Flat Griddle Pans With Induction Base For Char Grill Taste

Updated 23/02/2022:
Non-stick durable and adaptable griddle pans suitable for induction hobs provide surpassing dark char markings on meat plus upper limit strength. The high and low grooves shield the cook surface by contracting abrasion, and it's possible to even deploy steel kitchen utensils on the iron pans.

Providing easy usage, these induction griddle plates feature durable steel grips top to bottom elevated for a safer grip. The heavy-duty metal heats food consistently with enduring heat preservation. The steak griddle pans for induction hob reach ideal cooking heat on moderate to low heat configuration.

: Blackmoor Steak Griddle Pan For Induction Hobs

Our first thoughts pulling the pan out of the package was. 'This feels incredibly sturdy/weighty'. An excellent initial sign. This griddle is scrape proof so that your pan remains resembling brand new longer.

The pan possesses a soft grip handgrip that remains cool to touch using a cool-touch handgrip. This ensures your convenience and safety when you are mixing up culinary wonders. The Blackmoor anti-scratch frying pan handle also offers a practical opening for suspending when not in use.

Featuring its non-stick layer, the pan covering and solid aluminium foundation imply you can clean it easily. The rectangular griddle pan for induction hob demands almost no oil and guarantees considerably better food discharge. The hybrid stone coating allows heat to conduct faster during the cooking process.

This is a non-stick anti-scuff griddle skillet in forged dark aluminium. All these pans will be non-stick and therefore are suited to food preparation on electric power, gas, induction hobs and hot plates. The cross types marble stone layer permits heat to execute more rapidly for preparing food.

A griddle skillet is designed for preparing various meats, seafood, veg and an entire selection of other food varieties. It is specifically helpful for flash frying meals such as fillets. The pan's bottom provides elevated ridges that will supply excellent char markings by adding taste, texture, and consistency to your food as it prepares.

Cool To Touch Frying Pan Non-Stick
Blackmoor Frying Pan Non-Stick

The non-stick characteristics of the griddle pan signify that you don't need to incorporate virtually any cooking oil into the pan. That means much healthier dinners for the entire household. Safeguard your fingers whenever using the pan while preparing food with excellent contact grips.

There is no requirement to use oven mitts whilst positioning the pan to mix or provide. The style of the pan range suggests that they get warmer a lot quicker, placing you even more in control of your current food preparation. Which makes the grilling process successful and more superficial.

Prepare meat, fish, fresh vegetables and more faultlessly. The griddle pan will prepare steak, seafood, homegrown vegetables and a complete collection of additional food variations. This specific pan is especially invaluable for frying delicious food like delightful steaks.

The Features:


  • BBQ Genuine Grill Sear
  • Fast Cooking Process


  • Not at all..

This kind of range possesses a wide selection of kitchenware and cooking equipment, including pots and pans of various shapes and sizes. Even cutting knife blocks in several colour choices plus chopping boards and utensils. Consider some of the other merchandise for the full range.

The non-stick environment of the mixed marble natural stone finish on the griddle is intended to cook devoid of incorporating any cooking food oil, extra fat or sprays. The Blackmoor anti-scratch griddle pan possesses a texture that aggregates flavour and structure for your meat dinners.

Induction base pots and pans operate on a myriad of hobs and hotplates, including electric-powered, natural gas and induction hob together - even hot plate models. This is undoubtedly for the purpose of impeccable longer lasting overall flexibility.

Steak Griddle Pan With Curved Handle

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: Le Creuset Steak Griddle For Induction Hobs

This enamelled cast iron fry pan is your brand-new best ally in the cooking area. The enamelled pan allows fuss-free practical pan cooking for daily use. Letting you create different dishes easily, its oven, grilling and BBQ secure, and ideal for all hob sorts like induction.

Without any metal seasoning necessary, the satin dark enamelled surface interior closes and safeguards your pan. It will create an all-natural layer improving its 'easy to release ' attributes as time passes.

The Le Creuset Signature cast iron Grill pan is specially created for 'high heat food prep' on a somewhat moderate heat. The inner enamel is fantastic for frying, searing, lightly browning and cooking, even though the external enamel is available in a selection of on-trend colours to enhance the cooking area.

This top-quality enamelled iron cooking equipment generates excellent food preparation outcomes. Its oven-secure to virtually any temperature and warms food items consistently without hot spots while offering enduring heat preservation.

Cast Iron Grillit Frying Pan
Le Creuset Signature Grillit Pan

It heats uniformly with sustained heat storage, extending to high temperatures on moderate to low temperatures. You can hand wash and dish wash. Additionally, the sturdy enamelled surface will never wear away. The handles combine the best weight, plus a serving lip for a quick empty.

