Four Wheel Suitcase Shells For Easy-Jet, BA, Virgin

Updated 28/03/2022:
These lightweight 4 wheel hard shell suitcases blend amazing lightness with terrific durability due to their revolutionary structural design. Top travel suitcases on wheels that accomplish optimum capacity for nominal weight with pockets for safe-keeping. Secure telescopic handle for simple raising and transporting.

Tough Hard Shell TSA Locking Suitcases
These four-wheel hard suitcases are built from either aluminium or ABS thermoplastic polymer that is lightweight, water and scratch resistant - safeguarding your belongings during trips. The wheels offer 360-degrees flexibility to glide your suitcases through any hectic airport.

easyJet, RyanAir And British Airways:
These carry-on travel lightweight hard shell suitcases are authorised for easyJet and British Airways. The baggage furthermore helps weekend escapes or one or two days business journeys. The hard suitcases with wheels provide sufficient space for clothing, toiletries, and footwear.

: Samsonite S-Cure Spinner XL Big Suitcase

This specific extra-large suitcase is appropriate for any trip over a few weeks. The three-point securing for added safety is a seal that restricts moisture content absorption. You will find consistent rolling dual wheels and a twin-tube wheeled grip. An internal area provides ribbons, a zip pad and a big pocket.

A substantial, resilient, and lightweight 3-point lock merges with the innovative materials of FlowLite. This substance means thinner moulds form a formidable shell, safeguarding your own possessions in the suitcase. The Samsonite S-Cure Spinner XL suitcase also offers a rubber gasket.

: Durable And Waterproof

The gasket is built-in to make the travel suitcase as water-resistant as possibly. The silicone gasket likewise resists any grime and dampness that attempts to enter your luggage. You have some reassurance in understanding that your property will remain dry.

Regarding style, it is not probably the most trendy bag possibly. Nonetheless, it appears acceptable. It possesses a matte finish with a dot design around it with the colour variety.

You will presently get the case in three colours with an outstanding combination of strength and lightness. This dependable, voluminous and lightweight suitcase can be found in various functional dimensions and nice vibrant colours. This typical case is created in the EU.

Red S-Cure Spinner XL Suitcase
Samsonite S-Cure Spinner XL Suitcase

There are cross ribbons with a large side pocket in the underside shell zone. Made of a new substance called FlowLite, this black hardshell suitcase supplies the best possible strength. Enjoy the safety of your particular possessions, devoid of incorporating excessive weight.

Constructed with 4 wheels for steady gliding and easy manoeuvrability, you will find a light aluminium telescopic grip with push-button. Plus a 3-point fastening technique with TSA feature. There exists only one extra pocket in the travel suitcase, and it is in the underside area.

In addition, there are elastic bands on the bottom level and a divider panel in the upper part. The divider may be zipped up - which is to your advantage. We chose the zipped partitioning for those with hooks since hooks could possibly get unfastened unintentionally.

The interior of the hard shell medium hard shell suitcase is filled with a divider protector and zipper buckle for organised packaging. The elastic packaging straps maintain all possessions in position.

The Features:

With the zipped divider panel pad in the top inner compartment, there is also a multi-stage twin-tube pull handle and aluminium wheel handle - plus top and side grips.

The bottom grasp part is for uncomplicated clutching; nevertheless, this Samsonite S-Cure Spinner XL suitcase is a substantial bag. Therefore the straps will not trouble you if you do a large amount of venturing and intend to fill the case. The larger bottom wheels are for vertical usage with simple moving dual wheels.

It is light but highly secure with a tough and sturdy outer area with a 3-point fastener system plus a fixed TSA combination locking mechanism. This 69 cm travel medium hard shell suitcase supplies an excellent sized 79 Litre total capacity with a striking appearance.

Large Lightweight Suitcase In Blue/Red

£265   Samsonite S-Cure XL Suitcase - Get It!  

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: American Tourister Bon Air Spinner Suitcase

This travel suitcase spinner is the better luggage to take along with you for that trip. The bag is created from pure solid polypropylene and benefits from four multi-directional smooth and quiet wheels. It enables 360 degrees to move in several ways for better manoeuvrability.

