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Compare 10 Portable Ice Cube Maker Machines For Parties

Updated 21/04/2021:
Choose from 10 portable ice cube makers for home, patio or garden party events. Ample ice-cubes for virtually any celebration, anyplace you need to cool your refreshments. Limitless ice-cubes supply with the ability to create a large quantity of ice for your fruit juice drinks in the summertime.

What Is An Ice Cube Machine?
Modern ice cube machines are the ideal drinks equipment where you create the exact cube sizes you need. Put in tap water to make clear or cloudy cubes to your preference. Domestic ice makers are modest in proportions, so they never realise much kitchen countertop space.

: Neo Automatic Electric Ice Cube Machine

The classy Neo ice maker is ready to serve cold treats at your festivities and celebrations. Ignore filling those aged rectangular plastic water containers and putting those in freezers, then pulling ice cubes out afterwards. You will produce the perfect ice cocktails with just this new cube machine.


  • Fully Automatic Ice Cubes
  • Ice Scoop And Extras


  • None

Key Features:

You and your friends can make ice protein shakes and beverages whenever you want. This system will make up to 12 pounds of ice each day for 9 pieces with every loop.
Water is stored in the integrated storage container for about 1.7 Litres at any period. The package can produce ice cubes quickly while generating minimal sound.

A see-through window is used in the cover. Whenever the ice cubes are loaded, or the drinking water is low, the system can sound a warning. Quick ice production with an ice scoop, high efficiency, and a warning signal whenever the cube cycle is completed - then the ice is prepared.

What To Look For:

  • Low Noise And Fast Ice
  • Size 41 x 28 x 38cm - 5 Kg

Why We Love It:

  • Cool Viewing Window
  • Bullet Style Ice Cubes

Automatic Ice Cube Machine Grey Exterior

£134   Neo Auto Electric Ice Cube Machine - Get It!  

: Nuoyi Portable Ice Machine For Countertop

The Nuoyi ice maker is a lightweight home kitchen table ice generator that is ideal for celebrations, tenting holidays and even boating tours. Create up to 26 pounds of big or small bullet shape ice cubes every day - and under 10 ice cubes within just 8 minutes flat.


  • Great For Dinner Party Use
  • Quiet Using Lowest Energy


  • None at all

Key Features:

Whenever the water level within that tank is negligible, a back-lit display with an LCD monitor will prompt you to add more water. Still, when the ice tub is complete, it will warn you to eliminate the ice cubes. Any accumulated ice dissolves back into the tank, allowing water to be reused easily.

What To Look For:

  • No Water Connection Needed
  • Cubes For Mixed Drinks

Why We Love It:

  • Makes Ice Cubes In Minutes
  • Small Or Large Bullet Cubes

To remove the air within the pump, add more water to the maximum water level possible. Position the item on a safe, secure and well-ventilated work surface. When the ice cube machine first begins to make ice, don't push any other buttons to keep this ice maker from stopping.

Portable Home Ice Machine With Polished Finish

£299   Nuoyi Home Countertop Ice Machine - Get It!  

Royal Catering Ice Making Machine Countertop

This roomy ice cube maker from Royal Catering is simple to deploy. If more water is required, the ice trays are concluded, and the system produces big and small ice cubes. The four LED lights will show to initiate an automated ice cube manufacturing, so particularly 2 push button are sufficient.

Key Features:

What To Look For:

  • Diverse Ice Cube Sizes
  • Easy LED Lights Signals

Why We Love It:

  • Works Fast Automatically
  • Rust Free Stainless Steel

With both configuration buttons, you can define the size of the ice cube and activate/deactivate the ice cube maker. The disposable 1.2 Kg ice bucket and the optional glaze creator makes it much more straightforward to operate.

Size: 36 x 24.5 x 32cm - 230 Volts - 9.4 Kg

The industrial ice cube system is highly durable, thanks to solid and robust materials. The corrosion-resistant mild steel surface regularly holds the unit cool despite endless applications. The ice cubes are like a circular cylinder with an opening in the centre.


  • Transparent Window
  • Capacity 13 Kilos


  • None..

Ice Making Machine In Copper Style

£149   Royal Catering Ice Machine - Get It!  

: CostWay Countertop Ice Maker Including Scoop

You will find a couple of buttons on the user interface to choose large or modest size ice cubes. This is determined by how fast you need ice - and what you can utilise them for. The electric-powered ice machine is easy to implement with distinct and straightforward panel lighting and a large browsing pane.

The controls on the interface permit you to transform it on/off and select the dimensions of ice dices you require. The signal lights and observing window advise you when the ice cubes are prepared or if you want to incorporate extra water.

