10 Fireproof Document Box Safes For Valuables And Cash Security

We all recognise that the best fire proof safe is an all-important investment for the family. They are significant because of the personalised belongings we maintain in our home - for example passports, cash, birth credentials, marriage certifications etc. Several domestic safes may be fixed securely to the floor for added safety.

01: Yale Locks Fireproof Document Safe With Touchpad

The Yale medium sized fire safe offers as much as one hour fire safety for your documents, plus the lock is electronically configured using a touchpad user interface.

The safe box features an epoxy glue sealed off shell of galvanised metal that contributes dual rusting security - and a high protection digital lock using in excess of 1 billion combinations, controlled for one-time user coding.

Fireproof Document Safe In Dark Blue

The back end bolts ensure the flexible joint from assault, and in addition - it is examined and recognised to specified criteria.

The safe may be closed down and cannot be triggered for a fixed time period. Perfect whenever you are away and experience others coming in your property etc.
[Rating: 9/10] - £210 Get It → Yale Locks Fireproof Document Safe

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02: MasterLock Fireproof Waterproof Safe Digital Lock

This roomy digital fire safe is configured to safeguard text files, paper money, 'digital media' plus different goods from fire and water.

Constructed to withstand intense conditions, it's UL categorised to secure your documents and material possessions for around 60 minutes at temperatures as much as 920 degrees Centigrade.

Waterproof Safe With Cash Inside

Screened and endorsed in the ETL laboratories, you are able to breathe safe in the knowledge that your compact discs, video discs plus USB drives are going to additionally continue unscathed for 1 hour in a high heat fire.

It is proven to endure a 15 feet drop and the FSC is ETL registered to safeguard your valuables for 1 whole day.
[Rating: 9/10] - £328 Get It → MasterLock Fireproof Waterproof Safe

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03: Safe Shop FireStar Fireproof Safe For Home

The FireStar home safe is a best-selling brand name multi-purpose fire and security system box. It is just right for employment in the household or inside the workplace.

It is manufactured from 'galvanised metal plate' to demanding criteria and incorporate fire-retardant barrier substance established in to the wall structures.

Fireproof Safe For Home In Black Exterior

Every FireStar safe is screened and evidenced to offer 60 minutes fire protective covering for docs to the Swedish SPCR 002 regulation, plus it is suggested to offer money cover for as much as £2000 with a valuables evaluation of £20000 for insurance policy intentions.

Guaranteed by a digital key pad locking mechanism, which may be adjusted by user.
[Rating: 8.5/10] - £169 Get It → FireStar Fireproof Safe For Home

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04: Titan II 1271E Fireproof Box For Documents

The Titan range framework is fabricated from galvanised metal plate using a literally 'air-tight' sunken curvature doorway that forestalls fire and smoke impairment to the objects.

The door is fastened utilising an elevated high protection electronic locking mechanism including controlled user codes as much as 6 figures long.

Box For Documents With Front Lock In White Finish

It comes set-up prepared for base fastening to the ground with the industrial shield anchor dead bolts provided. The contributed security measures extended by this particular strategy is going to dissuade even the most knowledgeable crook from forcing the safe box.

The safe features a 60 minutes fire immunity at temperatures of 945 degrees.
[Rating: 8.5/10] - £182 Get It → Titan Fireproof Box For Documents

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05: Waterproof Fire Resistant Safe For A4 Documents Box

Durable, non combustible in addition to water secure document safe offers security for all-important text files, for example certificates, money etc.

Non-magnetic and digital media such compact discs, DVDs, USB drives are secured and it's appropriate for A4 documents. Protection for full 30 minutes at temperatures 840 degrees.

Safe For A4 In Tough Black Metal Casing

Research 'lab examined immunity' degree UL certifiable and constructed with a progressive and particularly well sealed off plastic polymer.

Security system cylinder locking mechanism offers best safety versus theft. Security for individualised particulars, crucial written documents and paper money etc.
[Rating: 9/10] - £58 Get It → Waterproof Fire Resistant Safe A4

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06: AA1-Secure Line Small Fireproof Safe Ground Or Wall

Perhaps you are searching for a qualified dependable safe for storing papers, together with money plus valuables in a dependable strategy.

The A1 Secure safe box is configured to safeguard virtually any worthwhile valuables against theft and fire. Moreover, it is equipped with an insulation substance which extends fire security.

Small Fireproof Safe In Attractive 2-Tone Colour

Particulars advocated for storage incorporate money, jewellery, passports, declarations, photos, plus digital photographic cameras to name a few.

For the household or perhaps in virtually any business sector surroundings, the Secure Safe range extends a high security system - is screened and endorsed to ECBS criteria.
[Rating: 9/10] - £280 Get It → AA1-Secure Small Fireproof Safe

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07: Honeywell Steel LCD Waterproof And Fireproof Safe

This first-class waterproof and fireproof safe plus security system dependable locking possess a 60 minutes fire grading adequate to 927 degrees Centigrade, an internal 66 Litres safe keeping total capacity, twin controlled electronic and key locking mechanism security plus boosted dual end user lock up.

