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Easy To Use Wax Melt Starter Kits With All You Need

Updated: 01/04/2021
You may find at least one person in your neighbourhood using a wax melt starter kit making candles for whatever reason they deem fit. Perhaps, who knows if this is what they are planning to do when idle. Gone are the days when wax making is rocket science and somewhat ultra tricky.

Wax Melt Making Strategies

Today, wax melt making kits have made it more accessible, entertaining, creative, and worth the time. Do you know what? It allows you to design and carve whatever comes to your mind and let you manipulate different kinds of candle fragrances.

Homemade Kit Brands And Styles

To cut it short, it gives you full custom access to the creation of homemade wax melts, which many regular brands do not offer. I'm sure you can't wait to lay your hands on this product. But the question is, how many brands of these kits are out there?

Make Your Own Wax Melts Kit At Home

While being straight, there are great brands, and the worst part is that each offers a different concept. So, are you confused? Naturally, you should, but don't let that kill interest. To make it easier for you, we've created this guide to expose you to the genesis of the make your own wax melts kit at home.

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How To Make Homemade Wax Melts Perfectly

To aid your understanding, each point is explained using simple terms. I'm sure you can't wait anymore, so why don't we start already? Now let me ask you a question, why do you want to engage in candle making in the first place?

Professional Candle Making

Become a professional with your soy candle making kit or just for fun? Regardless of choices, you must avoid errors once committed by top pros, regulars, and experts in the industry. The wrong notion is you can be the best; after all, practice makes perfect.

But come to think of it, what's the benefit of practice if it does not have any bearing or boundaries? Let me tell you, it's like setting off from your house and heading West without any destination plan. It won't succeed! Therefore, it's what you can do - and what you simply can't attain.

Stunning Candle Making Sets

A typical candle making set contains all you need to make your house look elegant and smell stunning! Apart from being all together, it's the cheapest mode to experimenting with stylish flickering candles using different spectacular scents without going beyond the boundary.

Create Scents Of Your Choice

Simply imagine how you will integrate different scents to form a new and breathtaking bouquet of your choice. As if that wasn't enough, you'll also be able to work with several eye-catchy colourful collections of wax melts.

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Opt For The Best DIY Candle Making Kit?

So how will you choose the best DIY wax melts making kit? Know what you want and simply determine the candle-making kit that can achieve your stated objective. As you are trying to choose, avoid candle-making kits that will require other additional equipment besides the main package.

The Basic Accessory Needs

You may need to get some professional candle making kit items like scissors, wooden spoon, etc., which I presumed you have in the cupboard as I speak. The package must cover all the basic needs for candle making. If you were told you'd need more stuff aside from the box, you better runoff.

Furthermore, ensure the wax candle making kits are the type that provides nothing goes to waste. So ask yourself, will I be able to reuse some crucial elements again? For instance, if you run out of wax, will you buy new wax in the old tin? If the answer to your question is yes, then you're good to go on!

Eco-Friendly Candle Prep

Another critical factor is the customisation options. Suppose you buy a machine that creates food among the four food machines available. The first machine limits you to preparing just a meal, the second, 3 meals, and the last one, 6 meals. So, which eco-friendly candle making kit are you going to choose?

I'm sure you would ask if they have more machines that offer more than that; similarly, ensure the kits you'll choose many custom options. This will give you more possibilities during the creativity.

Why We Love Spectacular Yankee Candles

We don't need to remind you that spectacular candles are costly, especially those super Yankee Candles. But who said you can make something more extraordinary than that? Don't let them deceive you; homemade candles are far better than the best in the market.

Create Something You Love

Besides performing the different experiments, the joy, fun, and happiness you would experience during this creativity can't be found anywhere! Not to mention being able to create something you desire! Undoubtedly whether it's for your home or others, it'll always be as you wish.

Store-Bought Candles Compared

So, does that mean all candles from stores are off standard? Realistically, candles bought from stores are mostly time impressive! But a custom made item by yourself would be a lot better than the ones sold in any candle shop.

Artificial And Toxic Ingredients

The reason behind these shops is because you'll be choosing all the ingredients yourself. More importantly, candle making kits adopt natural wax during their making, not the artificial and toxic content most of these candle shops sell.

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Types Of Wax Melt Starter Kits For Newcomers

There is a long list of waxes available in the market. For instance, we have Paraffin, gels, beeswax, soy wax, synthesised waxes, palm wax, etc. As a newbie, it's recommended you use paraffin wax because it's cost and time-effective.

