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Flat Griddle Pans With Induction Base For Char Grill Taste

Updated 15/07/2020:
Non-stick durable and adaptable griddle pans suitable for induction hobs provide surpassing dark char markings on meat plus upper limit strength. The high and low grooves shield the cook surface by contracting abrasion, and it's possible to even deploy steel kitchen utensils on the iron pans.

Providing easy usage, these induction griddle plates feature durable steel grips top to bottom elevated for a safer grip. The heavy-duty metal heats food consistently with enduring heat preservation. The steak griddle pans reach ideal cooking heat on moderate to low heat configuration.

: Le Creuset Cast Iron Griddle Pan All Hobs

Cast Iron Griddle Pan Red And Black

£99   Le Creuset Cast Iron Griddle Pan - Get It!  

: Denby Griddle Pan For Induction Hob Cast Iron

Griddle Pan With Long Iron Handle

£52   Denby Griddle Pan For Induction Hob - Get It!  

: Le Creuset Ribbed Rectangular Large Griddle Pan

Ribbed Large Griddle Pan With 2 Steaks

£99   Le Creuset Ribbed Large Griddle Pan - Get It!  

: HomeIcon Copper Induction Frying Pan Griddle


  • Finished Copper Granite
  • Fits Into The Oven


  • None..

Induction Frying Pan Griddle With Black Grip

£32   HomeIcon Induction Frying Pan Griddle - Get It!  

: Blackmoor Steak Griddle Pan For Induction Hobs


  • BBQ Genuine Grill Sear
  • Fast Cooking Process


  • None..

Steak Griddle Pan With Curved Handle

£16   Blackmoor Steak Griddle Pan For Induction - Get It!  

: GreenPan Induction Griddle Plate Ceramic Non-Stick


  • Resilient And Non-Stick
  • Unique Magnetic Layer


  • None.

Black Induction Griddle Plate With Award Logo

£85   GreenPan Induction Griddle Plate Ceramic - Get It!  

: Savisto Non Stick Induction Hob Griddle Pan

A top quality cast metal angular style non-stick induction hob griddle pan to enjoy the best char-grilled meals each time without requiring to break out the BBQ or other grill.

A particularised induction under-structure establishes this highly recommended pan appropriate for virtually all kinds of stove tops - which includes those using gas, induction or even electric powered.

Induction Hob Griddle Pan With 2 Lips

A dual superimposed non stick layer contracts the demand for oil or perhaps fat when cooking and constitutes cleansing up later on a hassle free encounter. The frying pan additionally features an accessible lip on either position, enabling you to effortlessly drain off redundant liquids.
[Rating: 9/10]   £29   Get It → Savisto Induction Hob Griddle Pan

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: Valira Stone Induction Heavy Based Pan

Estimable at grilling sausages, beef-burgers and a broad line-up of veg, this stone quartz induction compatible heavy based pan is appropriate for bigger family homes using it's 28 cm diameter interior.

Desirable for gas, halogen or ceramic plus induction with a black coloured cream flecked non stick interior, it guarantees food will never cling, in addition this pan is effortless to cleanse.

Induction Heavy Base Pan In Black


  • Life Time Guaranteed
  • Stone Quartz Interior


  • None..

Dual pouring out lips allow fluids such as fat as well as juices to be streamed away effortlessly, understating shedding. Dish washing machine secure soft touch hand grips upon the pan for upper limit comfort, long life and protection, it's life guaranteed and oven secure.
[Rating: 9/10]   £49   Get It → Valira Induction Heavy Base Pan

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: Carote Square Iron Induction Griddle Pan

An induction griddle plate pan great for the preparation of bacon, meats, steak, chicken as well as seafood with a rib-like surface area fashioned to guarantee uninvited grease runs out aside from food items.

The deep ridged under surface additionally produces suitable grill markings for an all-natural, simple release finish which betters with usage.

Induction Griddle Plate On Table

Incomparable dispersal and keeping of heat energy guarantees fast and cost-efficient cookery, eligible for utilisation on induction hobs, ceramic, electric powered in addition to gas cook tops, including inside the oven.

Use on the cooking stove, within the grill and on BBQ's or even campfires etc. Exceedingly adaptable and may be expended to scorch, fry, equally inside or outside.
[Rating: 9/10]   £29   Get It → Carote Induction Griddle Plate

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: Tower Kitchen Ceramic Flat Griddle Pan

Relish in your cookery encounters and completely satisfy all of your catering contingencies using this impressive 25 cm ceramic flat griddle pan. It sports an updated Cerasure strategy, where it's possible to contract the motivation for undue measures of vegetable oil.

Rustle up more wholesome choices to your household favourites, while eradicating the need for laborious clean-up.

Tower Ceramic Flat Griddle Pan

This particular grilling pan is perfect for creating pleasant-tasting foods for individuals - or virtually all your family unit. Eligible for all hob kinds as well as induction, it's high class metal physique offers a light concept and finish with a fashionable 'graphite' coating.
[Rating: 9/10]   £19   Get It → Tower Ceramic Flat Griddle Pan

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: BST Griddle Pan For Induction Hob

Acquire that stunning char grilled impact on your foods with this griddle pan suitable for induction hob. This first-class 28 cm griddle pan is non stick and dish-washing machine secure, rendering it the ideal merchandise.

