Top-10 Recommended Air Hockey Table Games

Updated 27/02/2020:
The tabletop air hockey table offers a well-known quality game, but over time, it has been revered as one of the liveliest table games in the world. The pleasure of speed aside, the 4ft air hockey table provides endless play value and offers intense, exhilarating enjoyment for kids and adults.

Regardless of your age, you can relish playing air hockey with two to four players at a time. The use of an up-to-date mini air hockey table is excellent acknowledging the exciting features they offer such as timers, pushers and pucks. Slower? Then our English pool tables are just the thing.

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G4Less Air Folding Air Hockey Table Game

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Various styles of play with contrasting intensities can be applied to air hockey, and as such, the tables are built proportionately. Take note that as the players improve with their skills and also as a child develops, they are likely to grow beyond the original style air hockey etc.

Air Hockey Game For Kids And Adults

Air hockey tables do last for a long time, and for this reason, matured players can play with high concentration while children can develop their techniques while playing so much on the table. The rink walls and the side rails are usually the most suffered part of the table air hockey experience.

It is advisable to keep away from laminated aluminium side rails, which are thin - instead, play with thick nylon or solid aluminium rink walls which support vigorous rebound and longevity. Another significant element to watch out for is the table support.

Mightymast Leisure Room 4ft Air Hockey Table

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Check for an air hockey table with sturdy base support and lasting feet for the table. The best feet you can get is either the laminated wood or strong steel legs. Shake the table and ensure it is rock-hard. Also, select an air hockey with leg level components to balance the surface for regular use.

Playing Surface Air Distribution

Ensure that the motor responsible for the air hockey table's operation is an accredited type which offers a smooth, 'consistent airflow' with quiet running. You can get some air hockey tables with dual motors; however, the use of the double type is not needed if a substantial large motor is used, even better with a Plenum chamber.

The space between the blower and the air distribution system within the playing surface is called the Plenum chamber. The air pressure which builds up distributes evenly across the playing surface. You get the feeling of playing in an arcade with air hockey through the electronic scoring systems.

WinMax Air Hockey Table With Pucks

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You can get scorers with an infrared sensor which reacts to the puck in the goal line - compared to the mechanical pluck sensors, they are more trustworthy.

It is better to use plug-in score units in contrast to those using batteries. Perhaps those that use batteries with adapters as they will save you the cost of replacement.

Kids Air Hockey Table Durability

Enjoy more realistic play when you use air hockey tables designed with official style rink indications on the playing surface. Generally, goal line style tables are relatively durable since they are not made with plastic goals - which are likely to break. Also, the young players can use the playing surface with the goal back design.

Every ice hockey table game must be assembled, hence, ensure you know about the degree of assemblage before you purchase. While some tables only need easy bolting of the legs with convenient parts, others such as the deep cabinet tables can be more challenging to set-up.

Chad Valley Air Ice Hockey Table Game 3 Feet

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Regarding cost, the arcade-style tables are rather expensive in most cases. They have a solid construction standard eight feet in length, strong and durable blower motors with electronic additions such as sound effects, electronic scorer and music.

Such tables are famous as they are usually useful for several years of enjoyment. With excellent construction, blowing motors which support smooth puck glide, durable rink walls for effective deflection, and a perfect playing surface for a super air hockey experience, such air hockey tables are outstanding.

Arcade Style Table Air Hockey

For maximum use of air hockey tables, the arcade-style choice is popular, especially for commercial use, restaurant or public use. They are long-lasting and can withstand several hours, nevertheless, it is worthy to note that arcade-style air hockey tables are not allowed for hockey leagues among professionals.

Gamesson Grown Up's Kids Air Hockey Table

Air Hockey Table With Round Scorer

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For those who wish to play at a 'professional level' such as league matches, the arcade style table is inadvisable. In comparison, the basic styled air table is usually less costly to the arcade-style but with no bells and whistles. Also, they do not have qualities such as flashing lights, music or electronic scorers.

There are many kinds of tables with varying attributes, sizes, and prices. The large tables are befitting for the keen youngsters and differ from those made for adults who wish to perfect their skills with several hours of training. Also, the tabletop air hockey tables are the right option for people who want a storable table.

Full Size Or Mini Air Hockey Tables?

The portable tables are befitting for rooms which cannot hold the size of a permanent full-size table. They are made with rubber feet which can be folded onto any tabletop, such as game room tables, kitchen table or the floors. The tabletop quality air hockey table options are small in size and relatively economical for family use.

