish is simply cleaned.

This Cuisinart Soup Maker Plus saute, cook, stir machine manages the consistency with four mixer rates, pulse and slow mix features to create a chunky broth. You can make extravagantly smooth soups - and others somewhere in the middle.

One jar maintains your completed foods hot after preparing food. It is straightforward to softly reheat leftover meals by using the simmer function. It provides a food preparation and mixing vessel with 1.4 litres total hot capacity, 1.75 litres cool capability, a recipe publication, and a 3 years warranty.

The soup machine is a one-stop store for a complete host of soothing quality recipes in one unit. It may accomplish virtually any combination of sauteing, food prep, boiling, mixing, and blending within the thermal jar. This large soup maker is exquisite for stews, gravies, plus more.

Soup Maker With Black Controls On Base
Cuisinart Soup Maker Plus Saute Cook Stir

With the 30 minutes timer, it is possible to allow your ingredients to simmer, and the equipment will switch off late in the cycle. Collectively, with the entire procedure occurring in the container, washing up is fast and straightforward.

Highly effective, 3 environment heat components that implement your fresh ingredients create the perfect flavour in your formula. Carefully saute ingredients, for example, onions and natural herbs, on the sophisticated non-stick plate for improved taste and consistency.

Include your other ingredients plus fluids and monitor your recipe within the glass container. You can easily modify the ingredients, the temperature and food preparation time.

Soon after cooking, utilise the soup blender functionality to generate perfectly smooth broth and gravies. The soup blender and cooker stir functionality are fantastic for producing chunky soups, casseroles, curries, and more.

Prepare a hot, spicy dinner and gently mix your noodles using the slow stir operation. Or alternatively, cook ingredients to get a pasta sauce and mix to a smooth uniformity. Operate the non-stick cooking dish to saute essential ingredients for a curry. The delicate slow mix is designed to mix creamy, hearty risotto and more.

The Features:

Contemplating smoothie drinks, the equipment is effective enough to smash ice, so try mixing frozen fresh fruit and ice for smoothies. Or interrupt your Weekend night with a distinctive slow mix.

It gently integrates ingredients throughout food prep - just the thing for chunky broth. The Cuisinart Soup Maker Plus saute, cook and stir glass vessel is quite simple to wash. Basically, fill with soapy water soon after use - then mix at a reduced speed to eliminate excess food.

While using the thermal glass container, you can watch your own ingredients as they prepare within the solid glass container. Quickly check on your recipe and modify the configurations as necessary for the best outcomes. It can keep your recipe hot right after preparation too.

Soup Maker Plus Saute Cook Stir

[Rating: 9/10]   £69 - Get It → Cuisinart Soup Maker Plus Saute Cook  

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: Tower Soup Mixer In Steel 1000 W 1.6L

Accompanied by a 1.6 litres total capacity, it is possible to mix as many as 6 servings of delicious soups and smoothies for your household to relish using this electric soup cooker. Take pleasure in excellent soup, and for additional comfort, you can equally mix and heat up your ingredients to make dinner times a lot less complicated.

Faultlessly 'blend up chunky' or perhaps smooth broth, or maybe nourishing smoothies jam-packed and brimming with flavour. It keeps the essential nutritional vitamins for a standard measure of sun energy.

This Tower T12031 soup and smoothie maker incorporates a superior steel container and cutting tool for additional toughness. This increases life expectancy and sustains optimum overall performance.

Basically, add hot water and detergent right after cooking. After which, run the routine to flow the water throughout the container to eliminate leftover food deposits. The 1.6-litre soup maker provides a brilliant technique to avoid burning up, which is dependable in any family kitchen.

Have fun creating a selection of self-made soups, delicious jams, foods for infants or smoothies. Consider all four characteristics to obtain the outcomes you desire smooth, merged, chunky and succulent.

T12031 Soup Smoothie Maker
Tower T12031 Soup Smoothie Maker Settings

Attractive and functional, the chrome steel soup maker blender is fantastic for whole families and active individuals that appreciate hot soup on a chilly working day. Simply perfect for just about every cooking area, it is user friendly and easy on the eyeballs.

Within an intelligent structure, the soup machine incorporates a steel container with an ergonomic grip and a dual-walled style to retain contents hot. It contains the food processor cutting tool and 1000 Watts electric motor - just raise the cover to effortlessly brush/clean your blade.

Highlighted in the compact soup maker are overfill and also spillage sensors. This will discover if many ingredients have been included, or perhaps when it is going to bubble over when preparing. You can quickly stop those splatters and chaos.

Quick and straightforward, this specific soup machine's high electric power and successful steel blades permit you to make a myriad of soups within just a few minutes.

The Features:

This specific kitchen appliance concurrently warms and combines your meal, reducing the time and energy necessary to put together smooth, rich and creamy broth. Create healthful meals and even pureed foods for infants.

