10 Cast Iron Wood Burning Stoves To Enhance Virtually Any Interior

Traditional wood burning stoves reviewed that will complement virtually any space and cut down those home energy bills, employing an eco-friendly and clean energy resource. High calibre cast iron long-life small wood-burning stoves that incorporate Schott glass and rugged design. See our wood burner effect fires.

01: Fireglow Ore Cast Iron 5 Kw Wood Burning Stove

This first-class 5 Kw wood burning stove is multi-fuel type for coal as well as wood, hand-crafted from recently deep-mined iron ore with a substantial, dense iron structure.

Included high temperature glass from Schott is a rather sophisticated Air-Wash arrangement using self cleansing glass. It is appropriate for equally top or perhaps back flue exits with connectors incorporated.

Cast Iron 5 Kw Wood Burning Stove In All Black

Fireglow 5 Kw Wood Burning Stove

Leisurely To preserve with high effectiveness cleaner burning technology, a top quality collection of sturdy robust stoves configured for optimal efficiency, in addition low discharges. It features 5 Kw production and is fabricated exclusively from dense, substantial cast iron.
[Rating: 9/10] - £325 Get It → Fireglow 5 Kw Wood Burning Stove

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02: KMS FoxHunter Multi Fuel Cast Iron Log Fire Stove

Modern construction, large sized iron log fire stove with an impressive physique.

The stove possesses a steel CE plate accommodated on the back and is appropriate for burning up wood as well as coal. 2 hatch way doors affording 49 cm broad and 33 cm high entry included. Full cast structure spec in grey metal.

Cast Iron Log Fire Stove 2 Doors In Grey

KMS FoxHunter Iron Log Fire Stove

This particular stove delivers with internal cast liner and estimable sized cast log style grate Air-wash technology plate. Factory equipped German Robax Schott high heat toughened glass, wood and steel coated hand-grip, ash-pan plus air vent manager.
[Rating: 9/10] - £319 Get It → KMS FoxHunter Iron Log Fire Stove

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03: CastMaster Iron Build Wood Burning Stove

Beautiful in every style, this wood burning stove exudes charm from it's conventional design, although presenting special functioning. This highly popular edition features a sturdy, nicely proportioned visual aspect and one that can heighten equally conventional as well as present-day configurations in it's adorable silk black colour.

5 Kw Wood Burning Stove With Steel Door Handle

Castmaster Wood Burning Stove

Made by hand cast utilising Australian Virgin metal ore, guaranteeing that high-grade quality casts are created. Desirable for burning dried wood, logs, 'smoke-free fuel' and so forth. Accommodated with German developed Schott high heat pyro-ceramic toughened glass.
[Rating: 8.9/10] - £255 Get It → Castmaster Wood Burning Stove

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04: Mazona 8 Kw Traditional Wood Burning Stove

With the earnest warmth and important savings of this excellent traditional wood burning stove, it is going to make a vast difference to the heat inside your household. A big heating production of 8 Kw intends this particular unit will get even bigger spaces experiencing high heat rather quickly via it's iron physique.

Powerful 8 Kw Wood Burning Stove With 4 Legs

Mazona 8 Kw Wood Burning Stove

Top quality cast iron stove with conventional conception particulars, designer brass knobs as well as a durable brass door-way flexible joint bar, plus elementary as well as secondary air out commands.

Air wash arrangement to preserve your glass crystal clear is present and the option of top side or perhaps back departure flue system.
[Rating: 9/10] - £279 Get It → Mazona 8 Kw Wood Burning Stove

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05: Cambridge 4 Kw Wood Burning Stove Fireplace

This modern wood burning stove fireplace has testified to be an extremely fashionable multi-fuel style burner - and among the most proficient sellers on the net.

It is the perfect dimensions to heat up a compact to moderate sized space. It proposes the slow burning characteristics of conventional stoves using the unspoiled aesthetics and contemporary style of the most recent examples.

Heat-Proof 4Kw Wood Burning Stove In Black Iron

Cambridge 4Kw Wood Burning Stove

The stove is completely licensed and therefore abides with UK and European criteria. Accommodated as standard is German constructed, top quality heat proof Schott Robax glass with the upper limit fire proofing heat of 1200 degrees Celsius. Black coloured heat defiant layer with the power to 800 degree Celsius.
[Rating: 8/10] - £176 Get It → Cambridge 4Kw Wood Burning Stove

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06: Pembroke Woodburner Stove With Back Boiler

An impressive cast iron woodburner stove with back boiler features optional back flue pipe departures and is furnished with a 5 inch sized flue connection plus dual door-ways.

