Indoor Grill And Griddles For Entertaining Summer Or Winter

Updated 31/01/2022:
View the best table top grills here that provide the convenience of creating super tasty food, irrespective of season. Ideal for special events, it's possible to seal in the flavour of meats, veg, fish and more. The electric grill plates accompany a heat controller to serve delicious dishes - visit our griddle pans.

Indoor electric grills are basically modest portable variants of big grilling versions. If a specific product is small-scale, it is just as superior for food prep. An excellent grilling cook will explain that just about any a small grill may also satisfy the requirements of fixing a 'delicious steak' or even veg.

Black Indoor Outdoor BBQ Grill
New Style Indoor Outdoor BBQ Grill

: Klarstein Countertop Grill Gourmette 1200W

Due to the impressive functionality and power of 1500 Watts, the raclette grill can melt the cheese and grills your vegetables in a nominal amount of time. In addition, the heat is easily adaptable using a thermostat, helping you to cook your meals to perfection on the protected stand on account of the non-skid legs.

Due to the framework, you can grill on a few levels, top or lower. 8 steel cookware with a non-stick layer is intended for cooking with dairy items. The Klarstein raclette grill plates over the unit may be nicely warmed up for veg or meat aided by the considerably adjustable thermostat.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Healthy Cooking With Less Oil
  • Great For Steak And Burgers

Unique Selling Point:

  • Heat Proof Handle Grips
  • All Cook Areas Non-Stick

Top Features:


  • Cooking Raclette Pans PTFE
  • High Temperature Thermostat


  • None at all

Contributing lots of space, the grill plates are obtainable for the Klarstein sirloin grill - the first is a non-stick layered aluminium plate. The other is actually a natural stone piece of refined solid granite. The dimensions of 18 x 23 cm - ideal for cooking food for a hungry household.

Specs: 52 x 12 x 24.5 cm | 4.7Kg | 1500W | 220 240V

The metallic grill plate promptly exchanges the heat to the meals. It necessitates hardly any oil for cooking due to the non-stick covering. An all-natural stone plate makes an impression with its indication light and temperature safe-keeping, which supplies warmth, especially after shut-off.

Countertop Grill In Polished Steel

£72   Klarstein Countertop Grill Raclette - Get It!  

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: VonShef Indoor Electric Grill Plate BBQ

Featuring its elaborate smoke removal strategy, you may appreciate all the flavours of a genuine grill devoid of fumes filling your kitchen space. This means you take pleasure from heavenly char-grilled meats, chicken breast, homegrown vegetables, plus much more all year long.

A fan obscured inside the VonShef indoor smokeless grill removes smoke from the surface area as your meals cook, leaving the surroundings thoroughly smokeless. An LED partition with touch control buttons will trigger the fan and modify the grill heat up to 230C easily.

To guarantee your household sized meat banquet is not covered in oil, a drip holder under the grill is preparing to catch all the undesired fats. This leaves you with delicious charred, low-fat outcomes. The grill provides a non-stick area, permitting you to cook with almost no oil.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Simple Touch Heat Control
  • Cook Flawlessly With No Fumes

Unique Selling Point:

  • Cook Surface Is Easy To Wash
  • Dependable With 2 Years Guarantee

Top Features:


  • Control LED Screen
  • Full Smoke Extraction


  • None here

Without a doubt, the grill plate is detachable and dishwasher secure; therefore, cleaning after you have appreciated your food is much easier. From lean meats to char-grilled veg, this excellent smart VonShef indoor grill enables you to indulge in all the taste of any BBQ, but without the fumes.

Specs: 230C | 50 x 30 x 12 cm | 6100g | 1500W | 36 x 20cm Grill

An easily-removed ceramic grill platter is dishwasher dependable for easy washing. The fat extraction holder underneath the grill accumulates extra fat for other lean final results. The LED touch settings assist you in choosing the temperature of the barbeque grill.