Coming from renowned flexible enamelled cast iron to rugged non-stick, or perhaps 3-ply steel, stoneware and bakeware. This variety of cookware presents first-rate overall performance. It is popular among competent chefs and willing at-home cooks everywhere.

It is an enamelled forged iron 'Grillit' frying pan with an assistant handle and serving lip area. Produced in France, it is extremely user friendly and clean. Appropriate for ovens, barbecue grills, BBQs, and all hob varieties like induction, it is layered with an easy-to-wash enamel.

Highly versatile in use, it raises the temperature smoothly with sustained heat saving. Still, it's ideal for frying or perhaps baking on moderate heat too. The handle is a consistent weight cast iron grip with a catch for suspending. A high-temperature safety handle is offered.

The Features:

The easy-grip handle guarantees more comfortable use with cook gloves and permits effortless weight dispersion whenever transporting. The cast iron cook handle comprises a gap at the end for inactive utensils and holding up when not being used.

The sensible pouring lips on both sides let you conveniently move liquid and drain aside oil or soap and water whenever cleaning. The enamelled Le Creuset Signature cast iron Grill pan is dishwasher machine protected. It warrants the passion and proper care of a good hand-clean.

It is relatively simple to wash food and oil away without difficulty following an excellent long drench. Ensure that you employ nylon or gentle pads because steel and harsh cleansing agents can harm the enamel surface.

Cast Iron Griddle Pan Red And Black

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: Denby Cast Iron Griddle Pan Enamel Surface

This specific cast iron griddle pan constitutes a wise investment decision as it is sure to last for many years for complete reassurance. Denby cast iron is a genuine indicator of superior quality within the food prep zone - and on the kitchen table.

It makes food items taste lovely, from a slowly prepared delicious Weekend roast to a 30 minute midweek dinner. You will prepare very quickly with minimum effort or hard work.

The Denby cast iron griddle pan is adaptable upon the hob, within the oven, on the family table or the entire group. Probably the most flexible and valuable cookware component, Denby cast iron is easy to use and appears lovely. It is dishwasher secure, and you may discover a recipe guide inside.

A power-efficient style, the pan cooks food items uniformly at reduced temperatures and maintains food warmer longer. A single pot meal will get together swiftly with marginal work around the hob - or maybe inside the oven.

Pomegranate Cast Iron Griddle Pan
Denby Cast Iron Griddle Pan

Its fashionable and functional style contribute elegance to your cooking area. And it is sensible enough for today's busy lifestyles. Appropriate for all the oven and hob variations, such as induction, it is durable with a simple, clean, enamelled surface.

Cast iron griddle pans of 25 cm will serve around 2 to 4 individuals. Establish fresh mouth-watering meals in a few minutes. Work with virtually any heat supply to make healthy servings swiftly. The exclusive sear lines assist in securing the taste, and it looks fantastic.

One-pan dinners come along rapidly with little exertion on the hob or even in the range. Still, they will incorporate finesse in your kitchen area. Denby cast iron is energy-efficient and gets hotter quickly - it continues to be hot for a longer time.

The Features:

The pan is oven protected at 250 degrees Celsius, gas level 9 and 482 degrees Fahrenheit. A productive power structure that prepares your food uniformly at reduced temperature ranges.

The incorporated Denby cast iron griddle pan basting bands to maintain food heavenly succulent, making dinner planning uncomplicated and excellent food tasting.

It is fine-looking and dependable; it takes food through the oven or even hob straight to the dinner table. Food preparation is made easy and flexible for most meals each day of the week. Your meals are now in good hands, from slowly prepared casseroles to supper.

Griddle Pan With Long Iron Handle

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: HomeIcon Copper Induction Frying Pan Griddle

Make use of this home kitchen copper granite griddle pan to prepare veg, fish and various meats with flawless chargrilled sear marks. The griddle contains two draining lips to eliminate undesirable fats while cooking food. The skillet is ideal for gas, electric power, and induction hobs.

When utilising an induction hob for optimum outcomes, start using an 18 cm or lower ring. Due to its easily-removed Bakelite grip, the Home Icon non-stick granite griddle pan is not necessarily constrained by oven heat. Recipes should fry on the hob and complete inside the oven.

Non-Stick Granite Griddle Pan
Home Icon Granite Griddle Pan

Sporting an excellent dual-layer non-stick Whitford layer that is PFOA free lets you cook with much less oil. Your pan is uniformly heated because of its premium quality aluminium structure. Prepare delicious dishes with this present day non-stick frying pan.