Due to the non-stick attributes of this grill pan, it's a more wholesome method to cook, and in addition the integral oil drain spout will enable you to run out virtually any grease that takes place by nature.

Griddle Pan Suitable Induction With Black Handle


  • For Induction And Ceramic
  • Easy Detachable Handle


  • None.

This reliable griddle pan delivers with an easily removed handgrip which you relocate with one effortless action, thus converting it in to a pan eligible for the oven, therefore you're not missing out on any taste.

The thick ridges upon the pan not just assist in running out fat, however they contribute that beautiful char grilled taste to meat, chicken, all veg and more besides.
[Rating: 9/10]   £29   Get It → BST Griddle Pan Suitable Induction

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: Tefal Titanium Induction Grilling Pan

This modern 26 cm squared induction grilling pan boasts an incomparable Titanium first-class multi-layer with non stick finish, guaranteeing the most resistive of non-stick properties.

The surfacing is tough enough to deploy using metallic utensils, and contributes better protection versus scraping and scratching, plus the steel embossed bottom offers best heat dispersal and strength.

Induction Grilling Pan With Red Spot


  • Thermo Spot Technology
  • Metal Utensil Secured


  • None

This pan additionally possesses an unique Thermo-Spot system that suggests when the frying pan has accomplished optimal cooking heat. Non stick inside as well as outside proposes ease of cleansing, while the created flared rim enables drip-free pouring out.

Elevated ribs enable grease to be detached from the food items when cooking, conducing to more wholesome cookery.
[Rating: 9/10]   £59   Get It → Tefal Induction Grill Pan

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Heavy Based Induction Griddle Pans Char Brown Stripes

: Master Class Induction Ridged Griddle Pan

Constructed of solid iron, this ridged induction griddle pan offers surpassing strength and exhaustive cooking operation. It even assists you grill more wholesome due to it's ridged bottom that runs out fat from food items.

Due to the superior design, you will be able to utilise this highly recommended pan with the majority of heat resources, which includes induction kitchen hobs plus.

Induction Ridged Griddle Pan With Long Handle

Iron is a first-class retainer of heat energy, therefore as soon as this pan is red-hot, it continues hot. This intends you are able to delight in food items that are prepared consistently and exhaustively using a scrumptious hint of BBQ char.
[Rating: 9/10]   £33   Get It → Master Class Induction Griddle Pan

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: Fundix Induction Grill Pan With Handle

A dense and strong cast metal induction grill pan with detached handle and ideal contact on any cookery surface area using consistent heat dispersal. Proprietary integrated technology induction base guarantees food is prepared as quick and as regularly as imaginable.

Black Induction Grill Pan With Orange Grip


  • Non-Warping Structure
  • Handles Are Cool Touch


  • None..

Top quality non stick layer that's PFOA free and durable, highly resistive to scrapes and effortless to cleanse. Comfy and simple to mount cool touch style easily removed hand-grip using the Safety Secure strategy that will never loosen with manipulation.

Appropriate for induction as well as all different cookery surfaces, oven secure and dish-washing machine risk-free.
[Rating: 9/10]   £35   Get It → Fundix Induction Grill Pan

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: SKY Griddle Pan For Steak Induction

This griddle pan for steak is fit for for grilling, sauteing, scorching and browning a broad collection of ingredients. Steak, chicken, seafood, veg, entire breakfasts, this excellent and flexible pan is an impressive option to bringing out the BBQ.

Griddle Pan Induction Suitable Square Shaped

The frying pan is reinforced to endure and will not warp, offering you with appetising food. The superior induction strategy circulates high temperature consistently - minus reassigning it to the hand grip.

It enables you to cook at humbler temperatures to maintain maximal flavour and deploy less electricity. Liberally proportioned at 28 cm in size plus 4.5 cm dense.
[Rating: 9/10]   £39   Get It → SKY Griddle Pan Induction

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: ProCook Iron Square Induction Griddle Pan

With a big cooking expanse of 50 cm, this square induction griddle pan incorporates a hand grip and is accessible in different colours and sets.

This particular iron griddle is hand cast via molten metal, affording it unbelievable durability in addition long life. The squared grill container possesses a deep ridged bottom that's great for searing steak.

Square Induction Griddle Pan In Deep Red


  • Very Strong Cast Iron
  • 25 Years Guarantee


  • None..

Includes pouring out lips upon both edges for left in addition right-handed end users to run out extra fat - plus an extra helper grip on the front end of the grill pan to assist elevating.

Appropriate for utilisation on induction, gas, electric powered, ceramic, halogen plus. Simply not dish washer secure, and it's not suggested to use detergent whenever washing. Oven secure up to 260 Celsius with a full 25 years warranty.
[Rating: 9/10]   £37   Get It → ProCook Induction Griddle Pan

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These induction griddle plate pans are renowned for their surpassing heat keeping and consistent heat dispersal. The external layer features raised ridges to contribute your steak, seafood and veg that distinguishing char grill stripe and elevate your food items above the grease for more wholesome induction hob cookery.