Fireproof Safe Boxes For Home Using Heavy-Duty Security

Updated 28/01/2022:
We acknowledge the best fireproof home safes are a highly significant expenditure for any household. They are vital due to private belongings we keep within our house, such as passports, money, and so on. Many home fire safe boxes might be fixed solidly to the floor for security.

Choosing the right home safe box is critical, one that is protected, reliable, the best size, and comes with the proper features for your requirements. The level of security a safe will offer will fluctuate, and a standard safe will provide protection from the typical burglar.

Fire Proof Safe With Flames
Fire Proof Safe With Flames

: Master Lock Fire Resistant Safe Huge 10L

Effectively water repellent, this fire-protected waterproof safe will keep secure all valuable identification documents. Likewise, it looks after your online digital media and various possessions - but all are safely shielded from fire flames and flooding within this long-lasting safe.

With elaborate protection, this Master Lock fireproof security safe is UL categorised for fire durability. For 60 minutes at 927 degrees C, it will safeguard files, documents and possessions from fire destruction. The water-resistant safe is ETL validated for submersion to secure from flooding.

The fire immune safe provides a tube key locking mechanism for increased security - and it avoids the lid from launching in the case of fire and includes a few keys. The commodious personal safety container preserves all A4 proportion papers.


  • Great Price And Ultra Secure
  • The Toughest Tube Key Locking


  • None here

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Protect Compact Disc, USB
  • Fully Water Protected Box

Unique Selling Point:

  • Water Submersion Security
  • A Dependable Brand Name

Merchandise and immediate (after fire) replacement assurances.
The safe lock trademarked efficiency, which can make Master Lock UL categorised fire-protected. This might consist of non-toxic machine dried concrete and dust particles to be noticeable within your product's core.

Streamlined and flexible, this modest Master Lock fireproof security chest helps to safeguard your loved ones essential paper paperwork, multi-media, and family members remembrances from fire deterioration. The included grip makes the chest safe and unproblematic to transport.

Specs: 37 x 41 x 19 cm | 14.1 Kg | 1 Hrs 927C | UL ETL Verify

With fire safety for legal documents, formal paperwork and digital merchandise, Compact Discs and USB sticks will endure about 843C. It is ETL validated for water submersion to guard papers together with other precious objects from flooding impairment.

Big Black Fire Resistant Safe

£73   Master Lock Fire Resistant Safe - Get It!  

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: Yale YFM Fireproof Household Possessions Safe

This safe is created from several layers of steel alloy cast, metal, carbon steel, silicon manganese, austenitic, and carbon steel components. This is simply to ensure that the box is more secure and exquisite as time passes, and even implementation damage.

Fully water-resistant, it is fireproof and rust-proof with slight joins on the smooth door, but there is simply no pry position. The mechanised simple procedure panel explores the factory security password and has essential privacy. The Yale YFM fireproof safe is principally coupled with a code and key, in addition to being uncomplicated to function.

You gain more positive aspects: you don't need electric power resources, physical opening up, creating foot patches, avoiding scrapes, thickening safe bolts, and strengthening safety elements. For advanced safety, the fire resilient safe is UL categorised for fire tolerance 60 minutes at 927C.

Black Fireproof Household Safe
Yale YFM Fireproof Household Safe


  • UL Graded For Fire Tolerance
  • Can Endure A Substantial Drop


  • None at all

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Ideal For Jewellery And Files
  • You Can Set It In Any Wall

Unique Selling Point:

  • Complete Anti-Rust Zinc Cover
  • Drilling The Safe Is Fruitless

The safe will safeguard paperwork, information and possessions from fire accidents. It is ETL validated for 1 hour to protect CDs, USB pen sticks, other digital multimedia and the like. This Yale YFM fireproof, waterproof safe is tested to resist a 4.5-metre drop during a fire - and keep shut.

Specs: 1 hr 927C | Water, Fire, Rustproof | 25cm sm | 45cm lge

Guarding all your assets, the steel safe container is designed for keeping paperwork, pieces of jewellery and so forth. It is excellent for properties, workplaces or business enterprise usage.

Fireproof Household Safe With Docs Inside

£236   Yale YFM Fireproof Household Safe - Get It!  

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: Which Fireproof Box Is Ideal For Home Use?

