10 Best Internet Ready Wi-Fi And Ethernet Smart TVs With HD 3D Viewing

Looking for a Smart HD Backlit TV with all the trimmings? Here is our collection of the latest HD and 3D Smart TV's with all the media you expect, BBC iPlayer, popular Catch-Up TV and super On-Demand. Features such as Unique Dimming technology integration, Perfect Motion Rate and Share With (MyRemoteApp) plus more etc.

01: Toshiba 55L7453 Multi Media LED Backlit HD 3D Smart TV 55 Inch

The L7 collection with it's extremely slim structure provides more quality content and online connectivity to your living room. It includes Full HD 1080p picture quality and is all set to screen 3D media with 4 sets of 3D spectacles contained in this generous bundle.

Toshiba 55L7453 LED Backlit HD Smart TV With Blue Start Screen
Toshiba 55L7453 LED Backlit HD Smart TV 55"

This television also offers pre-installed Freeview digital TV in addition to super web content and various other catch-up media solutions including Google Youtube and the popular iPlayer. They are quickly utilised thanks to integrated wireless internet functionality.

Cloud Television - On-Demand And Box Sets..

Toshiba Cloud TV offers an entry point to all the content you wish to view. You can catch on-demand films and package sets, where you can catch up on your preferred 'BBC UK shows on iPlayer', including sport and news so you can enjoy videos online plus more.

Freeview Digital Plus iPlayer..

Integrated Freeview is the simplest way to have fun with free terrestrial HD broadcast, which includes BBC 1, 2 and ITV plus Ch4 HD at no cost. Additionally, you can access several standard definition Freeview digital programmes and 20 broadcasts. No registration, no agreement means 'no bother'.
(Rating: 4.85/5) - Get the Toshiba 55L7453 LED Backlit HD Smart TV 55" here.

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02: Samsung 40HU6900 40 Inch Freeview Smart TV With Superb HD

The Samsung HU6900 gets you familiar with the field of 4K 'Ultra' observing. A selection of Smart functions provide you with anything from Catch-up TV to Apps and game titles, even though the innovative Quad Core maintains almost everything quick and receptive. S Recommendation means 'enquire' - and the TV will discover the shows that you appreciate..

Samsung 40HU6900 40 Inch Smart TV Showing Chelsea FC Players and Colours
Samsung 40HU6900 40 Inch Smart TV HD

Experience much more with four times the fine detail of 1080p quality HD. Four step Ultra HD upscaling changes your multi-media with high degrees of sharpness. Unique dimming technologies refine colour and contrast, while clever LED back lighting creates far more authentic blacks.

Applications, Video Games And Considerably More..

Under no circumstances miss out on your preferred shows again with a complete package of catch up solutions like iPlayer, plus much more. Apps like Google Plus and Facebook enable you to remain in touch from the safety of your sofa. Samsung's Smart Hub user interface can make interacting with apps, video games and TV shows straightforward with it's exceptional menu process.

Samsung's Smart Hub And Even Smarter Voice Communication

It makes multi tasking uncomplicated too so its possible to change between providers without difficulty. Voice Communication permits you to find out a lot of TV you care about. It wisely discovers your preferences, the more you enjoy the better it becomes.

Everything you need to do is ask your TV to uncover you something, then it will interact to your natural tone of voice and immediately research television, video, on demand providers and apps to suggest TV etc..
(Rating: 4.90/5) 5 Yellow Stars Get the Samsung 40HU6900 40 Inch Smart TV HD here.

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03: Finlux Big 65 Inch Smart LED TV With Full HD Plus Freeview HD

Surf the Internet with your TV set with the Finlux 65FME249S-T television, which will convey a world of HD amusement, catch-up Television and on-demand servings to the comfort of your personal front room.

Sporting an ultra-slim construction, this particular 65 inch big TV will enable you to approach impressive web content from the comfort of your sofa.

Finlux Big 65 Inch Smart Wireless LED TV Showing City SkyLine

Finlux Big 65 Inch Smart Wireless LED TV

This particular TV set delivers with impressive apps such as Netflix and the popular YouTube, in addition to featuring it's personal web browser.