The wheel grip is a flexible multi-stage push switch lock handle to accommodate virtually any passenger size. The top transport handle gives a firm grip and comfy raising. Additionally, the American Tourister Bon Air suitcase is built with a three-digit TSA lock, zippers and address tag for safety.

Take the stress from your journey; simply getting to and from the desired location could be aggravating enough. Your own personal travel luggage should not contribute to that particular emotional stress.

A fashionable cheap hardshell suitcase, it includes 4 spinner wheels that offer a complete circle of manoeuvrability. Permitting the bag to roll along perfectly with you eliminates the difficulties of pushing. Using a height flexible grip, there is now no need to worry.

Your own luggage will be worth safeguarding, regardless of whether you're on a business journey or heading off on a break. We realise your luggage is essential to you personally. The covering of this travel suitcase is made from resilient and strong plastic to resist the rigours of contemporary transportation.

Black Spinner Suitcase With Handle
American Tourister Bon Air Spinner Suitcase

Exceptionally strong, the zippered suitcase with a three-digit TSA lock provides you with extra security. It is incredibly light due to its innovative style and glide system.
You will find a substantial volume and wonderful organisation with several storage compartments and straps. The 360 degrees small wheels are ideal for seamless moving convenience.

This hardshell suitcase with a lock from Bon Air showcases everything required in a travel suitcase. It is very lightweight, additionally tough and comes with an optimised volume which in turn assists you to load up. A permanent 3-digit TSA locking mechanism provides increased protection.

This incredibly robust polypropylene suitcase is exceptionally fashionable. A rugged case, it is available in 3 dimensions and several lively colours. For sure, one for each and every disposition. You may also place modest bags and necessities on the top.

With an excellent inside organisation, there are several storage compartments and straps. This specific suitcase was created for individuals who journey with style while offering an extraordinary assortment of improvements.

The Features:

It incorporates a tremendously long-lasting yet versatile polycarbonate covering and 'room boosting' compression safeguards to make your packing really easy.

The American Tourister Bon Air suitcase contains a zipped divider panel inner pad and two fine mesh pockets to maintain drinks in the top area. The underside internal compartment features one zipped side inner compartment and ribbons to secure loaded items and decrease wrinkling.

Straightforward to set up, the skillfully developed interior organiser is made of hard-wearing 150 D polyester material. This hardshell lockable suitcase incorporates three individual zippered pockets.

They are simply perfect for keeping more minor things and equipment, for example, documents, mobile phones, wires, chargers, and other necessities.

Black Bon Air Spinner Hard Shell Suitcase

£75   American Tourister Spinner Suitcase - Get It!  

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: Cabin Max Anode Value Carry On Suitcase

This particular easyJet measured below seat hand luggage cabin travelling suitcase for hand baggage. Evaluating simply 2.2 Kg, your cabin luggage conforms with the hand baggage restrictions on most air carriers both locally and globally.

Simply perfect, this Cabin Max Anode carry on suitcase for 'under seat' is ideal for the new hand baggage requirements of Easyjet departure flights. Light and rugged, this luggage is made of tough and hard-wearing ABS components, making this among the best bags with wheels readily available.

With good quality complete 360 degrees, the effortless glide spinner wheels provide easy power over your carry-on baggage. The inner capacity of 30 Litres can make your luggage roomy plus resilient. This means that your cabin size hard shell suitcase is expecting trip after trip.

Light Suitcase Textured Style Shell
Cabin Max Carry On Suitcase Long Handle

The handgrip elevation is 102 cm and incorporates all exterior components such as wheels. The cabin case is a piece of lightweight hand baggage. If searching for a trendy cabin suitcase best suited for easyJet carry on allocation, try out this Max Anode case.

Furthermore, this baggage is built to match easyJet carry-on exemption. This hard suitcase with wheels is a carry on small cabin traveller with uncomplicated glide wheels. It is perfect for a weekend break or 7-days away journey with a durable ABS exterior layer.

Measured to match flawlessly in the baggage 'sizer' process, the hard case suitcase is accepted by air travel handlers throughout European countries. You can be self-assured of simply no added fees. Ideal to fit beneath the seat - and sturdy enough to examine if expected.

The Features:

The 30 Litre internal capacity benefits from a flexible packing band, divider section, interior lining, and net pocket with organised packaging. With careful loading, this specific Cabin Max Anode carry on suitcase with wheels provides sufficient ability for a one week journey.

