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10 Induction Hob Woks In Hard Steel With Best Heat Retention

Updated 30/11/2019:
These genuine induction hob woks heat rapidly and distribute high temperature consistently, contracting burning up, which can happen from those annoying hot spots. They propose coated non-stick surfaces on equally the inner and external induction cooking area with anti-slip hand grips.

Delight in restaurant quality stir fry tasty food at home with this type of induction wok pan. They incorporate a smooth base for focused heat and sloping sides - supplying lots of space for bigger servings. Besides stir-frying, the flexible home woks assist in steaming and deep fry dishes.

: ProCook Stainless Steel Wok With Tri-Ply Layer

Steel Wok With Tri-Layer And Longer Handle

£49   ProCook Stainless Steel Wok Tri-Ply - Get It!  

: Blackmoor Non-Stick Induction Wok Pan Hybrid


  • Soy And Stir Fry
  • Forged Aluminium Base


  • None..

Induction Wok Pan On Black Glass Hob

£13   Blackmoor Non-Stick Induction Wok Pan - Get It!  

: Circulon Non-Stick Wok With Lid For Induction Hob


  • Total Non-Stick System
  • Will Last For Years


  • None.

Wok With Lid For Induction With 2 Side Grips

£59   Circulon Non-Stick Wok With Lid - Get It!  

: Eono Home Wok For Induction With Greblon Cover


  • Best Heat Conductivity
  • Drip-Free Pouring


  • None..

Home Wok For Induction With Glass Cover

£47   Eono Home Wok For Induction Hobs - Get It!  

Induction Wok Heat Control

These non-stick woks with lids are a tremendously flexible food preparation strategy. It's suitable for quickly mix frying ingredients with a tiny amount of oil, such as numerous Chinese along with Asian meals. The woks supply compatibility with most such as induction hob to always operate in any kitchen.

View Prep Via See-Through Lid

Pleasant, non-slip and stay-cool silicone grips permit you to effortlessly and securely move any big stainless steel wok around the kitchen area. You can keep a watchful eye on preparation due to the well-fitting, heat resilient, strengthened cover that also seals in heat, juices, taste as well as nutrition.

Work On All Kitchen Heat Resources

Appropriate for just about all heat resources such as gas, electric power, ceramic, halogen, induction and reliable fuel sources. The induction wok pan and cover will also be oven secure so that you can begin preparing on the hob and transfer them directly to the stove.

Easy Dishwasher Machine Clean-Up

Whenever finished with cooking, basically put the induction wok and lid in the dishwashing machine to clean - all set for the next occasion. Produce much 'healthier foods' with wonderfully smooth food discharge for simple cleansing.

Create Fast Healthy Wok Dishes

You can create fast, healthy one-pan cast iron wok dishes for your loved ones without any difficulty with simple dishwashing. These types of flexible cookware may be used for an enormous selection of additional food preparation duties plus batch food preparation.

Benefits Of Deep Steep Wok Sides

The home wok directs high temperature consistently for optimum flavour and fantastic outcomes. Appropriate for use on the types of hob types which includes halogen, gas, electric power along with ceramic. With a full size along with deep steep sides - these wok pans for induction cooktops are perfect for food preparation of more significant amounts like paella cooking and also the entire family.

: Zinel Heavy Anodised Induction Hob Wok

This strong anodised induction wok with lid is fabricated for long life. Including the non stick layer as well as the dense gauge anodised metal base, it is effortless to utilise with quick and regular heating dispersal - and it's even more comfortable to cleanse. Riveted steel hand-grips are extended with soft silicone material.

24cm Anodised Induction Wok With Lid And Black Handles

The wok is comfortable to command whenever hot, although appropriate for virtually all cooking areas, which includes induction - however not appropriate for the dish washing machine. Anodised steel base for true heat distribution plus silicon overlay for easy manipulation.
[Rating: 9/10]   £29 Get It → Zinel Induction Wok With Lid

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: ProCook Wok For Induction Hob Non Stick

This hard-wearing wok suitable for induction hob offers competent 'dispersal of high temperature' throughout the base as well as the inclines due to it's three-fold coating construction.

Assembled of one coating of metal situated in between two levels of chromium steel. The physical structure of the wok features a mirror coating with steel hand-grip.

Wok Suitable For Induction Pair In Steel


  • Best Heat Distribution
  • Glass Lid Retains Heat


  • None

Fashioned steel grips are entirely rivet fixed for durability and the saute pan plus wok virtually all advantage from first-class 5 star triplex coating non-stick application. The saute wok is great for producing big family recipes, for example paella Italian rice etc.
[Rating: 9/10]   £149 Get It → ProCook Wok Suitable For Induction Hob

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: Master Class Commercial Induction Wok Pan

Using it's dense heavy calibre carbon steel design as well as premium non-slip surfacing, this tough steel induction wok pan is sturdy enough for even the most engaged cooking area surroundings.

It is even secure for deployment using steel utensils. Carbon style for additional strength and that unquestionable flavour.