Candle Creation Past Mistakes

We would have settled for paraffin wax rather than spending exorbitant money on expensive wax that offers no fruitful result, even after a trillion trials.
It was so terrible that some of these wax creations ended up having no scent and even produced too much smoke. To learn from our past mistakes, you should settle for paraffin wax for a start.

Small And Large Candle Making Kits

But does that mean you won't make mistakes? No, mistakes are inevitable, but it doesn't have to cost you so much. This is why we developed this guide to help you and others escape the common candle-making errors.
If you're able to perform well with a large candle making kit, you can then proceed to other waxes. The more your skills improve, the lesser the errors you are likely to make.

Preparation And Work Surface

Now that you're ready, you'll need space, but not as big as a pitch, though. Nonetheless, to avoid turning everywhere, make availability for an opened clean surface to work on and move any unnecessary candle making kit items off the site.

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Assess How Much You Need For Melt Process

Get yourself ready, too, as you can't determine how fast the melting process may go. Measure the quantity of wax that would be needed during the process (say 54 g). Generally, all wax melts at a fixed pace whenever the wick is lit. If you want it to last longer than the average, then you would need a timer.

Sensational Smell At Home

On average, if homemade candle wax melts for about, say, 10 to 20 minutes, that's strong enough to give the whole house a sensational smell and super enjoyable throughout your therapeutic relaxing neck massage session. After a while, you may blow out the candle; after all, it's the scent that matters.

Make Scented Wax Melts Properly

Consequently, these homemade wax melts will last longer than expected. If you can do that 3 to 4 times while others are burning a whole candle at once, come to think of it. While the results show a significant difference, you're better off knowing how to make scented wax melts appropriately.

What's In The Candle Making Kit?

As previously asserted, each brand differs from one another. To know what a kit contains, you should check the description and review page. But on average, the following are found in candle making kit:

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Wax Melt Starter Kit Fragrance Understanding

They say you can't give what you don't have. Similarly, to make a perfect smelling candle, you must have at least basic knowledge about fragrance. Do you know what? Whether your candle will throw a good scent or not is predetermined by some principle.

These principles are often the period you applied the fragrance, how it was done, the amount you put in the process, and scent types.

Merging Scent With Hot Wax

You should also watch out as you can be deceived while combining the scent with the hot wax. During this process, the smell generated will be 3 or more times stronger than what the candle would typically produce after the making.

This is why many would be surprised that it could not provide anything closer to the smell after the making despite the intense scent it gave during the making.

Fragrant Aromatic Essential Oils

What can you do to avoid this scenario? The approach you used matters most. Generally, there two popular soy wax melt starter kit approaches to add cent scent to candle wax, namely, aromatic essential oils and fragrance oil.

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Combine Wax Essential Oils To Your Preference

There is also room for the combination of both oils using the desired measurement. Professionals (candle makers) are found in this category.
So what makes the difference? As you may have known, Essential oils are natural oil extracted from a specific type of plant, while fragrance oil, on the other hand, is manufactured oil.

Extracted Purity From A Plant

Essential oil is limited in supply due to being extracted from a plant limited in supply. It gives less aroma compared to fragrance oil. The beauty of fragrance oil is that almost all known scents can be created in oil.

Scent For Seasonal Enjoyment

Scent transforms everything; it defines the moment and sets the whole place ablaze. The famous saying is that the smell or odour attributed to something or someone describes them more than their handwritten. Therefore, it's essential to use a scent that matches the year's current situation or period.

Summer Floral Scent Bliss

How exciting do you think your home will smell in the summer or spring with a touch of tropical and floral scents? It must be breathtaking! In short, the effect of ascent should never be underrated while making the perfect smelling candle.

Single Aroma Wax Making Kits Choices

As previously asserted, there are different types of wax making kits you can choose from. Some of these kits come with a mixture of fragrance, while others are based on a single aroma. If you're more comfortable with a scent, you have a lot of choices out there.

There are several wax kits with just a scent of different types. However, suppose none of the aromas is to your likening. In that case, you may order 'unscented' kits from any brand so that you can apply your favourite oils.

How Much Oil To Use?

In terms of the cost, the fragrance oil is more cost-effective than essential oil. Now suppose you opt for the fragrance oil. How much of it should you apply in the process? Using the general standard, it's suggested that the amount should not exceed 10 percent of the waxes magnitude or volume.

