Portable Free-Standing Projector Screens With Tripods

Updated 01/03/2020:
Our best home cinema projector screens for the luxury of movies, big sports occasions, TV shows and diverse HD media, congenial with all projection devices. Our free standing pull up screens let you delight in the clarity of projection with 3 layer back to boost picture calibre. See our LED projectors.

: Vamvo Outdoor/Indoor Projector Screen On Stand

Projector Screen With Steel Stand

£119   Vamvo Outdoor Screen With Stand - Get It!  

: Elite Screens 100 Inch 4K Projector Screen

100 Inches 4K Projector Screen In White

£169   Elite Screens 4K Projector Screen - Get It!  

: EUG Durable 100 Inch Projector Screen

An impressive desktop style high durability 100 inch projector screen - the elemental display for mobile professional persons. Regardless if you happen to be strolling, travelling back and forth by vehicle or perhaps flying to your next address, this impressive light weight screen is the ideal journeying acquaintance for active demonstrations.

100 Inch Projector Screen On Wooden Table

Once you are set-up to present, this highly popular screen enables you to assemble promptly and effortlessly on virtually any table in under 30 seconds. Promptly put together for desktop deployment, 50 inches display screen, 4:3 aspect.

Net item weight is 3 pounds and effortless to carry about for presentations. Ideal dimensions with as much as a 50 inches diagonal picture accommodating virtually any table, the 4:3 screen will oblige projectors substantially. Quick, straightforward arrangement on tables and promptly opens within just seconds.
[Rating: 9/10]   £36   Get It → EUG 100 Inch Projector Screen

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: Nobo 150/100cm Tripod Projector Screen

This tripod projector screen offers a vivid matte white surface area including black edge. An over head arm angles the display screen toward the audience, which may be effortlessly considered by everybody viewing. The screen can be smoothly pulled back in to it's casing to safeguard from impairment.

The 150 x 100cm Tripod Projector Screen With Athlete

Produce expert demonstrations, observe cinema movies on the big projection screen at home, or perhaps play computer games and experience the exciting activity using this screen home tripod projector screen. An overhead arm perfectly 'cants' the projection screen to those watching.
[Rating: 9/10]   £80   Get It → Nobo 150cm Tripod Screen

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: HOIN 80 Inches Large Projector Screen

This is a top quality mobile 80 inch large projector screen in 16:9 broad arrangement for elemental home movie house encounter. The project screen expends high calibre matte white substance that is tear proof, fire resistant, crease-resistant and is contrived to suspend impeccably flat.

Big 80 Inch Projector Screen 16:9 With Black Edge

It comes with a wide observing perspective of 50 degrees, black edges plus reversal to increment the comprehended picture calibre. The transportable collapsible tripod mount is leisurely and free standing to displace about any-place with the versatility to correct the height.

Big 200cm projection screen in 16:9 wide platform.
[Rating: 9/10]   £85   Get It → HOIN 80 Inch Projector Screen

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: Luxburg 100 Home Cinema Projector Screen

Using this impressive high calibre full high-definition and 3D mobile home cinema projector screen including tripod, you'll be capable of viewing demonstrations, sports, films or perhaps Television shows just about anyplace.

The hand-operated pull down will enable you to select the display screen dimensions and observe films with the aspect ratio you enjoy.

Home Cinema Projector Screen With Black Square Frame

The handy tripod stand will enable you to position your large screen where you wish. Long-wearing and easy to operate, it may be effortlessly transported. It's a matte white display screen for projectors, including black colour frame to maximise the video recording calibre.

The 100 inch projector screen surface area can be cleansed and the picture can be discovered from virtually any position. The tripod is light, balanced and simple to collapse.
[Rating: 9/10]   £51   Get It → Luxburg Home Projector Screen

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: FrontStage 200cm Tripod Projector Screen

Flawless 'HD TV calibre mobile projector screen' with tripod, just right for family rigs, LCD in addition to DLP and optimised for high-definition Television. 200cm with 5cm broad edge to the left plus right, therefore the aggregate breadth of the textile is 10cm bigger and total of 284cm diagonally.

Tripod Mobile Projector Screen On Wood Floor

1:1 dimensions balance additionally best for 16:9 format movies. A black frame is present for an amended contrast balance plus tripod stand for relaxation of portability.