The trolley's four easy-glide wheels are drop examined for toughness to ensure they help keep rolling throughout your long journeys. The 360 degrees of multi-directional coasters give you more control over smooth floors. It enables you to wheel your baggage beside you.

The Max Anode Carry On Suitcase

[Rating: 8/10]   £49 Get It → Cabin Max Anode Carry On Suitcase  

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: Flight Knight 4 Wheel Suitcase Set x3

This unique, renowned design suitcase set of 3 is available in many dimensions. This is ideal for brief metropolis trips or long-haul travel arrangements.

Choose enjoyment and comfort as you pack however you like. The tough outer covering of this hard back suitcase is resilient and robust to resist the trials of contemporary travel.

Cabin sized and appropriate for over 100 air carriers, the multi-directional easy-glide spinners are accessible in many colours. It is drop-screened, scuff and waterproofed.

The Flight Knight lightweight 4 wheel ABS hard case suitcases offers a telescopic grip and extra strengthened handle. It is light, sturdy and trustworthy with a protected 3 numbers PIN solution locking mechanism.

Employing its stylish model, you might be the envy of everybody patiently waiting at the airport carousel close to your region. This hard shell suitcase set assures your property is safely guarded on your excursions.

Cabin And Hold 4 Wheel Suitcases
Flight Knight 4 Wheel ABS Suitcases

The separator benefits an excellent mesh pocket to assist you to consider even more clothes. Expand and keep the telescopic grip at 3 distinct levels, providing more user perspectives and levels. This 4-wheel hard suitcase is simple to pull away from the airport and to your hotel.

Regardless of how tall in height you happen to be or your destination, you can modify the handle for the perfect size to meet your needs. Furthermore, the firm grip is ideal for outstanding durability and endurance.

Using the lined multi-use partitioning, you possess adequate room for all of your possessions. You will never need to leave anything behind for a second time. This hard 4 wheel luggage is small enough to match over 100 distinct airways luggage regulations.

The Features:

Commodious inside, it comes with lining and multiple-use partitioning for newly made packing, which means you will not squander space. Shifting over the airport is never simpler with four spinner wheels - where you can quickly get to where you wish to visit.

These Flight Knight lightweight 4 wheel ABS hard case suitcases have been examined substantially on various surfaces and circumstances. This is to ensure resistance and stringent testing for durability.

Regardless of your journey, we all know your luggage and materials are cherished by you. You do not need to worry about security if you are venturing with your suitcase. This suitcase set of three features a secure combo lock that keeps all your belongings safe and conforms with air travel regulations.

Lightweight 4 Wheel Hard Case Suitcases

[Rating: 9/10]   £139 Get It → Flight Knight 4 Wheel Suitcase Set  

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: Travelhouse Oslo T6005 Suitcase 4 Wheels

This particular aluminium trolley case is constructed of premium quality anodised aluminium. Strengthened by an exceptionally durable aluminium framework, aside from that, it is furnished with a silicone closure.

The premium quality trolley will become more personal with every journey and is unbeatably strong. The Travelhouse Oslo T6005 aluminium travel suitcase is astonishingly light with many positive aspects.
Any other hard corners offer the best possible proper protection around the perimeters, defending from high moisture and overwhelming temperature range variations.

With the built-in TSA combination locking apparatus, it is possible to 'journey pleasantly' without a key. The case is fantastic for United States vacations, intercontinental travel and leisure.

Your own perfect journey case, this sizeable superior quality aluminium rolling hard suitcase through the series is 75 x 48 x 29 cm in external measurements. It includes glide wheels and grip. At 6.5 kg, it is light and portable - the excellent travel equipment for virtually every air carrier.

Silent and comfortable, the sleek gliding is secured correctly by four 360 degrees revolving steady operating wheels. They are hardly hearable with a super quiet functionality, and they ensure simple and comfy control in all limited areas. The handgrip on the top makes it simple to transport.

Suitcase On 4 Wheels In Blue
Travelhouse Oslo T6005 Travel Suitcase

Using interior dividers, this hard cabin suitcase includes two identical sized layer halves with separately flexible fold straps. They can be modified at the edges and the middle following the particular suitcase user's personal requirements.

