Steel Anthracite Grey Wall Mounted Post Boxes

One of the best ways to give your new home an elegant look is with a beautiful wall-mounted postbox. Perhaps consider the steel lockable letterbox - a simple yet stylishly designed product with your address visibly on the front and enough space for your post within.

Front Door Lockable Letterboxes

These classy cast iron wall mounted post boxes can be regarded as sophisticated addition to your front door because of the durable attributes. Most of the boxes have a letter plate at the top designed for the postman to drop your letters in - a secured and lockable box.

These external post boxes are great for people who live in apartment complexes or in shared occupancy dwellings. They can be placed on properties as a singular item - maybe or in multiples.

Fixing Kit And Drilling Guides

A great benefit of the modern wall mounted post box is that they can easily be installed by the property owner because they are delivered as a package. This includes a fixing kit, a drilling template and the hopefully easy to read mounting instructions.

The Security Keys Provided

Furthermore, every secure letterbox usually comes with two coded security keys to provide you with complete control and access to the secure mailbox at any given time. Every owner of a wall letterbox can request additional keys supplied in case they need them for emergencies.

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Black Wall-Mounted Letter Box On White Wall

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Home And Business Wall Letter Box Styles

A wall letterbox will also add to your house functionality without chipping away at its unique style. The post box comes in a fence and wall-mounted version. It is both great for domestic and commercial complexes and can be simply fitted externally or internally.

Mailbox On Your House Door

In recent years, post boxes for houses have been gaining increased popularity due to their practicality and stunning designs that add to your complex's chic appeal. These lockable boxes make an ideal contender for gate-posts or outside mount if you do not find the idea of a mailbox on your door appealing.

Postal Delivery Home Addresses

A couple of market leaders in the wall-mount post box industry are even printing home addresses on the front of the box before posting the package to you. This new addition to the box ensures that the postal delivery person immediately notices your wall mount mailbox.

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Mounted Steel Anthracite Post Box With Lock

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Stop Draughts And Heat-Loss

Another advantage of personalisation is that it can make the process of finding your house easier for guests. The stylish personalisation of your mailbox screams: "This is my house name, and I'm very proud of it!"
Sealed wall post boxes can enormously benefit energy efficiency. It prevents draughts and heat-loss through the front door and can secure your mail with a key-locked postbox!

Material, Sizes, Shape And Colour

Postboxes come in a wide variety which adds to their desirability! The wall-mounted post box comes in different sizes, shapes, colours, and materials such as plastic, stainless steel, and aluminium. With such a great assortment, you will definitely find something suitable, and that is to your liking.

New Home Outdoor Post Box Aesthetics

Most people stick to the outdoor post box that suspends on the front door when they first purchase their home. This humble letterbox often does not receive attention and does nothing for the aesthetics of your home. Be aware that there are letterboxes that can actually add to the appeal of your home.

Minimalistic And Simple Steel

Several lovely stainless steel post boxes come in various shapes, sizes, colours, and features that suit different types of homes. The humble/standard letterbox has a minimalistic and simple design. They come with a broader lot to allow the postie to push mail through effortlessly.

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Lockable Waterproof Mail Box With Lid

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Wall Mailbox For Envelopes Or Bigger

This type of wall mailbox doesn't fit everyone's critical needs in terms of looks or size. If you are one of those people, think of the following before you opt to buy a new one: Old mailboxes are often small because they were made to only house standard-sized envelopes.

Magazines And Sunday Papers

Suppose you receive bigger-sized mail such as glossy magazines or Sunday newspapers. In that case, a more significant and more profound modern letterbox is best suited for you. Most modern postboxes come equipped with helpful additional features such as draft-excluders and a flap that shuts to cut down cold draughts.

Deter Letterbox Theft Opportunity

All wall-mountable letterboxes for sale should be manufactured with a standard key locking system to safely and securely store all mail. If you live in an area with letterbox lootings, then you should probably think about using a smaller or more discreet slot on your box to deter thieves who may steal your mail.

Anti-Theft Post Box For Security

A box with a broad, hinged lid will be easier to steal than one with a slimmer and less noticeable anti-theft post box slot. Other essential factors that add to the box's durability and security and its ability to ward off thieves are the weight, and the thickness of the metal the box is constructed from.

