Best Lightweight Folding Mobility Scooters For Independence

Our best lightweight folding mobility scooters will not just take you out to the supermarket or park, they can immediately journey with you on your holiday by train, or perhaps by aeroplane. Compact, transportable motor scooters with effortlessly mobility. See our lightweight portable wheelchairs.

01: TGA Minimo Lightweight Folding Mobility Scooter

Answering to a marketplace curve towards more compact, more small sized models, TGA has brought in the brand-new Minimo to fully complement it's present-day fashionable Eclipse car boot motor scooter, and in addition to further heighten it's all-encompassing range.

Lightweight Folding Mobility Scooter In Both Folded States

TGA Minimo Lightweight Folding Mobility Scooter

The modern Minimo is an innovation in small sized, folding motor scooter construction - and has been formulated in close coaction in between TGA and it's specialist producer.

It exemplifies among the most forward-looking innovations that folds up and accommodates in to the car boot. It demands no components to be disassembled for safe keeping.
[Rating: 9/10] - £2395 Get It → TGA Minimo Folding Mobility Scooter

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02: Freerider Luggie Folding Electric Mobility Scooter

The popular folding up mobility motor scooter series has simply become even more proficient, bringing out the latest addition to the array.

The Eco Luggie folding up scooter portions the incomparable foldaway construction of the regular style, and the Elite however delivers furnished with two 12amp batteries.

Electric Mobility Scooter In Black And Red

It is just right for individuals searching for a portable scooter to facilitate travelling whenever they embark outside.

Including a distance of 8 miles and a weight of just 23kg (51lbs), the Eco is going to journey with you inside the car, bus, coach or perhaps train. Genuine merchandise packaging plus top quality components.
[Rating: 9/10] - £3114 Get It → Freerider Folding Electric Mobility Scooter

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03: FoldaWheel Light Folding Wheelchair Anti-Tilt

FoldaWheel lightest in weight folding wheelchair delivers with a primary travelling bag and is unambiguously fitted out with the most recent dual gear brushless electric motor.

The motor is robust plus electrical power economising and it functions on top quality rubber tyres to supply far better grip, making it more comfortable to pilot steeper inclines. The tyres do not become tainted and consequently look great.

FoldaWheel PW-999UL Folding Wheelchair With Black Wheels

It weighs exclusively 45lbs using a regular battery, but is still the most lightweight plus small sized electrical wheelchair around. It can be effortlessly folded and opened up inside just 5 seconds, plus it can stand vertical following being collapsed.

The seating pad and back-rest cover are easily removed for laundering. Broader and comparatively big 7 inch front line wheels make your journey more stabilised.
[Rating: 9/10] - £2009 Get It → FoldaWheel Light Folding Wheelchair

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04: TGA Maximo Lightweight Foldable Mobility Scooter

The TGA portability Maximo is the bigger 4mph and 4 wheel adaptation from the Minimo edition with larger user body weight total capacity, plus an updated driving encounter.

A revolution in the mobility motor scooter sphere, and in addition - this particular and most recent launch allows a modern concept in independence.

TGA Maximo Lightweight Foldable Mobility Scooter With Comfy Black Seat

TGA Maximo Lightweight Foldable Mobility Scooter

Maximo scooter anticipates to deliver even greater levels of buyer interest compared to those affiliated with it's more compact predecessor, the Minimo, which was established a few years ago.

At present, it builds upon the prominent basic principle to furnish a 'bigger 4 wheel design' with larger 17 stone (113kg) end user body weight potential, in addition to an even more beneficial dynamic feel.
[Rating: 9/10] - £2745 Get It → TGA Maximo Foldable Mobility Scooter

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05: Pride Quest Lightest Folding Mobility Scooters 18 Stone

A lightweight, transportable and comfortable to fold up motor scooter with impressive functioning inside plus out using an upper limit velocity of 4mph.

It offers a comfy journey and an uncomplicated easy-fold strategy. It's transportable, and in addition corrects to accommodate nicely within virtually any compact spot.

Folding Mobility Scooter In Black Metal Casing

Pride Quest Lightest Mobility Scooter

It is smooth running, fashionable, and in addition very convenient boasting extremely visible front end and back LED illuminations that have been with expertise integrated inside the chassis.

