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Four Wheel Suitcase Shells For Easy-Jet, BA, Virgin

Updated 23/02/2020:
These lightweight 4 wheel hard shell suitcases blend amazing lightness with terrific durability due to their revolutionary structural design. Top travel suitcases on wheels that accomplish optimum capacity for nominal weight with pockets for safe-keeping. Secure telescopic handle for simple raising and transporting.

: Samsonite Aeris Big Lightweight Suitcase

Upright Big Lightweight Suitcase In Black

£99   Samsonite Aeris Big Light Suitcase - Get It!  

: IT Medium Hard Shell Suitcase With TSA Lock

Medium Hard Shell Suitcase With 8 Wheels

£78   IT Medium Hard Shell Suitcase TSA - Get It!  

: Antler Sonar Ultra Light Suitcases

This variety of fashionable ultra light suitcases featuring the intermediate 57 Litres plus big 86 Litres contents. The industrial built trolley cases for business concern or pleasure, including high end hundred percent cow-hide leather tag bearers, as well as upper side spring back carrying grips.

Secure, textured hard polycarbonate cases - a great idea for splendid impression or abrasion resistivity and superior elegance. Non tamper rubber zipper defenders feature dense stitching for security.

Ultra Light Suitcases In Textured Style Shell

Integral 3 number TSA locks up effortlessly, guaranteeing your property against thieving. It enables unlocking for review by security department agencies - an essential for U.S. journeys because regular locks can be cut therefore chancing impairment.

Collapsible push button enabled metal grips easily extend and pull back one-half to full size. Deep-set and essential for security, virtually all 4 substantial PVC rollers with rubber grip layer revolve 360 degrees for slanting and towing - or perhaps transporting when standing.
[Rating: 9/10]   £290 Get It → Antler Sonar Light Suitcases

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: TecTake Lightweight Suitcase 4 Wheels

3 piece baggage set ABS combination hard-shell trolley in dark colours. The ultra-light 3 piece suitcase set will end up your ideal journey associate with a superior quality finish.

Along with the numerous packing possibilities, it simply leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. Ideal to be used for different types of journeying, like holidays etc.

Suitcase 4 Wheels With Telescopic Handles

Light weight aluminium telescopic handles plus 4 x full 360 degrees turning rubberised wheels, in addition to 2 handles on the edges, it certainly provides you with superb handling for your journeys.

The front perimeters are strengthened and the entire baggage set comes with a massive overall volume.
[Rating: 9/10]   £97 Get It → TecTake Large Light Suitcase

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: HAUPT Tough Large 4 Wheel Suitcases

This high quality trolley set is fashioned with the traveller at heart, since this particular 3 piece travel suitcase group benefits a single 28 inch suitcase and 24 inch case for checking in.

Another 20 inch travel suitcase appropriate for transporting on to the aeroplane. Luggage is made from long lasting Dure-Flex materials in several colours.

Lightweight 4 Wheel Suitcase In Yellow Finish

The trolley-set functions 4 incredibly smooth-running and noiseless rolls using 360 degrees revolving, in addition to a 2 step locking trolley technique, allowing simple and easy, if preferred, fast transportation.

The 2 'bigger suitcases' each function 2 handles on the top, as well as along side it, making travel considerably less complicated.
[Rating: 9/10]   £69 Get It → HAUPT 4 Wheel Suitcase

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: Aerolite Makrolon Lightweight Suitcase

These types on hard shell suitcase bags are definitely the ideal journey partner for almost any trip. Providing great value, they are unquestionably the least expensive, however with a dependable strategy to safeguard your important baggage from 'bangs and bashes' dished out by airport luggage handlers.

Super Lightweight Suitcase In Grey Exterior

The hard-shell sets can be found in a compact 21 inch, which is appropriate as hand baggage for all airline carriers such as Ryanair, Easy-Jet and BA.

The larger 25 inch variety is well suited for a week away, or the biggest 29 inch that allows you plenty of loading space to adjust to anything you may need when travelling.
[Rating: 9/10]   £89 Get It → Aerolite Super Light Suitcase

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: VonHaus Lightweight Hard Suitcases Set

Using it's fashionable black style, you may be the envy of everyone waiting around at the 'slide carousel' near your location. Hard-backed and created from additional long lasting ABS.

These cases will make sure your possessions are secure and protected during your journeys. The separator features a fine mesh pocket to help you take more.

Lightweight Hard Suitcases In Dark Grey

All of the cases are completely lined, so your objects obtain that additional amount of safety inside the case. The built-in combo locking mechanism will even provide you with piece of mind that your particular items are safe constantly.

It features a clip in divider panel, letting you secure your holiday goods in 2 sections.
[Rating: 9/10]   £94 Get It → VonHaus 3 Hard Suitcases

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: Karabar Hard Shell Suitcase On Wheels

Diverse sized 20, 24 and 28 inch hard shell ABS sturdy travel suitcases with everything required in one of these impressive cases.

