10 Best Power Pencil Sharpeners With Shavings Holder

Updated 12/01/2020:
These reliable, non-gimmick electric pencil sharpeners are perfect for efficient, simple operation and are implausibly fast, plus easy to function. Put the pencil in the hole and it performs the whole process. The transparent window allows you to observe if it needs to empty. Perfect for bingo, school, office.

Our favourite battery pencil sharpeners provide you with the point you are looking for. That feared leftover wood shavings everywhere is finished. Obtain the best pencil point for coloured, graphite and regular pencils. Several include configurations for sharp, moderate or blunt solutions.

: Latow USB Rechargeable Desk Pencil Sharpener

USB Desk Pencil Sharpener In Blue And Black

£22   Latow Rechargeable Pencil Sharpener - Get It!  

: Qhui USB Or Battery Desktop Pencil Sharpener


  • Translucent Shavings Box
  • Twin Power Supply


  • None..

Blue USB Battery Pencil Sharpener With 2 Holes

£12   Qhui USB Battery Pencil Sharpener - Get It!  

: Office1st Battery Pencil Sharpener With Dual Blades


  • Safe For All Kids
  • Great Value Sharpener


  • None..

Blue Sharpener With Transparent Shavings Container

£16   Office1st Battery Pencil Sharpener - Get It!  

Who Needs An Electric Pencil Sharpener?

The desk pencil sharpener is an excellent fit for classes or even places of work in which a large number of individuals are likely to be deploying it. All of us have their particular personal preferences with regards to pencils, but the electric powered sharpener can virtually cater to anybody.

How Sharp Do You Want The Pencil?

Using configurations of sharp, medium or even blunt, you may choose automatic pencil sharpener under your requirements, an excellent option for all children, pupils, instructors, designers, technicians, commercial creators, specialists as well as people who run businesses.

Are They Safe For Kids To Use?

If the shaving cover is taken away, the battery-operated pencil sharpener stops functioning immediately. Your children can efficiently operate this type of sharpener quickly and easily. Absolutely no questions of safety, non-recourse of hurting any small fingertips.

Helical Sharpened Pencil Points

The specially engineered helical edge generates 'well-sharpened point' each and every time, so by no means receive an irregular tip, in no way find yourself in trouble and they prolong the pencil lifespan.

Which Power Supply Is Available?

For desktop pencil sharpener power supply, you can utilise a USB adapter, an AC adapter - alternatively, you can make use of AA batteries to hone any pencil within seconds.
It just needs a few seconds to hone using top quality and sturdy helical stainless steel blade - and the electric power sharp pencil sharpener sharpens repeatedly devoid of deteriorating.

Shavings Container And Blade Safety

An easy task to function as well as thoroughly clean, electric-powered pencil sharpeners for children is quite simple to function and thoroughly clean. When youngsters push the pencil in the sharpener, it will complete in seconds. The automatic pencil sharpener is going to cease working if the shavings container is opened.

: Tihoo Automatic Pencil Sharpener With AA Batteries


  • Big Capacity Shavings
  • Only 5 To 10 Seconds


  • None

Automatic Pencil Sharpener With Black Exterior

£16   Tihoo Automatic Pencil Sharpener - Get It!  

: WOWPCA Electric Pencil Sharpener Battery Or USB


  • High Tech Sharpener
  • Looks Fantastic!


  • None..

White Electric Pencil Sharpener In Robot Style

£12   WOWPCA Electric Pencil Sharpener - Get It!  

: OMZER USB Operated Pencil Sharpener Helical Blade


  • AC Power Adapter
  • Heavy Duty Blades


  • None..

USB Pencil Sharpener In Black Finish

£20   OMZER USB Operated Pencil Sharpener - Get It!  

Battery Pencil Sharpener Features To Look Out For

The appearance of a desk pencil sharpener must allow for as numerous pencil designs as is possible. Decide on a device which will hone hexagonal, round and triangular in shape pencils without difficulty. Some sharpeners are designed for various styles, but you will find the types meant to allow for a specific shape.

For More Than One Type Of Pencil

Should you not merely cope with one type of composing or sketching pencil, the style of your sharpener is significant. To put it differently, the more flexible a battery pencil sharpener is - the more beneficial it is.

Steadiness Whenever Functioning

If young children are utilising the sharpener, you might like to think about a device which includes non-skid legs to avoid unintentional motion throughout functioning.

The Ideal Gift For All Age Groups

Perfect for households, business office, college, facilities as well as ideal for university students, young children, specialists, designers, lecturers as well as other organisations. The design and style of an electric pencil sharpener are incredibly attractive - plus an excellent present for kids or acquaintances.

