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Selection Of Compact Microwave Ovens 25 Litres

Updated 19/02/2020:
Our smart design 25 Litre microwave ovens are the standard size, not too big or small. The compact microwave considers less room on your kitchen countertop for the fast cooking process. Stylish black, silver and brushed-steel microwaves with simple menus and LED screen settings.

We gauge the net capacity of the ovens in Litres, but compact microwaves start at about 20 Litres increasing to the bigger combination microwaves at 35 Litres plus.

Toshiba Chrome Microwave Pre-Programmed Cook

Chrome Microwave With Black Keypad

£72   Toshiba Chrome Microwave Oven - Get It!  

H.Koenig Black Silver Microwave With Grill 25L


  • Mirror Finished Look
  • Comes With Accessories


  • None..

Black Silver Microwave With Steel Handle

£89   H.Koenig Black And Silver Microwave - Get It!  

R.Hobbs Brushed Steel Mirror Microwave 25L


  • Automatic Defrosing
  • Clock Countdown Timer


  • None

Mirror Microwave With Chrome Dial

£92   R.Hobbs Brushed Steel Microwave 25L - Get It!  

Which Microwave Type And Size?

Microwave ovens are fantastic for reheating lasagna, thawing frozen snacks plus much more - and are adequate to cook a decent size roast dinner. Furthermore, to conserve time, the best microwave ovens here likewise will save electric.

Power Saving Advantages

The basic microwave oven can remove a good deal of 'squandered power' use in the kitchen space through the energy necessary to heat an old-fashioned oven. Even to the misuse associated with heating up a kettle of drinking water when all you require is a cup of tea.

Countertop Oven Power Ability

Should you be wanting to buy a new digital microwave oven, you might have found that the number of versions and selections can be misleading. In the event you purchase a countertop microwave, check out the best proportions and electric power ability to your preferences.

Perfect For Fast Tasty Snacks

It was once that microwave ovens were almost all precisely the same simple home appliances that could thaw an iced burger or reheat in just a couple of minutes. They had a status for rapid ease, but its approximated that most people's homes now possess a microwave in their kitchen.

Using A Programmed Keypad To Prepare

Depending on the version you purchase, a microwave oven can perform browning and grill food products like a regular electric oven. They put together specific quality recipes using a programmed keypad and prepare whole meals without reaching extreme temperatures in the kitchen.

Need Hot Air To Roast And Grill?

The standard microwave oven releases rays/waves, which usually move across the glass as well as plastic material containers to prepare/heat foods. A typical convection microwave oven combines a fundamental concept with lively heat and pushing hot air to help you to roast and grill.

Microwaves incorporate speed with overall flexibility and technological know-how to make a piece of intelligent kitchen equipment, all in an assortment of designs and colours.

Sharp Small Silver Microwave 25 L Solo Touch

Small Microwave With See-Through Door

£89   Sharp Small Silver Microwave 25 L - Get It!  

Severin Quiet Cheap Silver Microwave Grill


  • Pizza Plate Included
  • Stainless Steel Silver


  • None.

Silver Microwave Grill With Blue LED Display

£169   Severin Silver Microwave Grill - Get It!  

Efbe-Schott Retro 25 Litres Red Microwave Oven

Retro 25 Red Microwave Oven With Silver Handle

£196   Efbe-Schott Retro 25 Litres Microwave - Get It!  

Klarstein Compact Silver Microwave With Grill 25L


  • Warm Up And Defrost
  • Prepare Quick Meals


  • None..

Compact Silver Microwave With Black Glass

£164   Klarstein Compact Silver Microwave Grill - Get It!  

How To Assess Microwave Features

Most convection microwave ovens possess a heating component and a fan to flow the warmed air. This brings about a more complete, consistent task of cooking food. The speed cook design on some models features a pan for preparing and crisping loaves of bread.

High Heat To Grill And Roast Food

A further option heating system technique blends microwaves with extreme light from a quartz halogen bulb to grill and roast foods. This technological know-how in halogen ovens provides colour and flavour to meat, although boosting food preparation instances.

Cooking Methods Within The Oven

Seeing that the microwave ovens enable diverse cooking methods within their oven, be prepared to spend somewhat more. Household usage steel or mirror microwaves can be purchased in several lengths and widths and designs.

Reheating And Thawing Foods

Countertop microwaves, also referred to as compact or small microwaves are a super category and the most preferred decision among customers for reheating food items, thawing iced meals, producing snack foods, and comparable casual food preparation jobs.

A standard with typical dimensions are 18 inches by 16 inches in depth, and 11.5 inches high. Capability usually is 1 cu ft, and their electric power is generally somewhere between 600 and 1200 Watts. Countertop microwaves will be manageable, so you take them with you should you relocate.

Enough Space On The Countertop

Remember that a countertop microwave will require spacious and rather useful kitchen work area. Several versions include packages that allow you to attach the kitchen appliance beneath a cabinet to prevent this challenge.

Just about all types possess 'multi-speed fans' which usually distribute air applying changeable charcoal filter systems. These kinds of products need not be vented outdoors. A few fans likewise activate instantly if a cooktop becomes excessively hot, safeguarding the microwave.

Quattro 1000W Microwave Stainless Steel Interior

This first-class quality 25 LTR 1000W microwave with stainless steel interior oven adds fabulous flexibility to each day cooking, no matter the style of organisation you possess.