Put together veg, fish, beef, poultry, and every meat using the ideal browning. Absolutely secure inside the oven, the pan is consistently heated up because of its dependable aluminium engineering. It comes complete in a copper stone granite influence.

The Features:


  • Finished Copper Granite
  • Fits Into The Oven


  • None..

The profound lines in the Home Icon non-stick granite griddle pan will deliver an excellent appearance for the food. Furthermore, due to its Whitford non-stick covering, you may cook with the least oil. Being completely removable helps you save room within your cooking area. To eliminate the handle, push the fastening point and press to stop.

Induction Frying Pan Griddle With Black Grip

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: GreenPan Griddle Plate Ceramic Non-Stick

The award-winning Excellence in Housewares Honours 2019/1920 season, here is the 26 cm non-stick grill pan to accommodate your day-to-day food preparation demands. The GreenPan non-stick grill pan is an all-rounder suitable for cooking lunch and meals, from saute, mix fry, braise etc.

This healthy and balanced ceramic non-stick Thermolon Infinity Pro layer is toxin-free for any heat range. It is PFAS-free for wholesome cooking, even for lead or cadmium. Simply no harmful fumes will discharge - even if unintentionally overheated.

Non Stick Aluminum Grill Pan
GreenPan Non Stick Grill Pan

You will find a patented Magneto induction concept distinctive magnetic layer upon the base. It ensures bottom part balance and guarantees it will not twist, rattle or even scrape as time passes. It brings about ideally consistent cooking with no loss in power or heat.

Providing great functionality, the Thermolon ceramic non-stick finish is improved upon with diamonds. It is deemed the most innovative, hard and resistant hard non-stick out there. You will find cast aluminium grips with protectors for a comfy and safe grasp.

The Features:


  • Resilient And Non-Stick
  • Unique Magnetic Layer


  • Not here.

Acceptable for all hobs, including induction, this particular GreenPan non-stick aluminium grill pan is oven risk-free around 220C and dishwasher secure. Regarding long-lasting performance, ensure the pan constantly gets hot progressively. Synthetic or wood made utensils are encouraged.

Black Induction Griddle Plate With Award Logo

£85   GreenPan Induction Griddle Plate Ceramic - Get It!  

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: Savisto Non Stick Induction Hob Griddle Pan

A top quality cast metal angular style non-stick induction hob griddle pan to enjoy the best char-grilled meals each time without requiring to break out the BBQ or other grill.

A particularised induction under-structure establishes this highly recommended pan appropriate for virtually all kinds of stove tops - which includes those using gas, induction or even electric powered.

Transform your assortment of cookware with this premium quality cast aluminium square griddle pan coming from Savisto. Appreciate excellent chargrilled foods each time while not having to get out your BBQ or even grill. A specialist induction base renders this pan ideal for all kinds of heat.

When preparing food, a dual-layer non-stick covering decreases the demand for just as much - or virtually any oil or fat. It makes clearing up later on a hassle-free encounter. The Savisto premium non-stick griddle pan has the benefit of a practical lip on both sides, letting you drain aside extra liquid.

Induction Hob Griddle Pan With 2 Lips

Showcasing its totally detachable handgrip enables easy safe-keeping and washing. This permits the pan to be positioned in the oven or even under a grill. Not necessarily, the handle is oven resistant, and you will see a detachable handle for easy safe-keeping.

This cast aluminium char grilling griddle pan provides a dual-layered non-stick base and an easily-removed handle. This specialist aluminium griddle skillet is a pleasant addition to any cooking area.

The Features:

A griddle pan is a healthy option to conventional frying pans employing ridged griddles to deplete away liquids throughout cooking - and grill the food item instead of frying.
Due to a non-stick layer, food can be ready in little oil. A progressive cutaway flowing lip lets you effortlessly remove extra juice after preparing.

The universal induction base guarantees the Savisto 28 cm premium non-stick griddle pan works with all gas, induction and electric powered hobs. An utterly removable handle gives double benefits enabling the square griddle to be utilised in ovens or perhaps grills - and kept aside efficiently in any cabinet.

The non-stick covering lowers the quantity of oil or fat necessary during food preparation. The entire induction base will make the pan suitable for busy households.

A dual superimposed non stick layer contracts the demand for oil or perhaps fat when cooking and constitutes cleansing up later on a hassle free encounter. The frying pan additionally features an accessible lip on either position, enabling you to effortlessly drain off redundant liquids.
[Rating: 9/10]   £34   Get It → Savisto Induction Hob Griddle Pan  

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: Valira Stone Induction Heavy Based Pan

Estimable at grilling sausages, beef-burgers and a broad line-up of veg, this Valira Stone quartz induction compatible heavy based pan is appropriate for bigger family homes using it's 28 cm diameter interior.

