Effective Single Bottle Wine Chillers To Guarantee Bubbly Stays Nicely Cool

A single bottle wine chiller comes in handy whenever you demand fast cooled wine, just right for picnics, travel or open air relaxation. They insulate the wine or champagne bottle from the mild ambient room/air temperatures, maintaining liquid cooled for longer. Ideal wine coolers when you have unanticipated guests in summer.

01: FinalTouch Champagne And Wine Bottle Chiller Refined Steel Bucket

The ice container wine bottle chiller is the ideal add-on to your particularly special occasions. Great for cooling bottles and impressive as an amorous candle mount.

Effortless to set-up as you merely bestow tap water, or even if you feel constructive, append delightful ornamentation options for a beautiful individual centrepiece.

Display Champagne And Wine Bottle Chiller With Steel Base

F-Touch Champagne And Wine Bottle Chiller

It may be 'decked out' by contributing fruits, ornamentations, blossoms, food colouring, the variables are infinite. The ice bottle cooler is going to endure 6 hours as a bottle cooler, or approximately 4 hours as a candle carrier. Great for cooling down all kinds of beverages and superb as a holder.
[Rating: 9/10] - £19 - Get It → F-Touch Champagne And Wine Bottle Chiller

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02: Vinenco Drip-Free Style Steel Tabletop Wine Cooler Chill Stick

This particular tabletop wine cooler stick extends the solution to virtually all warm wine issues blending the benefits of impressive appearance, advanced construction and convenient dimensions.

A radical in-bottle wine cooler that can keep your cool white, sparkling, or even pink wine at best serving temperature for as much as 2 hours.

Durable Steel Tabletop Wine Cooler Stick Beside Red Grapes

Vinenco Steel Tabletop Wine Cooler Stick

Delight in a great wine drinking encounter with this ice-less answer for wine devotees and 'foodies'. The icy steel chilling rod maintains pre-cooled bubbly or wine at optimum imbibing temperature and as a consequence always refreshes. Includes a trickle free pourer and integrated aerator.
[Rating: 9/10] - £14 - Get It → Vinenco Steel Tabletop Wine Cooler Stick

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03: Vacu Vin Fast Bubbly And Wine Sleeve Cooler For Parties Or BBQ

Cool down your bubbly minus ice with the impressive and speedy wine sleeve cooler, an extremely chilly adjustable iced jacket. Acquire it from the deep-freeze and just pullover a bubbly bottle.

Your beverage will be cooled following 5 minutes and 'continues chilled' for hours. This effective chiller is infrangible, recyclable, and saves invaluable refrigerator room.

Bubbly And Wine Sleeve Cooler With Glasses

Vacu Vin Bubbly And Wine Sleeve Cooler

Cools champagne in a few minutes and preserves it chilly for a long time without the demand for an icebox or ice container. The sleeve is set-up for coating to the exterior of any bubbly bottle for 6 hours, or perhaps more in a deep-freeze. Versatile string enables bottles of diverse dimensions.
[Rating: 8.7/10] - £10 - Get It → Vacu Vin Bubbly And Wine Sleeve Cooler

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04: BBTrade Dual Wrap Type Single Bottle Wine Chiller Fits All Sizes

BBT single bottle wine chiller allows the undivided fragrance and taste of wine to be consumed at the exact drinking temperature. This particular modern wrap may be utilised for cooling down white wine and additionally warming 'some' red wines.

Position the wrapper in the deep-freeze, dispatch whenever really cold and envelop around your bottle to cool for hours.

Dual Wrap Single Bottle Wine Chiller In Red Finish

BBTrade Dual Single Bottle Wine Chiller

It persists entirely adjustable even when ice-clogged, chilly on the interior and inert on the exterior. A Velcro fastening enables the wrap to accommodate practically all bottle types, which includes bubbly bottles.

Can also be expended for heating up - just place in a microwave oven for a couple of seconds.
[Rating: 8.9/10] - £13 - Get It → BBTrade Dual Wrap Single Bottle Wine Chiller

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05: Le Creuset Mini Wine Cooler Sleeve For Regular Size Bubbly Bottles

A perfect mini wine cooler for champagne cooled down promptly. Accessible in an assortment of colours, the chiller sleeve should append a vibrant impact to the table, or perhaps your summertime BBQ.

The wine chiller sleeve is great whenever transporting wine to an acquaintance's household, or maybe for maintaining cool bottles when serving outdoors throughout the summer.