Create your soup securely with the smart management process. It is functional, but this soup creator is also incredibly secure. Besides the intelligent control strategy, the Tower T12031 soup and smoothie maker will reassure you. At the same time, you make a delightful soup meal.

This kind of soup machine supplies an ample 1.6 litre total capacity for all family members. It lets you cook for the complete household in just one undertaking. This will make the appliance exquisite for large homes or those with hectic living standards. And those who require to match their own meal prep surrounding with their own agenda.

Soup Mixer In Polished Steel Finish

£58   Tower Soup Mixer 1000 Watts 1.6 Litres - Get It!  

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: Type Of Soup Machine And Features

A soup cooker version with distinct features is best if you intend on performing more heating up and mixing your tasty broth. The time frame on any busy schedule might be an issue for you - so programmed automated configurations will be preferred.

: Pulse And Best Heat Control

If you need regulation of the texture, a soup maker blender with manual pulse choice might be a considerably better style so reflect on the electric soup maker components. Canisters and pitchers are usually from plastic material, glass or alloy. A few plastics are made to resist heat and effects, but some are vulnerable.

: Tough Physical Properties

Glass is generally robust and resilient; nevertheless, any unintentional slide to the ground might lead to damage. All steel/metal is less prone to wear out; however, the electric soup makers may be hot to the touch, which can be bothersome when attempting to instantly dish-out.

: Pros And Cons Of The Soupmaker

The component can potentially impact the cost as well. These types of resources may also lead to just how well the soup and smoothie maker matches your home if that's a challenge for you personally. Before investing in your soupmaker, note the benefits and drawbacks of each component.

: What Else Can They Cook?

Even the cheapest soup makers range in lots of ways concerning how they perform, but can most likely saute, re-heat, steam, mix, blend or slice the food in pieces etc. Several goods perform much more and help to make smoothies, gravies, plus more so you have to determine what item you need.

: Smooth Or Chunky Consistency

Should you be enthusiastic about getting the task completed for heated soup, you may be worried about acquiring the right mix and thickness. If you prefer a more sophisticated electric soup blender for food prep, learn the settings like boiling, saute and veg mixing like our hand blenders for soup creation.

: NEO Steel Digital Soup Maker Machine

Make more broth throughout the year, so now you have to change your cooking area strategy using this hot and cold food mixer. This specific multi-use soup machine likewise creates chunky soups, milkshakes, drinks, smooth broth, plus more.

Get pleasure from the scrumptious, flawlessly textured health benefits abundant with vitamin supplements. The Neo steel digital soup maker naturally enhances your defence mechanism with healthy and balanced self-made refreshments.

Give great food to your family while using only the finest daily ingredients. The formidable glass borosilicate container with a 1.4L total capacity offers protection from the overfill and over-prepare sensor.

With lots of extras integrated, this includes a washing sponge and brush, plus a recipe guidebook incorporated for soups and healthy smoothie suggestions. Straightforward to manage, it comes with vivid blue LED electronic counting down timer for those plans.

Steel Digital Soup Maker Machine
Neo Steel Digital Soup Maker Machine

This specific soup machine can mix to excellence each and every time. You may decide to create either smooth or perhaps chunky broth and, in many cases, attempt to make a juice smoothie inside it. Possessing an inbuilt signal light, you can effortlessly observe what the position is relating to the user interface of your soup machine.

The intelligent model included in this soup machine stops dry burning, which equally maintains it and makes utilisation risk-free. Along with overfill sensors, this particular soup system is established with ease at heart - and with sensors, you will not make chaos.

The Features:


  • Easy To Use And Clean
  • 900 Watts Power Motor


  • Not here.

The Neo steel digital soup maker comes with a 300 Watts mixer electric motor and a 900 Watts heating component with a single touch function. There are superior heat and water level detectors and an excellent grinder concept in one single kitchen appliance.

Basically, add your ingredients. After that, push the start button. The substantial sized 1.75 litres strong glass borosilicate container comes with an over-filling cook sensor.
It incorporates a washer sponge and a recipe ingredients info guide bundled for soups and juice smoothie thoughts/hints. You will find a dazzling digital count-down for all applications.

Steel Soup Maker With Black Base

£56   Neo Steel Digital Soup Machine - Get It!  

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: Salter Go Healthy Soup Cooker Free Recipes

This healthful soup machine is a flawless inclusion in virtually any occupied kitchen area. The soup machine is a fast, uncomplicated solution to create self-made soups and smoothies family members will cherish. Convenient to use with a streamlined style, the 1100 Watts gadget will reside ideally in just about any cooking area - making dinner creation an effortless task.