Desirable for gas, halogen or ceramic plus induction with a black coloured cream flecked non stick interior, it guarantees food will never cling, in addition this pan is effortless to cleanse.

Induction Heavy Base Pan In Black

The Features:


  • Life Time Guaranteed
  • Stone Quartz Interior


  • None..

The Valira Stone pan offers you Incomparable dispersal and keeping of heat energy guarantees fast and cost-efficient cookery, eligible for utilisation on induction hobs, ceramic, electric powered in addition to gas cook tops, including inside the oven.

Black Valira Stone Pan
Valira Stone Induction Grill Pan

Dual pouring out lips allow fluids such as fat as well as juices to be streamed away effortlessly, understating shedding. Dish washing machine secure soft touch hand grips upon the pan for upper limit comfort, long life and protection, it's life guaranteed and oven secure.
[Rating: 9/10]   £49   Get It → Valira Stone Induction Heavy Base Pan  

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: Tower Kitchen Ceramic Flat Griddle Pan

Relish in your cookery encounters and completely satisfy all of your catering contingencies using this impressive 25 cm ceramic flat griddle pan. It sports an updated Cerasure strategy, where it's possible to contract the motivation for undue measures of vegetable oil.Make wholesome choices to your household favourites, while eradicating the need for laborious clean-up.

Tower Ceramic Flat Griddle Pan

The Features:

This particular grilling pan is perfect for creating pleasant-tasting foods for individuals - or virtually all your family unit. Eligible for all hob kinds as well as induction, it's high class metal physique offers a light concept and finish with a fashionable 'graphite' coating.
[Rating: 9/10]   £19   Get It → Tower Ceramic Flat Griddle Pan  

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Heavy Based Induction Griddle Pans Char Brown Stripes

: Master Class Induction Ridged Griddle Pan

Constructed of solid iron, this ridged induction griddle pan offers surpassing strength and exhaustive cooking operation. It even assists you grill more wholesome due to it's ridged bottom that runs out fat from food items.

Due to the superior design, you will be able to utilise this highly recommended pan with the majority of heat resources, which includes induction kitchen hobs plus.

Induction Ridged Griddle Pan With Long Handle

The Features:

Iron is a first-class retainer of heat energy, therefore as soon as this pan is red-hot, it continues hot. This intends you are able to delight in food items that are prepared consistently and exhaustively using a scrumptious hint of BBQ char.
[Rating: 9/10]   £33   Get It → Master Class Induction Griddle Pan  

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: Fundix Induction Grill Pan With Handle

A dense and strong cast metal induction grill pan with detached handle and ideal contact on any cookery surface area using consistent heat dispersal. Proprietary integrated technology induction base guarantees food is prepared as quick and as regularly as imaginable.

Black Induction Grill Pan With Orange Grip

The Features:


  • Non-Warping Structure
  • Handles Are Cool Touch


  • None..

Top quality non stick layer that's PFOA free and durable, highly resistive to scrapes and effortless to cleanse. Comfy and simple to mount cool touch style easily removed hand-grip using the Safety Secure strategy that will never loosen with manipulation.

Appropriate for induction as well as all different cookery surfaces, oven secure and dish-washing machine risk-free.
[Rating: 9/10]   £33   Get It → Fundix Induction Grill Pan  

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: Nuovva Iron Square Induction Griddle Pan

With a big cooking expanse of 28 cm, this square induction griddle pan incorporates a hand grip and is accessible in different colours and sets.

This particular iron griddle is hand cast via molten metal, affording it unbelievable durability in addition long life. The squared grill container possesses a deep ridged bottom that's great for searing steak.

Square Induction Griddle Pan In Deep Red

The Features:


  • Very Strong Cast Iron
  • 25 Years Guarantee


  • None..

Nuovva oncludes pouring out lips upon both edges for left in addition right-handed end users to run out extra fat - plus an extra helper grip on the front end of the grill pan to assist elevating.

Appropriate for utilisation on induction, gas, electric powered, ceramic, halogen plus. Simply not dish washer secure, and it's not suggested to use detergent whenever washing. Oven secure up to 260 Celsius with a full 25 years warranty.
[Rating: 9/10]   £27   Get It → Nuovva Induction Griddle Pan  

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These induction griddle plate pans are renowned for their surpassing heat keeping and consistent heat dispersal. The external layer features raised ridges to contribute your steak, seafood and veg that distinguishing char grill stripe and elevate your food items above the grease for more wholesome induction hob cookery.