Paper Towel Aluminum Foil Holders - Easily Fixed On Walls

Updated 27/03/2022:
Our kitchen roll cling film tin foil dispensers are supremely simple cooking area accessories. Great for simple access to cling wrap or Cellophane, aluminium foil and paper kitchen roll, they generally comprise a flexible holder to suit most regular sized kitchen rolls. Simply draw out the measure for the tool to leave a tidy cut.

Accessible To Set-Up Wall Kitchen Roll Holders
The foil dispenser is located ideally in one position with various valuable purposes. The 35 and 45 cm wall-mounted paper holders are desirable for kitchen paper roll, cling wrap or even aluminium tin foil utilising an uncomplicated slide activity to slice.

Assisting you to conserve space in the kitchen, the easy to use cling-film cutter is a sophisticated but elementary apparatus. It is recommended for different cooking area decor styles. They are effortless to set up without the need for holes in your wall structure.

: Greensen Mounted Kitchen Roll Holder Rack

The foil and cling film support are perfect for paper towels of approximately 28 cm. It is an improved piece of functional equipment for the everyday cooking area. An all in one wall-mounted roll container is for foil, cling film and paper towels.

Every little thing is kept efficiently in one space, and both roll containers are outfitted with razor-sharp cutting blades. The Greensen kitchen roll foil cling-film holder slices foil perfectly and accurately.

Following cutting, the foil ends jut out a sufficient amount from the roll holder to acquire an easy grip on the next occasion to take out. The cutting blades are securely concealed at the rear of the durably created edges.

: Hang It Or Glue It Dilemma

This is an innovative looking wall attached kitchen paper roll holder with cling film, safe-keeping stand and foil cutter system. The kitchen foil dispenser is valuable and inexpensive - well suited to store foil and film inside your own cooking area.

With four screws and four adhesive tape components, it is possible to put it on the wall structure or perhaps just hang it. Intended for many different purposes, the cling film dispenser and cutter system with foil application style is a perfect kitchen helper.

This specific wall-mounted easy cut cling-film dispenser quickly keeps and dispenses aluminium foil, cling film and kitchen roll towels. It benefits from easy-use cutter blades. Appropriate for paper towels, around 28 cm, it is a stylish, secure and practical item for the current kitchen area.

Kitchen Roll Foil And Cling Film Holder
Greensen Roll, Foil, Cling Film Holder

This kitchen cling film dispenser is constructed of superior quality ABS materials, and it is long-lasting and sturdy. The components for roll safe-keeping may be conveniently unattached and then again assembled for exchanging the paper or foil.

Every aspect is kept beautifully in one destination. Each kitchen foil cling-film wall holder and dispenser roll container includes razor-sharp cutting blades which slice the foil resourcefully and precisely.

There is additional space for storing over the roll holder for plenty of marinade bottles, flavouring containers, etc. It can be put above the rack to conserve space. This specific aluminium foil cling-film dispenser may be quickly fastened to the wall without leaving marks.

User-friendly and uncomplicated, you can hold the trimming blade securely after trimming the foil ends. It is undetectable right behind the cutter. The plastic film cling film cutter container provides you with different storage places for space. You may use it anytime, conserving space within your food prep area.

The Features:

Possessing a straightforward assembly routine, this foil, cling film and kitchen roll container dispenser may be easily attached to the wall structure. With anchoring screws and adhering tape, it is possible to put it on the wall without difficulty.

Using an innovative style, the utterly removable kitchen rolls appear relatively uncomplicated. The Greensen kitchen roll foil cling-film holder dispenser is appropriate for various kitchen inner designs.

Though using the integrated roller baffle can be ripped with a single hand, ensure you permit 1 to 3 cm miscalculation due to manual calculating. Ensure you do not mind this fact just before purchasing this cling film dispenser and cutter tool.

You should be aware that this system's brand new type and older variety will be delivered arbitrarily. Ensure you understand the product details before placing your order.

Mounted Roll Holder With Small Rack

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: GOTOTOP Kitchen Roll Holder Film And Foil

Manufactured from top-quality components, this kitchen plastic-type wrap paper tower safe-keeping rack is constructed sturdily. The paper towel container is anti-rust and heavy-duty.
It will release kitchen counter space and prepare the area considerably cleaner. It is the most 'effective fixing option' without having to drill holes.