What To Look For:

  • Highly Efficient Ice Production
  • The Big Viewing Window

Why We Love It:

  • Big Ice Scoop And Basket
  • Controls With Signal Lights

Key Features:

You could start to choose the machine to relish ice in around 6 to 15 minutes? It makes 12 Kg of ice cubes during 24 hours and results in 9 pieces each time. The kitchen table top ice machine is manufactured streamlined and space-saving. Nevertheless, it possesses a significant capacity of 2.2 Litre.

The CostWay countertop ice maker machine is designed with an ice scoop, including an extractable 0.7 Kg ice container, a great household and party implementation device. The ice supplier is quiet enough when used, appropriate for home or workplace - furnished with an integrated fan with metallic lid for best heat diffusion.


  • High Speed Ice Output
  • Great For Home Or Party


  • None..

Countertop Ice Maker In Black And White

£144   Costway Countertop Ice Maker - Get It!  

Create Party Ice In A Few Minutes

They don't need a water resource, so the countertop ice makers are uncomplicated to bring along while travelling. If you can locate an outlet and some water to pour in, you will experience ice within a few minutes. They are built to operate quickly, so you will not have to wait around for cubes too much.

How Long Are The Cubes Kept Frozen?

Before you purchase a small home ice machine, there are certainly some essential differentiations to comprehend. While they may be intended to generate ice promptly, this kind of ice machine is not made to work like a crushed ice maker or maintain its output frozen for a long time.

Cube Freezing Techniques

As your ice begins to thaw, the water can trickle back up in the water tank, and the system will start the freezing process once again. This technique will keep going until you use up 'all the ice cubes' - or clear all the water from the portable ice maker equipment.

Built In Or Portable Machine?

If you are thinking of buying a separate ice-making machine that will keep the contents inside freezing for sustained periods, you'll likely have considerably better fortune with an integrated product. These ice systems are expensive and may involve some comprehensive set-up criteria.

Sufficient Space On The Kitchen Counter

If the versatile ice machine remains resting on a kitchen counter in your household, then you certainly should examine simply how much space is presented in that destination. Ensure you never end up buying a small ice maker for your home bar that will not accommodate the space needed.

The typical tabletop ice machine will be on the small side, which can be what makes them manageable; however, you will find a few just right for your home. Check just how much space they need and the magnitude of ice they will generate or keep.

: QiH Ice Machine With Practical View Window

Key Features:

Home Ice Machine With Chrome Exterior

£115   QiH Home Ice Machine With View - Get It!  

: TOBE Ice Maker For Home Bar Clear Cubes

After linking to the Tobeelec ice cube maker electric-powered resource, the smart touch control panel LED screen partially depresses the button. Perform this when the ice machine can start creating ice cubes.

It is successful and economical; the equipment not merely uses minimal energy levels, nevertheless also has a sound lower than 45 dB. The eco-friendly ice maker machine can serve you chilled, bullet designed delectable ice cubes silently and relatively quickly in the hot summer season.

Key Features:

What To Look For:

  • Easy Self-Cleaning Function
  • LCD Digital Countdown

Why We Love It:

  • Faster Ice Making Options
  • Indicator For Safe Operation

Additionally, it contains a self-cleaning action, so soon after depressing the clean on and off switch, it can start washing by itself immediately. The manageable nugget ice machine appliance incorporates a 2.1 Litres water container, a holder and a handy ice scoop.

This is a dependable addition to your household special event, night time drink, providing you with a cool summertime encounter any time. This is undoubtedly really simple and practical. Actually, your young ones can make ice for the entire family group safely and securely.


  • Free Bucket And Scoop
  • Quality Steel Shell


  • None at all

Ice Maker For Home Bar With Open Square Lid

£147   TOBE Ice Maker For Home Bar - Get It!  

: GYMax Portable Ice Maker Cube Size Options

The Gymax ice machine signals will help remind you to remove the ice cubes if the basket is chock full. It will notify you to incorporate the water when the ice machine falls short of ordinary tap water. It is simple and easy to use with a straightforward user interface.

It is very intuitive, with more than enough handy features for you to function. Just the thing for barbeques, in a back garden, special event or any family members amassing. The hollowed-out structure permits the ice to drift upon your beverage without influencing its flavour.

What To Look For:

  • Smart Reminder Functions
  • Big Or Small Ice Cubes

Why We Love It:

  • Perfect For Any Gathering
  • View Window For Ice Progress

Key Features:

This ice machine features two magnitudes, small and bigger, of the ice cubes accessible to be chosen, which can be used for cool refreshments and then meals. The apparatus is established from outstanding components and is quick cleaning.

Manufactured from food grade supplies, the ice machine typically offers healthy and balanced ice cubes to suit your needs, guaranteeing your consuming protection. The extended-lasting ABS surface area is consistent and smudges resilient. The kitchen counter ice maker is incredibly unproblematic to clean.

This unique portable and somewhat streamlined ice machine incorporate a scale of 24 x 36 x 33 cm, so this excellent countertop ice creator is compact enough for the majority of modern kitchens.


