7 Petrol Grass Strimmers For Heavy Duty Garden Operations

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These petrol run lightweight petrol strimmers are the most manoeuvrable alternative for certain garden tasks, and are the most beneficial for bigger gardens which can not be easily undertook in one job using others. The heavy duty strimmers are efficient at chopping long grass, weeds and more.

01: Aosome 52 CC Garden Petrol Strimmer Grass Trimmer

This high powered heavy duty 52 CC garden petrol strimmer is contrived for effortless usability. The CDI ignition mechanics offers simple starting up so even novices can get cracking immediately.

The steel cutting edges supply a cutting breadth of 250 mm, plus the plastic string possesses a cutting breadth of 450 mm, rendering this just right for deployment on big spaces.

1.2L 52cc Garden Petrol Strimmer In Blue Finish

Aosome 52 CC Garden Petrol Strimmer

Provided with a top quality plastic head, you can deploy it as a grass cutter - in addition 3T blades function as a brush trimmer. There is a well-situated dual shoulder harness including fast discharge to contract straining.

A maximum arrangement of protection instruments are included, for example eye guardians, ear defenders, mitts and extra sparking plug supplied for substitution.
[Rating: 9/10] - £79+ - Get It → Aosome 52 CC Garden Petrol Strimmer

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02: Makita Garden RST210 21cc 2 Stroke Petrol Strimmer

Presenting the Makita RST power line trimmer. A light, modest flexed shaft 2 stroke type fuel line trimmer including reduced sound and vibration.

Equipped with a broad trigger controller and soft grasp part for comfortable functioning. It's just right for maintaining compact lawns respectable, trimming borders, around trees plus edges..

Garden 21cc 2 Stroke Petrol Strimmer In Black And Blue

Makita RST210 2 Stroke Petrol Strimmer

It is outfitted using a 2 line feed head, comfy 'loop D hand-grip' and cluster commands on the upper most part of the shaft. A perfect entry grade cutter, effortless to start, in addition easy to expend.

The RST210 is supported by a 12 months maker guarantee and the elongated shaft allows close to the ground clipping to be executed, minus the back pain.
[Rating: 8.5/10] £138 Get It → Makita Garden Petrol Strimmer

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03: Timberpro 52cc Heavy Duty Petrol Strimmer Brush Cutter

The Timberpro 52cc powered 2 in 1 petrol operated brush cutter plus strimmer is perfect for virtually all light and dense cropping - plus all strimming projects around the garden.

Projected for equally expert and home end users alike, it is just right for conserving big and compact spaces, chopping thick brush, snipping grass, in addition weeds about trees and retaining the garden orderly.

52cc Heavy Duty Petrol Strimmer With Included Harness

Timberpro 52cc Heavy Duty Petrol Strimmer

Equipped with twin line strimmer, in addition to 3 top quality brush cutting tool blades, it is ideal for clipping versatile kinds of substances from 'dense weeds' to brambles plus tougher plant roots.

The petrol tank offers a total capacity of 700 ml and included is a flexible harness and strengthened blade safety features.
[Rating: 9/10] £99 Get It → T-Pro Heavy Duty Petrol Strimmer

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04: eSkde Brushcutter 52cc Petrol Strimmer Hedge Cutter

The elemental instrument for every back garden, this edition eSkde petrol multi usage unit is accomplished with a powerful strimmer, brush cutter, garden hedge trimmer plus chainsaw.

It includes 1 metre long extension rod and complete protection bundle. The kit contains all you demand to get those gardening tidy up chores executed - you simply supply the petrol.

Brushcutter Petrol Strimmer Hedge Cutter In Orange Finish

eSkde Brushcutter 52cc Petrol Strimmer

It is provided with a cost free safety bundle incorporating helmet, visor, gloves and in addition safety harness. The perfect 5 in 1 kit for every virtually all those outdoors projects, it incorporates a chainsaw, hedge row trimmer plus strimmer and brush cutter add on's.

Transform to long reach option using the enclosed extension rod.
[Rating: 9/10] £159 Get It → eSkde Petrol Strimmer Hedge Cutter

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05: Wolf Creek Petrol Strimmer Brush Cutter 52cc

This dual nylon line type strimmer 18 inch size crosswise offers a bigger area for cutting, with an orange protective covering for contributed safety, plus protection from dirt and dust.

Strimmer part is 90cm long whenever accompanied with the motor unit. It features an overall size of 222cm. Using the extension rod connected - the total size is around 320cm.

Petrol Strimmer Brush Cutter Laid Out On Grass Lawn

Wolf Creek Petrol Strimmer Brush Cutter

The metal blade brush trimmer is just right for 'chopping dense brambles', bushes, brush, nettles plus deep growth. Triple arc brush clipping blade double sided, 1.4mm heavy blade including 25.5cm broad clipping steel pruner, chainsaw created for cutting small/average off-shoots from trees or bushes.

It functions the globally notable Oregon chain.
[Rating: 9/10] £199 Get It → Wolf Creek Petrol Strimmer

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06: Trueshopping 65cc Petrol Garden Strimmer Garden Tool

The MT by Trueshopping is among the strongest of petrol multi tools accessible on the GB marketplace today.

Featuring 5 attachments, the MT650 is going to sufficiently undertake all of your garden requirements with ease and simplicity. It comes with 3 forked steel blades and 100cm extension rod.

65cc Petrol Strimmer Displaying All Cutting Tools

Trueshopping 65cc Petrol Garden Strimmer

Electrical power transmission system strategy and auto centrifugal clutch including spiral gear. Hedgerow cutter with tempered metal dual edged blade, '10 diverse chopping perspectives' with start strategy recoil system.

Strimmer cutting down diameter is around 40cm. Brush trimmer with steel T3 pronged cutter blades sized 30cm.
[Rating: 9/10] £144 Get It → Trueshopping Petrol Garden Strimmer

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07: Nemaxx MT22 Light Weight Petrol Strimmer Hedge Trimmer

This particular adjustable multi garden device is a rugged, yet comfortable to function strimmer machine for versatile chores in the forestry sphere, in addition to horticulture and landscape gardening.

It may be applied as a chain saw, hedgerow cutter, or perhaps long reach type hedge trimmer, grass cutter, brush or perhaps rod/pole trimmer.

52cc Light Weight Petrol Strimmer With Black Hand Grips

Nemaxx MT22 52cc Light Weight Petrol Strimmer

You do not need to buy several equipment if you choose to adjudicate with this particular multi function mechanism.

The 5 in 1 petrol run back garden unit delivers a high powered and dependable motor with 52cc and 2.2 kW 3.0 horsepower. It includes an ergonomic shoulder band plus loop style hand grip.
[Rating: 9/10] £83 Get It → Nemaxx Light Petrol Strimmer

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Petrol Strimmers For Sale - Ideal For Spaces You Can't Achieve With Mower

This variety of petrol grass strimmers are effortless to command and cut through rugged grass - and in addition 'thick weeds' rather quickly.

Light weight and extremely mobile heavy duty grass strimmers that will rapidly and expeditiously straighten out lawn boundaries and virtually any disorderly plots of grass that your mower battles to achieve.

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