More intelligent observing Finlux TV's accompany a broad range of Apps pre-installed. It's possible to utilise Facebook, iPlayer and several additional apps which afford you a completely fresh Television viewing encounter.
[Rating: 9/10] £899 Get It Here → Finlux Big 65 Inch Smart Wireless LED TV

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04: LG 55 Inch LED Ultra Smart HD TV With Freeview 55UB850V

The LG UB850V delivers all the fine details of super viewing HD to your lounge room. It comes full of super smart functions like 'catch-up TV', 3D and standard Freeview HD help keep you interested. With an exceptional 100Hz frame rate, fast paced activity like sports and game playing enter in to their own.

LG 55 Inch LED Smart HD TV 55UB850V With Slender Frame
LG 55 Inch LED Smart HD TV 55UB850V

Together with an overhauled user interface and voice/motion management, this TV is as user friendly as your mobile phone or notebook. This particular concept provides you with four times the fine detail of standard Full HD, so graphics are crisper and much more vibrant.

LG's IPS panel promotes this further by enhancing colour contrast and controlling brightness ranges. As an incentive, this TV can also enhance typical Ultra HD, delivering your entire multimedia..

Freeview HD Digital Incorporated..

Get directly to the on-screen motion with 'Cinema 3D'. The four sets of incorporated glasses are lightweight and battery-free, letting you enjoy more impressive amusement, right from the delivery package. Game enthusiasts will enjoy (Dual Play) function - play full screen 'head-on' on a single display screen without dividing the screen.

Accessories Include Smart Remote Plus 2 Pairs 3D Glasses

Because this is a smart TV, there's usually a game to try out, or perhaps some exploring to be carried out. UK iPlayer keeps you updated with your shows, while entry to social media helps keep you in contact with relatives and buddies. Integrated Wi-Fi enables you to get linked up, quickly.
(Rating: 4.95/5) 5 Yellow Stars Get the LG 55 Inch LED Smart HD TV 55UB850V here.

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05: Panasonic Freeview Viera HD Smart TV LED 42 Inch TX-42AS740

Converts the method that you watch television with incorporated 'free time', catch-up TV, 3D and Smart applications. Manage almost everything with the simple to use (Home Screen), or just settle back and notify the TV how to proceed, making use of the integrated 'Voice Associate'. You may also stream TV and recordings to wherever you might be with the (TV Anywhere) feature.

Panasonic Viera HD LED 42 Inch TX-42AS740
Panasonic Viera HD LED 42 Inch TX-42AS740

Much more Full HD, the Panasonic AS740B is included with 1200Hz backlight that produces richer, softer motion. The 1080p panel is additionally tuned for spectacular contrast, so all the details stand out. With freetime, simply 'roll back' TV within the last 7 days, along with entry to a program guide that shows catch-up providers like iPlayer and Demand media.

Integrated HD With Face Recognition Technology

Exchange TV or save shows to your mobile phone or iPad, regardless of where you could be. Because of innovative cloud servers, you can view your content almost anyplace with a quick enough connection to the web. The Panasonic Voice Assistant allows you to find your content without fiddling with selections and directories.

Bundled Remote Control TouchPad, TV Remote Plus 3D Glasses

Voiceprint identification will even log you directly in to your account that includes your own home screen and personalised configurations. Skype your best friends and family, it is straightforward too as a result of the integrated HD camera with face recognition technology.
(Rating: 4.90/5) - Get the Panasonic Viera HD LED 42 Inch TX-42AS740 here.

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06: Sharp Aquos Full HD LC70UQ10 LED 1080p 3D 4K 70 Inch Smart TV..

Sharp's LC60UQ10 TV set includes 3 times the picture quality of any competent HD, with 4K Ultra HD suitability, glossy 3D and smart applications to create a comprehensive media program that is looking forward. Integrated upscaling 'shoves' your classic media with an excellent built-in subwoofer, your audio will get an improvement as well.

Freeview HD And 2 Pairs Of 3D Spectacles..