  • Efficient Ice Output
  • 6 To 13 Minute Cycles


  • No..

Portable Ice Maker With Red Finish

£143   GYMax Portable Ice Maker In Red - Get It!  

Table-Top Ice Machine Essential Features

If perhaps proportions and weight are not special considerations, the most essential factor to consider is the total capacity. You need an ice-making machine for home use that will keep all the ice cubes you want. Perhaps you are fine taking the ice out to relocate in your fridge freezer for later.

Which Ice Maker Is Perfect For Home?

Any ice cube machine that is excessively small will not completely resolve your concerns, and one that is too large is likely just to squander vital space. Consider how much ice you believe you will require, and which ice maker will be perfect for your specific scenario.

Look For User-Friendly Machine Settings

On the whole, efficiently carried portable ice machines are extremely simple to use. Many of them possess user-friendly control buttons and essential guides without any genuine set-up expectations - just using an electric power wall plug.

Refilling The Ice Maker With Water

For simplicity of use, there is a smart water attribute that filters and freezes standard water as the ice inside the machine melts. You will not need to refill the countertop ice maker equipment as frequently, or perhaps drain all the ice you never use in that period.

A handful of home ice machines have marginally more straightforward to use settings than the rest, and several incorporate product features which make it much easier to inform when the ice equipment is chock full.

Should you seek to bring your ice machine on your travels or simply utilise it if you have friends visiting, then we may suggest exploring the weight to ensure you will be confident in its transportation.

Self-Cleaning And Timer Functions

Product features like the self-cleaning action in the domestic ice maker make the tiresome task of cleaning a lightweight ice machine less difficult. An automated timer helps you to arrange a particular time for the device to create ice for a specific period you may need.

10 Best Ice Makers For Home With Reduced Noise Function

Several mobile or portable ice machines enable you to select from 2 or 3 sizes of ice depending on your individual choices. A couple of the home countertop ice cube machines on this page feature a convenient scoop instrument. Why not look at the best ice cream machines we can find.

: Polar Manual Ice Cubes Machine 3 Sizes

This specific magnificently created manual fill up counter-top ice machine from Polar is produced utilising tough ABS plastic. It comes in a matte dark finish and will be an ideal accessory for virtually any place where drinks are best offered chilled.

Manual-Fill Ice Machine In All Black Finish

Key Features:


  • Lovely Matt Finish
  • Easy Fill Ice Maker


  • None

Without any dependence on a water drainage association, this particular ice-cubes machine may be placed anywhere. Having a selection of modest, moderate or big ice cubes, presentation will not be diminished. No requirement for picking ice-cubes out from the container because the ice machine comes with a free scoop.
[Rating: 9/10]   £179 Get It → Polar Manual-Fill Ice Machine  

Buy Button Yellow

: IKICH Ice Machine Creates Clear Ice Cubes

Modest machine for making 'clear ice cubes' and ideal for your cocktail celebrations at home, or perhaps for expert function in a catering scenario to create clear-cut ice cubes in just a few minutes.

Following filling up the water supply and the equipment is switched on, water is coursed unceasingly to the cooling system plate. Following almost 30 minutes, a plateful of 24 ice cubes are forged.

Ice Machine With Free Scoop, Showing Cocktails

Key Features:

Through the permanent wave circulation of water, the ice dices feature simply no air bubbles and are completely transparent. Whenever the functionality is finished, the plate is heated up in order to discharge the ice cubes and it descends in the ice cube resource.

The cycle begins over once more for 24 ice cubes for every run. As much as 15Kg of ice cubes inside 24 hours.
[Rating: 9/10]   £139   Get It → IKICH Ice Machine Free Scoop  

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: Nozama Steel Ice Cube Making Machine

The steel ice cube making machine is present to freshen your events and parties. Leave making full water forms along with squeezing them directly in to a deep freezer, then annoyingly beating out ice cubes one after another.

150W Ice Cube Making Machine In Brushed Steel

Key Features:


  • Choose Size Of Ice Cubes
  • Integral LCD Screen


  • None..

Following a quarter-hour, the first 9 dices discharge directly in to the bowl, subsequently the 150 Watts machine genuinely starts up. Within 10 minute time intervals, it proceeds to output 9 extra ice cubes until practically all the water is depleted.

Whenever there's no water remaining or perhaps when the ice cube bowl is full, the ice generator dutifully screens the data on it's big LCD console.
[Rating: 9/10]   £115   Get It → Nozama Ice Cube Machine  

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Look for the ice cube maker machines with user friendly interface, small in size, although create more ice cubes very quickly. Several do not demand any plumbing related knowledge in any respect. Simply connect it to the mains, fill up the water compartment and the ice machine will generate it's first volume of ice-cubes in under 14 minutes.