Sharp cutting blades are safely and securely concealed right behind the ergonomic trimming gliders to prevent personal injury and guarantee accurate cutting ends. User friendly, the GOTOTOP wall kitchen roll dispenser foil cutter includes razor-sharp blades that slice film correctly and accurately.

The easily-removed kitchen area roll holder appears contemporary and uncomplicated. Within a relevant style, it is suited to diverse kitchen beautification models. It comes with an integrated roller shutter release which might be ripped off with just one hand.

: Paper, Foil, Cling-Film Accessibility

With the help of functional components, this particular kitchen cling-film container safe-keeping rack enables you to keep aluminium foil, plastic wrap and cooking area paper towels. The paper, foil and cling-film dispenser is sophisticated, protected and sensible present-day kitchen equipment.

This particular white kitchen roll holder container means almost everything can be efficiently kept in one spot. The storage containers come with razor-sharp cutting blades which can slice foil efficiently and precisely, which is far easier to implement if in a hurry.

White  Kitchen Roll Holder For Foil
GOTOTOP Kitchen Roll Holder Film/Foil

This aluminium foil cling-film kitchen roll paper dispenser with straightforward assembly may be effortlessly fastened to the wall surface. You simply require screws and glue tape to adhere to the wall or even nail it, but you can select your own set-up approach.

Following cutting with this roll dispenser, the conclusion of the foil film stretches far enough through the reel guide to accomplish the following grab. The kitchen foil dispenser cutting tool is carefully undetectable right behind the created blade, rendering it easier to apply.

With functional accessories, this particular kitchen cling-film and safe-keeping rack enable you to keep aluminium foil, cling-film and kitchen area towels.
The wall structure fitted kitchen roll container comes with a cling-film and tin foil cutter model. Practical and perfectly suited to use for the safe-keeping of foil or film in your own kitchen.

The Features:

With the screws and adhesive tape, it is possible to put the cling-film cutter on the wall structure or perhaps suspend it. This plastic wrap paper tower safe-keeping stand is constructed of ABS. The paper towel container is anti-rust and heavy-duty, releasing more kitchen counter room.

Employing a suitable structure, the easily-removed kitchen roll container appears fashionable and easy to understand, created for diverse kitchen decor styles. This GOTOTOP wall kitchen roll dispenser foil cutter incorporates an integrated roller shutter which can be ripped off easily.

Using successful components, this kitchen cling-film container storage holder lets you keep aluminium foil, plastic-type wrap and cooking area towels. It is an exceptionally protected and functional up to date kitchen area equipment.

Grey And White Kitchen Roll Holder

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: Leifheit Parat F2 ComfortLine Dispenser

This paper roll dispenser is a good resolution for almost every kitchen area, slicing cling-film and foil in an easy, smooth one-swipe action. The holding steel blades run over the cling-film and foil - then cut in a tidy line. The edges are situated, rendering it easy to pull out for the following time.

The attached Wall structure is accessible in a chic dark, red and thoroughly clean white plastic-type surface finish. The Leifheit Parat F2 ComfortLine kitchen roll holder fits foil, cling-film and kitchen paper towels. The irritating times of crumpled cling-film, ripping foils and squander are finished.

Uncomplicated wall fixing with anchoring screws and regular wall connectors are made available. This specific kitchen paper soft towel dispenser can cater to various rolls. For example, tin foil, cling-film, or even paper kitchen rolls assist you in reducing kitchen muddle.

The razor-sharp cutting blades in the wall-mounted tin foil dispenser are adequately concealed with thoroughly clean ends. They are situated right behind the slicing glide, cutting to the necessary size.

Constantly at hand using the innovative style of this universal-fit holder, the roll stops remain readily available. So you can forget about trying to find the end of the foil.

Foil And Cling Film Dispenser In White
Leifheit Parat F2 ComfortLine Kitchen Roll Holder

Hassle-free and practical, this foil dispenser is wall-located for additional advantages. In fact, it is an easy task to attach to the wall structure with anchoring screws, and wall connections integrated. Your kitchen roll holder, foil and cling-film dispenser with cutter equipment are constructed from robust ABS.

