Compare 10 Low Energy Dehumidifiers - Remove Domestic Moisture

Best variety of small interior dehumidifiers to maintain humidity and keep mould under control. Extract the correct amount of moisture from your home to boost your health and control levels of humidity. The perfect energy efficient dehumidifiers for moist air conditioning in your home, bedroom or bathroom.

01: EcoAir ECO DD122FW Fast Dry Small Home Dehumidifier

The efficient EcoAir DD122FW provides a progressive built-in automatic sensing unit that guarantees the level of humidity is manageable, based on the settings chosen. It offers effective laundry function with turbo and noiseless options.

Desiccant Small Dehumidifier In White With Blue Aspects

EcoAir ECO DD122FW Desiccant Dehumidifier

2 litres water container with suggested constant water drainage function. The silver filter blocks atmospheric contaminants and eliminates germs on impact. Simple to use rotary management dial section and environment-friendly function without any dangerous gases.
[Rating: 9/10] £124 Details - EcoAir ECO DD12 Small Dehumidifier

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02: DeLonghi DEM10 Small Portable Home Dehumidifier

The DEM10 from DeLonghi is known as a very successful, sleek and compact home dehumidifier that may draw out 10 litres, or 18.5 pints of water out of your surroundings each and every day. The more effective the machine, the lower the functional cost.

Small And Portable Dehumidifier In All White Finish

DeLonghi DEM10 Portable Dehumidifier

Standing at just 42.5cm high, the DEM10 is a 'small and easily transportable home dehumidifier' that is additionally perfect for areas and homes where room is reasonably limited. It is noiseless functioning and has a built-in carry handle to make certain it can be relocated around the house effortlessly.
[Rating: 9/10] £124 Details - DeLonghi DEM Small Dehumidifier

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03: PureMate Quiet Mobile Dehumidifier LCD

The PureMate is a mobile 20 litres each working day dehumidifier which presents special dehumidification action using all the everlasting functioning you'd anticipate from a reliable brand.

It's configured to produce a healthier plus comfier surroundings for households with as much as 5 bedrooms. It eliminates excess humidity and moisture which can advance general allergens.

Quiet Compact Mobile Dehumidifier In All White Finish

PureMate Quiet Compact Mobile Dehumidifier

It brings down moisture levels, rendering your abode less welcoming to allergens - for example dust mites, unhealthy mould, in addition to mildew to consequently cut back aggravation to your skin and respiratory system.

It enables you to breath easier and also feel comfy in your household. It's possible to even employ this calibre dehumidifier to significantly abridge drying out time of moist washing.
[Rating: 9/10] £189 Get It → PureMate Quiet Compact Dehumidifier

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04: Dihl Mini Small Air Dehumidifier Quiet Function

The Dihl dehumidifiers are fashionable, easily transportable as well as powerful. With 500ml storage capability, examined at 250 to 300ml humidity elimination velocity, provided with United Kingdom mains and 12V vehicle adaptor, this machine will instantly shut down when the container is filled.

Mini Fashionable Small Air Dehumidifier In White Showing Controls

Dihl Mini Fashionable Small Air Dehumidifier

Ideal for residences, vehicles, workplaces and much more. The Dihl 'Mini portable air dehumidifier' is effective relentlessly to lessen the level of moisture of your environment. Please be aware, the actual quantity of water the machine will 'pull' is determined by the area dimensions, humidity and temperatures etc.
[Rating: 9/10] £24 Details - Dihl Small Air Dehumidifier

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05: Meaco Portable DD8L Logic System Silent Dehumidifier

The 8 litre desiccant dehumidifier operates at temperature ranges between 1 and 37 degrees Celsius. It is extremely lightweight and noiseless, using a laundry function, which makes this particular unit appropriate for the home or garage area, motorboats, caravans and so on.

Quiet Dehumidifier In White With Blue Side Strip

Meaco Portable DD8L Silent Dehumidifier

The Meaco DD8L supplies the most effective answer in between economical and 'correct dehumidification procedures'. Half an hour afterwards it changes it's fan back on, it tests the environment once more for 5 minutes. When the relative moisture has expanded above it's target, then it begins dehumidifying once again.
[Rating: 9/10] £164 5 Yellow Stars More Details - Meaco Portable Silent Dehumidifier

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06: Inventor Digital LED Quietest Portable Dehumidifier

A quiet portable dehumidifier that takes out and eradicates virtually all the uninvited moisture from the atmosphere, as much as 12 Litres for every day forestalling damp as well as mould.