Sharp Aquos HD LC70UQ10 LED Smart TV With Lake and Sky Scene
Sharp Aquos HD LC70UQ10 LED Smart TV 70 Inch

Full HD 'X-GEN' panel with precise AQUOS Quattron Pro technologies offers fine detail over and above typical Full HD. As a result of it's subpixel administration concept, it can present efficiently 4K quality. It performs native Ultra HD 4K content through HDMI and upscales reduced resolution material also.

Catch-Up TV, Great On Demand Films And Play Games..

Sharp's ranked Quattron exotic colour system provides a yellow 'sub-pixel' to the regular RGB pixel. This replicates colours that are challenging, or even improbable to depict utilising regular LCD solutions. Internal Wi-Fi is simply the starting point, although this Smart TV provides you with the liberty to view catch-up TV, on demand films, play games and remain in touch.

Mirror The Display From Your Phone With Miracast..

With Miracast, you may also mirror the display screen from your mobile phone. As opposed to other LED TVs that lose out on sound quality, the SHARP UQ10 functions dual 10 Watts audio speakers supported by a 15W dedicated subwoofer. Soundtracks will seem more 'lucid' and songs become likewise improved.
(Rating: 4.95/5) £400+ 5 Yellow Stars Get the Sharp Aquos HD LED Smart TV 70 Inch here.

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07: Samsung HD 1080p Freeview LED 3D Ready TV With 55 Inch Screen UE55H6400

The Samsung H6400 is a remarkable solution to view your preferred movies and TV shows. Intelligent features and applications offer enjoyment from Netflix and catch up television providers in your household. Superior S Recommendation will take the complexities out of investigating programmes, by 'expecting' what you might prefer to view.

Voice Control Plus 2 Sets Of 3D Eye Glasses..

Samsung HD LED 3D TV 55 Inch UE55H6400 Showing Colourful Hot Air Balloon
Samsung HD LED 3D TV 55 Inch UE55H6400

Obtain personalised TV and movie suggestions, depending on your own choices - and what appears to be 'on-trend' presently. Simply ask your TV "exactly what romantic films are recorded?" Open the Smart Hub to search ideas etc. The extremely sharp LED screen provides you with attractive colours and much more described distinction from your entire multimedia.

Wireless - 3D HyperReal Engine - Applications And Video Games

Associated with the 3D HyperReal Engine, it makes attractive 'Active 3D', that brings a lot more detail to your films. You may also upscale you 2D timeless classics to 3D utilising onboard transformation. Incorporated wireless internet provides the freedom to relish an array of 'on the web' enjoyment over your home system with no need for untidy wiring. Additionally, it provides for effortless DLNA loading etc.

Smart Interaction, Smart Hub And Voice Control..

Quickly manage your TV with interesting Smart Interaction. The Voice control allows you to speak with the TV, to look at what's on, or to carry out fundamental commands. It's also possible to add an equipment camera that acknowledges your hand movements to investigate the Smart Hub, play your favourite games plus more..
(Rating: 4.90/5) £175+ - Get the Samsung HD LED 3D TV 55 Inch UE55H6400 here.

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08: Sony Bravia LED HD 1080p Freeview KDL42W7 Smart 42 Inch TV

With pleasingly 'sharpened' films and shows all draped in clear, vibrant style, the W7 collection provides a modern, current feature to any home area. HD 1080p makes every minute steeped in spectacular depth. Motionflow technologies present fast-moving activity, like video games and sports activities flow throughout the display screen.

Sony Bravia LED HD KDL42W7 TV Depicting Colourful Party People
Sony Bravia LED HD KDL42W7 Smart 42 Inch TV

X-Reality PRO Aspect Plus (Live Football Mode)

In addition to Full HD and a sleek assumed '200Hz motion rate', this particular TV features 'X-Reality PRO', a sophisticated group of systems that refines and sharpens all the details. Encounter a stadium environment in your lounge. Spectacular (Live Football Mode) instantly modifies the sound configurations, so the stadium sound is noisy and obvious.

Audio From Advanced 'Bass Reflex' Speakers..