Compared with shop-acquired tinned soup vulnerable to substantial amounts of salt and condensed fat, this do-it-yourself soup machine enables you to employ fresh, naturally wholesome foods full of nutrition.

As highlighted on UK ITV's This Morning cook programme a few years ago, this particular Salter EK2613 Go Healthy electric soup maker permits you to get-ready heavenly healthy and balanced homemade broth.

It includes four preset features to make smooth or chunky broth, tasty smoothies, and an auto-cleaning characteristic for efficiency. Using a vast 1.6-litres potential, just top up the steel container with your ingredients and protect the mixing blade cover.

The Go Healthy Electric Soup Maker
Salter EK2613 Go Healthy Soup Maker

This soup cooker is incredibly harmless to use with an electronic control panel. This soup cooker comes with a successful safety cut-out process and overfilling sensor. An impressive collection of tested recipes is included to get started. It will help you create delicious dishes and beverages for your household.

Excellent in the wintertime for satisfying soups and exceptional throughout the summer for stimulating smoothies, the multi-use soup and smoothie maker is essential in any household. Select from an incredible choice of integrated healthy recipes and create wonderful foods for acquaintances without stress.

With a comprehensive total capacity, add your preferred fresh ingredients effortlessly due to the ample capability of the soup mixer. With the press of a button, you will have wholesome homemade broth or a scrumptious wonderful fruit smoothie very quickly.

The Features:


  • Make Meals And Drinks
  • Family Size Capacity


  • Not at all..

Enjoy effortless cooking with four automated configurations and a straightforward digital user interface. The machine is appropriate for producing smooth or chunky soups - or perhaps flawlessly combined smoothies.

The Salter EK2613 Go Healthy electric soup maker even comes with an auto-cleaning functionality for hygienic meal preparation. When ready, utilise the convenient pouring lip to prevent clutter or splatters.

Detailed with a brilliant protection cut-out technique and overfill sensor, the soup machine is definitely an effortless approach to eating a healthy diet.

Soup Cooker With Handle On Cover

£119   Salter Go Healthy Soup Cooker - Get It!  

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: Lakeland Touchscreen Soup Smoothie Maker

It is perfect for wholesome, hot self-made broth during the cold months or even mashing ice for iced drinks in the summer season. This healthy soup maker slices, mixes, cooks, simmers and stirs in one with a user-friendly electronic touch screen.

The temperature range may be established from 75 to 100C, in addition to 3 mixing rates, which are ideal for old-fashioned or even smooth soups. The Lakeland touchscreen soup and smoothie maker is perfect for batch food prep and freezer bags, using a convenient countdown timer.

Acquire this system, and you may return it for approximately three years - confirmation of purchase is essential. Create scrumptious homemade broth with no blunder or bother. The touch screen soup machine blends your broth from the beginning to completed excellence in one container.

So How Exactly Does It Work?
Put in your well-prepared ingredients, choose one of the 4 preset capabilities and half an hour later - you may be tucking into the delightful, freshly produced broth.

Touchscreen Soup Smoothie Maker
Lakeland Touchscreen Soup Smoothie Maker

You can find automated chunky or perhaps smooth, rich and creamy broth configurations. If you need to choose from your own tested recipes, the temperatures may be arranged for you.
The large capacity soup maker timer offers around 1 hour and three mix velocities in lower, moderate or substantial. This enables you to have food precisely the way you choose.

It is not that hard to implement as well. Just create your selection in the touch screen LED user interface. There is a countdown timer assistant for you to understand whenever your soup will likely be prepared. When food preparation is completed, it can maintain meals warm too.

Another one of the programmed configurations allows you to prepare and blend gravies in around 20 minutes. The ice environment mixes without heat to produce wholesome smoothies, milkshakes, foods for infants, cool dips and salsas.

It is fast and straightforward to clean due to its auto-clean environment and non-stick heat platter. It possesses a special washer brush to help you reach right beneath the steel cutting tool.

The Features:

The durable, long-lasting glass container makes it simple to evaluate your ingredients when preparing. Since the Lakeland touchscreen soup and smoothie maker mixes in short, delicate bursts of sluggish mixing, it's straightforward to accomplish no matter what consistency you prefer.

You can include additional ingredients throughout cooking, utilising the easily-removed calculating cup on the cover. It comes with recipes to ensure you get started out ideally. There exists a two-litre glass container with 1.4 litres operating convenience for hot fluids and a 1.75 litres total capacity for cool liquids.

Touchscreen Soup Smoothie Maker

£129   Lakeland Touchscreen Soup Blender - Get It!  

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: Easy Automatic Soupmaker Options

You will have the choice of getting manual or automated soupmaker controls. Auto options are typically programmed; therefore, all you need to do is press the control key to guide and proceed. Various other configurations are manual and need help in the cooking plan.

