Selection Of Compact Microwave Ovens 25 Litres

Updated 27/12/2021:
Our smart design 25 Litre microwave ovens are the standard size, not too big or small. The compact microwave considers less room on your kitchen countertop for the fast cooking process. Stylish black, silver and brushed-steel microwaves with simple menus and LED screen settings.

We gauge the net capacity of the ovens in Litres, but compact microwaves start at about 20 Litres increasing to the bigger combination microwaves at 35 Litres plus.

: Toshiba Microwave With Pre-Programmed Modes

Appreciate excellent results and a large selection of practical capabilities with this particular 800 Watts solo microwave oven - a champion of the BestBuy endorsement through magazine Which?

Created to contribute contemporary opportunities to your occupied lifestyle, this specific exceptional Toshiba microwave oven with auto defrost is jam-packed full of convenient functions. You will find a helpful user interface, internal lighting, and six food prep presets.

Quiet Operating Microwave Oven
Toshiba Microwave Oven

Cook French fries, frozen veg, refreshments and evening meal plates. It comes with a lovely finish and glass turntable - which makes it somewhat quick cleaning with a moist towel.

You may arrange 2 diverse food preparation phases, each with their personal period and electrical power stage. Thus enabling you to prepare your meals precisely.


  • Smart Polisished Steel
  • Easy Preset Functions


  • None here..

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Silent Motor Operation
  • 11 Grades Electric Power

Unique Selling Point:

  • Perfect For Pizza Creation
  • Brilliant For Fast Heat-Up

The various energy levels make this microwave perfect for a wide-ranging choice of heat-up jobs, from reduced to high temperatures and warming up leftovers. With this particular Toshiba microwave oven, you can effortlessly defrost several dishes flawlessly depending on the weight or even time frame.

Specs: 48 x 39 x 29 cm | 14 Kg | 800W | 6 Presets | 11 Modes | Kids Lock

Begin preparing food quickly by choosing the cooking period from 1 up to 6 minutes. Installed with five rotor fans, this tends to make it highly silent throughout use. The glass turntable revolves once the microwave activates to stop hotspots, offering consistent outcomes.

Chrome Microwave With Black Keypad

£84   Toshiba Chrome Microwave Oven - Get It!  

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: R.Hobbs Brushed Steel Mirror Microwave

This deserving microwave provides a fashionable and specialist perspective, promising a nice-looking mirror door surface finish, in addition to having an attractive appearance.

The kitchen appliance also incorporates extraordinary features with 900W microwave oven electric power - administering adequate and accessible food preparation in your own home.

The equipment possesses a roomy 25-litre opening capacity, perfectly appropriate for a large dimension evening meal plate. The Russell Hobbs Solo microwave is available with a completely removable and dishwasher secure glass turntable for quick washing.

Digital 900w Solo Microwave In Steel
Russell Hobbs 25L Digital Solo Microwave

Together with five microwave electrical power stages to pick from, you can assure your entire food is prepared or perhaps re-heated to the best possible environment.

Using the automated defrost configurations, you just have to type the weight from the food, so the microwave chooses the perfect defrost period.

In addition, it functions preset automatic cook selections, for example, french fries, seafood and fat-free popcorn kernels in oil, enabling you to prepare your entire preferred foodstuff at the press of just one display button.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Big Enough For Large Plate
  • Several Good Safety Options

Unique Selling Point:

  • Cook On Reduced Power
  • Effortless To Clean

The Features:


  • Automatic Defrosing
  • Clock Countdown Timer


  • None..

To avoid any kind of microwave accidents, it is strongly recommended for taking additional care with reduced moisture food items. Using this Russell Hobbs RHM2563 digital Solo microwave, these kinds of food should be prepared on low power for a brief period, or never.

Specs: Auto Defrost | 25L | 51 x 30 x 42 cm | Turntable 31 cm | 17Kg | 5 Modes

What about substantial sugar content ingredients such as jellies, syrups? These food types may become quickly warmed up when prepared inside a microwave oven. Foodstuff with alcoholic ingredients should not be ready in any microwave oven as it may ignite and cause harm.

Mirror Microwave With Chrome Dial

£108   R.Hobbs Brushed Steel Microwave - Get It!  

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: Severin Silver Microwave With Grill And Hot Air

Transforming into the best cooking area assistant, the microwave, together with scorching air, is remarkably flexible. The food reaches the appropriate high temperature, and your food will become brown/crispy to your own preference.

Convection can make this particular microwave start working as a comprehensive all-rounder inside your cooking area. You can use it as a substitute for your unique cooker.

