Digital Microwave Ovens Combi, Grill And Convection

Perfectly Sized Fashionable 900 W Microwave Ovens

Modishly contrived 900 Watts microwave ovens that adopt less area upon your cooking area worktop and project quick and exhaustive procedure. Effortless to use controls signify simple access to the menu, and the LED illuminations reveal settings for different foods, as well as de-frost or even hot grill.

Combination Microwave Ovens With Fast Auto-Cook

Why are combi microwave ovens more advanced than typical microwaves? You can grill and oven cook with our stylish models. Flexible combi microwaves incorporate extra auto functions, like weight automated defrost, reheat features and several pre-set programmes..

Solo Microwave With Glass Door

: Which Microwave Oven Is Best For Your Home?

Compact microwaves are found in pretty much every home in the country, along with many break rooms and office kitchens. You might not spend much time thinking about this kitchen appliance, but they are undoubtedly convenient, allowing cooks to prepare or reheat meals with ease.

These digital microwave appliances might be speedy and convenient, but they don't replace a conventional oven. You can use them both in tandem of course since the countertop ovens work different ways and each has its own specific uses.

: Why Microwaves Are So Useful

Every home cook who depends on their microwave oven known only too well how effective and time-saving it is. Something that would take 'half an hour' in a 900 Watts microwave to heat up in the range can be piping hot after a minute or so in the microwave, and you don't have to waste resources and time preheating the microwave either.

Some microwaves feature a broiler (grill) function to crisp and brown your food. Others might even have a rotisserie type spit, meaning you could roast a chicken in there if you wanted to. Of course, you would probably still opt for roasting it in the oven, but it is nice to have the added options these new, feature-packed small microwave ovens offer.

Steel Touch Control Microwave

: How Does A Microwave Oven Work?

A microwave cooks food using radio waves. A type of electromagnetic radiation waves is used to make the molecules in food move, which produces thermal energy. This is what allows the food to warm up and cook.

In this way, microwaves are good at stimulating the fat and moisture in foods to make heat, and you can melt some foods in the microwave (butter or chocolate for example) without the risk of scorching.

: A Word About Safety

When microwave ovens first came on to the market several decades ago, there was some confusion about whether they were safe to use.

This is because microwaves produce electromagnetic radiation. However, this type of radiation is entirely safe (even light is made of electromagnetic radiation!) Microwaves are compact ovens also known to preserve the nutrition in food, as well as the flavour.

: What Size Microwave To Buy

Just like most other kitchen appliances, microwave ovens come in various sizes and capacities, measured in litres. Get a stylish red or black microwave to spruce up your kitchen countertop.

15 Litres Or Smaller:
A compact combi microwave oven and grill would work for a 1 or 2-person family. It is big enough to cook pasta, rice, baked potatoes, vegetables, or thaw a ready-made meal.

15 - 20/25 Litres Microwave
This would be the right choice for a family of up to 4 people. As well as the basics, you can use this size of microwave to make loaves of bread and cakes, roast meats and more.

20 - 30 Litres:
Now we are getting into the bigger ones. This size of microwave oven would suit a family of 4 to 6 people. You will find it large enough for all your microwaving needs, although of course, it is going to occupy more space than a compact or medium size one.

: Different Kinds Of Microwaves

There is more choice of cooking heat control features today than ever before when it comes to picking out a new microwave. Installation options include built-in, over the range and countertop microwaves.
You can also choose from different powers and Wattage, although a difference of about 100 Watts is barely going to make a difference. Let us take a look at some of the terms used for microwave ovens, and see which would suit your kitchen the best:

Black Digital Combination Microwave Oven

: The Grill Microwave

Grill microwave ovens enable you to toast or grill and broil in there. This would be an ideal type to choose if you want more freedom to make a more significant variety of meals in there.

: Combination Microwave Oven

A combination microwave, or combi-oven, has more features than a basic microwave. This appliance can cook like a conventional oven only faster. A combination microwave convection oven would be a good idea for a small kitchen without a traditional oven or with a tiny one.