Indoor Electric Grill On 4 Steel Legs

£79   VonShef Indoor Electric Grill Plate - Get It!  

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: Why Use The Electric Countertop Grill?

Electric powered countertop grills are a great deal more common because of the extra protection and the simplicity of structure. These types of grill currently have tungsten heating components that raise the temperature of the surface area using a ridged grill consistency - which enables some air to circulate.

: The Tabletop Clam Shell Model

Air passes underneath precisely what you happen to be grilling, which can be important for several effects. Many of these tabletop electric grills possess a shell model, permitting either side to become grilled at the same time, for which you no longer can do using any conventional outdoor grill.

: Mini BBQ Grill Cooking Surface Area

Tabletop grills provide the flexibility and success of a typical size grill to the table practically. These table-sized mini BBQ grills are made to accommodate virtually any food preparation like Teppanyaki cooking etc. They are dependable enough to cope with the weight, which isn't very difficult considering the size.

: Cook On Counter Or Kitchen Table?

The technology behind an indoor electric tabletop grill is straightforward, and it chiefly entails some form of process which enhances the grill to remain at a secure range from the kitchen table. Anybody who informs you big grill machines are essential for meals to be delicious is possibly untruthful or even devoid of expertise.

: Camping Grills With Charcoal

Most electric camping grills are very easy to use and are just like the substantial variations. There is a source of heat which could vary in the kind of fuel it uses up. Perhaps 'grilling with charcoal' or probably liquid propane gas, in addition to the food preparation surface type.

: Outdoor Cooking Methods

Each and every fuel resource possesses both equally positive aspects and disadvantages, nevertheless the basic principle of cooking on an electric grill surface continues to be precisely the same. Having a camping generator in your car when cooking outdoors on any trip is very handy.

: HengBO Electric Camping Grill Flat/Ridged

Naturally, this electric-powered table grill provides all the enjoyment of cooking at home. There is also 8 little pans and 4 real wood spatulas so friends and family can influence the food preparation of their own specific servings. The grill is fantastic for trips, specifically for tenting or mini-breaks.

You can actually carry and reposition the grill everywhere you require it. It is simple to adapt the precise temperature to your cookery masterpieces, using the control knob on the front side. It makes cooking easy, as indicated by your preferred heat for a variety of meals.

The electric-powered HengBo indoor raclette grill offers a non-stick grill plate, suggesting only a small amount of oil is required to be utilised. It is straightforward to immaculately clean.

Furthermore, the webbed surface area with openings and oil drip holder maintain your food totally free of extra fat and oil. Signifying food prepared on this grill is much healthier and preserves its all-natural taste. It makes washing less complicated after cooking delightful meat, fish and veg.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Create Food For 8 Persons
  • Grill Layers For Separating

Unique Selling Point:

  • Ideal For Any Motorhome Too
  • Large Dial For Heat Control

Top Features:


  • Ideal Grill For Caravans
  • 8 Cost Free Mini Pans


  • No Cons Here

Multi-functional and impressive, the successful 1500 Watts manageable high-quality grill can be employed any place. The BBQ griddle may be cooked down and upward, cooked over or fried beneath.
Well suited for kitchen areas, suites, caravans, outdoor party and many others, equally the lower and upper tiers of the HengBo in house grill work extremely well simultaneously.

Specs: 1500W | 44 x 33 x 19 cm | 3.71 Kg | 260 C | 8 Pans

Take note: Never place tiny pans inside the dishwasher. Accepted and manufactured from food-grade steel, the grill comes with a 30-day return scheme. This implies you can encounter your brand-new raclette grill and make any social gathering exceptional - totally free of risk.

Electric Camping Grill With Wide Black Base

£68   HengBO Electric Camp Grill Flat/Ridged - Get It!  

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: George Foreman Large Table Top Grill

The advantages of cookery using this large table top grill and griddle are so numerous and wide-ranging that it is little question it continues as the globe's genuine no.1 hot grill. It is speedy, effortless to deploy, and grills a whole range of food items.

