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Radio Controlled Digital Clocks In Small Bedside Styles

Updated 05/12/2019:
We help you find the best radio controlled alarm clock for home mains use and battery type for your journeys. The MSF signal silent non-ticking atomic alarm clock radios offer digital FM, big bedside screen and precision time lit-up, also present in our daylight alarm clocks page.

What's A Radio Controlled Clock?
Atomic or precision radio controlled clocks accomplish correct time handled by radio transmission from Caesium Atomic timepieces with a precision of one second in 1,000,000 years.

PROJI Oregon LCD Radio Controlled Alarm Clock

Radio Controlled Alarm Clock In Silver Grey

£29   PROJI Oregon Radio Controlled Alarm Clock - Get It!  

Sutter Acctim Atomic Alarm Clock Mains Battery


  • Comes With Dimmer
  • Transparent Screen


  • None..

Atomic Alarm Clock In All Black

£24   Acctim Atomic Alarm Clock Mains Battery - Get It!  

HITO Atomic Precision Radio Controlled Clock


  • MSF For The UK
  • Amber LED Back Light


  • None.

Atomic Precision Clock With Square LCD

£16   HITO Radio Controlled Clock - Get It!  

Atomic Alarm Clock Functionality

The handling radio signal for the NPL clock is transferred on the MSF 60Hz signal through the transmitter at Rugby UK by BT with a range of about 955 miles with all Great Britain.

Always The Right Time With MSF

MSF provides some diversified meanings in Britain, however, concerning standard time and regularity of transmitting, it is merely an indicator to distinguish the origin of the transmission. When this system commenced, there where notifications every quarter-hour etc.

Trouble Finding A Signal?

The radio-controlled digital clock transmission functions as a radio or smartphone in that it's unable to be experienced everywhere you go. In the event there's an obstacle finding any signal, it is suggested the clock is kept near a window through the night when the signal is most effective.

Back-Pp Power Supply Battery

The very best alarm clocks will present some kind of back-up power supply function so that if you do encounter an electric power outage, then your configurations and projection alarm clock alerts which have been arranged will not be misplaced, plus your alarm will be still triggered.

Mains Powered RC Alarm Clocks

Any dual mains powered radio controlled alarm clock will help you to arrange a few different alert instances, meaning the initial individual who awakens will not have to 'reset the clock' to the various other individuals time frame every day.

Battery And Mains In Power Cuts

Alarms make use of an array of diverse power options like battery and mains, which in turn must be connected to a power resource. Mains alarm clocks will be the most dependable because they likewise can use batteries as a back-up for stability if there is a power cut.

Precision NPL Radio Controlled Digital Clock

Digital Clock With Blue Exterior

£12   Precision Radio Controlled Digital Clock - Get It!  

Dostmann TFA Travel Radio Controlled Desk Clock


  • Nice Analogue Display
  • Time Zone Adjustable


  • None

Radio Controlled Desk Clock With Bright Hands

£32   TFA RC Desk Clock - Get It!  

AOKI Radio Controlled Digital Travel Alarm Clock

Digital Travel Alarm Clock With Wooden Surround

£20   AOKI Radio Controlled Travel Alarm Clock - Get It!  

ThinkGizmo Mains Power Radio Controlled Alarm Clock


  • Mains Or Batteries
  • Real Time Updates


  • None.

Mains Radio Controlled Alarm With Projector

£21   TG Mains Radio Controlled Alarm Clock - Get It!  

Link The Clock To Your Smartphone

The better quality radio controlled desk clocks permit you to associate your smartphone or perhaps Mp3 music player through its media dock. This suggests that rather than making use of the factory alarm noises the alarm clock is sold with, you may use your own tunes.

Utilising Sounds To Wake-Up To

Getting up to sounds you like is more relaxed, and will make the wake-up routine less challenging, notably if you battle with mornings. There are various types of LCD alarm clocks that you could pick from, but the personalised decision is influenced by features, dependability and looks.

Silent Non-Tick Bedside Clock

A digitally silent bedside clock will be connected to a power supply which works the time, although they usually likewise have an LED or LCD which generally displays the time on a digital calendar clock instead of a regular clock face. They are trustworthy, however, will require a power resource nearby.

Monitor Time Via Quartz Crystal

Several analogue alarm clocks can feature a classic clock face or maybe digital but are generally dependable at equally keeping correct time and for triggering alerts. The radio controlled alarm clock monitors time merely using a quartz crystal created from silicon.

Exact Time Vis Radio Frequencies

Atomic clocks will generally be exact at protecting the precise time and incorporates a 'digital transition' of radio frequencies. Arrange the alarm system slightly sooner than you have to wake up so that you can snooze the alert and rest for a tiny bit longer.

Travel Alarm Clock Snooze Features

The snooze option is an extremely preferred characteristic on any noisy alarm, and many individuals utilise it once or twice every day. You'll evaluate the digital travel alarm clock snooze switch features and how many occasions you may use it for, and the timeframe between snooze actions.

Ideal For Regular Travellers UK And EU

Virtually all radio controlled desk clocks are small in size and light in weight; nevertheless, you need to take this into consideration mainly if there is not be much space in your area for a significant time clock. If you are a regular traveller, some are considerably better for trips than others.

Acctim Acura Radio Controlled Snooze Alarm Clock

The Smartlite display screen illuminates virtually all night with this modern system that instantly sheds light on the RC alarm clock dial whenever the area dims for effortless night observing.

Snooze Alarm Clock With Black Base


  • Easy Night Time View
  • Signal Via Cesium Clock


  • None..

It's precise to within one second each millennium (1000 years) and enables entirely automated arrangement of your clock. It's instantly correct for summer time/winter time modifications.