: Convection Microwave

This one has a fan which blows hot air around all sides of the dish, resulting in evenly cooked food. Some models come with a browning option which replicates broiling in a conventional oven.

: Countertop (Freestanding) Microwave

A countertop microwave can be plugged into any outlet and offers the convenience of sitting right there on the countertop. These tend to be affordably priced, and there is no installation required. These can take up a fair amount of space though and will not have an outdoor ventilation system.

Countertop freestanding combination ovens are easy to move if you are moving house or changing your kitchen around, and you can choose from any type of double oven microwave.

Steel 22 L Digital Microwave Oven

: Built-In Microwave

A popular option nowadays, built-in microwaves can be built into a wall or surrounded by cabinets. They can go above or below a wall oven, or even glide out as a microwave drawer for easy access. Unlike a freestanding or countertop model, however, a built-in microwave will probably stay when you move house.

Choose from standard, combination or grill microwave cooking - any of them can be built in at eye level and out of reach of the kids. Built-in microwave ovens look good in modern, sleek kitchens because they can integrate seamlessly.
Stainless steel is a popular option for microwave and oven combos, although they come in many colours. Some models offer a convection feature too.

: Over-The-Range Microwave

This is an excellent choice if you want to maximize function while saving on space. An over-the-range microwave oven combines a microwave oven with a range hood, and you can also add venting and lighting.

Venting power is shown as cubic feet per minute, or CFM. Vented hoods send the exhaust outside while models without venting circulate the air indoors via a grease-trapping carbon filter you need to replace occasionally. Most 'over-the-range microwaves' are about 30 inches in width although you can get other dimensions too.

Dual Heater Combi Microwave With Dial

: Turntable vs Flatbed

A lot of modern microwave ovens have a turntable to rotate your food while it cooks, although there are also flatbed options. Turntables are suitable for ensuring your food cooks evenly, and you can also remove the turntable for easy cleanup.

Flatbeds offer a larger cooking area, however, and you can get various shapes of cookware in there. There is no spinning plate in the way so you can wipe down the inside of the microwave easily after use.

: Microwave Oven Features Explained

New microwave oven features are being innovated all the time, as manufacturers try to get the edge over their competition. This means there are some great features you can choose from now, making microwaves all the more easy and convenient - even cooking rice etc. Some of the handy features you might want to have include:

: Speed Cook And Sensors

This is a combination of microwave cooking and convection cooking, in that you can expect the speed of a microwave with the results of a conventional oven.
Some microwaves have sensors which can automatically figure out the temperature and time needed to bring your food to an optimum temperature before automatically shutting off the power to prevent overcooking.

Dinesty Retro Microwave In Red

: Shortcut Keys

These are preset option cycles for popular foods and hot drinks, so rather than having to program in weight and time, or guess how long to cook the food for, you just press one button. Examples of shortcut keys include hot drinks, heat-up pizza or popcorn.
Some shortcut keys let you add time to the cooking period without having to shut off the oven, while others might include reheat or thaw options.

: Non-Stick Interior

Nonstick coatings make light work of cleanup since you can simply wipe the microwave oven interior with a moist cloth. Most appliance stainless steel interiors can also be wiped clean, and they don't absorb odours either.

: As For True Electric Power Reduction

Several microwave ovens can cycle between full power and no power during cooking, which means better thawing without burnt or cooked edges, as well as more even cooking.

Compact Microwave Ovens In Red, Black And Steel Finish

: High Wattage Cooking

The wattage of a microwave oven tells you how powerful it is and how quickly the food can cook in there. A high-wattage microwave will cook significantly quicker than a low-wattage model. Ensure the wiring you have in your home matches the wattage and amp requirements of the microwave oven you are buying.

: Even More Useful Microwave Features:

Microwave Oven With Black Handle

The sheer amount of features and functions microwaves offer today can make it challenging to make a decision. However, once you have a budget in mind, and have figured out whether you want a countertop or built-in model, you can fine-tune your selection by picking out the most desirable features you want your microwave oven to have.