It can assist you to concoct a more wholesome, more appetising dinner or even small bite very fast. The hot grill and griddle merge an individual grill as well as griddle characteristic, enabling you to produce a substantial breakfast or main meal very fast.

An improved upon and more durable non-stick layer helps to ensure super results for almost any grease or oil to drain from the food inside the fitted drip holder. The George Foreman large grill and griddle is easy to wash; you basically wipe all surface types with a clean moist washing cloth.

You may clean the drip rack in warm water and soap or inside the top stand of any dishwasher. The grills skillfully engineered suspended hinge instantly modifies the top grill to support heavier cuts of meat. This ensures consistent cooking - ideal for thick toasties or unequal servings of beef.


  • Brilliant For Tasty Breakfast
  • Floating Hinge For All Sizes


  • None at all..

Table Top Grill Frying Bacon Slices

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Grill And Griddle Are Separate
  • Perfect For The Big Household

Unique Selling Point:

  • Convenient Wholesome Cooking
  • Drip Tray Releases All Oils

The incredible standalone grill is a preferred feature in countless households. It is a simple, convenient, practical, healthy and balanced approach to make dinners and snack foods.

From cheeseburgers to toasties and then seafood to French fries, the grill offers all the taste employing clever dual individualised heat settings. While using the tray, it really is 3 times more durable and non-stick compared to earlier versions. In addition, there is a floating joint for fuller foodstuff.

Specs: 13 x 57 x 31 cm | 3.8 Kg | 2180W | 10 Portions

Equally the hot grill and griddle possess separate heat commands, enabling you to modify the temperature of the surface area contingent on the food items style. Whether you exclusively prefer to deploy 1 side of the home appliance, just turn the adaptable heat off from the one you do not want to utilise, enabling you to keep steadfastly in control.

Get your sausages as well as bacon on the griddle as your fried eggs, tomatoes and mushrooms are preparing on the grill. This George Foreman large indoor grill and griddle is competent of cooking up as much as 10 helpings, therefore is great for bigger households in addition to entertaining pals. The big grill surface area obliges for 4 helpings, though the other grill space adapts for 6 persons.
[Rating: 9/10]   £51   Get It → George Foreman Table Top Grill  

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: Quest Countertop Indoor Barbecue Grill

Thermostat grilling to your particular predilection with this large countertop grill. Prepare your food items incisively to your taste as the hot grill includes a thermostat.

It may be corrected to your trusted heat for diverse food items. The grill includes a signal lamp as well as cool-touch hand grips for leisurely motility.

Regardless of the weather conditions outdoors, you can benefit from a BBQ encounter in the house with this unique user-friendly Quest indoor BBQ grill. Whether it is breakfast time, 'steak and fries' time, cheeseburgers, and so forth, relatives and friends will love this fun cooking method.

Non-stick and straightforward to clean, the grill incorporates a non-stick layer and includes a dishwasher secure oil gathering holder to accumulate extra oils as you grill. It also comes with a detachable grill for comprehensive and straightforward washing to help you keep the grill as effective as new.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Oil And Fat Collection Tray
  • Precise And Consistent Cooking

Unique Selling Point:

  • For Breakfast Or Main Dinners
  • Indoor Cookery Minus The Smoke

Large Countertop Grill For Indoors With Steak On Top

Top Features:


  • Chrome Plated Grill Rack
  • Steel Heating Components


  • None here.

Perfect for managing with a 1.2 metres detachable wire, it's feasible for serving friends by setting the grill in the middle of the dining table and permitting anyone to prepare their particular meals. You can prepare the food afar from the dining room table and eliminate the wire if the food is ready so that everyone can eat.

