Bosch Classixx WAE24368GB - Washing Machine, 7 Kg Load, A++ Energy Rating

The Bosch Classixx WAE24368GB VarioPerfect washing machine presents you the most established quality washing you'll be able to find. Supplying a formidable A++ energy rating, (No mean feat!) 1200 fast spin and a big 7 Kg drum.

Bosch Classixx Washing Machine Free Standing 'EcoPerfect'

This is a perfect option for larger families with bulky quantities of washing most days. With a selection of 'EcoPerfect' to save you even more energy, or try 'SpeedPerfect' for quick results every time. Basically, the Bosch Classixx is contrived to make your cleaning tasks more pleasurable

(Quick Features)

Bosch Classixx 7Kg Washing Machine WAE24368GB in White

Bosch Classixx WAE24368GB



Cotton/colour 40/60 EcoPerfect are generally the standardised washing programmes to which the selective information in the label associates.

These programmes are appropriate to wash typically soiled cotton laundry and are the most competent programmes in terms of mixed energy and water intake.

The associative features provided by the Bosch Classixx WAE24368GB washing machine include 15 garment care programmes, a reduced ironing adjusting and a pre-wash choice for even more 'in depth' intense washing.

Bosch Classixx WAE24368GB VarioPerfect Washing Machine in White

This streamlined Bosch machine is a VarioPerfect model, attaining superior cleaning results for all types of fabrics and all load sizes. Nearly all programmes here can be merged with the VarioPerfect, EcoPerfect alternative for more energy preservations - or with SpeedPerfect for quicker solutions when required.

The Bosch WAE24368GB washing machine likewise boasts the (3D AquaSpa) wash arrangement, which scoots water from three positions for prompt and impressive moisture dispersion. During the wash, laundry is showered down from above through especially contrived 'paddles', assuring light/gentle cleaning and offering best employment of the water in the drum to conserve energy.

Bosch Classixx 7 Washing Machine 3D AquaSpa Cleaning

For additional peace of mind, the precaution supervising arrangement adapts load dispersion, programme and settings to protect your garments. Bosch assures us that if an appliance is stopped, its main elements/parts will be accessible for leastwise 10 years later in the event of a part requiring substitution.

Bosch Washing Machine Classixx Quick Water Penetration

Fundamental features of the Bosch Classixx WAE24368GB VarioPerfect contributes you speed and energy efficiency with everlasting wash operations every time. A handy alert to signal conclusion of cycle is present not forgetting the 3D AquaSpa clean arrangement with shower for quicker water penetration.

Reload installation and the safeguard monitoring organisation adapts load dispersion and programme settings to protect garments from any rough handling. The 'out of balance' spin command preserves depreciation on washing - and the washing machine too.

Bosch Washing Machine Classixx 1200

Brand Bosch digital display unit. Dimensions are Height 84.8 cm x Width 60 cm x Depth 59 cm. Energy consumption information is 0.95kWh/cycle. Energy rating (White Goods) A++. That concludes the Bosch Classixx 7 Kg washing machine review.

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