Carbon Steel Induction Wok Pan With Black Interior

It’s just right for commercialised cooking areas and devoted home base cooks who would like to cook dependably delectable Eastern food. It’s contrived to last for a long time and delivers with 10 years warranty. At 35 cm, this impressively big induction wok is just right for generous helpings.
[Rating: 9/10]   £34 Get It → Master Class Commercial Induction Wok Pan

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: Green Earth Ceramic Induction Wok Non Stick

Utilising all natural ceramic as surfacing, this highly popular ceramic induction wok is among the world's foremost to accomplish non-stick flawlessness, while persisting utterly free of adverse chemicals. Established layer of PTFE, a man-made material which has wax like attributes.

Magnetised Ceramic Induction Wok With Green Exterior


  • Non-Stick Surface
  • Super Easy To Clean


  • None..

Even using high temperatures, simply no inauspicious noxious fumes are ever discharged in to the surroundings. It utilises a ceramic layer derived from nature, simply not of a science laboratory.

The ceramic surfacing is entirely Eco-congenial as well as very secure, and the layer is much more long-lasting and scratch resistive.
[Rating: 9/10]   £28 Get It → Green Earth Ceramic Induction Wok

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: Le Creuset Hardened Wok Life Guaranteed

Using deep sheered inclines, this stir frying hardened cooking wok is just right for veg frying, noodles or creating big quantities of single container meals, for example chilli or perhaps tasty curry dishes. Hardened and non-stick, this is a sleek and flexible pan, impeccable for day-to-day deployment.

30 cm Hardened Cooking Wok With Steel Grips


  • Deep Sided Walls
  • Even Heat Retention


  • None.

It possesses a sturdy PFOA non-stick surface area internally and in addition outside, plus a specialised tempered physique. A long-lasting and substantial sized pan which can be expended upon virtually any heating system resource.

The effortless non-slip insides plus external areas are simple to cleanse and rugged enough to resist deployment of steel utensils.
[Rating: 9/10]   £104 Get It → Le Creuset Hardened Cooking Wok

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Excellent Induction Hob Woks With Tempered Non-Stick Surfaces

: Fissler Kunming Large Wok With Lid Induction

Appropriate for induction, this impressive large wok with lid proposes a durable finish as well as glass cover.

Including it's moderate however classical conception, the wok is attractive for equally cookery and serving up. The stainless steel food steamer insert renders virtually every thing conceivable for cooking.

35cm Large Wok With Lid In Polished Steel


  • For Asian Specialities
  • Durable Glass Lid


  • None..

Due to it's thermo base, this wok may be utilised on just about any stove. The hand grips maintain cool even whenever stewing, sauteing and French-frying, eradicating the requirement for container holders.

The rack works as a functional rest to preserve food items warm when preparing. Conserves nutrients by steaming vegetables as well as delectable Eastern foods.
[Rating: 9/10]   £88 Get It → Fissler Kunming Large Wok With Lid

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: WMF Cromargan Steel Induction Wok Set

This steel induction wok set is perfect for producing exotic tasty food. Cookery times are briefer thanks to the heating system circulating consistently, therefore maintaining the energising essential flavours of the individual ingredients.

The build of this wok is particularly appropriate for perpetual stirring and deep inclines forestall ingredients from coming out.

18/10 Steel Induction Wok Set With Side Hand Grips


  • First Rate Wok
  • German Brand WMF


  • None..

The wok is additionally fit for additional kinds of cookery, for example stewing, steam, frying as well as braising - which constitutes this item extremely flexible.

Worthy of virtually all heating system sources - which includes induction. Base design comes with regular heating dispersal as well as lengthy high temperature store for power economising cookery.
[Rating: 9/10]   £96 Get It → WMF Steel Induction Wok Set

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: Tefal Ceramic Red Thermo-Spot Induction Wok

This ceramic Thermo-Spot induction wok sized 28 cm is additionally suited for metal cooking area assistants. The introductory red heat signal is incorporated in to the base of the cooking pan. It suggests whenever the pot has attained the best cookery heat, and it's created of additionally hard metal outsides.

Ceramic Thermo-Spot Induction Wok With Long Handle

The induction underside with built-in magnetised steel plate is for ideal high temperature dispersal, as well as best equilibrium. The ergonomic hand grip is constructed of thermal PVC material.

Oven secure as much as 180 degrees Celsius, the wok is appropriate for practically 'all' stove surfaces, which includes induction.
[Rating: 9/10]   £37 Get It → Tefal Thermo-Spot Induction Wok

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: Berndes Vario Wok For Induction Hob With Lid

This wok for induction hob in anthracite top quality cast metal including steel diffuser bottom for first-class induction system and great heat dispersal.

An embedded proprietary functionality producing individual composition. The cookery surface area is of expert reinforced non-stick layer, absolutely nothing adheres to it.

Hardened Vario Wok For Induction Hob In Black Finish


  • Reinforced Surface
  • Guaranteed 8 Years


  • None.

Appropriate for practically all heating system sources, which includes induction.

Strengthened non-stick layer surface area for low fat cookery, layered external for leisurely clean-up. Forged hand-grips for safe oven deployment as well as tough protecting glass cover. Break proof, high temperature proof, oven secure.
[Rating: 9/10]   £99 Get It → Berndes Wok For Induction Hob

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Our induction hob woks constitute reliable Eastern cookery effortless. An impressive strategy to create several appetising meals from stir fries to noodles etc.

Created from long-lasting steel including easy cleanse non-stick interior cover, inclined sides, as well as cool touch hand-grips. The induction hob pan base circulates high temperature consistently for utmost flavour and impressive outcomes.