Intruders have been figuring out techniques for getting round safes so long as individuals have been building them. It is essential to obtain a fire resistant safe from an 'established' company, and most significantly, a safe that has been thoroughly tested.

: Fireproof Waterproof Safe Location

Homeowners might take a look at safes which are advertised as household boxes, instead of those utilised by outlets and office buildings as they will probably be much easier to set-up. A secure fireproof waterproof safe must be situated in a cautiously selected area at home.

: Why Use Combination Lock Safe Protection?

The market place for home combination lock safes has increased significantly within the last twelve years. More homeowners than previously have private wealth which needs protecting with a combination lock from transgression and probable catastrophe - like fire.

: Check That Safe Is Actually Fireproof

The finest safe suppliers enhance their solutions and keep styles as small as is feasible for home unit installation. The rise in demand has additionally developed a marketplace of inexpensive heavy duty safes that are not fireproof, but created to undercut the security experts.

: Buying A Substandard Home Safe..

Not every safe is made equal, and property owners have to exercise extreme caution since purchasing any substandard safe is a waste of cash. The obvious solution to this particular issue is to go for noteworthy name fireproof cash box brands that stick to industry expectations.

: Trustworthy Domestic Safe Brands

Most fireproof home safes undertake strenuous screening, something which may be examined after some analysis. A top quality fire safe from MasterLock could cost more as well, so it is crucial to find a sense of balance, locating a trustworthy brand at a reasonable price with the sizes you require.

: About Your Insurance From Fire Loss

Many homeowners tend to put in a home security safe not merely as a valuable protection strategy, but as insurance from fire destruction. Crucial files, collectables and private possessions cannot be replaced with a money offer when it comes to robbery or fire wrecking.

: SMARTHIVE Electronic Digital Password Safe

Feel substantially safer with this security safe container constructed of high strength heavy alloy metal. It is secure and rugged, prepared with solid locking mechanism bolts, smooth door, slight gap, anti-drill and pry, and more significant security capabilities.

Employing very high security, you will find 2 different ways to open the SMARTHIVE cash, jewellery and docs safe. The security password plus key to open, or the master key plus emergency key.
Conveniently, the security is substantial. You can effectively store your money, diamonds, paperwork, or passport - which means you will perpetually feel comfortable.

Using a dual security alarm, the safe contains a twin alarm phase. 3 typing glitches and extreme vibrations will induce a loud security alarm. The alert will carry on for 1 minute - unless, of course, the correct password is inserted.

This safe box is designed to guard all your possessions for prints, papers, charms, and many others. Just the thing for household, business office or corporation usage.


  • Super Safe Care For Valuables
  • Highest Strength Dense Steel


  • No Cons

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Choose From Two Sizes
  • Easily Wall Mount The Safe

Unique Selling Point:

  • Toughest Lock Bolts Out There
  • Master Emergency Key Opening

For a manageable and wall structure installed set up, you will find appropriate installing openings on the backside of the safe. It may be attached to the wall structure or flooring in a single destination.
The compartment can also effortlessly be taken around within your family car or hotel whilst travelling. This SMARTHIVE jewellery safe comes with crisis electric power accessory resources.

Specs: 35 x 25 x 25 cm | 13Kg | Door 5mm | 3 Bolts | x4 AA

Suppose the battery no longer has sufficient electric power. In that case, you can connect the exterior electricity supply container to open the safe or perhaps utilise the master or emergency key.
The safe necessitates x4 AA batteries; nevertheless, due to logistics limitations, the bundle will not incorporate battery packs, so you have to purchase them.

Fireproof Document Box With Blue Screen

£85   SMARTHIVE Security Document Box - Get It!  

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: SentrySafe Combi Lock Safe Fire/Water Proof

This dependable water-resistant safe is ETL approved for around the clock security in the water of approximately 8 inches in depth, supplying reassurance in the instance of flooding. Get pleasure from comprehensive digital multi-media safeguarding with a highly roomy inner.

Arrange your personal digital combination fire safe with supplementary safety keys for solid reliability. The SentrySafe fireproof combination safe highlights 4 locking bolts, steel alloy structure, pry-resistant joint bar, secured drawer, inner illumination and bolted components.

The door frame necessitates 14.7 inches distance to completely open up, 1.23 cu. ft. total capacity, and weighs in at 86 pounds. About exceptional overall performance, we suggest applying four superior quality, company name branded alkaline AA battery packs. They must come with a particular termination date of 8 to 10 years from the present-day calendar year.