An LCD display control panel establishes the date as well as time period controlled, however it supplies a user account record of new entries in to the safe box. It features 4 sturdy stainless steel live 'door locking bolts', movement plus tilt alarm system and dual steel wall structure design. The safe box additionally possesses an individual locking system storage compartment.

Waterproof Fireproof Safe With Digital Lock

The safe merchandise stock offers protection and safety for your indispensable records and most useful self-possessions, while giving you the reassurance which derives from being organised in the consequence of a catastrophe, fire damage, or perhaps an intrusion of your household or work place.

It delivers complete with a control design hand-grip, a situation overrule key, dual access keys, single easily removed ledge and heavy duty wheels. 4 AA included batteries, external sizes are 74.9 x 49 x 54 cm. The inner dimensions include 54.4 x 36 x 34 centimetres. Safe box weighs 134 Kilogrammes, plus it's supported by a 7 years restricted guarantee with life after fire event damage warranty.

Store jewellery, devices, all-important documents, medications and additional goods. You are playing it secure using this highly popular fireproof cabinet safe, but wherever incorporated, easily removed ledges afford you the versatility to keep bigger objects too.
[Rating: 9/10] - £431 Get It → Honeywell LCD Waterproof Fireproof Safe

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08: Rottner Fireproof Combination Lock Box For Cash

Industrial strength fireproof combination lock box for cash that's constructed from dense, dual-wall of steel and occupied with fire opposition stone, competent of resisting intense fires for adequate to around 60 minutes.

Examined to LFS criteria in conformity with EN, you acquire overall reassurance using this first-class and completely sanctioned tested fire safe box. A different safe in this particular collection is additionally amenable if you demand different dimensions.

Fireproof Combination Lock Box In Black Steel

It includes the most recent system LCD electronic locking plus dual metallic bolts, all with in excess of 100,000000 code variables where it's possible to rest guaranteed of aggregated security using this particular fire resistant container. Appropriate for safely keeping as much as £2000 in cash as well as goods, the safe additionally delivers provided with a bolt down bundle incorporated inside the package.

Accessible in different dimensions, it's a sturdy structure and effortless to deploy safe, essential for home base or perhaps work place. Specialised fire immunity filling, the exterior sizes height x width x depth are 320 x 440 x 450 mm. 21 Litres, item weight 30 Kilogrammes.
[Rating: 9/10] - £165 Get It → Rottner Fireproof Combination Lock Box

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09: Cathedral Fireproof Water Proof Security Safe Box

Fireproof water proof security safe boxes are popular since all households and business concerns recognise the demand to secure goods, however especially concerning insurance policy paperwork, testaments, passes and a driver's license. Using these difficult to exchange particulars, they can effortlessly become secure from burglary, fire damage as well as flooding with a water tight fire safe box.

This security system container shields paperwork from fire in heat adequate to 840 degrees Celsius for half-hour. An excellent circumventing weather-proof seal maintains capacities dry, even whenever completely under-water. There's a key which renders it able to lock as well as a collapsible carry hand-grip.

Key Lock Fireproof Security Safe Box With Front Handle

Altogether, this excellent case makes any household or office security fail-safe, just right for safe keeping individualised objects securely.

It can take easily A4 paperwork minus folding them up or harming them in any method. Fireproof and water protected safety container guarantee your crucial A4 papers, documents or even additional goods. Contents are entirely shielded and the container is entirely water proofed, even whenever completely drowned.

Simple carrying hand-grip and configuration enables the container to be carried whenever required and intelligently stores inside any cupboard or maybe small compartment. This highly popular chest is guaranteed with a key established locking mechanism and delivers with 2 for imparted protection.
[Rating: 9/10] - £47 Get It → Cathedral Fireproof Security Safe Box

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10: FD Document 83L Safe Fireproof Filing Cabinet

The protected safe fireproof filing cabinet is the perfect, affordable fire resistant papers safe keeping resolution for both business organisation or household deployment. The twin locking mechanism offers more security measures, since equally the 'key-pad code' plus key must be utilised to gain entry.

Hand-operated over-ride key guarantees that proprietors can forever gain entry if batteries necessitate replacement. This 80 Litres total capacity offers safe keeping for about 7 to 8 box data files. It possesses a versatile, however easily removed ledge in the primary area - in addition featuring an individual lock compartment.

Large Safe Fireproof Filing Cabinet With Black Exterior

This high security system twin lock strategy with heavy flexible joints and high powered locking system dead-bolts guarantee superior protection. The domestic safe is 60 minutes fire resistant grade 350 for text file security as well as fabricated from industrial style mark steel - including 25 mm lock bolts.
[Rating: 9/10] - £499 Get It → FD Big Safe Fireproof Filing Cabinet

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10 Best Domestic Safes With Digital Locking Code Settings

These fireproof safes for home use are configured to safeguard diverse items, including papers, and in addition to computer data records that may get destroyed at various fire temperatures.

Guarantee you're secure from fire or burglary with a fire proof safe appropriate to what you'll be storing away. Protecting photographs, money and video recordings from impairment could not be easier.

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