Ideal to make accessing from the vehicle, coach or train to your desired destination a whole lot less complicated. The 20 inch dimension is perfect for use as a lengthy weekend break situation.

Large Suitcase On 4 Black Wheels

The 24 inch measurement could be suitable for a 1 week getaway. Using it's robust ABS covering, it is possible to make certain your own possessions are secure.

Benefits incorporate a robust extender pull handle and 4 smooth coasters. In general, this particular item provides good quality, value and special superiority for your journey.
[Rating: 9/10]   £49 Get It → Karabar Suitcase On Wheels

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Wheeled Large Lightweight Suitcases For Travel

: Travelhouse Light Suitcase On 4 Wheels

These types of easily portable tough travel suitcases are manufactured from robust ABS plastic covers that provide a distinctive mixture of durability, overall flexibility and light weight.

Appropriate for virtually any experience, the luggage is extremely light and portable, well-designed, sturdy and long lasting.

Lightweight Suitcases 4 Wheels In Blue And Yellow

Four 'solid wheels' with 360 degrees consistent rotating with a ball-bearing wheel technique. Obtainable in four colours to select from with a press button handle and self securing durable trolley system.

Tough simple moving in-line coasters with protecting skid to foundation. Light and portable aluminium framework with telescopic handle.
[Rating: 9/10]   £159 Get It → Travelhouse Suitcase 4 Wheels

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: Sirocco 4 Wheel Hard Shell Suitcase

Extremely hard wearing 4 wheel hard shell suitcase with virtually everything you necessitate, ideal for any individual using impressively hard plastic for travelling anyplace. Appropriate for virtually any ride, this variety of suitcases are extremely light weight, usable and extra sturdy.

Just right enabling you to make more comfortable trips from the vehicle, coach or perhaps train. A 20 inches dimension cabin sanctioned for airways - example Easy-Jet, BA, Monarch as well as Virgin etc. Perhaps you can deploy it as an escape weekend bag.

Hard Shell Suitcase With Long Black Handle

The 24 inches dimensions will be great for a summer-time holiday, however using it's indestructible plastic outer casing, it's possible to ensure your material possessions are secure. Characteristics incorporate a secure booster pull-up hand-grip as well as 4 rollers.

On the whole, this excellent product delivers calibre, value for money and specialised excellence for practically all your journey needs, and they are accessible in a host of nice colours.
[Rating: 9/10]   £34 Get It → Sirocco 4 Wheel Shell Suitcase

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: Antler Juno 4 Wheeled Large Suitcase

If you are searching for a good 4 wheeled large lightweight suitcase that includes upper limit convenience while entrusting an extended everlasting impact, then get this. The big case offers 4 rollers and is accessible in black colour, more than big enough to carry virtually all your travel necessitates.

This case possesses an indestructible sturdy shell which guarantees this travelling bag is really substantial. The inside possesses packing bands to preserve the objects in position throughout transit, in addition to an interior zipped up area that allows you to break up specialised objects from your primary baggage.

Large Lightweight Suitcase In All Black Plastic

The 4 sturdy high mileage rollers and dual tube retracting design trolley grasp handle render it so elementary to slide around the airport lounge in virtually any focus. It accommodates a cavity area and bundling bands, therefore every thing continues in it's environment while moving.

Furthermore, this suitcase with 4 wheels accompanies full 360 degrees revolving dual castors to give you easy command - and it's connected TSA combination locking mechanism functions as the spotlighting characteristic of this must have composition.
[Rating: 9/10]   £179 Get It → Antler Large Light Suitcase

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: Shaik Large, Medium, Small Suitcases

These large, medium and small suitcases on wheels are for the everyday traveller if you happen to be looking for solid baggage that's going to safeguard all of your property, irrespective of what happens.

This highly recommended 3 pieces case arrangement is perfect due to the durable, however adjustable hard case that will never deform. The sturdy zip-fastener will serve you perfectly for a life, regardless of how many times you will demand to open it up and shut down your baggage.

Classy Suitcases On Wheels In Light Blue Exterior

With this three component bundle, you will be able to sustain the same journey add-on's with your family members. These 'roomy' travelling bags are going to accommodate virtually every thing you demand, as the compact characteristics 40, the average proportioned 78, as well as the big 124 Litres total capacity that will keep all of your goods as with wish.
[Rating: 9/10]   £116 Get It → Shaik Small Suitcase On Wheels

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Our best 4 wheel cabin suitcases rated, all created and made by top luggage brand names such as Aerolite, Ferge and others. Explore the brilliantly coloured variety of high-end, lightweight travel luggage, making certain you never strain your back, legs or arms through hauling older heavy suitcases again.