  • Create Your Own Pass Codes
  • Full Flood Reassurance Too


  • Not On Your Nelly

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Ideal For Home Or Office
  • Keep All Your Secret Docs

Unique Selling Point:

  • Very Spacious Internal Cavity
  • Solid Steel 1 Inch Lock Bolts

This digital locking mechanism lets users produce two personalised 5-digit computer codes for an easy, protected entry point. The key provides owners with the capability to deactivate the SentrySafe fireproof safe digital lock device, whether or not other people understand the PIN code.

Specs: 49 x 41 x 45 cm | 39 Kg | 1.23 cu. ft. | ETL | Solid Steel

You will find substantial ability to quickly store files and belongings in a single placement. Be aware, this safe represents an approximate volume of inner safe-keeping potential. All essential info kept on USB memory sticks, CDs, DVD discs, and mini hard drives will certainly make it through devastation.

Combination Lock Safe With Big Dial

£311   SentrySafe Combination Lock Safe - Get It!  

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: Phoenix Safe Company Heavy Duty Fire Safe

Experience excellent fire safety for paper documents safe-keeping and digital multi-media gadgets. This safe with a key lock system has been examined to the universal NT Fire 017 - 60 test standard at the SP screening hub, offering 1-hour fire safety for paperwork.

Advised for over nighttime money cover of 2000 GBP cash or 20000 GBP for possessions, it is a superior quality fireproof safe with a locking mechanism and a few keys. The Phoenix Titan fire security safe is created as a house or office security safe for the safe-keeping of hard cash, belongings and vital files.

This safety container is designed out of a dual walled steel alloy physique and door loaded with multi-split 'fire-tolerant barrier' components - all with double live securing bolts for surplus security. The bolts are offered for stone walls, or even concrete floor surfaces are well prepared to resolve the floor or perhaps wall structure.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Looks Great In A Home Office
  • Heavy Duty Safe In 3 Sizes

Unique Selling Point:

  • Fix It In To A Concrete Floor
  • Trusted Brand And Great Price

The Features:


  • Lock With LED Screen
  • Home And Business Use


  • None.

This Phoenix Titan fire security safe is comprehensively drop screened coming from 9 metres. This is to evaluate the resistance of impact of dropping throughout burning floors of any construction or the collapse of the entire development.

Specs: 19L | x2 Bolts | 28 Kg | 36 x 41 x 36 cm | MTC- DIP120

Completed in quality scratch tolerant white paint, the safe is a great looking compact storage safe container. It refuses to look out of place in your home or office. It is likewise provided with 4 inner key hooks, including a 'draw-out' compartment.

Heavy Duty Fire Safe In White Finish

£239   Phoenix Heavy Duty Fire Safe Lock - Get It!  

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: How To Find The Ideal Fire Safe Box

There are lovely practical uses of any safe, although not every fireproof document safe will be similarly burglar resilient, and only some are similarly fireproof. Many safes will give you a level of fire security, but less expensive versions might not endure an indisputable blaze.

: Long Fire Protection Periods

The degree of fire protection proposed by a digital home safe typically hinges on its structure. Nevertheless, several plate safes offer almost no counteraction, and a standard dual walled home safe will simply provide only 15 minutes protection at reasonably low heat levels.

: Fire Proof Insurance Issues

Investing in a correctly accredited money lock box version is a good strategy a fire shield, yet there exist differences between products like a key safe box that demands no fire shield. Several will only supply the minimal degree of security necessary to claim fire counteraction and insurance.

: Electronic Fire Safe Locking

Elaborate electronic locks may also attribute time delays, time locks as well as some remote settings. New Biometric locks had been formerly incredibly questionable with scrappy dependability, yet technology is growing in this discipline, now rendering it reachable to everyone.

: Biometric Home Safe Reliability

The main advantages of a biometric safe are that only the proper user may open up the door - and there is simply no code to consider, or perhaps key which can be misplaced.

Whenever investing in a digital combination lock safe, you will typically have to type in an electronic passcode to open the box door. This is one of the main positive factors of a digital safe since a number cannot be misplaced or taken quickly, nevertheless, there are many disadvantages as well.

: Amazon Basics Anti-Theft Fireproof Safe

Using a dual security deadbolt electronic locking device, the digital password panel from the secure container is cautiously made to set a 3 to 8 number security password. The key is required to be opened up - this will multiply by two the reliability component.

