Best Gifts For Cat Owners From Toys To Fountains Plus

Intuitive Cat Gift Ideas And Pet Presents

So you want to get your furry friend some fantastic new playing items, or you want to get that cat gift for her, any pet-loving friend or Christmas gift for their feline. Check out the wide range of play items for cats, including scratching posts, colour laser pointers, wands, catnip and lots more.

: Unique Cat Stuff For Cat Lovers

All of these play cat enthusiast gift items could offer your cat, or your friend's cat some abundant entertainment. Some people consider their cats as their closest companions.
If you are like that too, there is a whole lot of cat stuff for cat lovers to choose from which could help provide you and your sweet feline some pleasure gift giving entertainment and fun.

: Parner Special Hygienic Cat Water Fountain

White Cat Water Fountain

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: Christmas Treats For Your Pets

It would be best to think about the cat's health before purchasing a play item for them. Since each cat is unique, what works for one may not work for another. For the ideal crazy cat lady gift, you want to find out the cat's dietary requirements, or if the animal has food allergies.

: Cat Related Gifts For Her

The kinds of toys you should purchase for any cat will depend on whether it has some dental complications - and whether it is very old or a young kitten. The fascination for these cat-related gifts for her may help understand whether to buy soft playing items or sturdy toys for wives or girlfriends.

A Microchip Cat Flap To Avert Intruders

Suppose you are a cat owner who already has a microchip cat flap. You might wonder how you ever coped in the past without a self-opening cat flap in your household, especially with the latest features and handy options that now come with many microchip cat flap styles.

: Typical Or Magnetic Cat Flap?

You must be familiar with the drawbacks of traditional cat flaps. Not only are classic cat flaps unable to prevent other pets from intruding into your home. Without a magnetic cat flap, these outdoor cats also steal your cat's food and even fight for food in what ordinarily should be its own haven.

: Tooarts x3 Metal Sculpture Cat Figurine Gifts

3 Tall Sculpture Cat Figurines On Desk

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: Cat Flap Door Pros And Cons

Because of outdoor intruder cats, some owners choose not to have any cat flap at all. But the downside of this is that it denies your cat the freedom to roam about and come back home at will.
Without a smart cat flap, you will always have to be going in search of your cat before you go to bed, which could cause you to either lock it out - or always lock it indoors.

Automatic cat flaps give you the fun of allowing your cat to have 'some freedom' to roam about like an adult. At the same time, this will enable you to keep them safe and fully protected.

: Timer Microchip Cat Flap

2 Way microchip cat flaps serve the purpose of keeping other cats away from freely roaming in and out of your home, threatening the safety and well-being of your feline. The latest microchip cat flaps with timer options now feature some designs which allow them to be user-programmable.

: CUQOO Thermal 4 Pairs Cute Cotton Cat Socks

x4 Pairs Cute Cotton Cat Socks In Cotton

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Stimulating Moving Pet Cat Toys

When some people think of cat toys, they think of the traditional laser light and pointer toys. However, there are better toys for your cats. The best cool cat toys for you and your pet are the ones that allow you to have several interactions with your furry pet.

: Toys For You And Your Active Cat

Getting toys that allow you to have fun and play with your cat may be time and energy-consuming for you but are by far the best playthings overall for keeping your cat active indoors.

: Indoor Cat Toy Safety

Before you get a fun toy for your cat, you have to bear in mind that cats may be destructive sometimes, hence the need for you to buy sturdy and durable toys they won't quickly destroy. This is particularly important for motorised or even fluffy ball cat toys that have many inner components.

: Cat Treat Toys For Kitty

You want to ensure to check the toy very well before you purchase. Pull at it gently to see if it would come apart - overall, you want to ensure you are not acquiring a fragile toy for your cat. You should go through all available cat treat toys and like any childs toy, pick the one that best suits your pet's personality.

: Moving Stimulating Cat Toys

There are various play items like the moving toy fish for cats you could choose to purchase for your pet, especially if your cat is no longer new. You want to ensure to give your cat a suitable environment for it to play, scratch, relax, and do all the crazy things that cats love to do.

Fun Catnip Stuffed Toys For Cats

Catnip is undoubtedly great for keeping your cat interested and busy. Even the less active cat that loves to stay in its bed would find a 'catnip mouse toy' irresistible. Watch as your cat scrambles around wanting to play with any toy that has catnip within.

: Catnip Fish Toy Or Play Ball

The toy design gives cats a prey illusion, making them feel like they're in for a real fast hunt. The shape of these toys looks like small animals such as mice or catnip fish toy etc. If you are dealing with a bored cat at home, try the catnip ball to see how much entertainment you get from your pet for hours.

: CatMate Elite Microchip Activated Cat Flap

White Microchip Activated Cat Flap Door

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: Cat Chaser Toys With Play Levels

If you have two or more cats, it would even be fantastic fun if you get a catnip plant or even toys with various play levels to make sure they all catch in on the fun together. Of course, if it were possible for you to add some to your feline leash, it would be even better perhaps.

: Individually Stimulating Cat Toys

Personal catnip stuffed toys are an excellent option for you if too busy to play with your cat as often as you would like. The designs of these toys widely contrast from one to the other, so you can make various selections to keep your cat from becoming indifferent to playtime toys.

Some famous examples of individual play catnip for kitten toys may include tunnels and climbing towers that could excite your indoor cat.

: Vealind GiGwi Chaser Pet Interactive Cat Toy

Grey Chaser Pet Interactive Cat Cricket

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Running Fresh Water Fountains For Cats

Unlike humans who feel the need to drink water, cats do not feel the need to keep hydrated. Your cat may be seriously dehydrated or may suffer serious health problems. Issues may be bladder stones or other problems simply because the 'water situation' is not pleasing to them.