Wall-Mounted Or Door Personalised Post Box

Traditional letterboxes run through the door. If you have a very thick styled door - then the range of choices open to you may be limited. Wall-mounted letterboxes have improved privacy due to the attached lock, which is a real benefit that door attached letterboxes don't have.

So why not opt for a wall-mounted letterbox instead of the door attached box? Another benefit of a wall-mounted style is that pets or small children that adore playing with mail cannot reach inside.

Mailbox Material Deterioration

Due to the high amount of heavy and constant rain, wind, and possible high salt content, a metallic personalised post box can get affected and deteriorate fast. To avoid this, choose a galvanised steel and powder-coated outdoor letterbox.

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Wall Mounted Steel Letterbox With Keys

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Galvanised And Waterproofed Layer

Before you purchase any mailbox, inquire if the steel under the paint layer is galvanised or not. This is important because you don't want to buy a box only to rust in a short time. Weight is essential when it comes to longevity, so compare between mailboxes before you invest.

You might find that most letterboxes look similar to identical dimensions; however, the weight determines the determining factor. In this case, the lightest one is probably made of tin and will not last. It is, therefore, best to choose the heaviest - most likely be made of thicker steel to last years longer.

Rust-Proof Aluminium Or Iron?

When you are considering materials for your wall-mounted box, do not forget to check aluminium out. This metal has almost no iron in it and thus is entirely rust-proof. Iron oxidises and causes the metal to form rust layers rapidly.

Size Of Parcel To Pass Through Your Post Box

Aluminium has many other favourable qualities, e.g. it is strong, lightweight can be cast into various shapes and moulds. Aluminium is hence a great pick if you are looking for the perfect letterbox. But because of these impressive features, aluminium may be more expensive.

Standard Letterbox Dimensions

In this modern age, a full-sized parcel box with a lock is in many ways better than a standard letterbox or mailbox. Even the thinnest parcel will be challenging to pass through a deep door wall mounted post box. Ensure that your parcel box sits securely to the wall with a good lock if you choose one.

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Galvanised Post Box In Polished Finish

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Overflowing Mailboxes Attract Eyes

Even with the best letterbox, you should still check it frequently to make sure it does not overflow, as that can attract a parcel thief. If you pick a shallow style postbox, make sure that the space between the openings to the box's base is wide enough.

Opportunistic Postbox Thefts

Thieves are notorious for scooping mail out from shallow post boxes. Opportunistic thefts such as mail fishing happen more often than theft, where criminals enter homes. In any event, a wall post box is safer than a letter plate - and will discourage thieves from targeting your home for many reasons.

For burglary prevention, if your door does not have a letter plate, no thief can peep through it into your home. This is a technique burglars use that entails threading a long wire with a hook on end to capture things in your home, such as your car keys, house keys, etc. They can access your home and valuables.

A Burglars Hand Through Your Parcel Post Box

Prevent thieves from unlocking your door. Burglars cannot gain access to your valuables if they cannot put their hands and tools inside your letterbox.
Unfortunately, many thieves are aware that they can sometimes access the interior lock, such as a thumb turn lock via the letterbox. With this action, they can quickly gain access to their victims home.

In addition to aiding the security of your home, wall-mounted letterboxes do not require an opening in the door. This helps reduce your utility bill as the heat can no longer escape.

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Wall Lockable Mailbox With Keys In Black

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Letters And Junk Mail Advertising

Consider the letter slot and the dimensions of the large letterbox. Currently, most people receive more letters and advertising, which can quickly fill up your mailbox. It also would not be pleasant if essential documents in any format get squashed or stick out of the letter slot.

Letterbox Length And Width

Before you purchase a mailbox, you should check the dimensions of the letterbox and the letter slot. To get the correct dimensions, use a piece of paper and a bit of cardboard to cut to the dimensions of the letterbox (length and width) and compare them both.

By measuring this area, you will be able to discern if your wall mounted post box will hold more giant letters and to what capacity. Following the letter slot's dimensions, make an opening in your cardboard and check if your paper can easily fit inside the space.