25 Litres Steel Microwave With Polished Look

This new 25 Litre microwave oven is an impressive purchase whenever you compare it to other examples, you'll discover that this includes superior value. Using a solid, easy hand-grip for the border opening threshold, as well as durable door locks contrary to many additional examples, this microwave possesses obvious high calibre.
[Rating: 9/10]   £199 Get It → Quattro Stainless Steel Microwave

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ElectriQ Black And Silver Microwave 900 Watts

This excellent 25 Litres black and silver microwave includes the power to microwave, hot grill or perhaps cook. It's possible to deploy this modern oven to set-up, control and cook your food items with effective and pleasant-tasting outcomes.

Microwave With Curve Handle


  • Humidity Sensor Menus
  • Cook With Precision


  • None

Including a steel interior plus curved handgrip, this first-class microwave possesses a superior and refined look, which will appear impressive on your particular cooking area counter top. It seamlessly complements additional kitchen home appliances and delivers potent arrangement of electrical power for every cooking strategy.
[Rating: 9/10]   £219 Get It → ElectriQ Black Silver Microwave

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Microwave With Or Without Turntable?

The streamlined unit must be able to maintain one big dinner plate. These types of more compact microwaves produce 600 to 900 Watts. Take into account that the lower the electric power, the longer it requires to prepare meals.

Boil Water And Cook The Pizza

Those microwave toasting ovens certainly are a variation of the small microwave. They will heat meals for just one, heat up water for tea and then hot chocolate or act as your pizza maker machine. More specialist designs may supply multi-configurations and automated cooking food options.

Ensuring Consistent Heat Cooking

It is advisable to feature a revolving glass dish or turntable in your oven to make sure of consistent cooking. You may need to stop the microwave a couple of times and turn the food items manually. Virtually all middle sized and large microwaves have detachable turntable units.

Safe practice features may not be conveniently or obviously experienced; nevertheless, they help ensure that the best microwave will never operate if the door opens up. Just about all ovens possess a few locking systems where if one particular lock falters, the back-up lock is successful.

Daewoo Quartz 900 W Cream Microwave Oven

A combination cream microwave oven that has been configured to contend with a broad spectrum of culinary necessitates. The fan power assisted convector oven boasts a 28 Litres easy to cleanse steel interior with Quartz grill plus high electrical power production.

Microwave Oven With Front LED

It features a keep hot functionality, steam clean feature, 10 electrical power stages, auto cooking as well as individual touch cook selections, automatic de-icing and cooking area time keeper functionality.

This lower power facility uses a kids safety catch to intercept little hands getting directly in to trouble.
[Rating: 9/10]   £62 Get It → Daewoo Cream Microwave Oven

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Igenix Large White Microwave Oven 900W

This particular advanced household sized large white microwave oven will accommodate virtually any family cooking area. It possesses a big 30 litres potential - nicely accommodating main meals. It features an effortless to utilise electronic push button and dial commands.

Microwave Oven 900W With Chrome Dial


  • Stylish Microwave Design
  • Programmed Cook Menus


  • None.

It's possible to grill, roast food, bake as well as microwave using it's 1100 Watts hot grill, 2500 Watts convector oven plus 900 Watts microwave production using 5 electrical power configurations. It's a genuinely multi operative cooking area home appliance with 10 pre-programmed automatic cook selections and de-ice environment.
[Rating: 9/10]   £97 Get It → Igenix White Microwave Oven

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Recommended Small To Medium 25 Litres Microwave Ovens

Considering that several microwave versions need space across your cooktop, you might have to eliminate a cupboard just before set-up. Some microwaves are ordered to exchange existing oven products, or every time a kitchen has been redesigned.

Small microwaves are the littlest ovens and work effectively in dormitory areas, office buildings and flats. Some individuals make use of these mini microwaves in yachts and camper vehicles.

CDA Standard Microwave 900W

An integral built-in standard microwave oven with convection and grill all in one, rendering this excellent and highly operative, fashionable composition of cooking area gear.

Microwave With Black Front

It possesses numerous characteristics - a few of which incorporate automatic function de-ice, an LED light time counter, quick start, 5 electrical power stages plus sound end indicator.

There is a protection key locking mechanism and it comes with steel insides, but additionally features 10 automatic cooking programmes via touch contact manager.
[Rating: 8/10]   £129 Get It → CDA Standard Microwave

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Bosch 25 LTR Microwave Oven With 5 Settings

Free standing small microwave oven with adjustable positioning to deploy for quick thaw, heating up and great preparation of meals. Flawless grilling consequences are rapidly and effortlessly accomplished due to it's high powered hot grill.

Microwave Oven In Silver Effect


  • 25 Litres Class A
  • Reheat And Defrost


  • None..

4 de-frost settings, 3 cook plans, 8 'combi' programs using the 900 Watts Quartz hot grill and microwave oven aggregated procedure. 5 configurations from 900 to 90 Watts with 25 Litres capacity. There is a big alphanumeric display for exposing cooking time periods as well as present time.
[Rating: 9/10]   £143 Get It → Bosch Small Microwave Oven

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Swan Retro Duck Egg Blue Microwave Oven

Vintage blue microwave oven providing high-end application for the fashion aware householder. The 800 Watts retrospective oven is a magnificent addition to just about any cooking area.

Oven With Right Handle Grip


  • Temper Glass Turntable
  • Pull Style Door Handle


  • None.

This home appliance simply not only looks superb, however it performs perfectly using a 24 cm turntable that's impressive enough to conciliate a broad collection of containers, mixing bowls as well as dishes. A convenient end process indicator allows you to acknowledge whenever your particular food is prepared.
[Rating: 9/10]   £71 Get It → Swan Retro Blue Microwave Oven

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Our selection of steel 25L microwave ovens in various styles comprise diverse energy levels, item weight defrosts, de-ice settings, automated cook models as well as 60 minutes timer. Many offer a kid's safety lock for peace of mind and a quickly removed turntable for washing.