Entirely electronically secure, the Amazon Basics anti-theft fireproof safe box presents a high-quality steel bolt. The physique is 2 mm sturdy steel, and the door is 5 mm for more protection. This durable carbon steel has more than adequate strength with an anti-rust layer, anti-scrape and anti-rust features.

We appreciate how a thickened latch style of the dual bolt locking apparatus is constructed of heavy chrome steel. This helps to make the door plus the cupboard securely interlocked and impressive.

Black Fire Resistant Safe
Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Safe


  • Extra Secure Pass Word Entry
  • Reliable Valuables Safety


  • Not at all

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Great For Paperwork And Cash
  • High Density Steel Security

Unique Selling Point:

  • You Can Set Your Own Password
  • Includes Emergency And Master Key

The security safe may be appropriate for households or organisations, which may be attached to your wall structure or flooring to maintain it in a single region. Additionally, it may conveniently be taken along in your car or hotel during your travels.

With optimal protection, the Amazon Basics fireproof safe box is thoroughly water-resistant with protecting internal cushion to safely keep your money or bracelets. You want to save files and passports and be more secure, which means you will be pleased with regular reassurance.

Specs: 38 x 32 x 45 cm | x2 Bolt | Keypad | Door 5 mm | 3-8 Pass

Incorporating an additional extensive location, the inside of the digital safe box with keypad has a significantly ample environment and integrated hook to create a convenient personal store.

Digital Safe With Blue LCD Keypad

£117   Amazon Basics Fireproof Home Safe - Get It!  

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: MasterLock Fireproof Waterproof Safe Lock

This roomy digital fire safe is configured to safeguard text files, paper money, 'digital media' plus different goods from fire and water.

Consisting of elaborate security, this fireproof safe is UL labelled for fire durability to safeguard paperwork, records and possessions from fire deterioration. The fireproof container offers an ETL approved water shield about 20 cm for 24 hours to tolerate a 4.5-meter drop staying fully closed.

This Master Lock big fireproof digital safe contains a programmable locking resource with a back-lit keypad to achieve substantial security. There are 4 live securing bolts, a more potent steel alloy structure, and a pry resilient joint - the bar connects within the safe wall space once shut.

Along with a lit interior, this substantial fire-safe guarantees breathing space for all your possessions. It incorporates an inside light fixture and multi-position ledge and door compartment for maximum efficiency. The integrated item warranty is qualified for two years.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • You Cant Go Wrong Here..
  • Guaranteed Fire/Waterproof

Unique Selling Point:

  • Long Standing Reliable Company
  • Programmable Digit Combination

Waterproof Safe With Cash Inside

The Features:


  • Back-Lit Key-Pad Zone
  • Fire Endurance 1 Hour


  • Pricey..

Bear in mind this product is not water-resistant once it is attached to a floor. The ETL established a waterproof state that pertains to the merchandise before implementing a piece of bolt-down equipment. The Master Lock fireproof safe must not be attached to a wall structure to endanger the fire status.

With a protected digital combination, this safe was created to safeguard the most essential belonging. It safeguards gems, cash, gadgets, paper, digital multimedia and other family members remembrances from fire, water and burglary.

Specs: 49 x 41 x 45 cm | 39Kg | x4 AAA | 33L | 1 Hour 927C

It comes with more substantial bolts when compared to old fashioned safes. And the pry-resistant joint bar supplies supplemental protection from unauthorised admission.

Screened and endorsed in the ETL laboratories, you are able to breathe safe in the knowledge that your compact discs, video discs plus USB drives are going to additionally continue unscathed for 1 hour in a high heat fire.
[Rating: 9/10]   £345   Get It → MasterLock Extra Large Fireproof Safe  

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: Small Fireproof Home Safes With Electronic And Key Locks

These kinds of fireproof home safe boxes for security use are designed to protect varied items consisting of paperwork, and moreover to computer data records on a USB stick which may get damaged in any high-temperature fire.

: What About Fire Safe Boxes With Passcode?

Digital locks enter into their own when dealing with more significant price factors and trustworthy suppliers. Several fire-safe boxes enable different user codes, which means that every member of the family who requests use of the safe is capable of having their own particular passcode.

