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Our wheeled suit carrier luggage bags are ideal to contain suits plus more whenever you journey. For extra storage of small sized items, you will find external pockets and zipped exterior areas as well. A suit carrier with wheels and hand-grip, making it effortless to motion the travel suit cases along virtually any floor.

01: Karabar Wheeled Suit Garment Bag Press Button

The Karabar rolled suit garment bag extends the traveller practicality, great functionality, and a big safe keeping total capacity. Regardless of night-long, curt stop-over, or perhaps more extended holiday, this particularly fashionable wheeled suit carrier is light weight and sturdy.

Bundled with the all-important characteristics, the components can assume up to 4 hangers incorporated for a suit or other garment.

Wheeled Suit Garment Bag In Black Textile

Karabar Wheeled Suit Garment Bag

This carrier is created from an exceptional mix of diverse denier textiles which afford an unequalled combination of durability, versatility and agility. Fast access external safe keeping pocket for your 'mags' and so on.

With loads of room, a stylish and smart carrier which provides 3 years guarantee using a long-wearing top quality 'denier' material.
[Rating: 9/10] £34 Get It → Karabar Wheeled Suit Garment Bag

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02: Rock Tri-Fold Travel Garment Bag On Wheels Luxury

Elegant Tri-fold 'wheeled travel garment bag' with cabin dimensions that accommodates inside 55 x 40.5 x 20cm carry-on limitations. Big front end pocket including effortless access and easily removed bolstered notebook sleeve.

It fits laptop computers 36 x 28.5cm and includes an additional zippered front pouch. Seamed internal characteristic locking system hanger hook plus dual top carry hand grips.

Travel Garment Bag With 2 Wheels

Rock CarryOn Tri-Fold Travel Garment Bag

Lined inside includes a secure locking system hook conciliating 4 hangers. Bolstered packing bands internally hold clothes firmly in position and two easily removed zipped recess compartments are inclusive.

Two zippered lining pockets maintain supplemental particulars coordinated. Using easy zip aside metal collapsible trolley mechanics.
[Rating: 9/10] £115 Get It → Rock Travel Garment Bag

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03: Travelite Travel Suit Carrier With Wheels Hook Hanger

A reliable travel suit carrier assemblage for the forward-looking traveller. This particular collection comprises of three diverse modes, each created for an extremely distinctive demand.

Virtually all three designs are coordinated in their function using durable textiles. Includes a general hanger clip that enables the usage of conventional hangers.

Travel Suit Carrier With Wheels With Black Handle

Travelite Travel Suit Carrier With Wheels

Basic is the strong entry grade edition and the Business carrier is the completely furnished superior variant, boasting shoe areas, shirt compartments, tie pocket area, underclothing areas and so forth.

The clothes carrier trolley is the top of the crop adaptation, including the functionality of the business enterprise clothes carrier reassigned on to castors.
[Rating: 9/10] £126 Get It → Travel Suit Carrier With Wheels

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04: Skyflite Satellite Suit Carrier Luggage Transport Zipped

The Satellite suit carrier luggage offers useful trolley mechanics for effortless enjoyment on your journey. This particular wardrobe trolley is big enough to contain four suits.

It includes a self-possessed shoe pouch in addition to zip around style, nicely fashioned to see you throughout at any rate 7 days.

Suit Carrier Luggage Large Size

Skyflite Satellite Suit Carrier Luggage

A roll style suit bag including telescopic hand grip and complete shoe bag, plus a couple of external pockets for additional clothes. Four hangers are incorporated for the suits.

Completely zippered comprehensive area for suits is entirely shielded by a liner. Adaptable shoulder strap and top hand-grip for transporting.
[Rating: 8.5/10] £67 Get It → Skyflite Satellite Suit Carrier Luggage

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05: Gino Ferrari Manhattan Garment Bag With Wheels

The Manhattan garment bag with wheels and press option, flush correspond pull out style trolley mechanics, plus 'in line skate' castors and big potential zippered primary compartment.

It is completely lined, with branded internal garment holding straps, comfortable fit carry hand-grip, inter-lock zip-fastener pullers, plus several interior pockets.

Garment Bag With Wheels In Black Exterior

Gino Ferrari Manhattan Garment Bag With Wheels

Effortless access bag made with a durable high concentration polyester. Specified life-time guarantee and the sizes of 58w x 48h x 20.5d cm closed around. Item weight 5Kg in colour black.

Push option flush-fit, pull out trolley strategy plus in-line skate wheels. Large total capacity zipped up independent compartment. Effortless to utilise for travelling with suspension hook mechanics.
[Rating: 9/10] £89 Get It → Gino Garment Bag With Wheels

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06: Target 2 Wheeled Garment Bag With Eyelet Type Lock

Top quality wheeled garment bag includes retractable hand-grip plus the second grip on the front end that alleviates mobility issues.

Constructed from sturdy upper textiles using cushioned side wall structure, in addition to a strong bottom area. Principal area with two securing bands plus zip-fasteners and eyelet locking mechanism.

Bright 2 Wheeled Garment Bag In Blue And Green

Target Bright 2 Wheeled Garment Bag

Additional big opening, large zip-fastener pocket within and exterior dual zip pouches for the belongings you want to have close at hand.

The underside of the plastic rail safeguards the carrier from grime and there is also a concealed container. Cushioned hand grip and smooth travelling carrier on rollers constitutes a very functional bag.
[Rating: 9/10] £72 Get It → Target Bright 2 Wheeled Garment Bag

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07: Sevenk Soft Grain Leather Men's Suit Carrier On 2 Wheels

The Sevenk soft leather men's suit carrier on rollers includes a trolley hand-grip in a very stylish cognac colour fashionable matte finish.

Constructed from top grained cow-skin leather and extremely high quality craftsmanship. Just right for the international business organisation traveller.

Soft Grain Leather Mens Suit Carrier In Cognac Colour

Sevenk Soft Grain Leather Mens Suit Carrier

There are a couple of large pouches and specialised hook to hang in the closet, plus additional hand-grips to maintain your suit internally.

It features a combination locking mechanism in the zip component and exceptionally easy removed shoulder band to accommodate the suit. A trendy cushy leather wheeled suit bag on castors.
[Rating: 9/10] £330 Get It → Sevenk Leather Mens Suit Carrier

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08: Gate8 Business Cabin Wheeled Suit Carrier Luggage

A wheeled suit carrier luggage item that is the elemental in modernistic expert baggage for whenever business concerns take you on tour.

Using superior administration as well as creation, this effective carrier has been orchestrated for practicality as well as procedure. A carrier which allows you to coordinate as well as carry documents, plus a night-long change of garments.

Lightweight Wheeled Suit Carrier With Big Handle

Gate8 Wheeled Suit Carrier Luggage

Easily wheel this highly recommended suit travel bag down the gangway of the aircraft or perhaps train. Twinned with it's incomparable zip-fastener notebook bag, it grants you the versatility to leave the primary carrier inside the hotel or work place and take exclusively your technology notebooks of 17 inch.

The bag possesses brilliant administration options too.
[Rating: 9/10] - £149 Get It → Gate8 Wheeled Suit Carrier Luggage

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The Best Garment Bag On Wheels To Simplify Your Business Travelling

These wheeled suit carrier luggage bags for journeying are effortless to manage, even through a constricted plane gangway. Besides carrying a suit or perhaps additional 'hanging clothes', they include plenty of internal pockets for your important accessories. The suit travel bag with wheels offer outside pouches ans are perfect for folded garments, shoes etc.

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