Specs: 32 x 52 x 9 cm | 3.9 Kg | 800 Watts | Max 210C

The adjustable heat regulation is for specific and consistent food preparation, so you can select from 5 diverse heat configurations of 210 Celsius. The Quest indoor BBQ grill also guarantees nominal fumes whenever grilling to help you cook devoid of smoke.

Non-slip surface area signifies very little vegetable oil demands to be utilised. The ribbed hot grill surface with oil dripping rack maintain the food items liberated of fat, intending meals cooked on the hot grill are more wholesome, keeping all natural taste.

For best cleansing, just eliminate the ledge and evacuate it's contents.
[Rating: 9/10]   £49   Get It → Quest BBQ Grill For Indoors  

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Best Portable Electric Grills With Versatile Heat

: J Martin Wahl Electric Grill Pan Plate

The compact electric grill pan with non-stick plate including ridged plus flat expanses and adaptable heat command is an extremely flexible unit, just right for a super diversity of meals - which includes steaks, seafood, vegetables and more. 1500 Watts, drip holder plus easy cleansing removable components.

Using a functional non-stick preparation work surface, this grill carries a flat hot plate and ridged sections - ideal for cooking beef, seafood and fried goodies. This top-notch Wahl James Martin grill is fantastic for special event tabletop food preparation or small equipment for travelling.

An adjustable heat control can be tweaked for a variety of foods and then preparing diverse food models. The big hot plate grilling area of 37 cm x 29 cm enables preparing diversified foods or possibly a complete meal - exquisite for your entire indoor cooking requirements.

Promising 1500 Watts of grilling electric power in a small style, this unique product is perfect for functions, tabletop food preparation, and typical cooking in student lodgings.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Make Tasty Tabletop Steaks
  • Ample Sized Hot Plate Space

Unique Selling Point:

  • Ridged Grill For Marking Meat
  • Drip Ledge And Removable Plates

Drip Ledge Electric Grill Pan With Black Ridge Surface

Top Features:


  • Ideal For Table Top Meals
  • Easy To Clean Grill Plate


  • No cons here..

It includes simple to operate control buttons and a convenient power-on signal. This assists in keeping track of meals, so they are flawlessly prepared to your preference each and every time.

You will find that flat and ridged surface types can prepare many different foods. In addition, whenever dinner is over, the Wahl James Martin grill contains a non-stick layer for easy serving and even less complicated washing.

Specs: 1500W | 240V | 49 x 8 x 34 cm | 2.9Kg | Grill 37 x 29 cm

This modern grill is leisurely to set-up and break apart - and it also delivers with a cool contact drip rack and easy to clean parts. It includes a variable, non-stick cookery surface using fixed hot plate and impressive grill regions. Ideal for preparing meat or veg, great for celebration cookery etc.
[Rating: 9/10]   £37   Get It → J.Martin WAHL Electric Grill Pan  

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: Salter Home Kitchen Indoor Electric Grill

Using this excellent indoors electric grill, it's possible to cook a large diversity of meals expending not much or simply no oil for a delightful, more salubrious dinner. Grey marble surfaced ceramic dishes are attractively non stick, easy to cleanse and scrape proof for lasting strength.

The Salter Megastone health grill oil groove allows any redundant grease or vegetable oils to effortlessly drain away the food items and directly on to the drip holder, ideal for preparing leaner steak etc.

Discover a much healthier way of preparing food with this impressive grill, which includes an innovative non-stick Megastone layer made for optimum cooking with much less oil. This functional grill can consistently cook beef. In addition, it opens into a flat grill to prepare more significant solutions.


  • Create Lean Healthy Steak
  • Make A Diversity Of Foods


  • None at all

Indoors Electric Grill With Black Tray

Top Features:


  • Grey Marble Cook Plates
  • Use It Fully Opened Out


  • None whatsoever

Due to an oil route and drip holder, extra fat is conveniently drained away for more healthy dinners. Promising a clear plastic casing for increased safety, this steel Salter Megastone folding health grill is an excellent acquisition to virtually any household.