It is designed with razor-sharp cutting blades, and it operates across the cling film and foil to slice in a nice direct line. These slicing blades are correctly disguised at the rear of specially designed cutters.

The kitchen foil holder may accommodate both foil and cling-film rolls using a maximum possible width of 30.5 cm and the optimum dimensions of 4.5 centimetres.

The Features:


  • Ergonomic Design
  • 3 Year Guarantee


  • Not at all..

Available in white, red and black, the wall-mounted 'aluminium foil dispenser' can accommodate kitchen rolls with the highest possible width of 29 cm and a maximum dimension of 17 cm. The kitchen towel roll holder braces can be taken off, which is unnecessary.

The Leifheit Parat F2 ComfortLine kitchen roll holder blades are positioned to keep sufficient cling-film or foil sticking out at the end of every single slice.

Straightforward wall fixings, anchoring screws and conventional wall connectors are supplied with every design to effortlessly install this kitchen roll holder. An additional feature to the dispenser is an elevated lip throughout the top, enabling it to work as a convenient rack to secure your preferred spices or herbs.

F2 ComfortLine Kitchen Roll Holder

[Rating: 9/10]   £28   Get It → Leifheit Parat F2 ComfortLine Roll Holder  

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: Vinsani Cling Film Wall Foil Dispenser

This is a three-way wall installed kitchen dispenser for aluminium foil, cling-film and cooking area towel. All kept perfectly in one spot, the foil and cling-film area includes two sliders together with sharp cutting blades securely concealed behind the exterior.

This safe-keeping rack is ideal for plastic wrap. It presents a 3-in-1 structure and possesses valuable capabilities. The perfect safe-keeping rack with an aluminium foil slicing system.
The Vinsani wall mounted kitchen dispenser for foil and cling-film is furnished with blades for easy access. It streamlines the whole safe-keeping equipment.

Convenient to use, with this particular cling-film foil towel holder, almost everything may be ideally kept in one space. The storage containers come with sharp blades that may cut foil beautifully and precisely, which is far less problematic to implement.

: Affixing The Cling Wrap Dispenser Cutter

A straightforward unit installation, this specific aluminium foil cling-film cooking area roll paper dispenser may be effortlessly attached to any kitchen wall structure.
You merely require screws and sections of 3 metres of glue to adhere to the wall structure or hang it up. You can decide on the assembly strategy to suit you.

With a stable functionality, after slicing with this kitchen roll dispenser, the finish of the foil expands significantly enough from your reel support to accomplish another grab. The aluminium foil cutter slicing blade is safely undetectable, making it easier to utilise.

This kitchen cling-film rack safe-keeping rack lets you keep aluminium foil, cling-film and kitchen area paper towels. You will find extra storage placed on the top of the ledge for plastic bottles, flavouring containers and many others, all conserving space.

Wall Mounted Foil Dispenser With Shelf
Mounted Kitchen Dispenser On Tiled Wall

Appropriate for the maximum size of the aluminium foil and cling-film of 32.5 cm broad, this dispenser is suitable for the greatest width of kitchen roll up to 29.5 centimetres. All anchoring screws and basic connectors are bundled with an easy wall attached set-up. Minimal putting it together is necessary.

The well-positioned kitchen roll holder works exceptionally well as a cling-film container, safe-keeping ledge, and a foil cutter model. Its elegant, secure, and functional components are traditionally used are ideal for the contemporary kitchen. The wall fitted roll holder is designed for aluminium foil, cling-film and kitchen paper towels.

This specific impressive wall fastened kitchen foil and cling-film storage holder features three spaces. One particular for paper towels, and two more concerning tin foil, cling-film or grease paper. No matter what you decide on within your kitchen. Everything you might need is here.

The Features:

Using the paper towel spindle. It is on the inside one of the spaces whenever you obtain it; it took us quite some time to work that out. This specific kitchen safe-keeping rack is convenient and appropriate for storing aluminium foil or even paper towels within the food prep zone.

It is acceptable for paper towels less than 28 cm. It is considerably better for cutting and usage as the functional film safe-keeping rack cutter unit is a 3-in-1 style.

