10 Best Heat Guns For Paint Stripping Using Ultra Hot Air

This hand picked variety will find you the best paint stripper gun, strong enough to peel the coating of paint on any surface which you plan to implement a fresh layer. Heat guns supply an absolute and concentrated heat on the surface to be peeled, making them less hazardous for high temperatures. See our wallpaper steamers.

01: Tacklife Powerful 2Kw Electric Paint Stripper Gun

An expert 2Kw electric paint stripper gun that will certainly become a dependable helper for your household DIY purposes. Light weight and essential for effortless comfort manipulation, the heat of this first-class hot air gun is versatile and of first-class calibre. You are able to conform the heat coming from 50 up to around 600 degrees Centigrade.

Using three settings switches, it's possible to alter the heat to what you require, and invalidate the high temperatures that may cause impairment to important particulars. Much more precise and less changing heat, it will establishes your jobs more leisurely for more competent outcomes.

Electric Paint Stripper Gun In Black And Red

For broad applications, the metal paint stripper gun may be generally expended for stripping layers, bending hoses, lighting up charcoal, reducing plastic, eliminating corroded dead-bolts, moderating caulk about your sink or perhaps even deforming plastics - in addition to drying out and melting uses. Standard setting revolving the back cover for heat adaptation, and the temperature spectrum is very high.

You will find electronic commands which allow you adapt the heat in 50 degree steps ranging from 50 to 600 degrees Celsius. This excellent 2000 Watts hot air gun can effortlessly warm up to the upper limit heat in approximately 60 seconds, capitalising on the dual heating system to accomplish quick finishing. It possesses an integrated overload security which closes the heating system component and forestalls burning.
[Rating: 9/10] - £37 Get It → Tacklife Electric Paint Stripper Gun

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02: DeWalt 240V Twin Settings Electric Paint Stripper

Dual settings electric paint stripper gun, a hard-wearing, light weight and ergonomic equipment for accumulated comfort and application uses that includes twin flows of air heating system component.

It includes a supporting stand, big dial modification, effortless functioning and heater element safety.

Electric Paint Stripper With Steel Nozzle

This particular paint stripping tool incorporates nozzles enclosed for accumulated flexibility with electrical power input of 1800 Watts. Functioning temperature 50 up to 600 degrees Celsius and additionally accompanies a fish tail surface type nozzle.
[Rating: 9/10] - £39 Get It → DeWalt Electric Paint Stripper

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03: Steinel HL Hot Air Paint Scraping Power Tool

A hot air high accuracy paint scraping power tool suited for several lines of work about the household as well as for hobby intent. For instance, eliminating paint and weld jobs, plastic pipes, stripping paint layers.

With perfected centre of gravity, the device feels impeccably counterbalanced, rendering it very easy to utilise with just one hand.

Paint Scraping Power Tool With Black Wire

Completed to a high criteria, the hot air blowing tool is constructed to endure a dependable 20 percent longer compared to other inferior examples.

Contingent on requirements, the tool engenders a temperature of 80 up to 600 degrees Centigrade which can be governed by a thumb wheel. An astounding 2000 Watts of electrical power and the 'high air flow' speed is flexible in 3 levels.
[Rating: 9/10] - £67 Get It → Steinel Paint Scraping Power Tool

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04: Apollo Dual Temperature Controlled Heat Gun

Adaptable and multi-functional temperature controlled heat gun, perfect for stripping down old paint work, removing aged flooring, drying out paints or perhaps pipe moulding.

The rounded soft hand-grip eliminates user tiredness and the temperature electrical switch can be modified throughout procedure with 1 hand, ideal whenever pipes or even additional physical object have to be influenced over hot air circulation.

Temperature Controlled Heat Gun In Red And Black

High powered and robust with a potent 2000 Watts motor competent of delivering temperature choices of 300 or even 500 degrees Centigrade.

Only 1 Kilogramme in weight, it offers a great balance of electrical power, item weight and dimensions economising your time and energy whilst blowing systematic hot air. Durable impact proof framework and steel head for durability and long life.
[Rating: 8/10] - £24 Get It → Apollo Temperature Controlled Heat Gun

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05: Yakamoz 1.8Kw Hand Held Heat Gun To Strip Paint

Industrial style hand held hot air heat gun to strip paint using an electrical power capacity of 1800 Watts and AC 220V. Big temperature spectrum alteration, micro-computer heat controller allows constant heat. The more advanced the air current velocity, the higher the electrical outlet heat.