Gamesson Table Air Hockey With Pushers n Pucks

Air Hockey Table With Black Play Surface

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The mobile are perfect for the little kids who are not tall enough to match the height of standard size tables because the portable types can be set to a preferred height.

Multi-game air hockey tables permit people to play a different style of games on a single table. You can choose a variety of games on the same table including super fast air hockey.

Irrespective of the air hockey table you wish to buy, it is pertinent to know about the skills of those who will be using the table more often, the reason being that different tables are designed for taking different players. Remember that the less-costly tables have less durability and cannot withstand recurrent use.

Some cheap 5ft air hockey tables will become wobbly before you know it, but the conventional kind is usually stronger and more prominent than the tables made for the amateurs. Where there is little space, a mini table should be your best choice.

7ft or 4ft Air Hockey Table Dimensions?

For the buyers that fall into this 7ft category, a large table with fewer qualities or a small table with more features are better obtained to save cost. Their playing surface is usually reliable with a slight chance of getting a dent that can result in an irregular and exasperating game-play.

AIPINQI Electric Air Hockey Multi Table

Electric Air Hockey Table With Red Pucks

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The professionals will enjoy playing the arcade-style table or any of the super-quality full-size expert air hockey tables. The two options are durable with very smooth, flawless playing surfaces and solid rink walls for precise deflection.

Your choice is to get an air hockey table which will last for several years, any of these two will do the magic. While they can be relatively costly, the 'electric air hockey tables' are an excellent investment for family and friends usage in years to come.

Better Value Air Hockey Game Tables

Endeavour to consider the essential qualities of an air hockey table before settling for one. Component features such as walls, motors and external conditions should be carefully noted. Air hockey game tables come at different prices, hence, buyers should know what they are paying for and make sure they get their worth.

Mightymast Big 7 Foot Twist Air Hockey Table

Air Hockey Table With Red LED Scorer

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For the table size, the available space is a factor to consider. Also, the extra space at each end of the table must be taken into consideration for natural movement – a few feet at each of the table is enough. Generally, the dimension of the full-size table is 90 inches in length and 50 inches in width.

The room space must have at least a 10-foot by 7-foot area for a full-size air hockey table to suit the room. In essence, the bigger the size, the costlier the table.

An air hockey table should be built with solid wood and made of strong legs to withstand the weight of the tabletop including those of the players resting on each side of the table while playing. Some come with scorers, just like the electronic bingo machine equipment.

Game Woes Of An Uneven Floor

The joints should be well screwed and durable, but tables made with levellers at the base of each leg are better as it can help balance the table even on an uneven floor to enjoy a flawless game.

Sturdy nylon or solid aluminium should be used for the rink walls as it provides an excellent deflection and a nice rebound of the puck.

IFOYO Electronic Kids Table Air Hockey

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They are less likely to scratch, but if you will like to secure a quality table, ensure to pick one with solid side walls. For those looking for a relatively inexpensive air hockey table for sale, it is advisable to get a table which its rink wall is made of thin laminate aluminium.

However, remember that air hockey tables with pucks and pushers are likely to dent, offer slight rebound and imperfect deflection of a puck in the long run.

Choosing The Right Air Hockey Game Table For Your Needs

It is imperative to have a motor in the game of air hockey which can supply air regularly across the table's surface. An excellent output motor will provide air uniformly throughout the whole of the table. A quality motor will operate silently, heat at the correct temperature, and supply regular play for a prolonged period.

Most motors are combined with a plenum chamber, which utilises pressure to provide air across the table top evenly. You can secure one with a plug-in or batteries, but your choice is dependent on the table size.

The smaller tables of both tabletop and legged have batteries; however, they cannot operate anything beyond those sizes.

Carromco XT Air Hockey Table Family Game

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Table Sizes And Battery Ability

The plug-in 2-foot tables are the next available choice. The air hockey tables which are powered with a battery can take several dual AA batteries. For this reason, it can be financially demanding if it's non-rechargeable.

Nevertheless, if you are going camping with air hockey, the plug-in model is useless - most especially during the night for unplanned matches with your friends.

Good support is essential for a medium size table particularly for the weight it carries. In most cases, tables with 4-6 feet in length are usually made with wood or metal legs and MDF or metal casing within the play area.

A more comfortable table does have a metal trim built from aluminium. Exceptional qualities of the most significant quality tabletop air hockey tables for the experts include sturdy metal construction and rugged wood support across the entire structure.