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Fireproof Safe Boxes For Home Using Heavy-Duty Security

Updated 14/07/2020:
We acknowledge the best fireproof home safes are a significant expenditure for any household. They are vital due to private belongings we keep within our house, such as passports, money, and so on. Many home fire safe boxes might be fixed solidly to the floor for security.

Choosing the right home safe box is critical, one that is protected, reliable, the best size, and comes with the proper features for your requirements. The level of security a safe will offer will fluctuate, and a standard safe will provide protection from the typical burglar.

: FGHC Fireproof Household Safe For Possessions

Fireproof Household Safe With Docs Inside

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: Jolitac Security Safe Box Solid Steel Fireproof

Security Safe Box In Solid Black Steel

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: QFFL Fireproof Document Box Jewellery And Cash

Fireproof Document Box With Blue Screen

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Master Lock Fire Resistant Safe Huge 10.2L

Big Black Fire Resistant Safe

£76   Master Lock Fire Resistant Safe - Get It!  

SentrySafe Combination Lock Safe Fire/Water Proof

Combination Lock Safe With Big Dial

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Honeywell Fireproof Waterproof Safe For Home Use

Fireproof Waterproof Safe With Latches And Key

£99   Honeywell Fire/Water Proof Safe - Get It!  

Which Fireproof Box For Home Use?

Intruders have been figuring out techniques for getting round safes so long as individuals have been building them. It is essential to obtain a fire resistant safe from an 'established' company, and most significantly, a safe that has been thoroughly tested.

Fireproof Waterproof Safe Location

Homeowners might take a look at safes which are advertised as household boxes, instead of those utilised by outlets and office buildings as they will probably be much easier to set-up. A secure fireproof waterproof safe must be situated in a cautiously selected area at home.

Why Combination Lock Safe Protection?

The market place for home combination lock safes has increased significantly within the last twelve years. More homeowners than previously have private wealth which needs protecting with a combination lock from transgression and probable catastrophe - like fire.

Check That Safe Is Actually Fireproof

The finest safe suppliers enhance their solutions and keep styles as small as is feasible for home unit installation. The rise in demand has additionally developed a marketplace of inexpensive heavy duty safes that are not fireproof, but created to undercut the security experts.

Buying A Substandard Home Safe

Not every safe is made equal, and property owners have to exercise extreme caution since purchasing any substandard safe is a waste of cash. The obvious solution to this particular issue is to go for noteworthy name fireproof cash box brands that stick to industry expectations.

Trustworthy Domestic Safe Brands

Most fireproof home safes undertake strenuous screening, something which may be examined after some analysis. A top quality fire safe from MasterLock could cost more as well, so it is crucial to find a sense of balance, locating a trustworthy brand at a reasonable price with the sizes you require.

About Insurance From Fire Loss

Many homeowners tend to put in a home security safe not merely as a valuable protection strategy, but as insurance from fire destruction. Crucial files, collectables and private possessions cannot be replaced with a money offer when it comes to robbery or fire wrecking.

Phoenix Heavy Duty Safe With Fire Security Lock


  • Lock With LED Screen
  • Home And Business Use


  • None.

Heavy Duty Fire Safe In White Finish

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Jolitac Fireproof Home Security Safe In Steel

Steel Fireproof Home Safe In All Black

£148   Jolitac Fireproof Home Security Safe - Get It!  

SentrySafe Fire Resistant Home Safe Box With Key

Fire Resistant Safe Box With Large Handle

£57   SentrySafe Fire Resistant Home Safe Box - Get It!  

ZZHBXG Fireproof Digital Home Safe With Keypad

Digital Safe With Blue LCD Keypad

£290   ZZHBXG Fireproof Digital Home Safe - Get It!  

How To Find The Ideal Fire Safe Box

There are lovely practical uses of any safe, although not every fireproof document safe will be similarly burglar resilient, and only some are similarly fireproof. Many safes will give you a level of fire security, but less expensive versions might not endure an indisputable blaze.

Long Fire Protection Periods

The degree of fire protection proposed by a digital home safe typically hinges on its structure. Nevertheless, several plate safes offer almost no counteraction, and a standard dual walled home safe will simply provide only 15 minutes protection at reasonably low heat levels.

Fire Proof Insurance Issues

Investing in a correctly accredited money lock box version is a good strategy a fire shield, yet there exist differences between products like a key safe box that demands no fire shield. Several will only supply the minimal degree of security necessary to claim fire counteraction and insurance.

What About Fire Safe Boxes With Passcode?

Digital locks enter into their own when dealing with more significant price factors and trustworthy suppliers. Several fire-safe boxes enable different user codes, which means that every member of the family who requests use of the safe is capable of having their own particular passcode.

Electronic Fire Safe Locking

Elaborate electronic locks may also attribute time delays, time locks as well as some remote settings. New Biometric locks had been formerly incredibly questionable with scrappy dependability, yet technology is growing in this discipline, now rendering it reachable to everyone.

Biometric Home Safe Reliability

The main advantages of a biometric safe are that only the proper user may open up the door - and there is simply no code to consider, or perhaps key which can be misplaced.

Whenever investing in a digital combination lock safe, you will typically have to type in an electronic passcode to open the box door. This is one of the main positive factors of a digital safe since a number cannot be misplaced or taken quickly, nevertheless, there are many disadvantages as well.