You may also search football movies from YouTube or FIFA websites effortlessly. Listen to clear, full-range audio from a lightweight 'Bass Reflex' loudspeaker within your television. With TV sets becoming thinner and pre-installed audio speakers shrinking in size, selecting the most appropriate audio system is more crucial than previously.

Sound Bars include that additional sound impact to all your films, games and programs. Less expensive and simpler to build-up than a large music system, they do not bargain on level of quality also.
(Rating: 4.90/5) - Get the Sony Bravia LED HD KDL42W7 Smart 42 Inch TV here.

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09: LG LED HD 1080p Freeview Smart 3D 47 Inch TV With Spectacles 47LA740V

The LG LA740V is a significantly more stylish solution to watch the shows you genuinely care about. The slender framework and intelligently fashioned selections ensure it is great to observe in addition to utilise. It comes crammed with ready to choose, exceptional smart capabilities, such as catch up TV, applications, game titles and integrated wireless functionality.

3D Films In Much Deeper Detail/Quality..

LG LED HD Smart 3D 47 Inch TV 47LA740V Shows Start Screen
LG LED HD Smart 3D 47 Inch TV 47LA740V

The incorporated 'smart remote control' provides a new level with speech, motion and directing command possibilities. 3D makes films and shows in much deeper detail than ever before. The television is included with 4 pairs of light and portable 3D glasses to get started.

Backlit LED Smart TV - Voice, Directing And Wheel Motion..

LG Dual Play is a treat for game enthusiasts, placing two-player games in full screen with no necessity for a separated display. Magic Remote is the least complicated, most instinctive solution to manage your Smart TV - utilising Voice, Directing and Wheel Motion. Remove the need for several remote controls utilising the remote to manipulate other gadgets in your rooms.

Streaming With LG Cloud..

Stream just about anywhere, with LG Cloud, it is possible to play content with your Smart TV From at any place, any time. Swiftly access video clips, tunes and images from other equipment - for example, mobile phones and notebooks, then get pleasure from them on your TV Set.
(Rating: 4.95/5) £295 5 Yellow Stars Get the LG LED HD Smart 3D 47 Inch TV 47LA740V here.

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10: Linsar Smart TV LED 24 Inch Freeview HD 24LED950S

The function full Linsar LED950S stands apart, featuring it's very slim design and style. Convenient to use, it offers inherent Freeview HD, along with catch up solutions including iPlayer etc. You may also temporarily stop, rewind and record through USB, which means you need not skip favourite programmes again.

Use Linsar's Own Internet Browser..

Linsar Smart TV LED 24 Inch HD 24LED950S With Blue Background APPS
Linsar Smart TV LED 24 Inch HD 24LED950S

A large press button handheld remote control is included, and you may download Linsar's extensive TV settings to your smart gadgets for more possibilities. Stop your preferred shows whenever you want with the press of a key. After that, you can view, fast forward or rewind TV. Be connected to your house network from the incorporated wireless dongle or Ethernet slot.

Incorporated Freeview HD..

This TV offers everything required to begin experiencing intelligent capabilities, like apps and On Demand television. Additionally, it possesses an internet browser to help you to browse the web. Enjoy much better display quality because of incorporated Freeview HD, all with no registration. The Linsar Smart services provides top quality video from Netflix.

Enjoy Blu Ray, Satellite TV And Online Gaming..

Enjoy admission to new content material making use of the internal web browser. HDMI ports and SCART interconnection make this an entire media hub. You are able to invest a fraction of the time altering wires and taking pleasure in whatever you want. Satellite TV, online games or experiencing films, pictures or popular music through your USB port.
(Rating: 4.90/5) - Get the Linsar Smart TV LED 24 Inch HD 24LED950S here.

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10 Full HD Backlit Smart Televisions LED 32 Inch - Conclusion

We hope you discover your ideal Smart TV here on designrhome.com. Perhaps your television offers one touch entry to applications for iPlayer, Google Youtube, Netflix or even Love film, although not all Smart backlit LED TVs are the same.

They fluctuate significantly in appearance and provided apps. They can get you on the internet, with the majority using wireless internet or Ethernet.

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