Homemade Wax Melt Weights

Suppose the volume of your homemade wax melt is, say, 100 grammes. In that case, the fragrance oil you'll apply must be around 10 grammes (only if a fragrance oil is measured in grammes that are not). Whatever the case, just ensure the fragrance load is approximately 5 to 10 percent of the wax magnitude.

Even though 10 percent is recommended chiefly while scenting most candles, there is an exception of 12 percent for soy candles. This is suggested as a result of its nature which differs from most candle wax. Nevertheless, 10 percent is generally approved for all waxes.

Measurement Scale Conversion

But a question is, how would you measure 10 percent of two different magnitudes? Remember that waxes are measured in grams, while fragrance oil is done in millimetres. Therefore, it's recommended you first convert the scale of measurement to get the correct 10 percent of the volume.

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How To Melt The Wax With Correct Heat

It's high time we start the wax kit melting process. By now, we presumed you've measured your wax, so what's next? Place your heating pot on a heat up to 70C, not 71C, yes, just that level. Keep an accurate reading of the temperature using a thermometer.

Heat Procedure

Pour the measured wax into the pot and let that be for 10 to 15 minutes; before the last minutes, all the wax must have dissolved. If you're not sure you'll get that 72C heating accurately, then do this; placed a glass bowl into a pan filled halfway with water.

Where are we? Before going further on the production process, it's important to note that a candle kit only makes it possible to make your candle. It accommodates all your aspirations and intention. In short, whatever you want is possible!

Soy Wax And Natural Oils

It's possible to use natural ingredients such as soy wax, cotton wicks, and 'natural oils' from plants. You can also experiment with different fragrances as well as make different styles. A candle carved using a candle kit is undoubtedly the best way to create something uncommon!

Eco-Friendly Wax Compositions

Depending on the wax melt starter kit type you chose, candle wax compositions differ. For example, some candles are made of eco-friendly materials, while other groups are made of stearic acid.
Honestly, these acids can stiffen the candle and make it waxed-strong; nevertheless, the use of it (animal fat) makes your candles inflexible.

In order words, if too much pressure is placed on its side, it may be ripped into two. Melting candle wax, on the other hand, isn't tough as a candle with stearic acid. Instead, they are flexible and easy to form.

Cut Candles Into Small Pieces

Should we show you how to get it done? First, you'll need to cut all the candles into small fragments and place them in a heatproof glass bowl. Before it heats, ensure you have a saucepan fill to the brim with water handy. After a while, transfer the glass bowl to the water. Stir it continuously to ensure it all melts.

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Do Wax Melts Genuinely Lose Their Scent?

Well, I have to be straightforward; nothing lasts forever, and candle wax melt is an exception! But your wax melt shouldn't lose their scent at least until they are wholly burnt unless something is wrong!

I'm sure you're wondering what could be wrong? Well, it may occur because you accidentally expose it to the air for a very long time or as a result of the type of wax and quantity of essential oil present in it.

Give Candle Wax A Distinguished Colour

What's your favourite colour? Neon? I'm just kidding, but when it comes to colour, there is just more than enough! You can start with unique colours and branch out to multi-colours, and the options go on and on. Do you know what? You can't be tired of the colours available at your disposal!

Dying Or Pre-Coloured Wax?

Although, dying your candle with your choice of colour may be a tough job. Therefore, it's suggested you start with liquid candle dye as a beginner with a wax melt making starter kit or buy a pre-coloured wax. Still, with time, we presumed you'll advance.

Advantages Of Homemade Wax

Do you know you can make a candle that matches your home decoration? You're just getting to see the flexibility and advantage homemade wax provides compared to the ones you buy in candle stores.
For example, do you want something that symbolises a fruit with a glowing light? Trust me, nothing does it well than a red candle! Just to give you a bit of what you'll gain doing it yourself!

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Wax Melt Kits For Diverse Colour Candles

If you're a fan of colours, rest assured; most of the popular kits offer a sampling of diverse colours you may have forgotten exist. As expected, if one of this captivate your mind enough that you desire it, you can make a special request from the maker of the set or opt for a kit that offers the colour you want.

Pouring Dissolved Candle Wax

Now let's continue with the production process; remember that you already have the wax on the heating pot. By now, it has completely dissolved. But the problem is, if care is not taking, you could overheat and burn the wax unknowingly, and the result of that will be awful.