Yale Locks Fireproof Document Safe With Touchpad

The Yale medium sized fire safe offers as much as one hour fire safety for your documents, plus the lock is electronically configured using a touchpad user interface.

Safe In Dark Blue


  • Solid Steel Lock Bolts
  • Touch Screen Key Pad


  • None

The back end bolts ensure the flexible joint from assault, and in addition - it is examined and recognised to specified criteria. The safe may be closed down and cannot be triggered for a fixed time period. Perfect whenever you are away and experience others coming in your property etc.
[Rating: 9/10]   £236   Get It → Yale Locks Fireproof Document Safe

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MasterLock Fireproof Waterproof Safe Digital Lock

This roomy digital fire safe is configured to safeguard text files, paper money, 'digital media' plus different goods from fire and water.

Waterproof Safe With Cash Inside


  • Back-Lit Key-Pad Zone
  • Fire Endurance 1 Hour


  • None..

Screened and endorsed in the ETL laboratories, you are able to breathe safe in the knowledge that your compact discs, video discs plus USB drives are going to additionally continue unscathed for 1 hour in a high heat fire.

It is proven to endure a 15 feet drop and the FSC is ETL registered to safeguard your valuables for 1 whole day.
[Rating: 9/10]   £299   Get It → MasterLock Fireproof Safe

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Changing Fire Safe Default Passcode

Steering clear of problems starts with selecting the best code. A brand new small fireproof safe will show up using a manufacturer default passcode with guidance to assist you in changing it to a number code of your personal selecting through the keypad lock, so never stay with the default pass.

Moving A Safe In To Your Home

For frequent ease of access, concealing a wall safe or maybe under the floor safe at the rear of, or underneath weighty pieces of furniture will not be appropriate.

Setting a safe next to two wall surfaces may stop it being shaken to release their components. Do examine the wall is sturdy, for example, stone, block, brick, concrete - certainly not plasterboard.

Under Floor And Behind Wall

Under the floor fireproof waterproof safes in many cases are situated on a ground floor. In fact, it is crucial to examine there is adequate space for the box safe as the floor may be excavated and floors substituted. Examine wires and plumbing are not operating through the supposed area.

Setting Up Your Fire Resistant Safe

Ensure you can set-up the box as sizeable fire-resistant safes will probably be weighty and hard to manoeuvre. Assure they will get through entrance doors and up/down any sort of stairway. Heavy duty safes might need to be shifted by someone that installs them for a living.

Titan II Fireproof Box For Documents

The Titan range framework is fabricated from galvanised metal plate using a literally 'air-tight' sunken curvature doorway that forestalls fire and smoke impairment to the objects.

Box For Documents With Front Lock In White

It comes set-up prepared for base fastening to the ground with the industrial shield anchor dead bolts provided. The contributed security measures extended by this particular strategy is going to dissuade even the most knowledgeable crook from forcing the safe box.
[Rating: 9/10]   £186   Get It → Titan Fireproof Box For Documents

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Small Fireproof Home Safes With Electronic And Key Locks

These kinds of fireproof home safe boxes for security use are designed to protect varied items consisting of paperwork, and moreover to computer data records on a USB stick which may get damaged in any high-temperature fire.

Various sellers provide set-up solutions, and it can be worthwhile looking into these whenever investing in a substantial sized 'heavy duty' safe. An inadequately mounted safe that is conveniently eliminated may possibly invalidate your insurance plan.

AA1-Secure Line Small Fireproof Safe Ground Or Wall

Perhaps you are searching for a qualified dependable safe for storing papers, together with money plus valuables in a dependable strategy.

Safe In Attractive 2-Tone Colour

Particulars advocated for storage incorporate money, jewellery, passports, declarations, photos, plus digital photographic cameras to name a few.

For the household or perhaps in virtually any business sector surroundings, the Secure Safe range extends a high security system - is screened and endorsed to ECBS criteria.
[Rating: 9/10]   £280   Get It → AA1-Secure Small Fireproof Safe

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Honeywell Steel LCD Waterproof Fireproof Safe

This first-class waterproof and fireproof safe plus security system dependable locking possess a 60 minutes fire grading adequate to 927 degrees Centigrade, an internal 66 Litres safe keeping total capacity, twin controlled electronic and key locking mechanism security plus boosted dual end user lock up.

Waterproof Fireproof Safe With Digital Lock

Store jewellery, devices, all-important documents, medications and additional goods. You are playing it secure using this highly popular fireproof cabinet safe, but wherever incorporated, easily removed ledges afford you the versatility to keep bigger objects too.
[Rating: 9/10]   £145   Get It → Honeywell Waterproof Fireproof Safe

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Rottner Fireproof Combination Lock Box For Cash

Industrial strength fireproof combination lock box for cash that's constructed from dense, dual-wall of steel and occupied with fire opposition stone, competent of resisting intense fires for adequate to around 60 minutes.

Fireproof Combination Lock Box In Black Steel

Accessible in different dimensions, it's a sturdy structure and effortless to deploy safe, essential for home base or perhaps work place. Specialised fire immunity filling, the exterior sizes height x width x depth are 320 x 440 x 450 mm. 21 Litres, item weight 30 Kilogrammes.
[Rating: 9/10]   £227   Get It → Rottner Fireproof Combination Lock Box

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Make sure you are protected from fire or robbery with a fire resistant safe suitable to what you'll undoubtedly be keeping secure. Securing photos, cash and video recordings from damage cannot be less complicated with an excellent fireproof home safe set-up.