Moreover, there is an entirely removable packing sheet with an inner zip compartment that is big enough to nicely store clothes. Where required, the packing plate may be quickly eliminated. It is created from aluminium strengthened by an incredibly durable alloy frame furnished with a rubber closure.

The substantial-quality large hard shell suitcase will become a great deal more exceptional with every excursion, and its strength is unsurpassed. The additional hardened aluminium edges supply ideal protection at the perimeters during high-temperature imbalances.

The Features:

The aluminium case pretty much provides two built-in TSA combi locks. An exclusive feature of the TSA locks is that they may be opened up without destruction by sanctioned people employed in the security industry at any airport terminal.

Completely functional, the Travelhouse Oslo T6005 aluminium travel suitcase inner storage compartments with zips supply you with room for your most essential journey necessities. Files or notebooks can be easily stowed here.

Equally, suitcase trays are flexible and cross tie-down to secure the particular material. Due to the divider panel, it is very straightforward to set up your clothes and footwear. The panel is shut with a zip and is quickly taken out if needed.

Blue T6005 Aluminium Travel Suitcase

[Rating: 9/10]   £324 Get It → Travelhouse Oslo Suitcase x4 Wheels  

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: Kono 19" Carry On 4 Wheel Spinner Case

This 4-wheel hard shell suitcase is practically all you require, exceptionally hard-wearing. It is well suited for anybody using rigid plastic for venturing anywhere. Suitable for almost any trip, this suitcase selection is incredibly light, functional and robust.

Perfectly enabling you to make more leisurely journeys, use it from the car, train or perhaps coach. This 20-inch cabin endorsed case is for air routes such as Easy-Jet, BA, Monarch or even Virgin Atlantic. You can use the Kono carry on 4 wheel spinner suitcase as a getaway type baggage.

This specific selection of stylish, highly light suitcases showcases a more critical subject matter. The sturdy trolley case is ideal for business or enjoyment includes a luxury cow-hide leather label bearer and higher side transporting handle grabs.

Safeguarded and distinctive, this hard case luggage is an excellent concept for marvellous impact or scratching resistivity - and exceptional beauty.
The 'non-tinker' rubber zip defenders function with dense stitching for complete protection. Retractable push-button allowed metallic grips quickly extend and draw one-half towards the total size.

Hard Shell Suitcase With Long Handle
Kono 19" Carry On 4 Wheel Spinner Case

Fully established and necessary for protection, practically all 4 lightweight cabin luggage hard shell rollers with rubber grip layer spin around 360 degrees for slanting and effortless dragging. Or maybe moving whenever standing up.

The impressive measurements will be perfect for any summertime getaway. On the other hand, it uses its inalterable plastic external casing. It is possible to guarantee your material belongings are protected. A few features will include a safe booster pull-up hand-grip and four spinning wheels.

The Features:

Use it as travel luggage for weekend break escapes or as worldwide luggage. The cabin suitcase matches the overhead containers. This is a carry on 4-wheel hard shell suitcase authorised for most aircraft. It is additionally an excellent kid's baggage appropriate for youngsters.

Generally speaking, this brilliant Kono carry-on 4 wheel spinner suitcase offers affordability and specialised superiority for virtually all your trip demands. They are easily obtainable in several beautiful colours. The directional wheels offer you the simplicity of 360 degrees motion that is balanced and smooth.

Light, portable and sturdy, the protecting covering provides a scratch-proof surface finish. It is created from heavy ABS, heavier than any rival, for increased durability. A wholly lined interior with 'divider panel' and pocket is for easily keeping all your smaller sized objects.

Pink Carry On 4 Wheel Spinner Case

[Rating: 9/10]   £49 Get It → Kono Carry On 4 Wheel Spinner Case  

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: TecTake x4 Light Suitcases On 4 Wheels

4 piece baggage set ABS combination hard-shell trolley in dark colours. The ultra-light 4 piece suitcase set will end up your ideal journey associate with a superior quality finish.

Along with the numerous packing possibilities, it simply leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. Ideal to be used for different types of journeying, like holidays etc.