Using dehumidifiers, it's possible to withdraw the humidity from the air plus dry out your washing. It's additionally endorsed with a 2 years maker guarantee and specifically contrived to function quietly.

Quiet Portable Dehumidifier With Baby In Basket

Inventor Quiet Portable Dehumidifier

Use uninterrupted dehumidification for drying out washing and awkward undertakings. The soundless setting renders it the perfect resolution for sleeping rooms and living spaces.

It's compact dimensions with ergonomic hand-grip plus revolving rolling wheels provides simple positioning. The low energy dehumidifier silent setting allows for quiet procedure and comes with a 24 hours time counter for regular functioning.
[Rating: 9/10] - £99 Get It → Inventor Quiet Portable Dehumidifier

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07: AirPro Mini Small Air Dehumidifier Noiseless Technology

The Mini home based dehumidifier is ideal to be used in kitchen areas, sleeping rooms, bathrooms, wardrobes and more modest spaces. Eliminates damp and humidity within the environment in areas approximately 64 square feet and safeguards against smells plus the development of mould in moist situations.

Small Air Dehumidifier In White And Blue Exterior

AirPro Mini Small Air Dehumidifier

Perfect for use within the household, bedroom, restroom, cooking area, caravan, vehicle, cabinets, closets and lots of various other little areas which may require the humidity eradicated in the air.
[Rating: 8/10] £27 Details - AirPro Mini Small Dehumidifier

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08: EcoAir ECO Portable Dehumidifier With Laundry Function

The DD322FW is a sleek and stylish slimline home dehumidifier. This strong home humidity cleaner is capable of removing moisture up to approximately 10 Litres per day at temperature ranges which range from 1 to 40 degrees. Built-in automatic sensing unit guarantees the level of humidity stays in order with respect to the setting chosen.

Portable Dehumidifier In White With Controls On Top

EcoAir ECO DD322FW Desiccant Dehumidifier

3.5 litres water container with optionally available constant water flow function and automatic reactivate functionality. There is a user-friendly and uncomplicated electronic user interface with 2 - 8 hours timer. Absolutely no dangerous gas or loud compressor. Noiseless function at around 42dB.
[Rating: 9/10] £148 Details - EcoAir Portable Dehumidifier

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09: Meaco Portable Household Dehumidifier Helps Dry Washing

Appropriate for caravans as well as properties of approximately 3 sleeping rooms in proportion, the Meaco 10 Litres home dehumidifier enables you to maintain moisture build-up or condensation off your windows, and also to help dry washing.

It's a quite simple device to utilise with a specially engineered user interface that can make getting the best out of the dehumidifier straightforward for just about all to accomplish.

Portable Household Dehumidifier In Stylish White Finiash

Meaco Portable Household Dehumidifier

Nearly noiseless at just 43dBa, the 'reduced sound level' is due partly to the utilisation of a highly effective rotary compressor, along with it's nicely considered design and style, plus thoroughly well designed air outlet that decreases blowing wind sound. This makes it considerably more enjoyable to reside with than almost every other basic level dehumidifiers.
[Rating: 9/10] £119 5 Yellow Stars Details - Meaco Portable Dehumidifier

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10: Igenix Portable Rotary Compressor Dehumidifier

The Igenix is an easily transportable home dehumidifier with digital LCD display. It eliminates humidity approximately 20 litres on a daily basis. The dehumidifier functions a flexible humidistat between 30 and 80 percent RH and highly effective rotary compressor with induction motor. Upwards outlet appropriate for drying garments etc.

Rotary Compressor Dehumidifier In White And Dark Blue Sides

Igenix Rotary Compressor Dehumidifier..

It is light and portable as well as handy, although the sound level is around 47dba and is suggested for a size of room 25 to 33.5 metres square. It offers 340 Watts electrical power input and 6 litres water container capability. It's dimensions are 39.5cm width, 61cm height by 27.5cm depth. It is obtainable in a bright white colour.
[Rating: 9/10] £179 Details - Igenix Portable Rotary Dehumidifier

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10 UK Dehumidifiers For Home Use Reduce Moisture And Prevent Mould

Our small low energy dehumidifiers utilise a fan to drag air across a couple of groups of refrigerated coils, which usually pull humidity from the atmosphere and trickle it in to a container. All of the plug in dehumidifiers here are very efficient and powerful units, helping to keep your home moisture free and fresh.

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