7 Best Rated Magnetic Chess Sets In Fold Style For Play, Decor And Gifting..

These beautiful magnetic chess sets are supreme in design and mobility. The modest sized game sets use a folding style and are exclusively magnetic, so the chess components can persist securely fixed to the board - unless you choose to relocate them. The fashionable sets incorporate a calibre board with stylish pieces in top quality wood.

01: Prime Compact Magnetic Chess Board Game Created From Strong Wood

This particular 'small magnetic chess board' game in wood is constructed from the finest components of hornbeam wood and is impeccably finished by hand.

Dark coloured squares are cautiously devised to an attractive scant brown colouration. Clearer squares are resulted as white. The playing pieces are established from very sturdy wood and designed to last.

Prime Compact Magnetic Chess Board Game With All Pieces

Prime Compact Magnetic Chess Board Game

Numbers along with alphabetic characters are entrusted in white colouring. It features a lacquered coating and is a perfect chess game arrangement for tenting, playing inside coach, vehicle and so on.

Compact, light, and is going to accommodate in virtually every small bag. Inside, there's a shaped insert with points to accommodate every individual piece.
[Rating: 9/10] - £21 - Get It → Prime Compact Magnetic Chess Board Game

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02: ShalinIndia Hand Made Fashionable Magnetic Folding Chess Board Set

The hand-made wood magnetised folding chess board set offers an effortless activity that you are able to take with you any-place appropriate to pass your time - and maintain the children absorbed.

Constructed specially with journey in mind and appraising only 5 inches by 2.55 inches in dimensions, it's extremely light in weight and will effortlessly accommodate in any bag.

ShalinIndia Magnetic Folding Chess Board In Wooden Box

ShalinIndia Magnetic Folding Chess Board

This board includes secure brass flexible joint and an individual brass fixing. The under-surface is traced with green velvet and is cut down so that you are able to position the components inside and fix the board to contain.

The chess board and pieces are entirely magnetic, enabling them to persist safely in position until you elevate a piece to constitute a move.
[Rating: 9/10] - £38 - Get It → ShalinIndia Magnetic Folding Chess Board

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03: SouvNear Fold Style Wood Magnetic Travel Chess Set With Staunton Pieces

This 7 inch wood magnetised travel chess set is ideal for the journey with folding up game board in Rose Wood. It duplicates as safe keeping housing and a great journey associate for virtually all chess fans.

This particular magnetic chess game will maintain all the chess pieces settled on the surface until you constitute your move.

SouvNear Fold Magnetic Travel Chess Set In Dark Wood

SouvNear Fold Magnetic Travel Chess Set

The chess pieces hide magnets in their physical structure and the board holds in an integral metal sheet. It produces a secure magnetised pull in between the chess components as well as the board, so it's possible to play minus concerns.

The chess game bundle is constructed from Indian Rosewood, a heavy wood with attractive all-natural grains.
[Rating: 8.5/10] - £20 - Get It → SouvNear Fold Magnetic Travel Chess Set

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04: Regency Fold Design Magnetic Mini Chess Set Sculpted From Hard Wood

Created from sturdy Sheesham as well as box wood, this particular beautiful mini chess set feels strong and is going to offer years of happy chess playing.

The board is cautiously created from separate squares of timber and each one is 2mm deep - and has been adorned impeccably to make an impressive chess game.

Regency Fold Magnetic Mini Chess Set With Metal Clips

Regency Fold Magnetic Mini Chess Set

Encased in the cabinet include the strong wood components sculpted from Sheesham and in addition Boxwood. Designed in the Staunton style, there is an impressive attention to very fine detail and a precise firmly bordered feel to it.

An attractive set that's been completed to an extremely high criteria and delivered in a stylish enclosed box.
[Rating: 9/10] - £28 - Get It → Regency Fold Magnetic Mini Chess Set

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05: StonKraft Wooden Magnetic Chess Set Including Hand Crafted Pieces

An endearing hand made magnetic chess set for your front room with pawns that are entirely constructed of brown plus clear style wood, and in addition sculpted separately by hand.

This fine sculptured 'Indian wood chess' game bundle comes with exterior sizes of approximately 12 x 12 inches squared, and the king is just about 2.55 inch high.

StonKraft Wooden Magnetic Chess Set On It's Side

StonKraft Wooden Magnetic Chess Set

The board is additionally adorned using hard woods inlays and the magnetised Staunton pawns are entirely in brown coloured all-natural wood. Virtually all components are entirely hand created and the chess game by itself delivers safe keeping for all of it's thirty-two pawns, in addition inter-twined with silk feel textile.

The independent box is of wood, plus the inlays positioned on top.
[Rating: 9/10] - £34 - Get It → StonKraft Wooden Magnetic Chess Set

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06: English Chess Co Magnetic Travel Chess Set In Ebony Maple Design

A superior modern item, this particular first-rate constructed magnetic travel chess set is perfect to carry with you on vacation, or perhaps down to the local chess game society.

The display board is manufactured from strong core MDF as well as finished in an ebony and maple design. The chess piece components are entirely Boxwood made.

English Chess Co Magnetic Travel Chess Set In Black Case

English Chess Co Magnetic Travel Chess Set

With first-rate heavy magnetic attraction, the variety of components are entirely 'non moving' until you motivate them. The complete merchandise is ideally appropriate as a present, as it is put up in a good canvass pocket book style carrier.

There's additionally a slotted area for piece safe keeping, and this particular chess board's dimensions are 20 x 20cm with a king height of 3.8cm.
[Rating: 9/10] - £34 - Get It → English Chess Co Magnetic Travel Chess Set

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07: SHL-IN Magnetic Portable Chess Set With Rounded Hard Wood Board

The Indian hand-crafted hard-wood portable chess set is a genuine collector's chess game bundle which marks a comeback to conventional craft, and as a consequence constitutes an impressive gifts for chess experts.

It is hand made in the Jaipur area of India utilising methods that have endured since the coming of chess - with every one meticulously hand sculpted.

SHL-IN Magnetic Portable Chess Set In Rounded Design

SHL-IN Magnetic Portable Chess Set

The components are impeccably sized in order that their beautiful particulars can be completely comprehended, however the set is nonetheless modest enough for effortless safe keeping.

Including the hand sculpted chess compositions, you will find a storage carry container made out of superior grained wood. The top side is decorated using white, black, red all-natural hard-woods.
[Rating: 8.5/10] - £23 - Get It → SHL-IN Magnetic Portable Chess Set

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Magnetic Travel Chess Sets To Keep The Pieces Stabilised - Flawless For Trips..

Magnetic chess set can defy the severity of travelling, while persisting those little pieces in position as expected. The boards may be converted upside down, shaken, and the chess components 'still' remain in their positions.

The chess game boards accommodate the chess-men sturdily in position, even while you're in the vehicle or outside. All the pieces correspond in the board when it's folded, which renders them transportable and effortless to store after play.

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