Suitcases On 4 Wheels With Telescopic Handles

The Features:

Light weight aluminium telescopic handles plus 4 x full 360 degrees turning rubberised wheels, in addition to 2 handles on the edges, it certainly provides you with superb handling for your journeys.

The front perimeters are strengthened and the entire baggage set comes with a massive overall volume.
[Rating: 9/10]   £155 Get It → TecTake Large Light Suitcases x4  

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: HAUPT Tough Large Alex Suitcase Spinner

This high quality trolley set is fashioned with the traveller at heart, since this particular 3 piece travel suitcase group benefits a single 28 inch suitcase and 24 inch case for checking in.

Another 20 inch travel suitcase appropriate for transporting on to the aeroplane. Luggage is made from long lasting Dure-Flex materials in several colours.

Light 4 Wheel Suitcase In Yellow Finish

The Features:

The trolley-set functions 4 incredibly smooth-running and noiseless rolls using 360 degrees revolving, in addition to a 2 step locking trolley technique, allowing simple and easy, if preferred, fast transportation.

The 2 'bigger suitcases' each function 2 handles on the top, as well as along side it, making travel considerably less complicated.
[Rating: 9/10]   £86 Get It → HAUPT Alex Large 4 Wheel Suitcase  

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: Aerolite 4-Wheel ABS Light x3 Suitcases

These types of hard shell suitcase bags are definitely the ideal journey partner for almost any trip. Providing great value, they are unquestionably the least expensive, however with a dependable strategy to safeguard your important baggage from 'bangs and bashes' dished out by airport luggage handlers.

Super Lightweight Suitcase In Grey Exterior

The Features:

The hard-shell sets can be found in a compact 21 inch, which is appropriate as hand baggage for all airline carriers such as Ryanair, Easy-Jet and BA.

The larger 25 inch variety is well suited for a week away, or the biggest 29 inch that allows you plenty of loading space to adjust to anything you may need when travelling.
[Rating: 9/10]   £149 Get It → Aerolite Super Light x3 Suitcases  

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Wheeled Large Lightweight Suitcases For Travel

: Antler Clifton 4 Wheeled Large Suitcase

If you are searching for a good 4 wheeled large lightweight suitcase that includes upper limit convenience while entrusting an extended everlasting impact, then get this. The big case offers 4 rollers and is accessible in black colour, more than big enough to carry virtually all your travel necessitates.

This case possesses an indestructible sturdy shell which guarantees this travelling bag is really substantial. The inside possesses packing bands to preserve the objects in position throughout transit, in addition to an interior zipped up area that allows you to break up specialised objects from your primary baggage.

Large Lightweight Suitcase In All Black

The Features:

The 4 sturdy high mileage rollers and dual tube retracting design trolley grasp handle render it so elementary to slide around the airport lounge in virtually any focus. It accommodates a cavity area and bundling bands, therefore every thing continues in it's environment while moving.

Furthermore, this suitcase with 4 wheels accompanies full 360 degrees revolving dual castors to give you easy command - and it's connected TSA combination locking mechanism functions as the spotlighting characteristic of this must have composition.
[Rating: 9/10]   £149 Get It → Antler Clifton Large Light Suitcase  

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: Shaik Large, Medium, Small Suitcases

These large, medium and small suitcases on wheels are for the everyday traveller if you happen to be looking for solid baggage that's going to safeguard all of your property, irrespective of what happens.

This highly recommended 3 pieces case arrangement is perfect due to the durable, however adjustable hard case that will never deform. The sturdy zip-fastener will serve you perfectly for a life, regardless of how many times you will demand to open it up and shut down your baggage.

Classy Suitcases On Wheels In Light Blue Exterior

The Features:

With this three component bundle, you will be able to sustain the same journey add-on's with your family members. These 'roomy' travelling bags are going to accommodate virtually every thing you demand, as the compact characteristics 40, the average proportioned 78, as well as the big 124 Litres total capacity that will keep all of your goods as with wish.
[Rating: 8/10]   £63 Get It → Shaik Small Suitcase On Wheels  

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Our best 4 wheel cabin suitcases rated, all created and made by top luggage brand names such as Aerolite, Ferge and others. Explore the brilliantly coloured variety of high-end, lightweight travel luggage, making certain you never strain your back, legs or arms through hauling older heavy suitcases again.