Automated Cat Feeder Dispensers With In-Built Timers

Updated 24/02/2020:
Simple to function cat food dispensers for routine timed meal periods daily, so quit stressing about remembering and give pets convenient 7 days entry to their meals. The automatic cat food dispensers control portions and maintain regular pet feeding plans.

WiFi feeding stations prevent guzzling to prevent bloat or choking. A timed cat feeder is equipment to let you feed your pet cat at frequent periods without your presence.

PetKit Cat Food Dispenser WiFi App

Cat Food Dispenser With White Mobile Phone

£128   PetKit Cat Food Dispenser WiFi - Get It!  

PetTec Smart Timed Cat Feeder Dispensing Bowl


  • Easily Reward Your Pet
  • Battery Or Mains Power


  • None..

Timed Cat Feeder Bowl In White With Tray

£94   PetTec Smart Timed Cat Feeder - Get It!  

HoneyGuardian Automatic Cat Food Dispenser


  • Dry And Moist Foods
  • Schedule To 6 Meals


  • None.

Cat Food Dispenser With Blue LCD Panel

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Auto Cat Feeder Features And Benefits

Cat feeders fluctuate hugely in the selection of features they present, so being aware of what those features are and if your cat benefits can help you make an educated ordering call. They let you influence just how much - and how frequently your cat consumes.

How Much Will Your Cat Eat?

Capability is amongst the first points you must think of whenever considering investing in a cat feeder station. Evaluate only how much your cat consumes per day - then assess just 'how many dishes' in Litres that you require your feeder to maintain.

One Or More Cats To Feed?

For those who have several cats to nourish, the smaller sized capacity feeders are basically not sufficient, so possessing a substantial proportion bowl is essential.

Ensure Your Cat Eats When You Go Away

When you plan on utilising your pet food dispenser to supply your feline when you are on your trip for one day roughly, the total capacity criteria will alter from somebody who intends making use of the feeder as a long lasting feeding option, which simply demands to top up regularly.

Arrange When Cat Food Is Served

A discerning cat feeder is incredibly beneficial if you have many cats or need distinctive diet plans. Pussy cat feeders all permit you to arrange when your cat food is distributed, that certainly is a primary reason that so many individuals buy them.

Setting The Cat Food Bowl Timer

Arranging alternatives will be different from every feeder concerning the company and version. Many more recent cat food timers may be appointed to distribute approximately 8 meals per day of differing magnitudes over a 48-hour timer, or perhaps much longer.

How Much Food You Need To Refill

You should take into consideration how frequently you will need the automatic pet feeder taking your place throughout a typical workweek if you have time to replenish it daily. You could possibly choose something you simply need to refill daily each week.

SkyMee Cat Feeding Station WiFi iPhone/Android


  • Monitor Your Pet Via Cam
  • Large Automated Feeder


  • None

White Cat Feeding Station With Front Cam

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SailNovo Automatic Pet Food Dispenser Timer

Pet Food Dispenser With White Big Bowl

£32   SailNovo Pet Food Dispenser - Get It!  

UUNITONA Automatic Cat Food Timer WiFi RC


  • See Your Cat Eating
  • Lid Keeps Food Fresh


  • None..

Automatic Cat Food Timer With Black Tray

£129   UUNITONA WiFi Auto Cat Food Timer - Get It!  

KatzeTatze Cat Bowl Timer Automatic Dispenser


  • Daily Distribution Alerts
  • Programmed Meal Served


  • None.

Cat Bowl Timer With Top See-Through Cover

£67   KatzeTatze Cat Bowl Timer Dispenser - Get It!  

How To Use An Auto Cat Food Dispenser

Feeders which usually require frequently replenishing use a cover which is manipulated using a timer device. It frees the cover revealing a bowl of food, which means that your cat can eat. These types acknowledge wet/dry food and can be set-up via microchip feeding entry.

Set-Up Food Refilling Schedules

More durable cat bowl timer feeders generally distribute dry food, nevertheless can frequently carry on some days between refilling. Timers are at the centre of auto feeding equipment. They supply a resource of food to your cat when you cannot be there to accomplish it yourself.

Cat Food Dispensers With WiFi And APP

A number of the more complicated feeders including highlights like WiFi and APP interaction via iOS or Android, but integrated digital cameras might need to be connected to the wall structure, which will influence where you could position them.

Battery Or Mains Pet Food Dispenser?

For those who have a particular set-up idea where you want to place the dispenser, make sure you possibly purchase a battery controlled cat food dispenser - or maybe that you have got a connector outlet nearby.

Dry And Wet Food Distribution

Just about all cat feeders are prepared for dry food but operate far better in a feeder since it may be easily distributed with virtually no chaos of food remains becoming 'caught' in the holder. This may frequently bring about cats bumping feeders over and making an enormous mess.

If you choose to feed your amazing cat wet meals, ensure you obtain an automatic pet feeder that will have the ability to endure a cat intrusion.

JemPet Auto Pet Feeding Machine With Alexa


  • Easy Setup With Alexa
  • Enjoy 2 Way Chats


  • None..

Pet Feeding Machine With Brown Tray

£143   JemPet Pet Feeding Machine - Get It!  

Amzdeal 5.5 L Automatic Cat Food Dispenser

The automatic cat food dispenser is just right for determining consistent meal occasions for your animals. Especially suitable to diabetic dogs, pups and also kittens that demand mini eats at consistent time intervals.