Various sellers provide set-up solutions, and it can be worthwhile looking into these whenever investing in a substantial sized 'heavy duty' safe. An inadequately mounted safe that is conveniently eliminated may possibly invalidate your insurance plan.

: Honeywell Steel Waterproof Fireproof Safe

This first-class waterproof and fireproof safe plus security system dependable locking possess a 60 minutes fire grading adequate to 927 degrees Centigrade, an internal 66 Litres safe keeping total capacity, twin controlled electronic and key locking mechanism security plus boosted dual end user lock up.

This structured water-repellent steel fire and protection safe incorporates a one-hour fire evaluation up to 927C. You will also find an inside 66L storage space, dual digital and key locking instrument safety, elaborate tandem user lock, and an LCD screen displaying the particular date and time.

Appropriately panel programmable, the Honeywell steel fire security safe offers a user history log of the latest records to the safe. It provides solid steel live door locking mechanics bolts, movement and tilt alert, and a dual steel wall structure.

With an independent locking safe-keeping compartment, the safe comes with handle style control, an urgent situation override key, 2 access keys, a detachable rack and durable casters. The safe is equipped with a high-quality key-controlled locking component to ensure your belongings are safe from robbery and fire.


  • 60 Minutes Fire Graded 927C
  • Removable Ledge Convenience


  • None here

Waterproof Fireproof Safe With Digital Lock

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Loud Tilting Alarm Security
  • Comes With A Long Guarantee

Unique Selling Point:

  • Twin Steel Wall Fire Safe
  • Batteries Are Incorporated

The safe product delivers safety and security for your necessary files and most precious property. The Honeywell steel fire security safe provides you with the satisfaction that comes from being ready in case of an emergency, fire, or perhaps an intrusion of your home or maybe workplace.

Specs: Alloy Steel | 28 x 36 x 15 cm | 66 Litres | ETL UL | 2 Keys

x4 AA batteries are supplied, and the exterior measurements are 74.9 x 49 x 54.1 cm. The interior proportions are 54.4 x 36 x 34 cm. The safe weighs in at 133 Kilos and is completely supported by a 7-year qualified guarantee with lifelong after-fire assurance.

Store jewellery, devices, all-important documents, medications and additional goods. You are playing it secure using this highly popular fireproof cabinet safe, but wherever incorporated, easily removed ledges afford you the versatility to keep bigger objects too.
[Rating: 9/10]   £437   Get It → Honeywell Waterproof And Fireproof Safe  

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: SentrySafe Fire Resistant Safe With Keys


  • Portable Lockable Fire Box
  • 30 Minutes Fire Security


  • No

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Compact Size - Great Price
  • Secure Cash And Belongings

Unique Selling Point:

  • UL ETL Fully Approved Safe
  • Best In Protecting Cartridge

Specs: 2 Keys | 1/2 Hr Protect | 28 x 36 x 49 cm | 6 Kg | UL ETL

Fire Resistant Safe Box With Large Handle

£102   SentrySafe Fire Resistant Home Safe Box - Get It!  

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: Changing Fire Safe Default Passcode

Steering clear of problems starts with selecting the best code. A brand new small fireproof safe will show up using a manufacturer default passcode with guidance to assist you in changing it to a number code of your personal selecting through the keypad lock, so never stay with the default pass.

: Moving A Safe In To Your Home

For frequent ease of access, concealing a wall safe or maybe under the floor safe at the rear of, or underneath weighty pieces of furniture will not be appropriate.

Setting a safe next to two wall surfaces may stop it being shaken to release their components. Do examine the wall is sturdy, for example, stone, block, brick, concrete - certainly not plasterboard.

: Under Floor And Behind Wall

Under the floor fireproof waterproof safes in many cases are situated on a ground floor. In fact, it is crucial to examine there is adequate space for the box safe as the floor may be excavated and floors substituted. Examine wires and plumbing are not operating through the supposed area.

: Setting Up Your Fire Resistant Safe

Ensure you can set-up the box as sizeable fire-resistant safes will probably be weighty and hard to manoeuvre. Assure they will get through entrance doors and up/down any sort of stairway. Heavy duty safes might need to be shifted by someone that installs them for a living.

Make sure you are protected from fire or robbery with a fire resistant safe suitable to what you'll undoubtedly be keeping secure. Securing photos, cash and video recordings from damage cannot be less complicated with an excellent fireproof home safe set-up.