The SEVERIN microwave oven will help make all the dinners you might typically undertake inside the oven. Furthermore, it's considerably more energy-efficient.

The proper heat is attained more quickly due to the smaller interior area, which will decrease the cooking period by approximately twenty percent.

Steel Microwave Oven Grill
SEVERIN Microwave With Silver/Steel Inner Zone

Due to the particular hot air feature, temperatures as high as 230 Celsius are feasible, allowing one to cook and prepare a wide selection of meals. Adjacent to the microwave functionality for thawing and heating, you can utilise the grill along with the convection process.

Select the required functionality and even the quantity of wattage concerning the food from ten various programmes. For selecting, you employ the rotary command plus the user interface. This particular microwave likewise has an effortlessly legible screen.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Useful Heated Air Cooking
  • Easy Read LED Touch Display

Unique Selling Point:

  • Easy Auto Cooking Presets
  • Defrost And Warm Up Food

The Features:


  • Pizza Plate Included
  • Stainless Steel Silver


  • Not at all

This is a premium quality microwave with a grill and heated air feature. It is all about cooking, thawing, heating and preparing your recipes. The SEVERIN microwave oven with grill comes with rotary and practical keys, plus a (Be-Silent) functionality.

Specs: 8 Settings | 55 x 55 x 35 cm | 16 Kg | 900, 1150, 2150W | 25L

Employing uncomplicated capabilities because of the preferred function, it is powerful and quick cleaning. You will find a steel food prep inner surface, a high-temperature proof physique, plus a crystal clear LED touch-controlled display.

Accompanied by a two-year guarantee and kids security locking mechanism, you will locate a non-stick pizza platter and detachable turntable.

Silver Microwave Grill With Blue LED Display

£169   Severin Silver Microwave Oven Grill - Get It!  

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: Which Microwave Type And Size?

Microwave ovens are fantastic for reheating lasagna, thawing frozen snacks plus much more - and are adequate to cook a decent size roast dinner. Furthermore, to conserve time, the best microwave ovens here likewise will save electric.

: Power Saving Advantages

The basic microwave oven can remove a good deal of 'squandered power' use in the kitchen space through the energy necessary to heat an old-fashioned oven. Even to the misuse associated with heating up a kettle of drinking water when all you require is a cup of tea.

: Countertop Oven Power Ability

Should you be wanting to buy a new digital microwave oven, you might have found that the number of versions and selections can be misleading. In the event you purchase a countertop microwave, check out the best proportions and electric power ability to your preferences.

: Perfect For Fast Tasty Snacks

It was once that microwave ovens were almost all precisely the same simple home appliances that could thaw an iced burger or reheat in just a couple of minutes. They had a status for rapid ease, but its approximated that most people's homes now possess a microwave in their kitchen.

: Using A Programmed Keypad To Prepare

Depending on the version you purchase, a microwave oven can perform browning and grill food products like a regular electric oven. They put together specific quality recipes using a programmed keypad and prepare whole meals without reaching extreme temperatures in the kitchen.

: Need Hot Air To Roast And Grill?

The standard microwave oven releases rays/waves, which usually move across the glass as well as plastic material containers to prepare/heat foods. A typical convection microwave oven combines a fundamental concept with lively heat and pushing hot air to help you to roast and grill.

Microwaves incorporate speed with overall flexibility and technological know-how to make a piece of intelligent kitchen equipment, all in an assortment of designs and colours.

: Quattro Stainless Steel Interior Microwave

This top-notch, meticulously produced microwave oven will provide outstanding overall flexibility to everyday food catering, regardless of the organisation you might have. It really is built to supply excellent efficiency every day in all brimming food facilities.

The Quattro microwave oven flatbed with 25 Litres comes with a flat foundation inside, simply no turntable like household microwaves - and possesses a user-friendly control panel.

25 Litres Steel Microwave With Polished Look

Very simple to use for re-heating, and together with 3 food preparation phases, you will find ten electric power concentrations. There are ten instantaneous memory applications and 200 system memory data inputs.

You can undoubtedly observe it is an extraordinarily versatile and mighty 1000 Watts business-oriented microwave oven. Produced to a beautiful standard in high-grade steel equally within and outside, this specific premium microwave oven will offer a high level of functionality and dependability.


  • First Class Kitchen Helper
  • Smart Memory Configurations


  • Pricey..

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Incredibly High Performance
  • Exceptionally Easy To Use

Unique Selling Point:

  • 200 User Memories Within
  • Looks Great Inside And Out

Kitchen Microwave Oven 25L
Quattro Microwave Oven Flatbed 25 Litres

This equipment provides an enormous inside cavity and arrives with a spectacularly high standard. This is a brilliant purchase, presented within an extraordinary saving from the list selling price. Especially whilst comparing it to comparative kitchen cooking products.