: Cat Drinking Fountain And Dry Food

One suggestion that could help boost your cat's water intake is to serve it wet food. However, a stimulating way to ensure they get enough water is through pet drinking fountains.
This option is particularly suitable if your cat likes to drink water from faucets - as is the case with pets who frequent the bathroom to use the tap.

: Running Water Cat Bowl

If you plan to get a cat water dispenser, do not forget always to change the filter regularly, preferably monthly. Also, ensure to have a water cat bowl with outlet around. It could be that your cat is not happy when you serve food next to its water dispenser. This issue is more familiar with male cats than females.

: COO Cat 3D Bedside Kitty Illusion Night Lamp

3D Bedside Kitty Illusion Night Light

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Radiator And Window Cat Perch Comfort

The window cat perch can serve as an excellent spot for your cat to survey the neighbourhood while staying safely in the home. Enjoy the cat radiator perch or the warmth that comes from the sun.
Window cat perches are mainly like seats you can install or attach to home radiators or the window sill. The cat window seat perch can usually support about 41.5 pounds weight.

: Comfy Cat Window Hammock

You could also fix a perch seat just beneath the window sill, or revise the base to your window frame. However, for your cat window hammock, you should bear in mind that you will need your window sill to be around 2 inches in depth - or more for proper support of a big moggy.

Cat window beds come in various forms, and some have heated seats for your pet. The heated seats allow you to remove the covers and wash them in your washing machine for next use.

: Mora Pure Luxury Self Heating Cat Blanket

Pets Self Heating Cat Blanket In Grey

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Timed Cat Food Dispensers For Treats

Suppose your cat doesn't like to play too much, or it has become overweight or lazy. In that case, you could get automatic cat feeder toys that reward feline with kitten food each time they use their smart skills to disentangle some puzzles.

: Cat Bowl Timer For Boisterous Pets

These treat toys could entertain both you and your cat, especially if the cat bowl timer toy makes it pounce around. This is ideal for hunting and using instinct plus intellectual skills. This is even particularly important if you have a hyperactive and boisterous cat.

Not all toys reward kittens for their puzzle-solving skills. Some typically serve as microchip pet feeders, but these kinds only release food to your cat at a preset time.

: Balimo Automatic Cat Feeder With Timer

Automatic Cat Feeder With Blue LCD

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: Buy Valuable Toys For Your Cat

When buying any timed cat food dispenser for your feline, you must buy a toy that gives you good value for your money. Just as you would naturally love to purchase a toy that is both durable and of great importance for your kids, so too should you get your kitten a toy of great worth and durability.

: Microchip Pet Feeder For A Full House

Playing with your cat is unequivocally essential. At least, it helps it to utilise its instinct. Researchers have shown that when animals such as dogs and cats display their instincts, the benefit greatly. A microchip pet feeder allows them to eat and keep physically plus mentally sound for overall well-being.

: HACH Interactive Feather Smart Teaser Toy

Feather Smart Kitten Teaser In White

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Buy The Toys To Keep Indoor Cats Entertained

The importance of playing time for cats rank as high as feeding them properly. That is why you should spend some money to purchase as many cat toys as possible. The good thing is that pet toys are not expensive, and there are various them that you could get for your feline.

: Interactive Automated Cat Toys

It would be best if you had a wide variety of toys available for your cats to always keep them from being too bored with one particular toy. Some of the cat toys available in stores are truly interactive - some are even automated; however, they usually come in various sizes, shapes ad designs.

: Balls And And Tall Scratching Posts

Some cats could be fortunate to have an abundance of playing toys or even a whole room reserved for their playing periods. If this is not the case for your cat, you can still make them feel very happy with the wands, balls, teasers, and tall scratching posts.

: Flipping Fish Toys For Cats

While there may be the so-called 'best toys for cats', you need to realise that each cat is unique and has a personal preference. So while some cats may prefer a flipping fish, others might run terrifyingly away from it.

Brilliant Gifts For People Who Love To See Cats At Play

You only need to know what your cat likes. And that is why it is vital to purchase a variety of toys. Nevertheless, the classic teaser wands and laser pointers work fine for most cats, especially when they are still very much younger.

: Laser Pointer Cat Gift Ideas

It would help to have more than one teaser or bright laser pointer since younger felines usually love dangling items. This would be very useful when you want them to play with something else. Especially if they are temporarily immobile and unable to run around with a suspended laser pointer etc.

: XIAPIA Automatic Cat Water Dispenser Feeder

Cat Water Food Dispenser

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Safe Cat Enthusiast Gifts And Play Toys

Buying safe cat toys is a must if there are times when you are not always around with your cat. That way, your cats still have something safe to play within your absence. Some cat toys need you to stay vigilant with your cat while it is happily playing.

: Cat Stuff For Cat Lovers

For instance, 'furry moggy toys' are great to play with, but the danger is that if the furs are too loosened, your cat might accidentally swallow some. Also, wand toys need your vigilance when your cat plays with them.

Besides, you must check your cat's toys from time to time to look out for any that have imperfections that may render them unsafe for your cat - so you must toss them in the waste bin.

: Challenge Your Cat In A Mental Capacity

Remember always to have a variety of toy options for your cat. One thing with cats is that they can get quickly bored with one particular toy. So always ensure to mix things up for them. This is to ensure they are still getting something that challenges them mentally.

Try to have a proper blend of gifts for people who love cats that offer simple challenges and formidable ones. If the challenge is too easy or too difficult to figure out, your cat might lose interest quickly.