Mini Wine Cooler Sleeve In Red With Fruits

Le Creuset Mini Wine Cooler Sleeve

The wine chiller sleeve is adaptable to accommodate a selection of bottle builds as well as dimensions. Acquirable in dissimilar finishes, incorporating beautiful black nickel or perhaps with a spattering of signature colouration for a present-day appearance.

Attractively boxed and certainly constitutes a great present.
[Rating: 9/10] - £16 - Get It → Le Creuset Mini Wine Cooler Sleeve

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06: NewYond Steel Single Wine Cooler Stick With Inevitable Flow

The single wine cooler stick for deep-freezing is assured for a life-time to never fracture or leak out. The dual spout acrylic pourer additionally contains a life guarantee.

Incomparable, as well as graceful pour spout construction eradicates all hypotheses of trickles and spillages. In addition, it bestows charm to virtually any table environment.

NY Steel Single Wine Cooler Stick Inside Bottle

NewYond Steel Single Wine Cooler Stick

The 'steel wine chilling rod' occupies inside your deep-freeze, forever ready for the following deployment. You just mount the acrylic pourer/aerator up to the top of the cool rod and enclose it in your sparkling wine bottle.

It maintains your wine impeccably cooled at the best temperature for as much as 60 minutes.
[Rating: 9/10] - £10 - Get It → NewYond Steel Single Wine Cooler Stick

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07: Grand Kitchener Drip-Free One Bottle Wine Chiller Stick Aerator

This one bottle wine chiller stick is the ice-less answer to continue your cool wine at the best drinking temperature, and also freshen up certain red wines to a good cellar temperature.

Cosmopolitan pourer with integrated aerator guarantees a drip free pour and allows your vino to take a breath toward flawlessness.

Trickle Free 1 Bottle Wine Chiller Stick With Tall Glass

GK One Bottle Wine Chiller Stick

Simple to function and clean, just keep the chill rod inside the deep-freeze for approximately 60 minutes. Following pouring out some wine, introduce the wine cooler in the container and delight in nicely cooled down vino for adequate to two hours.

For cleansing, rinse off chilling rod and pourer with warm tap water following every utilisation.
[Rating: 8.9/10] - £11 - Get It → Grand Kitchener One Bottle Wine Chiller Stick

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08: eBuy Fully Insulated Single Bottle Wine Cooler Bag With Strap

This particular single bottle wine cooler bag is an insulated carrier great for transporting beverages and vino bottles anyplace. The chiller is effortless to take using a flexible strap that may be utilised across the shoulder.

The bag closes down using a zipper to assist maintain the particulars nice and chilly within.

Single Bottle Wine Cooler Bag In Red, Black And Blue

eBuy Single Bottle Wine Cooler Bag

The product additionally features a compact white gauze pouch on the front end for small sized objects. This product evaluates 36 x 9.5cm diameter and accommodates a regular size 1.5 litre bottle.

It is distributed in cherry-red, navy blue and light-green, but to purchase different colours - be sure to consider additional items.
[Rating: 8.9/10] - £7 - Get It → eBuy Single Bottle Wine Cooler Bag

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09: Greenfield Luxury Dual Wine Cooler Bag With Two Wine Glasses

This stylish 'dual wine cooler carrier' with accommodated add-on's is projected to hold a bottle of vino or perhaps soft beverage and glasses.

The case features two individual areas accessed through the zipper in the centre of the bag for fast, even so dependable closing. On one aspect of the case, a thermal wall structures produces a completely insulated pocket area.

Fashionable Luxury Dual Wine Cooler Bag In Cream And Brown

Greenfield Luxury Dual Wine Cooler Bag

It guarantees a bottle of wine or perhaps bubbly is going to accommodate inside and may be preserved chilled or warm for up to 7 hours utilising this proprietary system.

Chilling time period may be modified whenever ice bags are employed in concurrence with the bag. The additional area carries the wine glasses, which are entirely fastened with belts.
[Rating: 9/10] - £22 - Get It → Greenfield Luxury Dual Wine Cooler Bag

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Single Bottle Wine Coolers Chill Champagne To The Best Temperature

These single bottle wine chillers are appropriate for standard sized bubbly or wine bottles, enabling you to serve at the optimum temperature be it white wine or sparkling.

Bottle chillers are progressively fashionable as they are pragmatic ideas in virtually any wine fan's home, and are 'pleasant gifts' for several individuals.

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