8 Radio Controlled Digital Travel Alarm Clocks Rated

A diverse variety of radio controlled travel alarm clocks to accompany you on your trips. The non ticking alarm clocks can be found with features such as built-in FM radio, big LCD screen, indoor temperature statistics Celsius or (F), snooze, per hour 'chime' function, back light.

01: Acctim 71207 Acura Radio Controlled Snooze Alarm Clock

The Smartlite display screen illuminates virtually all night with this modern system that instantly sheds light on the RC alarm clock dial whenever the area dims for effortless night observing.

The sensor device converts the light off throughout the day-time to protract battery life-span. Radio commanded mechanics of the clock feature an integral receiver, plus the time indicator incurred is managed by a Cesium time clock.

Snooze Alarm Clock With Black Base

Acctim 71207 Acura Smartlite Snooze Clock

It's precise to within one second each millennium (1000 years) and enables entirely automated arrangement of your clock. It's instantly correct for summer time/winter time modifications.

Multi purpose display screen depicting time period, calendar, in addition to interior temperature. Increasing volume alarm system including snooze functionality.
[Rating: 9/10] £14 Get It → Acctim Smartlite Snooze Alarm Clock

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02: de.Power Radio Controlled Travel Alarm Clock Flash Light

Due to this radio controlled travelling clock, you will not overlook virtually any conference or perhaps your airline flight. Together with trustworthy automated time up-dates, which includes Daylight Saving Time inside a 2000Km distance from Germany DCF77 transmission - and display of times for more than 50 cities globally.

RC Travel Alarm Clock In Black With Big Display

de.Power Radio Controlled Travel Alarm Clock

The incorporated flash light with white LED provides you with light any place you require it - and you don't have to load up a different light. Automated time realignment, which includes summer time in European countries.
[Rating: 8.5/10] £28 Buy → de.Power Radio Controlled Travel Alarm Clock

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03: TFA Big Digits 60.4505 Travel Radio-Controlled Alarm Clock

TFA radio controlled time clock, together with big indicator and inverted display screen. Date and week day in 8 different languages, interior temperatures, RC alarm system with snooze functionality and time zone features. Wall structure installation or desk positioned. From 0 to 50C temperature spectrum.

Travel RC Alarm Clock With White Numbers On Black

TFA 60.4505 Travel Radio Controlled Alarm Clock

Has dimensions of 367mm length by 230 mm peak by 29mm range. TFA in Reicholzheim has built a contemporary in-house manufacturing option for mechanised thermometers, barometers, etc. This particular core knowledge in calculating devices is implemented by TFA for their digital weather equipment and timepieces.
[Rating: 9/10] £74 Get It → TFA Travel Radio Controlled Alarm Clock

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04: Oregon Scientific Radio Controlled Dual Atomic Alarm Clock

Excellent value alarm clock with a simple and easy, convenient style, this particular radio-controlled atomic time clock is easily readable, as well as simple to manage. The time is accurate to the second and modifies routinely back and forth from UK summer time, indicating you'll never need to set the time ever again.

Atomic Alarm Clock In Black Casing

Oregon Scientific RM938 Atomic Alarm Clock

The clock may also be modified to immediately acquire possibly European and US radio controlled transmission - which makes it great for the global passenger.

The big LCD screen shows the present time, day and particular date. With a straightforward tap to the top level snooze switch triggers illumination for straightforward viewing at night time.
[Rating: 9/10] £21 Get It → Oregon Atomic Alarm Clock

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05: Smart Effects Technoline Light WT182 RC Alarm Clock

The Technoline is a lightweight and portable alarm clock which you can use both at home and on the road. This particular radio controlled alarm clock registers the transmission from the Frankfurt transmitter, and provides you entirely precise time.

RC Alarm Clock In Brushed Steel

Smart Effects Technoline Radio Controlled Alarm

The clock possesses user-friendly and uncomplicated time zone configurations, which enables you to set it for just about any time zone throughout European countries.

The alarm system includes a snooze bar as well as an LED back light. Includes a 12 24 hour display screen environment and features a 6 language choice week, day presentation.
[Rating: 8.5/10] £13 Get It → Smart Radio Controlled Alarm Clock

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06: Precision Radio Controlled Atomic LCD Travel Alarm Clock

This unique Precision atomic clock brings together dependability with style, and a neat design. The large 24 hour electronic display screen offers a pleasant alarm viewing experience. This specific alarm clock additionally demonstrates the date, day, as well as month and likewise temperatures.

RC Atomic Travel Alarm Clock With Big Digits

Precision R.C. Atomic Travel Alarm

This particular clock can be placed on a level service, or perhaps installed on a wall structure - rendering it incredibly convenient. It links up with the atomic clock in Cumbria and will instantly up-date the time, rendering it precise to 1 second in 60 million years. Batteries not incorporated.
[Rating: 9/10] £10 Get It → Precision Radio Controlled Travel Clock

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07: TFA 98.1006.IT Radio Controlled Clock With Temperature

This TFA radio controlled clock works together with outside temperatures with an alarm system snooze functionality, date and week day in around 4 different languages. Outdoors temperature via wireless operation optimum 100 metres.

Radio Controlled Clock In Steel Effect

TFA 98.1006.IT Radio Controlled Clock

Wall structure installation or perhaps table top standing. Takes 2 x 1.5 V AA batteries which are incorporated. Has dimensions of 222mm length by 241mm height and 35mm depth. Time zone 12 hours, as well as moon phase feature.
[Rating: 9/10] £48 Get It → TFA 98 Radio Controlled Clock

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08: Braun UK Projector Precision Radio Controlled Clock

A modern precision radio controlled clock with projection function features a movement triggered functionality where the end user can convert the projection picture on/off via moving their hand across the sensing element.

A side arm on the right aspect of the clock tilts 180 degrees and the projector screen can be revolved an undivided 360 degrees for comfort.

Precision Radio Controlled Clock In All White

Braun Precision Radio Controlled Clock

With user customisation of projector picture on wall structure or perhaps ceiling, the non ticking alarm clock possesses a reverse LCD screen and features a quick arrangement procedure for effortless correcting of time as well as alarm system.

The clock may additionally be set for as much as 12 or perhaps 24 hour time settings and radio controlled feature can be turned off and the time can be manually established.
[Rating: 9/10] - £58 Get It → Braun Precision Radio Controlled Clock

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Buy A Precision Radio Control Alarm Clock And Never Set The Time Again

Radio controlled travel alarm clocks are totally automated RC UK time transmission gadgets with 12 and 24 hour time frame structure. They come with calendar displays of year, month, date and day.

Day by day digital travel alarm clocks with snooze characteristics, moon phase and temperatures exhibited in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius.

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