Corrosion Resistant Waterproof Post Boxes

You are already aware that wall-mounted waterproof post boxes should be sturdy and long-lasting. Still, they also should be designed to endure extreme weather conditions.
Aluminium remains the best pick as it is rust-proof. On the other hand, steel is more affordable; however, you need to ensure that it is sufficiently weatherproofed.

Before you purchase a new wall postbox, consider some essential affairs: Will your usual post fit in your new letterbox? This includes all magazine subscriptions that are at least A4 in dimension.

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Wall-Mounted Retro Postbox In Black

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Letter Box Lock Investment

A highly secure lock or front door entry system is always the best option to prevent thieves from gaining full access to your private information and bank details. An anti-snap lock, in this case, would be a worthy investment.
Only get yourself a durable postbox that is manufactured with weatherproof material. This is especially important when letterboxes for flats are secured to the rented home or building exterior.

Galvanized Wall Mount Mailboxes For House Porch

Retake the cardboard size and put your hand through its opening to test if it would be difficult to reach through and potentially grab letters that are inside the box.
Think about it. Why would you want to have a built-in post box with a big letter slot that is still so vulnerable that someone can quickly grab your bank or build society statements?

Locking Mechanism Brand Name

Acquire information about the manufacturer of the lock that is used. Ask for the brand name of the lock and where the company is making them is established. Ask if they are made following the standards of security for the industry? If unsure about the lock, please ask a local lock security expert.

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Post Box Lid Locked Anthracite Grey

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Secure Parcel Post Boxes For Personal Info

If you think of grabbing a suitable parcel post box on sale, you are in for a long process. A letterbox is a product that must have excellent longevity to keep even your most important letters and documents secure.
Check with your supplier before purchasing a letterbox. They should be able to share the same above information - or professionally answer all your questions.

Outdoor Letterbox Valuables In Sight

If securing a freestanding or wall-mounted outdoor letterbox is not what you want, you can still protect your home mail with a door fixed letterbox.
The simplest way is by keeping your keys and other valuables out of sight. Burglars who cannot see or reach the expensive valuables in your home through the letterbox often give up ultimately.

People Looking Into Your Home

You can prevent burglars from peeping inside your house by adding a letterbox covering the inside of your front door. This also prevents them from sticking their arm inside your home. If burglars cannot see what they desire to steal, they will usually just leave or go next door.

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Galvanized Steel Waterproof Postbox On Red Wall

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Position a cage around your wall mounted post box on the inside to prevent letters from falling to the floor. This can deter burglars from sticking their thieving arms into your house.

The Safe Narrow Letter Opening

Here are some of our best tips to 'keep your post safe' from thieves. By purchasing a sturdy design stylish anthracite grey post box with a secure lock, you can significantly reduce the chances of having your post stolen. You can do this by choosing a big box with a narrow letter opening.

Criminals And Parcel Post Box Delivery Times

Thieves who want to remove your post will not be able to because of the narrow opening. Make it a daily habit to check your shiny new red post box (ideally immediately after delivery time) and remove all packages and letters. By doing this, thieves will find nothing if they still decide to strike your home.

Letter Boxes Block Viewing Panels

Numerous wall mounted letter boxes have a viewing panel feature to alert you when you received a post. While this is convenient, it can also allow thieves to see that you have received post.
You can minimise this risk by using paper or a card to cover the window from the inside. This is especially necessary when you are expecting an important delivery etc.

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Wall Mounted Personalised Letter Box With Motif

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Wall Mounted Metallic Post Box

Installing a wall-mounted 'metal post box' can safely and securely protect your parcels, letters from the elements and from small kids and curious dogs. It also keeps utility costs down as it terminates a source of draft throughout your home, making it one of the best switches from a door-mounted letter plate.

Mail Delivered To Your Neighbour

In case you need to acquire a parcel but will not be home, arrange for it to be delivered to your neighbour's or to your work address. If you have purchased an item, choose to have it delivered to a local newsagent shop location. This makes it easy to collect at the most convenient time.

If you are going to be travelling for quite some time and won't be home, e.g. on holiday, keep your home secure with these mail managerial tips:

A parcel post box filled to the brim with post piling out of it is a clear signal to thieves that nobody is currently at home. To avoid uninvited postal thieves, ask a trusted friend, neighbour or family member to collect from your wall-mounted post box - and also do a checkup on the property inside.