Old Fashioned Kitchen Scales - Functional, Stylish And Inexpensive

Blend of old fashioned kitchen scales in a diversity of colours to fully complement your cooking area using equally metric and imperial weight units. An attracting finishing affect, ideal for daily function traditional style kitchen weighing scales that will go beautifully with our vintage mixing bowls.

01: Dexam Old Fashioned Weighing Scales In Cream

These superior cooking area metric + imperial old fashioned weighing scales come in a pretty retrospective conception and will accommodate virtually any present-day or classical style area.

Constructed from top quality steel, they possess a durable, cream coloured enamel outside - plus an ample sized calibration container.

Steel Old Fashioned Weighing Scales In Cream

Dexam Old Fashioned Weighing Scales

It boasts an effortless to interpret assessing scale of measurement with equally imperial and metric as much as 5 Kg. The measures are distinguished in 25 g grades for elementary and precise assessing. It's possible to manually correct to zero, which is handy whenever appending extra ingredients etc.
[Rating: 9/10] - £18 Get It → Dexam Old Fashioned Weighing Scales

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02: Terraillon 2L Traditional Kitchen Weighing Scales

Adopting aspiration from the past, this excellent traditional kitchen weighing scales is going to be at home inside virtually any cooking area, from slick modernistic to countrified homes.

Exuding retro appeal, the easy to interpret dial may be readjusted to zero when ingredients are contributed directly in to the liberal sized 2 litres container.

2 Litres Kitchen Weighing Scales With Steel Bowl

Terraillon Traditional Kitchen Weighing Scales

These conventional mechanical kitchen scales are so handy as you run through an ingredients formula. Weighs as much as 10 Kg in 40 g as well as 22 lb in 2 oz increases. The effortless read dial can be readjusted while ingredients are supplied.
[Rating: 8/10] - £21 Get It → Terraillon Traditional Kitchen Weighing Scales

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03: DD Vintage Retro Fashioned Old Kitchen Scales

Retro fashioned old kitchen scales with easily removed dish-washing machine secure container, accessible in assorted colours. Deploy this retro scale to evaluate your particular ingredients adequate to 3 kg accuracy 10 g. Scale functions minus battery operation and is a trustworthy cooking area assistant.

Accurate Old Kitchen Scales With Square Base

DD Retro Fashion Old Kitchen Scales

Cooking area weighing scale for practically all enthusiasts of the retro cooking area machine, and accessible in diverse colours. Total capacity 3 kg precision 10 g plus the container is dish washing machine dependable.
[Rating: 9/10] - £33 Get It → DD Retro Fashion Old Kitchen Scales

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04: K.Craft Traditional Kitchen Scales With Weights

This black coloured iron traditional kitchen scales with weights including acacia wooden mount is an impressive addition to the cooking area. Conventionally configured, the weighing scale comes with a chromium steel weighing container that's tear moulded. It makes scooping out as well as pouring out ingredients effortless.

Traditional Kitchen Scales With Weights In Black And Red

Traditional Kitchen Scales With Weights

A conventional appearing weighing scale that's leisurely and pleasurable to utilise. Metric function as well as 'imperial weight units' are selectable independently for employment with this excellent merchandise. The weighing plate is dish washing machine safe and it's wipe clean exclusively.
[Rating: 9/10] - £45 Get It → Traditional Kitchen Scales With Weights

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05: Typhoon Chic Steel Vintage Kitchen Scales

Beautiful curved vintage kitchen scales with accurate mechanism as well as extraordinary construction, a pleasurably fashionable vintage weighing scale. Combination of elegance and functionality, this nostalgic prompted weighing scale is the consummate alternative for virtually any cooking area.

Steel Vintage Kitchen Scales In Black Finish

Typhoon Vintage Kitchen Scales

Functional long-wearing enamel layered stainless steel framework, guaranteeing durability and complete with ample 4Kg steel dish-washing machine dependable container. With a significant sized, effortless to interpret dial, these scales are constructed for accuracy of food items or ingredients.
[Rating: 8/10] - £24 Get It → Typhoon Vintage Kitchen Scales

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06: Dr Oetker Nostlagic Weighing Scales For Food

Retro weighing scales for food with advanced components. The substantially contrived housing as well as the appealing scale of measurement pan are constructed of top quality steel.