Specs: 32 x 32 x 20 cm | x10 Power | Easy Clean | Kids lock | 1000W | Fitted Plug

The Quattro microwave oven features a simple, thoroughly clean superior steel exterior and interior surface, providing evident high standards.

You will recognise that this item provides excellent affordability. Using a robust and effortless grip handle to the outside opening door, there are strong door catches, unlike many other versions.

[Rating: 9/10]   £244   Get It → Quattro Stainless Steel Microwave

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: Daewoo KO 800W ECO Mode Microwave Oven

User-friendly and uncomplicated, supplying 10 distinct electric power concentrations and auto cook. This microwave makes food prep that bit more uncomplicated. The concave structure gives 2 heat resources to prepare the food extensively.

Using a 20 Litres total capacity and 800 Watts electrical power, this Daewoo touch control microwave provides fast and successful cooking outcomes - well suited for a smaller home.

Microwave Oven With Front LED

A zero standby functionality exists to avoid wasting energy when not being used. The electricity quantities present temperature ranges to accommodate several different food products and a defrost feature.

Four automatic 'prepare food' selections instantly permit you to heat fresh vegetables, grain, pasta, and French fries immediately. Using the concave strategy consistently prepares your food for considerably better tasting success.

Besides the equipment substantial array of electrical power thresholds and cooking selections, this specific microwave oven supplies a larger total capacity. It permits an abundance of space to match any conventional evening meal plate.


  • Great For Students
  • Ideal For Bedsits


  • None whatsoever

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Unique Concave Configuration
  • Consistent Food Prep Success

Unique Selling Point:

  • Can Hold A Large Plate
  • Faster Defrost System

This particular commodious Daewoo touch control microwave inside likewise helps guarantee that the kitchen appliance is equally suited to any sizable household or even a modest home.

Specs: Zero Standby | ECO | 32 x 44 x 25 cm | 10.4 Kg | 10 Modes | 800 W

The exterior and interior include a durable wipe thoroughly clean layer, rendering it quick to wash and look after. An easy clean with a smooth towel right after each use is sufficient to keep your microwave fresh and ensure it retains its efficiency in the long run.

Touch Control Microwave Oven
Red Daewoo Touch Control Microwave Oven

It features a keep hot functionality, steam clean feature, 10 electrical power stages, auto cooking as well as individual touch cook selections, automatic de-icing and cooking area time keeper functionality. This lower power facility uses a kids safety catch to intercept little hands getting directly in to trouble.
[Rating: 9/10]   £74   Get It → Daewoo ECO Function Microwave Oven  

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: Igenix Large White Microwave Oven 900W

This particular advanced household sized large white microwave oven will accommodate virtually any family cooking area. It possesses a big 30 litres potential - nicely accommodating main meals. This Igenix IG3093 Solo microwave features an effortless to utilise electronic push button and dial commands.

White Microwave Oven With Chrome Dial

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Several Cooking Functions
  • White Finish Looks Superb

Unique Selling Point:

  • Easy Push Option Door
  • Auto Cook On The Timer

The Features:


  • Stylish Microwave Design
  • Programmed Cook Menus


  • Not here

Beautiful Digital Microwave Oven
Igenix IG3093 Solo Digital Microwave,

Specs: 10 Presets | Timer | 30 L | 16 Kg | 42 x 52 x 32 cm | 900W | Auto Defrost

It's possible to grill, roast food, bake as well as microwave using it's 1100 Watts hot grill, 2500 Watts convector oven plus 900 Watts microwave production using 5 electrical power configurations. The Igenix IG3093 is a genuinely multi operative cooking area home appliance with 10 pre-programmed automatic cook selections and de-ice environment.
[Rating: 9/10]   £119   Get It → Igenix SOLO White Microwave Oven

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: Microwave With Or Without Turntable?

The streamlined unit must be able to maintain one big dinner plate. These types of more compact microwaves produce 600 to 900 Watts. Take into account that the lower the electric power, the longer it requires to prepare meals.

Boil Water And Cook The Pizza

Those microwave toasting ovens certainly are a variation of the small microwave. They will heat meals for just one, heat up water for tea and then hot chocolate or act as your pizza maker machine. More specialist designs may supply multi-configurations and automated cooking food options.

Ensuring Consistent Heat Cooking

It is advisable to feature a revolving glass dish or turntable in your oven to make sure of consistent cooking. You may need to stop the microwave a couple of times and turn the food items manually. Virtually all middle sized and large microwaves have detachable turntable units.