Auto Cat Food Dispenser In Black Finish

Concluded with an effortless to use LCD platform command which enables you to arrange food times as postulated. The integrated microphone and audio speaker enable you to record individualised content to be represented on meal time periods.
[Rating: 9/10]   £27 - Get It → Amzdeal Auto Cat Food Dispenser

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Keep Cat Food As Fresh As Possible

The pet food dispenser suitable for wet food will need to include temperature control, which ensures you keep wet food somewhat fresh. Ordinarily, this technique will consist of a smaller pocket beneath the food safe-keeping area where cold blocks may be amassed.

Guarantees And User Guides

Do browse the guide just before it's put in place as it is going to include all protection details and other useful information, like the customer care details should your system break downs for any purpose. Position the cat feeder station on a 'flat secure surface' area.

Pet Feeder Machine Upkeep

Clean the cat feeder as required or recommended to extend the sustainability of the equipment, it helps prevent unwanted organisms or mould accumulation - and retains your cat safe and sound.

Ensure Your Cat Never Misses Their Meal

On top of any regular service and replenishing, anticipate to regularly examine the timed cat feeder to make sure there are no obstructions that could ruin your equipment and unintentionally bring about your cat to miss their food times.

If you're a cat lover person, an automatic cat food dispenser might be a perfect option for your home and choosing the right one that could be best for you and your feline.

Lalagouk Cat Feeding Station And Water Dispenser

This impressive cat feeding station with water dispenser is created of eco secure, nonpoisonous PVC. It deploys a semi-transparent grain safe keeping casks concept, and it's effortless to find out leftover total capacity to accommodate the every day food demands of animals.

Cat Feeding Water Station Filled With Dry Food


  • Disassembles For Clean Up
  • Automatic Food Filling


  • None.

First off, arrange the grain safe keeping barrels directly in to the base to accomplish the set-up of the animal feeder, then open up the cover on top of store barrels, bestow food items to feed.

Sporadically cleanse the interior of the bottle in addition to pallet to guarantee animal health, never deploy cleaning corrosive cleansing agents to wash this merchandise.
[Rating: 9/10]   £28 - Get It → Lalagouk Cat Feeding Water Station

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PetSafe Programmable Timed Cat Food Dispenser

Completely programmable, the well-preserved timed cat food dispenser is easy to operate with a relaxed strategy to feed your animal as well as simplify your life-style. It instantly feeds your cat, helping you arrange regardless if you're asleep, at work or distant.

Timed Cat Food Dispenser With Steel Bowl

The 'slow eating' alternative is a perfect resolution for any animal that eats up excessively fast, assisting to forestall bloat or vomiting. Less refills are necessitated using the 24 cup potential container and it's dish washing machine secure components make cleansing fast and simple.
[Rating: 9/10]   £118 - Get It → PetSafe Timed Food Dispenser

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Cat Food Dispensers With Easy Set-Up And Portion Control

Just about all feeders are battery controlled, ordinarily necessitating one or two. Kitty feeders, especially the more recent, are made in a very power efficient approach, which means you will get several months functionality from the batteries.

TD 4.3L Auto Electronic Cat Food Dispenser

Excellent electronic cat food dispenser that makes eating fuss free for animal dietary wellness and welfare. Custom-made animal feeder that's impressive for cats as well as mini or moderate sized dogs.

Battery Cat Food Dispenser With Tray On Bottom


  • LCD Control Panel
  • Alerts You To Refill


  • None

Record individualised meal call back to 20 seconds as well as play 3 times prior to food eating begins. The sensor device internally blocks eating plans instantly as soon as the dished out food is in excess of 13 helpings inside the food container.
[Rating: 9/10]   £59 - Get It → TD E Cat Food Dispenser

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GemPet Cat Feeding Bowl With Timer 5 Meals

The wholesome option for your pets, this cat feeding bowl with timer for 5 meals enables you absolute control of your animal's helpings and eating schedules. All your pets are not able to binge and acquire body weight - and they may be conditioned to discover your voice as well as acknowledge incisively the time for food.

1.2L Cat Feeding Bowl With Timer And Kitten


  • Very Simple To Set-Up
  • 5 Food Compartments


  • None.

Control up to 5 foods for every day time with each dinner 240 ml, all adequate to 1.2 Litres total capacity. Easily removed container and holder, but simple to cleanse and arrange the clock time.
[Rating: 9/10]   £39 - Get It → GemPet Cat Feeding Bowl Timer

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Cat Mate Filtered Water Fountain For Your Cat

This cat water fountain has been cautiously configured to urge your small pet to drink. Your animals will adore the clean, brisk falling water supply this fountain supplies.

Water Fountain For Your Cat In All White

The cartridge will be substituted each month or perhaps preferably sooner if compelled. The pump's production is effortlessly versatile and the easy current is guided down a sloped water supply incline to eradicate spattering and contract water release.

The pump system features a low voltage electrical power resource for protection and is furnished with a 3 metres electrical power wire for informality of positioning.
[Rating: 9/10]   £24 - Get It → Water Fountain For Your Cat

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These kinds of programmable cat food timer assure your cat has access to the appropriate servings at regular periods when you are just not there.

The cat food dispenser is just right to set-up your animal's meals ahead of time - and the automatic dispensers assure your pet always eats precisely the appropriate amount of food.