This Vinsani wall mounted kitchen dispenser for foil and cling-film. Its system includes the characteristics of slicing plastic wrap and aluminium foil slicing as one, conserving various other equipment and room.

Setting up this particular 3-in-1 kitchen wall fitted roll container is not rocket science. Merely employ 4 screws to stick it directly on the wall structure or perhaps suspend it.

This specific cling-film foil dispenser possesses an integrated triangular cutter model and round running cutter system using two forms of blades. You may use it following your requirements as it will supply considerably more options to help your lifestyle.

3 in 1 Wall Mounted Kitchen Dispenser

[Rating: 9/10]   £11   Get It → Vinsani Wall Foil And Film Dispenser  

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: Asixx Kitchen Towel Foil Paper Dispenser

You will discover these plastic material wrap and aluminium foil dispensers with enough space on the top for spices or herb bottles. An uncomplicated single hand functioning supplies comfortable access for your kitchen essentials.

The underside of the mounting bar may be taken apart. Still, it is appropriate for the 28 cm length of the kitchen paper towels. There are 2 kinds of cutters: a round edge for tin paper or paper and a triangular cutter model for the wrap. The Asixx kitchen towel foil paper dispenser is a piece of sensible detachable equipment.

This unique kitchen-roll foil and cling-film dispenser is an excellent determination for every kitchen area cutting within a single swiping motion. In combination with the cutting performance, it's the perfect apparatus for keeping your cooking area accessories.

Sharp metallic cutters expand across the foil and put in a neat immediate cutting length for simplicity of use. The slicing instrument is intelligently set to give significant cling-film and even foil emerging at the end, making this hassle-free to take out for following use.

A modern-day multi cooking area roll and cling-film wall fastened foil dispenser, this is a convenient tool to enjoy within your cooking area. The professional cling-film dispenser provides plastic-type wrap film, kitchen paper rolls and aluminium foil.

Foil Paper Dispenser In White
Asixx Wall-Mounted Film Dispenser

Furthermore, the unit constitutes the foil non-reusable instantly, devoid of the requirement to locate it around the home. Featuring a compacted PVC construction, it might be attached to a wall structure using modest anchor screws.

A structured wall set, it provides a robust white PVC. Nevertheless, this roll provider is excellent for kitchen area foil, cling-film, and kitchen soft towel paper. Its additional features offer space for small deep-freeze bags and a small items container.

The special catering foil and cling-film dispenser slice flawlessly without having difficulties. Therefore no need for utilising kitchen knives or shears for wrapper usage. The top component might be used, such as a space for keeping small food containers and many others.

The Features:


  • Integral Slide Cutters
  • Fittings Are Included


  • Not here

In addition, this exceptional kitchen threefold roll dispenser and container are straightforward to attach. The front launching region and paper tissue roll holder make it simple to operate with the food prep.

Maintain your cooking area tools arranged and in a single spot. This specific wall attached Asixx kitchen towel foil paper dispenser with a spice tray can make your cooking area successful and hassle-free in unthinkable approaches. It provides for two dispensers for foil, plastic-type wrap or grease paper.

Every dispenser provides a moving cutter to distribute and cut your paper efficiently. The top of this holder is smooth to help you keep regularly-used spices available. With cutting blades and soft handgrip, this assures you a clean-cut for fast dishing out and safe-keeping.

Wall-Mounted Film Dispenser Unit

[Rating: 9/10]   £27   Get It → Asixx Foil Kitchen Paper Dispenser  

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: Superline Wall Mounted Kitchen Roll Holder

This impressive slender and fashionable wall mounted kitchen roll holder in stainless steel functions with virtually any cooking area wall structure. At the contact of a push button, it distributes virtually all your kitchen rolls and prunes them to virtually any size promptly and tidily without splitting or wastage.

Wall Mounted Kitchen Roll Holder In Steel

The Features:


  • Width Adjustable Unit
  • Unique Groove Trim


  • Not at all..

A cooking area kitchen roll holder underneath the dispenser is breadth adaptable and accommodates just about any breadth as much as a upper limit of 31 cm.