A multi-fuel grate, ash-pan as well as end user instructions are additionally appended. This first-class high powered merchandise possesses a conventional appearance fused with the most recent wood burn applications.

High Heat 12 Kw Woodburner Stove With Two Hatches

Pembroke 12 Kw Woodburner Stove

It includes an extremely high 12 Kw production, Air wash strategy plus secondary burning rear boiler and strong cast construct design. Chrome components equipped with German constructed Schott brand name heat glass.

comparable exterior riddle strategy enables managing ashes minus opening up your door ways. Big top plate and over night burning installation, plus integrated ash-pan.
[Rating: 9/10] - £499 Get It → Pembroke 12 Kw Woodburner Stove

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07: Rutland 6 Kw Multi Fuel Small Woodburning Stove

A high powered enamel cast iron design multi fuel small wood burning stove with optional top or even back end flue outlets furnished with a 5 inch size flue pipe connection.

It includes a multi-fuel grate, ash pan instrument as well as user instructions provided. Most recent burning system copes with ashes without opening up the stove door.

Cast Iron Small Wood Burning Stove With One Door

Rutland Small Wood Burning Stove

Included 4 up to 6 Kw heat yield contingent on the fuel expended as well as functioning. Air wash strategy plus secondary clean burning arrangement and strong cast physique design. Accommodated using German established Schott high heat proof glass and big top plate, along with night long burning installation.
[Rating: 8/10] - £199 Get It → Rutland Small Wood Burning Stove

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08: Eco 6 Kw Iron Multi Fuel Log Burner Stove

Modern cast iron multi fuel log burner stove styled with a powerful 6 kw output. It accompanies a CE plate upon the rear of this wood burner with fashionable BOW formula.

The stove possesses a steel CE plate accommodated on the back and in addition is desirable for wood or coal burning exclusively. Full structure cast iron including internal liner.

Cast Multi-Fuel Log Burner Stove With Schott Glass

Eco Multi-Fuel Log Burner Stove

It includes an air wash arrangement and is equipped with German Schott high heat hardened glass. Ash container plus brass hand-grips, Air vent command plus back or perhaps top flue pipe positioning. Heating production of 4 Kw up to 6 Kw contingent on fuel burned etc.
[Rating: 9/10] - £179 Get It → Eco Multi-Fuel Log Burner Stove

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09: AStove Cast Iron Wood Coal Burning Stove

This superior wood burning multi style fuel stove is fashionable in all different types of household. A first-class stove constructed from dense iron utilising copper cast as an alternative from WPS. The door-way bolt is secured through a copper bar including covers, which is more secure.

Dense Iron Wood Coal Burning Stove In Tiled Floor

AStove Wood Coal Burning Stove

It comes with high calibre heat proof observing Schott glass including fire proofing heat of 1200 Celsius. You will find a black coloured heat resistive layer including the power of a very high 800 degrees Celsius heat immunity, which affords you a secure as well as comforting home surroundings.
[Rating: 9/10] - £179 Get It → AStove Wood Coal Burning Stove

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10: Monarch Solid Fuel UK Wood Burning Stove

This solid fuel wood burning stove is UK constructed and ideally sized for moderate sized spaces. The stove is established to a high criteria through one of Britain's biggest stove producers and insured by makers warranty. The small sized stove is in all probability accommodating the majority of open fireplaces and is effortless to set-up.

7Kw UK Wood Stove In Black With Steel Hand-Grip

Monarch Solid Fuel UK Wood Stove

It delivers with a compact 4 inch flue outlet, rendering it just right for chimneys restricted on room. Burn equally wood and as a consequence solid fuels etc. It features primary as well as secondary burning to amend effectiveness, in addition an air wash strategy that maintains the glass extremely clear.
[Rating: 9/10] - £499 Get It → Monarch Solid Fuel UK Wood Stove

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Small 5 Kw Wood Burning Stoves With Superb Characteristics

Small sized and competent conventional wood burning stoves constructed from cast iron in an appealing black coating that's heat proof, featuring high-quality heat resistive glass. The log fire stove air-wash strategy assists to maintain the interior of the glass clean for the maximum effectuate of the stove.

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