: JFQSUNSIN Battery Power Pencil Sharpener

A mobile battery powered pencil sharpener using dual detached holes for diverse dimensions of pencils which may be introduced for pointing.

Two individual holes for contrasting pencil dimensions and easily removed accumulating scrap container. First-class carbon steel blades plus big shavings holder for quicker cutting functioning.

4 AA Powered Pencil Sharpener In Yellow And Black

Small sized and light weight so it's possible to carry with you any-place. Operated by 4 part size AA batteries for transportable deployment, plus a couple of substitute edges in addition to a small screwdriver are incorporated.

Automate performance of the sharpener just by putting in the tip to the opening.
[Rating: 9/10]   £12 Get It → JFQSUNSIN Battery Pencil Sharpener

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Battery Operated Pencil Sharpeners Mains Or USB Good

: Jelly Comb Battery Pencil Sharpener

This first-class heavy duty battery pencil sharpener is the answer to maintaining your tip in first-rate condition.

Those who work with 'coloured pens' as well as regular pencils will adore the power to transport the sharpener with them anyplace. It functions promptly and softly to present the ideal point - systematically utilising batteries, AC or perhaps USB.

Battery Pencil Sharpener In Blue


  • Ample Shavings Reservoir
  • Auto-Stop Mechanics


  • None..

High powered and compact construction, agreeable with 3 kinds of power resources.

The substantial motor and light construction make it just right for function in the household, school time, or even in the work place. The compact dimensions passes this item effortlessly mobile and it's agreeable with regular or colour pencils.
[Rating: 9/10]   £12 Get It → Jelly Battery Pencil Sharpener

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: Cyan Automatic Pencil Sharpener Battery

Maintain your pencils razor sharp and prepare nicely with the assistance of this effective automatic pencil sharpener. A protection locking mechanism functionality ceases as soon as the shavings holder is dispatched.

Just right as a 'present for children' in school season and may be operated by possibly USB power or even 4 AA batteries.

Automatic Pencil Sharpener In Black And White

Will never over-sharpen as automated stagnating takes effect as soon as the pencil has been trimmed inside 0.3 to 0.5 mm so you will not need to concern with a pointed tip ruining your piece of work.

Sharp and long-wearing SK5 stainless steel blade with quick and balanced cutting operation with core conception, greatly expanding life-span.
[Rating: 9/10]   £12 Get It → Cyan Automatic Pencil Sharpener

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: Swordfish Battery Sharpener For Pencils

Every bit a robust and accurate device, this battery sharpener for pencils features a sharp regular blade encased in a small sized purple PVC area.

It has been contrived with the requirements of the advanced end user in mind and it's equally effortless to deploy and very quick. Compact dimensions renders it extremely transportable.

AA Battery Operated Sharpener With Blue Exterior


  • Sharpens Pin Pointed
  • Easy To Use And Fast


  • None.

It is perfect for functioning in the household, office, school-time or perhaps university, and is going to instantly sharpen up your pencil whenever it’s slipped in.

A security function contracts electrical power whenever the shavings container is absented. It's just right for practically all regular 8mm size pencils and demands 4 x AA batteries.
[Rating: 9/10]   £9 Get It → Swordfish Battery Sharpener

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: OfficePro Powered Colour Pencil Sharpener

This particular electric powered colour pencil sharpener is among the very finest work place helpers you can buy. The superior steel spiral cutting blade with automatic end functioning guarantees the ideal point time after time.

Utilising this particular battery controlled instrument, you will never excess sharpen up once more. It is flawless for home office, home base and school-time deployment.

The electric powered device includes revolutionary protection characteristics, so whenever the shavings ledge is opened up throughout functioning, the cutting blades stop instantly. Automatic block focusing guarantees a regular point, however safeguarding little hands, it renders an impressive school room assistant.

Pencil Sharpener With Transparent Shavings Container


  • Steel Helical Blades
  • Premium Pencil Sharpener


  • None..

Step aside from that wall structure fixed hand-operated product. It features a slender ergonomic conception which accommodates comfortably in to just about any case and eradicates the motive for the retro instruments of old.

This excellent power sharpener is forever set-up to present a regular exquisite point while housing all the shaves. Whenever it is time to evacuate the wood shavings, merely accommodate it in a dust bin - in addition open the holder, ditch the reservoir and substitute it.
[Rating: 9/10]   £16 Get It → OfficePro Colour Pencil Sharpener

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Dependable fast electric pencil sharpeners that oblige diverse dimensions of regular or diverse lead pencils. Block procedure as soon as the shavings container is absented.

They're low noise devices with super fast performance. Easy clean tray and appropriate for lead or colour pencils sized 6 to 8 mm, or 9 to 12 mm.