As if that wasn't enough, the pouring temperature is also a significant factor one must consider. If you're not careful enough, the pouring temperature can also ruin the final look.

Melting And Pouring Temperatures

I guess it's high time we clarify the difference between melting temperature and pouring temperature. What's the melting temperature? As the name implies, this is the temperature level at which the solid candle dissolves into liquid form.

Liquid Wax Pouring Into Jar

On the other hand, the pouring temperature implies the temperature level at which the liquid wax is poured to its final destination (candle jar or mould). One may start wondering if there is any significant difference between both concepts? Well, there is, and the difference is the fall in temperature after you've turned off the heater.

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Defining The Correct Pouring Temperature

In other words, the moment the heat reaches the level that melts the wax is called the melting temperature. In contrast, when you turned off the burner and let the liquid wax cool down a bit before you pour, it is called the pouring temperature.

Note that temperature varies from wax to wax (check out your wax supplier heating recommendation). The type of candle in the making is also a strong determinant of the pouring temperature.

Jar Candle Pillar Candle Pouring

When companies make their candles, they always ensure that jar candles are poured less hot than their pillar candles counterpart to achieve a marketable standard. Similarly, you'll be taking the wise candle making kit step by getting the pouring temperature correctly to eliminate the likelihood of imperfections, air bubbles, etc.

Why Make Your Own Candles?

While it's difficult to accurately point out reasons to make candles. On a general basis, most people prefer to have their candle-making kits because it saves money and time.

It will also expose them to creating whatever they want. While being realistic, none of these candle makers can give you what you wish to on their regular orders regarding size and essential oil fragrance.

Scent, Colour, Sizes And Shape

Furthermore, wax melt starter kits make you achieve your innermost wishes, which no one can actualise on your behalf. You may simply say it eradicate idleness, but it's beyond that. It lets you perform various experiments such as manipulating scent, colours, size and shape as if you are in a laboratory.

Candle Making Kit Glow Lit Up
Candle Making Kit Soy Wax And Fragrance Oils

Wax Melt Starter Kits With Steel Pouring Pitcher

If we're on the same page, you'll realise that candle-making as a hobby also improves your focus. Remember that all you want is for your candle to look good; therefore, it requires your total attention in each stage of the development process. In the end, it rewards your focus with a blissful creation.

Special Candle Melt Kits For Kids

Do you have kids? Candle wax melt kits let you involve your children, and this is just perfect. After all, you want them to learn positive skills that will benefit them in the nearest future.
So why not involve them? Trust me, it will be fun to take it wide; you can also buy them special candle-making kits for kids. And before you know it, they've started creating things for friends and you.

Great Therapy Of Candle Making

We live in a world full of difficulties that can hinder the way we think and do things. Tada! Candle making is also a great therapy like most crafts to forget our sorrow, worries, and depression.
It fits the description because there is always something to do and before you know it! You are carried away in the production process and leave no room for worries or sadness.

Homemade Scented Wax Candle Fun

As if all those mentioned above weren't enough, homemade wax melt kits also offer personal benefits due to the essential oil present in many of the products. So why not try and get your hands sticky, at least an hour or more before you enjoy a hot shower engulfed by scented candles.

Start A Wax Melt Candle Business Or Just Fun?

So what do you plan to do? Do you want to start making candles for fun or want to start the business for real? Your decision is covered, but you must determine the kits that are perfect enough for your intention.
Remember that the market is big enough to get what truly fits you, and don't forget to compare the price with other products in the market.

Enjoy The Colours And Fragrance

I'm sure you won't just head to the market to buy appropriate wax melt making kits and other essential ingredients. There are colours and fragrance, and head home without getting enough candle wicks. Although this is 'a matter of taste' and preference; nevertheless, ensure you're having the correct score as you enjoy the time.

Just as a friend of mine would ask, what's the usefulness of having a double barrel with 10 bullets, and you can't even kill anything? Similarly, it's absurd to have 125 wicks. In contrast, you only have wax for 20 candles, or you even have both, and you ended up with something of poor quality or a candle that can damage your health.

Get The Right Wax Melt Starter Kit

Therefore it's essential to be mindful of the guide or step you'll follow even though you have all the equipment necessary. We can probably even say having a suitable wax melt starter kit is an essential condition but not sufficient to make a fine candle.

So, do you need a guide or want more information on candle melt starter kits? We're here at your disposal; feel free to contact us here.