Safe practice features may not be conveniently or obviously experienced; nevertheless, they help ensure that the best microwave will never operate if the door opens up. Just about all ovens possess a few locking systems where if one particular lock falters, the back-up lock is successful.

: Recommended Small To Medium 25 Litres Microwave Ovens

Considering that several microwave versions need space across your cooktop, you might have to eliminate a cupboard just before set-up. Some microwaves are ordered to exchange existing oven products, or every time a kitchen has been redesigned.

Small microwaves are the littlest ovens and work effectively in dormitory areas, office buildings and flats. Some individuals make use of these mini microwaves in yachts and camper vehicles.

: Cookology Stainless Steel Microwave 800W

An integral built-in standard microwave oven with convection and grill all in one, rendering this Cookology stainless steel microwave excellent and highly operative, fashionable composition of cooking area gear.

Microwave With Black Front


  • Auto Cook And Grill Feature
  • Powerful Food Prep Machine


  • No

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Durable Stainless Steel Finish
  • Use With Grill Or Without

Unique Selling Point:

  • Fast Starting Function
  • Defrost Your Food Easily

Specs: 800W | 20L | 60 x 38 cm | UK Plug | Kids Lock | AutoCook | CE Certified

This Cookology stainless steel microwave possesses numerous characteristics - a few of which incorporate automatic function de-ice, an LED light time counter, quick start, 5 electrical power stages plus sound end indicator. There is a protection key locking mechanism and the oven comes with steel insides, but additionally features 10 automatic cooking programmes via touch contact manager.
[Rating: 8/10]   £159 Get It → Cookology Microwave With Timer  

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: Swan Retro Duck Egg Blue Microwave Oven

Vintage blue microwave oven providing high-end application for the fashion aware householder. The Swan retro digital microwave 800 Watts retrospective oven is a magnificent addition to just about any cooking area.

Oven With Right Handle Grip

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Several Colours Available
  • Handy Timer Functionality

Unique Selling Point:

  • Ideal For Small Kitchen
  • Defrost And Heat-Up Meals

The Features:


  • Temper Glass Turntable
  • Pull Style Door Handle


  • No Cons Here

Blue Retro Digital Microwave Oven
Swan Retro Digital Microwave

Specs: 20 Litres | Timer | Retro Design | 32 x 44 x 26 cm | 10 Kg | 27cm Glass

This Swan retro digital microwave home appliance simply not only looks superb, however it performs perfectly using a 24 cm turntable that's impressive enough to conciliate a broad collection of containers, mixing bowls as well as dishes. A convenient end process indicator allows you to acknowledge whenever your particular food is prepared.
[Rating: 9/10]   £74   Get It → Swan Retro Blue Microwave Oven  

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: How To Assess Microwave Features

Most convection microwave ovens possess a heating component and a fan to flow the warmed air. This brings about a more complete, consistent task of cooking food. The speed cook design on some models features a pan for preparing and crisping loaves of bread.

: High Heat To Grill And Roast Food

A further option heating system technique blends microwaves with extreme light from a quartz halogen bulb to grill and roast foods. This technological know-how in halogen ovens provides colour and flavour to meat, although boosting food preparation instances.

: Cooking Methods Within The Oven

Seeing that the microwave ovens enable diverse cooking methods within their oven, be prepared to spend somewhat more. Household usage steel or mirror microwaves can be purchased in several lengths and widths and designs.

: Reheating And Thawing Foods

Countertop microwaves, also referred to as compact or small microwaves are a super category and the most preferred decision among customers for reheating food items, thawing iced meals, producing snack foods, and comparable casual food preparation jobs.

A standard with typical dimensions are 18 inches by 16 inches in depth, and 11.5 inches high. Capability usually is 1 cu ft, and their electric power is generally somewhere between 600 and 1200 Watts. Countertop microwaves will be manageable, so you take them with you should you relocate.

: Enough Space On The Countertop

Remember that a countertop microwave will require spacious and rather useful kitchen work area. Several versions include packages that allow you to attach the kitchen appliance beneath a cabinet to prevent this challenge.

Just about all types possess 'multi-speed fans' which usually distribute air applying changeable charcoal filter systems. These kinds of products need not be vented outdoors. A few fans likewise activate instantly if a cooktop becomes excessively hot, safeguarding the microwave.

Our selection of steel 25L microwave ovens in various styles comprise diverse energy levels, item weight defrosts, de-ice settings, automated cook models as well as 60 minutes timer. Many offer a kid's safety lock for peace of mind and a quickly removed turntable for washing.