Specs: 33 x 12 x 33 cm | 750W | 3.6 Kg | XL 29 x 23 cm Grill

The hot grill includes high electrical power with versatile heat commands and electricity toggle ready illuminations. A flexible cooking strategy that may be utilised as a press or perhaps opened up 180 degrees directly to a flat surface, perfect for meat, seafood or perhaps just veg.
[Rating: 9/10]   £39   Get It → Salter Indoors Electric Grill  

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: G.Foreman Electric Grill Indoor, Open-Air

Arrange this portable electric grill for indoors or in the back garden as a separate hot grill, or perhaps position it upon a table top for a great inside grill encounter.

The big, non-slip hot grill plate enables you to concoct up to 15 helpings of meat, seafood or maybe vegetables in one move. Perfect for flats, balconies, caravans etc.

Under and overcooked meats is a matter of history because of the colour coded food prep level signal. This works with the sensor to warn you whenever the meat is too rare, 'in the middle' or done well. In addition, the rated George Foreman grill aluminium plates and drip holder are dishwasher secure.


  • The Best Grill On This Page
  • You Can See Cook Temperature


  • None

15 Portion Portable Electric Grill On Tall Black Stand

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Plates Divert Oil In To Tray
  • Unique Curved Dome Covering

Unique Selling Point:

  • Use The Gill Without Stand
  • It's Extremely Easy To Clean

Six pre-set food preparation programmes permit you to appreciate all your preferred meats flawlessly cooked. The intelligent sensor concept distinguishes the density of the meat. In addition, it modifies the food prep time and George Foreman indoor and outdoor grill heat as necessary.

Specs: 73 x 73 x 99 cm | 6.2Kg | 2400W | 1500 sq/cm Plate

This particular grill is rather easy to clean and simple to use, but it delivers with an easily removed stand for a detached hot grill in the back garden, or perhaps station the primary framework of the hot grill upon a table for interior grill tasks.

The stand breaks down in to pieces, rendering it easy to stack away and is fast to set-up.
[Rating: 10/10]   £78   Get It → G.Foreman Portable Electric Grill  

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: Tefal OptiGrill Indoor Cooking Grill 2000W

This particular indoor cooking grill discovers incisively how many objects are upon the grill and also accommodates the heat plus grill cycle to correspond.

Via a colour modifying LED as well as perceptible alert system at every stage of the cookery cycle, it displays the advancement of every cut of meat, dispatching any concerns about over or even under cooked food.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Accurately Cooks Meat And Veg
  • Perfect Results Every Time

Unique Selling Point:

  • Automated Sensor ID Concept
  • Great Entertaining In Garden

Indoor Cooking Grill 2000W With Chrome Handle

Top Features:


  • Six Automated Programmes
  • Big Square Cook Surface


  • None Here

The grill accommodates the moisture inside for succulent and tender meats. For maximal flexibility, this particular grill possesses '6 auto cooking plans' and heat command using 4 temperature configurations

It renders cleaning up easy using it's easily removed dish washing machine secure dishes and drip holder.
[Rating: 9/10]   £119   Get It → Tefal OptiGrill Indoor Cooking Grill  

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: Tabletop Grill Cover Protection

The dimensions and model of the indoor electric grill plate are determined by the product. Only one factor is specific that nearly every tabletop grill will have some cover or perhaps heavy-duty lid. The cover will be there to maintain the maximum amount of heat as is feasible, conserving power.

: Hot Cook/Grill Surface Types

Only by excellent heat preservation, the meals you grill may also be prepared similarly through both sides, which can be necessary if you wish to turn into a professional on your own. With regards to the electric grill plate - you will find steel and iron hot food plates with their particular benefits and drawbacks.

The good indoor kitchen grills never need to substitute any other grilling method. They've garnered a place on numerous kitchen counter tops grounded on their convenience, and in addition capabilities. Among those capacities is concocting a hamburger impeccably and quickly.