Power Heat Gun With Red Trigger

Low setting high modality air flow strategies may be designated, dual swirl air exportation including soft flow of air. Perfect for eliminating gummed labels, stripping previous paint layers, adhesive material stickers from articles of furniture, solder jobs, reducing of insulating material on pipes as well as hoses and so forth.
[Rating: 9/10] - £23 Get It → Yakamoz Heat Gun To Strip Paint

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06: PowerPlus Paint Stripper Gun For Wood 2Kw

A 2000 Watts paint stripper gun for wood with electronic display screen that possesses a versatile heat energy temperature ranging from 60 to 600 Celsius, rendering it desirable for an array of DIY chores about the house or shop.

Paint Stripper For Wood In Yellow Plastic

The crystal clear to interpret alphanumeric display with heat signal will enable this excellent unit to be utilised for stripping down paint as well as varnish - plus getting rid of glue tags etc.

Presented in a carrying case in addition to a top quality steel scraper, this excellent high temperature gun includes accurate temperature allowance, perpetual heat command, a cool area as well as a thermal safety exchange. Soft shaped grip plus 3 years household end user guarantee.
[Rating: 8/10] - £44 Get It → PowerPlus Paint Stripper For Wood

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07: Evolution Very Powerful Paint Stripping Heat Gun

Including an good temperature spectrum of between 50 and 630 degrees Centigrade, this paint stripping heat gun is suitable for several chores. Great for stripping or drying out layers, in addition to taking away glue labels etc.

It incorporates a reflecting telescope style nozzle that envelops around a metallic hose to administer the high temperature consistently about any plastic pipe surface area.

Paint Stripping Heat Gun With Long Handle

Furnished with 4 nozzles including a 'scraper', this highly popular multi-functional device will never let you down - and the adaptable flow of air speed optimises the flexibility even more.

Additional operative functions incorporate a clear, straightforward to understand electronic console plus an integrated base mount for effortless hands free deployment.
[Rating: 9/10] - £34 Get It → Evolution Paint Stripping Heat Gun

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08: Earlex Multi Configuration DIY Cheap Heat Gun

This DIY cheap heat gun is worthy of small sized undertakings or perhaps light functioning in and about the household. An impressive electric powered high temperature gun that's a secure and efficient choice to utilising a regular blow lamp.

It gets rid of paint layers and tough varnish on an all-encompassing mixture of areas and surfaces. 2 heating system configurations of 330 and 510C to enforce the correct high temperature for the chore.

DIY Cheap Heat Gun With Green Exterior

Expedient for an all-inclusive mixture of projects, which includes bowing PVC pipes, elevating vinyl tiles, de-icing, drying out and igniting barbecues.

This DIY high temperature gun delivers with 2 nozzle add-on's, 1 broad opening nozzle for all-purpose intent as well as a cone shape nozzle for centralising high temperature. Effortless plus competent to use, this is an impressive accessory to virtually any householder tool cabinet.
[Rating: 9/10] - £29 Get It → Earlex Multi DIY Cheap Heat Gun

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09: Black Decker Heat Gun Stripping Paint From Wood

A superior heat gun for stripping paint from wood, the right tool for seals, weakening and dispatching adhesive materials - or perhaps drying out recently inserted surfaces of filler.

Additional uses incorporate dissolving icy tap water hoses and slackening corroded or attached bolts. It includes a high temperature range of between 460 and 600 degrees Centigrade.

Strip Paint Tool Working On Wood Cabinet

It enables you to manage a variety of layers rapidly and smoothly. It possesses 2 heating systems in addition to flow of air configurations for more command depending upon the coating.

It may be expended hands free due to an integral stand which additionally is convenient whenever the instrument is cooling off following the finished chore.
[Rating: 9/10] - £21 Get It → B.Decker Strip Paint From Wood

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10: Ferm DIY Hot Air Paint Heat Gun With Nozzles

Convenient and small sized hot air paint heat gun equipment with an electrical power of 2000 Watts. The gun is accommodated with dual heat options, 450 and 600 degrees Centigrade.

It is additionally advantageous for craft usage since it's supplied with an accessible mount. It assists you to deploy the gun with 1 hand, in addition to entrust it cooling down.

Compact DIY Hot Air Paint Heat Gun In Navy Blue

You can you deploy this merchandise hot air gun as a high powered tool, the perfect device for several occupations, for example absenting old seal and paint, home solder scenarios, accommodating in PVC pipes as well as numerous more jobs.
[Rating: 8/10] - £25 Get It → Ferm DIY Hot Air Paint Heat Gun

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DIY 10 Best Heatguns For Metal Paint Stripping Purposes

Our cheap heat guns to strip paint are just right if at the correct temperature for the undertaking. If the heat is excessively low, then your high temperature gun will not function efficaciously.

If it's likewise too high, it may burn, dissolve or perhaps crack the surface you are working on. Being capable to command the high temperature of your heat gun implies it's possible to utilise for a broad range of DIY chores.