Using this highly recommended strategy, ingredients may be 'calculated accurately' and can be effortlessly made clean in the dish-washing machine.

Retro Cooking Scales For Food With Cream Exterior

Dr Oetker Weighing Scales For Food

The entirely visible scale appraises your ingredients in 20 g increases up to a total capacity of 5 Kg. Consequently, the weighing scale is appropriate for cooking for the entire household. For it's top quality, this company guarantee it for 3 years. Please observe - metric function exclusively.
[Rating: 9/10] - £38 Get It → Dr Oetker Weighing Scales For Food

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07: Bloomingville Nice Pink Mechanical Kitchen Scales

A genuine classical product, the Danish fashionable brand name Bloomingville offer these accurate mechanical kitchen scales. The truly trendy cooking area weighing scale is presented here in a composed and rather stylish bright pink colour.

Stylish Mechanical Kitchen Scales In Pink

Bloomingville Mechanical Kitchen Scales

Considering the weighing machine categories, this first-class kitchen scales is among the more comprehensively sized. Using the easily removed metal container, the cooking and in addition catering mechanism is so easy to use.
[Rating: 9/10] - £48 Get It → Bloomingville Mechanical Kitchen Scales

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08: KuchenProfi Steel Old Fashioned Kitchen Scales

Black colour cooking area old fashioned kitchen scales are ranging from the KuchenProfi Nostalgia collection. They can evaluate as much as 2 kg in 10 grammes steps, or perhaps to 4lb in oz increases. There is an easily removed dish washing machine dependable container.

Steel Old Fashioned Kitchen Scales In Black

K.Profi Old Fashioned Kitchen Scales

The old fashioned kitchen scales are constructed from chromium steel as a consequence, and can accommodate as much as 1 litre capacity. It possesses a general elevation of 25 cm - or approximately 10 inches.
[Rating: 8/10] - £23 Get It → K.Profi Old Fashioned Kitchen Scales

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09: Great British Bake Off Traditional Kitchen Scales

Beautifully authorised Great British Bake Off 5 Kg style pink coloured mechanical cooking traditional kitchen scales.

The bottom extends a curved retro elegance scale using a broad, clear front for precise calibration. Perching on top is a silver evaluating container, great for considering your particular ingredients.

5 Kg Traditional Scales In Pink Finish

Great British Bake Off Traditional Scales

Impress your household members using this impressive beautiful cooking area accessory and delight in your cooking. These weighing scales would look endearing in just about any cooking area, so treat yourself to one. Impressive cooking area add-on from Paul Hollywood and co.
[Rating: 9/10] - £19 Get It → Great British Bake Off Scales

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10: ProCook Traditional Kitchen Weighing Scales In Red

Mechanical traditional kitchen weighing scales using a 21 cm sized container to evaluate adequate to 5 Kg or 11 lb of food ingredients.

Created from indestructible surfaced steel, this mechanical spring scales function is readable in imperial plus metric dial. It is exquisitely adjusted using an alteration push button arranged directly in the top to guarantee precision.

Durable Traditional Weighing Scales In Bright Red

ProCook Traditional Weighing Scales

The scales are established on four rubber legs for equilibrium and accessible in four colours. White, bright red, black plus steel. Mechanised weighing scale evaluates 21 cm size container and 19 cm high more or less. This excellent merchandise features a 1 year warranty.
[Rating: 9/10] - £16 Get It → ProCook Traditional Weighing Scales

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Old Fashioned Kitchen Scales Exquisitely Tuned For Precision

The old fashioned kitchen scales that are modest for easy safe keeping. Easy-clean and perfect for accurate weighing and calibration whenever preparing meals. Impressive style and functionality with easy to interpret dial. Traditionally contrived mechanical weighing scales that sit easily in virtually any home.

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