For your own protection, the multiple roll dispenser operates without the deployment of unsafe blades. You effortlessly enforce pressure and the incomparable furrowed reducing line is going to offer the size you need.
[Rating: 8/10]   £23   Get It → Superline Kitchen Roll Holder  

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: Contura Stainless Steel Cling Film Dispenser

The 3 area roll foil and plastic wrap holder is a top quality cutting tool. Due to it's patented clipping strategy 'special cut' as well as the fashionable concept in steel plus black colour PVC, it aggregates a pretty appearance with best functionality.

Delight in both ease of deployment - in addition great cutting outcomes for aluminium foil as well as film speedily.

Foil And Plastic Wrap Holder In Polished Steel

The Features:


  • Hidden Cutting Wheels
  • Triple Roll Dispenser


  • Not here..

The (Special Cut) is a particularly organised cutting strategy where ripped up cling film is a matter of yesteryear. This excellent cutting proficiency necessitates diverse cutting edges for aluminium foil as well as cling wrap, both of which may be established in the 3 compartment areas easily.
[Rating: 9/10]   £32   Get It → Contura Steel Tri Foil And Wrap Holder  

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: Metaltex Kitchen Roll Foil Film Dispenser

This wall structure mountable kitchen roll tin foil cling film dispenser is the most leisurely method to store as well as distribute your most frequently expended kitchen wrapping.

It's speedy and accessible where both roll containers are entirely furnished with sharp edges that cut off the foil perfectly. The cutting edges are securely obscured behind the ergonomic contrived cutting tool.

Tin Foil Cling Film Dispenser With Top Ledge

The Features:

Following cutting off, the aluminium foil and film juts out far enough via the roll mounts to acquire an effortless grip. Useful top ledge included for stacking away virtually all of your convenient cooking area paper rolls.

The fixed kitchen dispenser additionally includes an elevated rim near the top, enabling it to duplicate as a convenient ledge for containers etc.
[Rating: 9/10]   £16   Get It → Metaltex Kitchen Foil Film Dispenser  

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: MasterClass Kitchen Roll Film Foil Dispenser

A kitchen roll cling film tin foil dispenser that maintains your wrapping sheets nicely stacked away collectively and handily accessible. It intelligently distributes in addition cuts off, so there is simply no 'snarl up' and little wastage.

Using this versatile cooking area towel holder, cleansing is speedier and more leisurely as well. It is the perfect space economising resolution for virtually any cooking area.

Cling Film Tin Foil Dispenser With Slide Cutter

The Features:

Including a three in one construction, this first-class dispenser is so accessible, you will not conceive how you ever coped without it.

It is genuinely straightforward to deploy - just pull out the size of cling film or aluminium foil you require, and so slide the cutting tool edges over to attain an accurate cut. A flexible cooking area towel holder that keeps your rolls safely set aside and set-up to utilise.
[Rating: 9/10]   £27   Get It → MasterClass Film Tin Foil Dispenser  

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: WENKO Magic-Loc Holder Trio Foil Holder

The handy helper paper towel aluminium foil holder to possess inside your cooking area. It accommodates silicone wrap film, tissue paper rolls as well as aluminium foil and constitutes them accessible automatically.

It features a modest tough physique and may be fixed on any wall structure. The cutting tool comes with smooth carrying roller castors in every pocket area that cuts tin foil without any hassle.

Towel Aluminum Foil Holder In PVC

The Features:


  • Very Sharp Baldes
  • Cuts The Foil Neatly


  • No

Simply no more requirement for utilising kitchen knives or pairs of scissors for wrapping intentions. A higher component may be utilised as a ledge for maintaining compact food items like jars.

This highly recommended kitchen treble roll dispenser style cradle is elementary to attach with front end loading up mechanics and paper tissue roll tray, rendering it leisurely to utilise.
[Rating: 9/10]   £33   Get It → WENKO Magic-Loc Holder Trio Foil Holder  

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Foil And Plastic Wrap Holders For All Food Sealing Uses

The best cling film dispensers mean it's possible to free up valuable space while maintaining your cling wrap, aluminium foil as well as cooking area paper roll neat, respectable and completely accessible in one position. With areas to carry your foil or cling film, merely drag out the amount you require for a clean secure cut, every time.