This variety of LED light may be accessed by the 'delta tiller' display. When switched on, they certainly allow you to be seen by cars and the general public.
[Rating: 9/10] - £2095 Get It Here → Pride Mobility Folding Mobility Scooter

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06: FreeRider Luggie Lightweight Fold Up Mobility Scooter

The nimble Luggie is a new 'direct folding up' individualised travelling motor scooter. Luggie was configured to efficaciously heighten it's portability plus versatility.

Specifically furnished with a comfortable procedure tiller for proceeding forward, in addition to rearward by simply gently pushing 'wigwag'.

Mobility Scooter In Chrome And Red Exterior

Even inside the most limited of areas, or perhaps in a lift, it's possible to ride Luggie minus impediment. The framework is constructed from aluminium, and is effortlessly transportable when collapsed. It also provides flexible steering and elevation perspectives.

Comfy seat plus designer 6 inch sturdy tyres.
[Rating: 9/10] - £3114 Get It → FreeRider Luggie Fold Up Scooter

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07: Pride GoGo UltraX Lightweight Foldaway Mobility Scooter

The Go-Go UltraX is charged with cutting-edge designer characteristics, such as one handed style, feather touch dismantling, plus a commodious drop-in battery bundle.

This makes transportation and moving around more leisurely than ever. Better than the previous version ES8, there's no demand to eliminate a weather sheet prior to dismantling.

Foldaway Mobility Scooter In Rich Red

Pride GoGo Foldaway Mobility Scooter

Ultra X incorporates virtually all the regular characteristics that you would anticipate of the Go Go series, which includes an adaptable speed dial, pivoting seat, flexible tiller, sturdy tyres plus lift-up arm rests.

Feather-touch dismantling enables elementary frame detachment with just one hand. Most recent frame construction smoothly takes apart in to pieces.
[Rating: 9/10] - £1099 Get It → Pride GoGo Foldaway Mobility Scooter

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08: Wheelchair88 Foldable Electric Wheelchair

This modern foldable electric power wheelchair is the most economy complete aluminium alloy electrical wheelchair using a Li-ion battery power pack. It accompanies 2 devices of high power 200 Watts electric motors with an extremely affordable cost.

It functions approximately 16 Km or 10 miles for every maximum charge up since it deploys a light weight and long-wearing Polymer battery. Fully screened using a heavy 200 lbs end user, it offers a reclining back-rest and flexible head-rest for more convenience.

Folding Electric Wheelchair In Lean Position

Easily removed arm-rests enable you to get nearer to desks and to shift effortlessly, all with detachable as well as size flexible footstool rests. An easily removed chair and back-rest cover for straightforward laundering.

It delivers with aspect safe keeping areas and global operational battery charger. Travelling item weight at exclusively 68 lbs and capable to fold-up directly in to extremely small sized dimensions, therefore it's possible to accommodate in virtually any vehicle.
[Rating: 9/10] - £2099 Get It → Wheelchair88 Folding Electric Wheelchair

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09: Drive M Mobile Sapphire Disability Scooter

Fashioned to afford exceptional mobility both inside and outside, this disability scooter comes apart directly in to four simple to control components. Affording you the flexibility to take your motor scooter where you desire, the twin hand grips are accommodated to the batteries as well as back drive.

The grips assist elevating and manipulation of the scooter securer and more controllable. High powered LED lamps on the front end and back guarantee you're forever seen on your journeys.

Padded Seat Disability Scooter In Blue Finish

Convenience as you journey is supplied by an elevation versatile, entirely cushioned seat, an immeasurably perspective flexible steering stool to recognise the most beneficial possible driving placement and ergonomic configured handle bar including cushion grasp.

This motor scooter features an ergonomic ground panel concept and additionally offers upper limit leg space in comparison to different mobility scooters in it's category. Using a range of adequate to 19 miles, you will never have to concern about those more extended trips over again.
[Rating: 9/10] - £1514 Get It → Drive M Steer Disability Scooter

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Compare Lightweight Folding Mobility Scooters

Our lightweight folding mobility scooters are portable and small enough when folded up will accommodate in the car boot of virtually any vehicle.

Uncomplicated to set-up in seconds scooters, with a flawless selection for individuals with restricted mobility. Contrived for those who experience walking troubles, or perhaps orthopaedic issues.