Multi purpose display screen depicting time period, calendar, in addition to interior temperature. Increasing volume alarm system including snooze functionality.
[Rating: 9/10] - £18 Get It → Acctim Smart Snooze Alarm Clock

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TFA Big Travel Radio-Controlled Alarm Clock

The radio controlled time clock, together with big indicator and inverted display screen. Date and week day in 8 different languages, interior temperatures, RC alarm system with snooze functionality and time zone features.

Clock With White Numbers On Black

Has dimensions of 367mm length by 230 mm peak by 29mm range. TFA in Reicholzheim has built a contemporary in-house manufacturing option for mechanised thermometers, barometers, etc. This particular core knowledge in calculating devices is implemented by TFA for their digital weather equipment and timepieces.
[Rating: 9/10] - £61 Get It → TFA Travel Radio Controlled Alarm Clock

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Perils Of Using The Same Wake-Up Sound

A wide range of tones is likewise vital since plenty of people get accustomed to experiencing the same wake-up audio repeatedly. That may lead to them going back to bed as the mains powered radio controlled alarm clocks are even more resistant to hearing that same sound.

USB Extras With Radio Controlled Clocks

It is preferred that electric powered gadgets have a USB slot, and radio controlled digital clocks are not any different, allowing you to recharge various other electronic gadgets like tablet PCs and smartphones.

Awaken To A More Tranquil Alarm

The volume level you have the alarm at will once again come down to particular inclination. Some individuals require their battery radio controlled alarm clock volume level at its maximum as they are heavy sleepers - in contrast to other folks utilising a more tranquil alert sound.

Volume And Screen Brightness

The illumination of the display can be modified since many people never want the brightness on the upper limit, particularly when going to bed in a dark area because this can bother their sleeping. A few clocks will even instantly adapt to environmental light.

Your most uncomplicated method to awaken is down to individualised inclination, but it is broadly recognised that getting up slowly is definitely more gratifying than becoming shocked by a 'high volume' beeping audio. Your new atomic alarm clock must be noisy enough to wake you, certainly not others.

Oregon Scientific Radio Controlled Alarm Clock

Excellent value alarm clock with a simple and easy, convenient style, this particular radio-controlled atomic time clock is easily readable, as well as simple to manage. The time is accurate to the second and modifies routinely back and forth from UK summer time.

Atomic Alarm Clock In Black Casing


  • Dual Alarm Function
  • Bigger LCD Screen


  • None

The clock may also be modified to immediately acquire possibly European and US radio controlled transmission - which makes it great for the global passenger.

The big LCD screen shows the present time, day and particular date. With a straightforward tap to the top level snooze switch triggers illumination for straightforward viewing at night time.
[Rating: 9/10] - £16 Get It → Oregon Atomic Alarm Clock

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Smart Effects Technoline Light RC Alarm Clock

The Technoline is a lightweight and portable alarm clock which you can use both at home and on the road. This particular radio controlled alarm clock registers the transmission from the Frankfurt transmitter, and provides you entirely precise time.

RC Alarm Clock In Brushed Steel

The alarm system includes a snooze bar as well as an LED back light. Includes a 12 24 hour display screen environment and features a 6 language choice week, day presentation.
[Rating: 8/10] - £14 Get It → Smart Radio Controlled Alarm Clock

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New Small Folding LCD Radio Controlled Alarm Clocks

We compare and contrast radio controlled travel alarm clocks here which can be entirely programmed time transmitting devices using 12 and 24 hours timeframe elements. They come with calendar screens of year, month, date and working day.

Precision Clock With Date And Temperature

Its typical for digital precision radio controlled clocks to exhibit more info around the display besides the right time. They will have the current particular date or temperatures, plus the data displayed is frequently personalised showing just what you need to view.

Precision Radio Controlled Atomic LCD Alarm Clock

This unique Precision atomic clock brings together dependability with style, and a neat design. The large 24 hour electronic display screen offers a pleasant alarm viewing experience.

Alarm Clock With Big Digits


  • Date, Day Plus Month
  • 2 Years Guarantee


  • None..

This particular clock can be placed on a level service, or perhaps installed on a wall structure - rendering it incredibly convenient. It links up with the atomic clock in Cumbria and will instantly up-date the time, rendering it precise to 1 second in 60 million years. Batteries not incorporated.
[Rating: 8/10] - £12 Get It → Precision Radio Controlled Travel Clock

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Braun UK Radio Controlled White Alarm Clock

A modern precision radio controlled clock with projection function features a movement triggered functionality where the end user can convert the projection picture on/off via moving their hand across the sensing element.

Precision Radio Controlled Clock In All White


  • Reversing LCD Screen
  • Back Light Illumination


  • None

The clock may additionally be set for as much as 12 or perhaps 24 hour time settings and radio controlled feature can be turned off and the time can be manually established.
[Rating: 9/10] - £60 Get It → Braun Precision Radio Controlled Clock

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Youshiko Radio Control LCD Large Alarm Clock

Substantial sized LCD radio controlled digital large alarm clock with interior temperatures as well as moisture display, preferred for implementation in the household or work, great for public properties, facilities, retailers, eating places, production facilities, banking institutions and university.

Radio Controlled Large Alarm Clock With Black Frame

The transmission is manipulated by atomic time pieces at the radio channel, and are altered to maintain in stage with the nationwide time preserved at NPL laboratory in central London.
[Rating: 9/10] - £20 Get It → Youshiko RC Large Alarm Clock

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You can purchase here first-class digital and travel radio controlled alarm clock with snooze features, phase of the moon period and temperatures displayed in degrees Fahrenheit or perhaps Celsius metrics.