Crease-resistant vinyl including the most recent in fibre surfacing is leisurely to cleanse. It may be washed with a moist textile on the 3 layer textile.
[Rating: 9/10]   £139   Get It → FrontStage Projector Screen

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: ABIS Automatic Projector Screen Tripod

This is a particularly big 84 inch tripod automatic projector screen that you are able to deploy for your business concern as well as demonstrations.

It delivers with entire 12 months guarantee and possesses an extremely effective matte white 300D textile, that makes the display extremely robust and long standing.

Automatic Projector Screen 254cm In White 300D

This is a perfect bundle for your particular presentation and industry utilisation with a more well-defined, sharper picture and direct contrast characteristics.

The rear display blackout abridges background illumination and is desirable for practically all projectors CRT, LCD, DLP etc. Effortless set-up and assembly plus reduced volume motor.
[Rating: 9/10]   £54   Get It → ABIS Projector Screen 254cm

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Large Home Cinema Projector Screens For All Budgets

: Duronic Floor Standing Projector Screen 203cm

FPS mobile floor standing pull up projector screen is modest and straightforward to transfer. Delight in all TV and films on this particular screen for an unmatchable home theatre observing encounter in virtually any area.

Using it's integral carry hand grip, it's the ideal solution for commercial enterprise demonstrations on the move.

Floor Standing Pull Up Projector Screen In Black

Set-up to deploy straight out of the bundle with simply no assembly demanded. The metallic case possesses two fasteners on the front side and two revolving stabilised bases situated at the underside. The legs may be revolved outbound throughout use and put away underneath throughout transport.
[Rating: 9/10]   £139   Get It → Duronic Pull Up Projector Screen

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: VonHaus 86" Pull Down Projector Screen

This tripod pull down projector screen will supply the ideal format to produce your very own corporate presentation viewings.

The projector is mountable upon a light, however solid tripod and the white screen provides a gain element of 1.1 reduced light reflectivity. This particular screen is appropriate for equally LCD plus 'DLP' type projectors.

Pull Down Projector Screen With Black Tripod Legs

Using an aspect balance of 1:1 and a transportable construction, the projection screen is just right for business office screening and in addition displays.

The black back guarantees that simply no illumination is misplaced, and as a consequence the projection is crystal clear. The black delimitation assures accumulated contrast and amends flatness of the textile.
[Rating: 9/10]   £39   Get It → VonHaus Pull Down Projector Screen

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: Homegear 120 Inch Motorised Projector Screen

Leave out the paid cinema whenever it's possible to observe your favoured motion pictures in maximum clarity using this vast 120 inch projector screen. 160 degrees observing perspective that's ideal for household or commercialised deployment.

Included 3 layers of black backed screen that eradicates illumination incursion and sporting a 16:9 aspect ratio, this impressive projector screen will certainly reveal broad motion pictures to their accurate sizes. To boost the calibre of your movies, a 35 mm black boundary line will heighten direct contrast.

Projector Screen With Black Border

Organised from white as well as black colour plastic and robust materials, this projecting screen is static proof to forestall dust particles from gathering. For length of service, the screen is mould defiant and if it demands cleansing, then it's conceivable to deploy a small measure of modest soapy tap water.

Substantial steel frame design, long-lasting steel housing with PVC closings in white. Effortless and quick set-up expedient strategy.
[Rating: 9/10]   £109   Get It → Homegear Motorised Projector Screen

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: Hama Tripod Outdoor Projector Screen 200cm

This particular outdoor projector screen is eligible for virtually all established variants of front end projection, regardless if you're employing the screen for corporate, analysis or perhaps fun.

Inside the work place, it's possible to establish your displays by exhibiting your influence on the screen. Useful carry hand grip including fastener option.

Tripod Outdoor Projector Screen With Black Platform

In your household, it's possible to feel just like you are at the movies viewing the big projection screen, so tempt your acquaintances over for a film endurance contest and acquire impressive calibre observing of all your preferred movies.

In your lounge or perhaps on a pleasant evening, relocate the projector screen outdoors for a picture palace.
[Rating: 9/10]   £167   Get It → Hama Outdoor Projector Screen

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Our 120 inch projector screens to delight in TV and films on a free standing unit for an incomparable household theatre observing encounter in just about any area.

It's the ideal solution mobile projector screen for business concern demonstrations on tour. Perfect for corporate presentations, teachers, home theatre fans, disc jockeys and 'motion picture' devotees..