: Settings For The Busy Kitchen

In case you have a fast-paced timetable, automated configurations are the best option, nevertheless, if you want to be engaged with viewing how the soup is cooking, standard options will be practical. The pulse function likewise provides you with the ability to influence 'broth consistency'.

: Portion Control Configurations

A few soup cooker machines come with every function you can imagine, and some have the very least required to prepare the soup. You can also get portion regulation settings offered that will be useful, so you do not make too little or perhaps too large a portion.

: Functions You Can Live Without

The more options presented, the more you may have to pay. It is recommended to consider what soup maker machine features you want and what you can live without; therefore, you do not finish up over-paying on merchandise that you just will not take benefit from. Visit our slow cooker best of page.

: Simmer The Soup Using A Timer

You could possibly be preparing food for yourself or all family members with the electric soup maker and need to make quickly - potentially simmer it all the whole day. Soup products are not produced similarly and maintain a diverse variety of fluids but the more substantial the proportions, the more you create.

: Right Size And Power For Your Family

These soup machines will routinely range somewhere between 1.25 Litres and 1.8 Litres. Consider the electric power configurations because it can help figure out how quickly you can prepare the broth. Electrical power options often range among 750 W to 1200 Watts.

: Ninja Blender Soup Maker Auto-iQ

The quality soup machine produces home-made, scrumptious broth from beginning to end within twenty or so minutes. An intelligent structure eliminates cooking pots, pans and hand mixers to produce an excellent broth 'all in one' container.

Broth Maker Black And Grey Base

The Features:


  • Easy Countdown Timer
  • Triple Sealed Cover


  • None..

Subsequently, serve in the stock and the Waring broth machine will prepare, boil and simmer your ingredients. Ultimately, the Ninja blender incorporated metal edge will 'blend your soup perfectly' with the mixing functionality. With a strengthened glass container along with 4 Litres capacity for warm ingredients such as soups and sauces etc.
[Rating: 9/10]   £149 - Get It → Ninja Blender Soup Maker Auto-iQ  

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: Swan Pre-Programmed Soup Blender Machine

The popular Swan 600 Watts connoisseur broth machine is fantastic for great tasting soup, making fruit juice, as well as lovely smoothies. It comes with an integrated heating unit, pre-programmed with heating and blending periods to suit.

Soup Machine In Brushed Steel Effect

The Features:

There is also a pulse selection for mixing ingredients, and the bundle incorporates an informative recipe publication. 1.5 Litres capability and measures 18.1 cm breadth by 35 cm elevation. Swan offers you a two years warranty.
[Rating: 9/10]   £99 - Get It → Swan Blending Soup Machine  

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: Buffalo Black Soup Kettle Hinged Lid

The Buffalo L715 is a top selling 10 Litres broth kettles which include a stainless-steel hinged cover, along with a practical black finish. This soup maker kettle is perfect for providing soup, curry, chilli, beans, mushy peas, sauces and mulled wine at just the correct temperature.

Soup Kettle In All Black Finish

The Features:


  • Big Soup Kettle 10L
  • Electric Soup Jug


  • Not here.

This broth kettle includes a two-piece design, permitting the container to become removed from the exterior - which in turn guarantees convenient and straightforward clean-up. The Buffalo broth pot features a completely flexible cook stat. This device comes detailed with UK equipped connector.
[Rating: 9/10]   £69 - Get It → Buffalo Black Soup Maker Kettle  

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: Soup Maker Blender Machines For That Perfect Texture

You can research the buying overview of getting a fantastic concept of components you should think about. After you have a specific idea at heart, check out the best electric soup blender merchandise you can afford. You're going to be producing delicious hot soup very quickly!

: Need The Latest Soupmaker Features?

Probably the most essential factors to consider when looking for a soup maker blender is the cost. Many of the conditions can assist identify the retail price - just how new the style is, the number of controls, automated or hands-on capabilities, multi-purpose qualities, touch display, and so forth.

Never imagine that more astronomical selling prices suggest higher product quality. Study any of the cheapest soup makers and the company to ensure your hard earned money is ideally invested.

: Create Tasty Soup And Smoothies?

When looking around for a brand-new electric soup and smoothie maker, you may feel just a little confused. There are lots of options on hand, and it can be challenging to decide which options are right for you. Begin by identifying what anticipations you may have for your soup cooker.

Our soup mixers will prepare your healthy self-crafted soup. They will act as a food processor or blender and can even break ice. Soup makers permit you to blend and put together in one canister, while a heating system dish allows you to boil, 'heat-up and prepare' ingredients in the soupmaker machine.

Utilising a soup maker machine requires you need to maintain it, but a few do include self-cleaning choices, and others simply need warm water and detergent. Be sure likewise to check if it's dishwasher secure. Based on what you need, we hope you find the best electric soup maker here.